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  1. I notice that deep stare. I wish she would just tell him to put on a diaper and call the wambulance. He acts like such a baby all the time. People talk about the slow way Rachel talks but Bao talks just as slowly and it's distracting.
  2. I don't get the sense that Johnny is gay, I think he's just an asshole. I could be wrong though. I think he has a lot of issues and has anger problems. He also displays narcissist qualities in that EVERYTHING is about HIM. Unlike Ryan who at least feels bad about how he feels and understands that it's not Brett's fault that he's not into her, Johnny takes no accountability and thinks he's perfect. He is always finding a reason to belittle Bao and take shots at her for something she's not doing enough of or something she's doing too much of. He expects her to initiate everything, and then when
  3. Johnny = unmatchable . Right producers , wrong show . That guy would not have a surviving marriage with ANYONE.
  4. I almost believed that the husband didn’t do it until i saw the statement from the worker at the strip club who said that he told her he wasn’t married and didn’t have kids . Him being at the strip club technically has nothing to do with it but those serious lies does have to do with his overall character and who he is as a person . He’s a liar . I believe that seat belt / blood thing was well thought out by him after knowing he needed an excuse as to why his blood was on it .
  5. I don’t mean to speak for Amber , but I’m gonna speak for Amber . She is not bisexual . She is lonely . She is a narcissist . She is attention- seeking . Anything to stay relevant . If anybody isn’t scared to “ come out ,” it’s Amber . She is a loudmouth and has no filter and doesn’t care what people think . I know I sound harsh but I’m not buying what she’s selling ( and that includes her book .)
  6. The coverage of the Petito case is important for their family and to keep national coverage on the missing boyfriend, but make no mistake, Phil is exploiting them. This case has coverage on every channel, every social media platform, every everything. The trillion other missing people don't. So while yes, it is continuing to help this family, to say that Phil isn't doing this for his financial gain is extremely naive. Why not help another missing person then? Oh wait, because the cases won't get him as many viewers.
  7. Yes but it can be done in a way that Gary still acts classy, mature and not involving Leah in adult problems. Gary SHOULD be having conversations with Amber and informing her that she is not putting her child first and that it is disgusting to put things about his wife (who has gone above and beyond for Amber's child/raised her and has been a MOTHER to Leah when her own mother wasn't) on social media. Instead, Gary tip-toes around her and invites her over, gives in to her, is always accepting her behavior.
  8. Yeah it’s sad to say but a part of me thinks if Amber and Gary were alone , Gary would make a move on Amber and cheat on Kristina . It annoys me that Gary and Kristina always offer to be the bigger person ( no pun intended .) They are such enablers and Kristina is a goddamn saint . At some point you need to stand up to this narcissist and stop giving in to her insanity or she’ll never think she’s in the wrong .
  9. I cannot stand Tyras pausing between each word she says . That mixed with her dramatic tone in every sentence is so off putting and annoying .
  10. Does anyone else notice Myrla never says Gil’s name ? She always says “ my husband .”
  11. Ryan's face creeps me out and he is just so dead in the entire face. He has no personality and I don't find him to be a good looking guy. I think he thinks he's this gorgeous man but I don't see what he sees. While I don't find Brett to be pretty, I do think she is attractive ( I didn't at first.) But she's been looking better every episode. I think she knows they are going to get a divorce and is just waiting out the inevitable. Even if Ryan was willing to actually try, I could personally never be with someone who isn't into me or isn't attracted to me. Johnny is showing his true c
  12. I can't tell if Serena is in love with Joe or in love with his fame. I mean, the guy was on Dancing With The Stars, that's gotta play at least a little part in her adoration toward him. I think Joe cares about Serena but was more in love with Kendall. Then again, he and Kendall had a lot longer relationship than he's so far had with Serena so I guess that will come. But looking at them together is just weird. Not that they look alike, but he looks like he could be her father age wise. She just looks SO young and little. Even her voice has a little girl sound. I read an article that
  13. Yeah, they get to know each other a lot better on this show. But also, you get to choose the person whereas on the bachelor/ette you HAVE to like one person and have to pretend to be interested in them even if you're really not. No matter what you look like (and most of the leads are just average looking in my opinion,) it would be unrealistic for 25-30 people to be interested in the same person. With bach in paradise, you pick who you find attractive, get to know them and actually have conversations other than just "i'm falling in love with you."
  14. This . He is ALWAYS mad and alwaysss picking a fight with her . He seems like he has bad anxiety and needs help controlling it because he’s about to explode in every scene . He gets angry when she does just about anything . And if they have any sort of disagreement , even one so small , he thinks they’re incompatible and can’t handle his emotions . He’s never going to be happy no matter who he’s with . Bao isn’t perfect but I think with the right person , she can make things work and be happy . I don’t think the same of Johnny .
  15. Noah ( to Abigail ): I’m falling in love with you. Noah ( a day later to Abigail): in my gut I know you’re not my person . I can’t be with you . Noah after paradise: back together with Abigail. Me : head spinning .
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