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  1. I kept thinking that Cody looks a lot like Colton to me .
  2. Was a new episode on last night ? It didn’t come up on my DVR
  3. I hated how she kept telling the guys not to be nervous and every time they were , she kept shaking them and saying “ breatheee .” Telling someone not to be nervous is the same as telling them to calm down . It has an opposite effect . Also , she kept saying she wants a “ fiancé “ out of this when the usual shtick is wanting a “ husband “ or “ wife .” I Guess we see her end goal lol .
  4. This is a long shot ... but what if Kate is Annabelle , or has Annabelle as one of her personalities ? What if Martin wasn’t crazy at all , and Kate made this all up ( not on purpose , but because she has a mental illness .) we’ve already seen that she lied about how it all started , also that she lied about ever having contact with him beforehand . We saw that she had a crush on him and we also saw that he acted as a friend toward her but as a teacher to Jeanette . We’ve also seen that she doesn’t remember a lot from it .. and the fact that she “ saw” Jeanette but most likely didn’t .. it cou
  5. Did anyone else think that while Rebecca was sitting with her kids , instead of building the house she was gonna say “ I would like to renew my vows with Miguel.” It wouldn’t be a failed wedding in a tv show if someone else didn’t take their place at the alter .
  6. Yes yes and yes ! Rebecca Is always the perfect mother and always trying to say the perfect things not to make her grown kids angry . Randall always needs an apology from everyone and for them to “ do better “ , even though he has a pretty awesome family . No one ever understands him enough . Beth always kisses her kids butts rather than tell them they’re acting spoiled and entitled and it’s not all about you . Looking at you , Tess 👀. Kevin always needs to be the knight in shining armor and starts every episode doing or saying the wrong thing which never even
  7. Yeah but it seems they have more of a relationship than just Kates bridesmaid . She said “ I told you this morning not to blah blah blah “ .. whatever she said . And she gave him a flirty look and it just seemed like they were definitely together . I agree with the theory above that maybe it’s a vow renewal for Toby and Kate and there’s more to the “future brother in law “ comment than what we’re led to think . It just seems weird for the show to have Kate and Toby divorce in the end after everything .. but I guess we shall see . Tess needs to learn that the world doesn’t r
  8. I’m not sure if it’s been said here but .. why does Natalie look insanely different this season than the previous one ? I used to find her attractive but she looks downright scary now . Did she have surgery gone wrong or is it just facial weight gain ? I really don’t mean this in a mean way , she just looks very different to me .
  9. It was also telling that Kevin felt the need to defend himself and said something like , “ I’m not marrying Madison out of convenience , I’m marrying her because I’m crazy about her .” And in another scene , Madison told Kate that she loved Kevin . But we never once heard him say that he loves her .
  10. Well he was hired to do a job and he couldn’t just skidaddle. Plus , it didn’t seem like they were exes . Seemed more like they went on a few dates and he wasn’t into her anymore .
  11. I don’t get what both Kate and Madison saw when watching what Kevin said on the video . Did they see him daydream for a second ( of Sophie ) then come back to reality with thinking about Madison ? Did anyone else think Rebecca was going to lose her way and walk into the wrong house while she was on the phone with Miguel ? It seemed perfectly set up for that situation . I like Madison and I do think she and Kevin will end up getting married , but I would like for him to end up with Sophie . Not sure why , I just like them better together .
  12. Is it me , or does Erik look much better with his real nose ? I really don’t like his nose now .
  13. My guess is that the people who stay together actually want to stay together and are not doing it for the money because If they get divorced at the end of the show , the show pays for it . If they get divorced after the show , I think they have to pay for it themselves . Though I do think couples cam being a thing now will entice some more people to stick it out , as it’s probably a decent paycheck and can get them more Instagram money . Prior to couples cam , married at first sight was the end of the couples’ tv journey .
  14. I actually feel that Paige was a good match for Chris . She was the only person they could have picked that would not only accept his BS, but willfully partake in it . Girl is just dumb as rocks , I’m sorry . It’s not even like love blinded her . He’s been like this from day one ! Ryan may have stayed married , but he “ fur shur” won’t be giving Clara any nookie anytime soon . I’d be shocked if they had sex by the reunion .
  15. I would choose wedding because you make the money back in gifts . Yes , you’re paying upfront for the wedding yourselves .. but it comes back to you and then you put the money toward a house . That’s what I did and generally wedding gifts is how a lot of people buy houses .
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