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  1. Not at all. One of my friends recruits financial analysts and she can't even balance a checkbook. The key is to have a strong marketing/human resources background. You are given a list of skills and requirements to look for and you simply find candidates that meet those criteria, It is odd that Bennet did so poorly during the classroom challenge. Even if it were all for show, why would anyone want to look like an idiot when it comes to answering questions that even a 7-year-old could answer? The funny thing is Bennet earned a perfect score (800) in the math portion of his SATs, so he
  2. Clare may look even better in person. Who knows? I've seen very handsome men married to downright homely women who had nasty personalities to boot, so I don't see why these men wouldn't be instantly attracted to Clare. She is definitely beautiful and she is in good physical shape. Many women her age and even those in their 20s don't have nearly as good of a body. Her issue is her personality, but a bad personality won't stop a man from marrying her.
  3. Lol, no it isn't. There are people in their 50s who date for a couple of years before getting married and you think it is too long too wait for someone in their 30s?? Most people are not going to feel comfortable getting engaged and married within their first year of dating. It's fantastic if that happens, but it is not the norm. Men, in particular, are very conscious of the financial consequences of divorce, so many of them are reluctant to marry in the first place. Insisting on being married in the first year of dating will scare away most sane men. Two years is a bit more palatable fo
  4. What I don't understand is why Clare previously had a history of being attracted to abusive men. Many psychologists claim the these type of women had a poor relationship or nonexistent relationship with their father. However, it seems Clare had a loving relationship with her father before he passed away and speaks very highly of him. Despite having a positive male role model, she is attracted to toxic men. Why is that? It's not just Clare. I've seen this play out in real life. I've seen countless women with amazing fathers ending up with toxic men and they choose to stay with their abuse
  5. Obviously you didn't read my post. I said after 25, fertility already decreases significantly. That is biology. Many women in their 20s already have fertility issues and cannot have children naturally. Would you consider a 28 year old woman to be old and undesirable since her fertility has dropped significantly? If a man is serious and wants kids, they are not going to shy away from a woman who wants kids immediately. The problem is when a woman in her late 30s pursues men who are in their early 30s or younger (i.e. what Clare is doing). These men usually do not want to commit immediat
  6. So a woman is old if she wants kids, but may struggle to have them? Wow... There are many women in their 20s who are struggling to become pregnant naturally. Then they have the added difficulty of carrying the pregnancy to full term. Are these women in their 20s "old" because they have low fertility? A woman's fertility sharply decreases after 25, so would a 28 year old woman be too old in your eyes since she is significantly less fertile (statistically speaking) than a 24 year old? Many of these 20-something year old women will never marry as most men refuse to marry these days. Are
  7. Whenever a woman says she is a strong woman, I immediately know that she is insecure, weak and needy. A strong woman shows she is strong through her actions and they avoid throwing temper tantrums. While 39 is still very young, I would expect a woman at this age to have more realistic expectations regarding men. I think she wants a guy to tell her how amazing she is every second of the day. She is very high maintenance. A hope any man who does marry her enjoys drama because they will get plenty of it! Usually you see whiny, drama queens among young women in their teens and early 20s.
  8. I would've assumed Barb was lying, but Maddie didn't deny anything. Maddie has shown repeatedly that she isn't afraid to stand up to Barb. She simply smirked and said "It is what it is." This indicates that Barb was telling the truth. Barb is clearly psychotic, but in this one particular instance, Maddie came across as rude for not apologizing or offering some sort of explanation.
  9. I think Peter's mom has some sort of personality disorder and she is a b**ch. However, I think it is rude to keep someone waiting for 3hrs and not offer an apology. Yes, it was most likely production that delayed things but Maddie would've appeared very classy by saying," I was told to show up at [insert time]. I had no idea that you were waiting 3hrs for me. I apologize." Instead she just smirked. This made Maddie seem ill-mannered and did not show her in a good light. She didn't even deny anything that Mama Weber was saying and we all know she isn't afraid to stand up to people so Ma
  10. Married men are responsible for their marriages. Women who choose to be involved with married men are responsible for their own actions. This means married men should immediately say "no" to any woman who tries to lead them astray and women should immediately back off when they find out a man is married. It shows a complete lack of morals and decency for someone to cheat on their spouse and for someone to have an affair with a married person. It's pathetic and neither person involved in an affair can claim to be innocent.
  11. Personally, I will call a slut a slut. I don't care if they are a man or a woman. If someone wants to be a slut, then they should go for it. However, they need to be mature enough to feel confident in their choices. If someone can easily make you feel guilty or ashamed over your choices by using one word, then you probably don't feel you are making the best decisions deep down inside. Society, however, will slam anyone who calls a woman a slut, but if a man engages in the exact same behavior, then he is called every name in the book. Hypocrisy is rampant in our society when it c
  12. When Mykenna swirled her tongue around and stuck it out, I thought she was having a stroke. I think these women need to develop a shred of respect and leave. While not a bad person, Peter is shockingly immature for a man his age. He acts more like a teenage boy than a man who is pushing 30. There is no way he is mature enough to date much less marry. His judgement is shockingly poor. One of you mentioned earlier that it's scary that he's a pilot and I have to agree. With such poor judgment, he should not be allowed to operate a plane or a bicycle for that matter. Peter need
  13. I don't think Blake or Caelynn are angels. However, I find it bizarre that Caelynn would trash Blake's reputation during Paradise on national TV and people found this acceptable. However, when he provided proof of their texts to show Caelynn wasn't telling the truth, then he was ripped apart for going too far. Wtf? Blake has every right to defend himself. I admit that I was on Caelynn's side until I saw those text messages between Blake and Caelynn. Caelynn is highly manipulative and immature. I sure hope Dean never breaks her heart. I wouldn't surprise me if she later says that Bl
  14. My thoughts on this episode: 1) When I first saw Kristian, I thought "Aww! How sweet! Demi's mom has arrived to help Demi make a decision!" When they started kissing, then it hit me who she was. Lol. She seems like a sweet and levelheaded person, so what is she doing with Demi? And how on earth is she only 27?! She looks old enough to be my mother and I'm 7 years older than her! 2) Dean seriously needs to shave the mustache and cut his hair. He looks like he constantly needs a bath. 3) Kristina is way too pathetic. She wastes a rose on Blake as an attempt to get revenge. The
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