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  1. I don't think Blake or Caelynn are angels. However, I find it bizarre that Caelynn would trash Blake's reputation during Paradise on national TV and people found this acceptable. However, when he provided proof of their texts to show Caelynn wasn't telling the truth, then he was ripped apart for going too far. Wtf? Blake has every right to defend himself. I admit that I was on Caelynn's side until I saw those text messages between Blake and Caelynn. Caelynn is highly manipulative and immature. I sure hope Dean never breaks her heart. I wouldn't surprise me if she later says that Blake put duct tape on her mouth and forced her to live in a van with him. Smh... The thing that irks me the most is when Caelynn had told Blake before going to Paradise to not make a big deal out of anything. She tried to play it cool even though she had deeper feelings for Blake. She said she was "fine." Then Jordan points out that when a woman says she's "fine," she actually means the exact opposite. This is sadly true in general....at least among women in their early 20s. It's because of these immature women that men do not take "no" for an answer. Many men have been trained by such women to interpret "no" as "try harder." It becomes impossible for them to figure out whether to take their partner's words seriously or to assume that their partner actually means the exact opposite. This is what men mean when they say they don't understand women and why many in the younger generation (30s or younger) have given up on dating altogether. I have had guy friends that stopped when a woman said "no," and were then insulted by these women for not being "real men" (their "no" meant "try harder"). Not cool. Say what you mean, please. Men should be able to assume that every "no" means "no" instead of wondering whether it is a code word for something else. It causes men a lot of anxiety. Note: I'm talking about regular men, not actual rapists. I feel that if a man or woman cannot be upfront with how they feel or establish their boundaries, then they have zero business dating. It is not Blake's job to read Caelynn's mind. She is 24, not 16. If she says she is fine and she has zero romantic feelings regarding their fling, then he should be able to believe her. It is her job as an adult to advocate for herself. If she wanted a real relationship with Blake, then she should've said that from the start. Blake definitely made mistakes, but so did Caelynn. Putting all of the blame on Blake infantilizes Caelynn. Either she is a grown woman capable of making her own decisions or she is a little girl who needs to be protected from big mean men like Blake. She can't have it both ways. It's time to stop infantilizing grown women.
  2. My thoughts on this episode: 1) When I first saw Kristian, I thought "Aww! How sweet! Demi's mom has arrived to help Demi make a decision!" When they started kissing, then it hit me who she was. Lol. She seems like a sweet and levelheaded person, so what is she doing with Demi? And how on earth is she only 27?! She looks old enough to be my mother and I'm 7 years older than her! 2) Dean seriously needs to shave the mustache and cut his hair. He looks like he constantly needs a bath. 3) Kristina is way too pathetic. She wastes a rose on Blake as an attempt to get revenge. The girl sucks at planning revenges. Why continue to be a "friend" to someone who disrespected her? Girl needs to grow up and move on. Derek is the biggest catch on that beach. She should pursue him now that the debacle with Demi is over. 4) I still have no idea which Bachelor season Caitlyn was on. She should not waste time speaking to Kristina and focus on getting a rose. 5) Why is Demi being praised for her behavior? I don't care if she were dating the Lochness monster at home: she was clearly in a relationship and still went on Paradise! How is her behavior praiseworthy, but Jed was a monster for doing the exact same thing? She end up hurting two people she claims to care about: Kristian and Derek. If I were Derek, I would be pissed! It's also weird and cringe that Demi had her two "lovers" meet. Once again, looked like Demi was introducing her boyfriend to her mom. Just so weird all around! 6) Demi chose her girlfriend, so they should leave Paradise. Isn't the point of Paradise to find love? Well, Demi apparently found it. The only reason to stick around is to maybe find someone better, which is disrespectful to her non-bachelor girlfriend.
  3. Also, since Caelynn went to Blake's home and had sex with him even though he was very direct about his refusal, that is actually considered rape. Yes, women can rape men. It's disgusting and horrifying. Consent goes both ways. Caelynn is a massive creep. What she did was even worse than Blake (and I despise Blake). Blake is a player, but he hasn't forced himself on anyone (to the best of my knowledge). Caelynn apparently expects men to have sex against their will just because she wants it. This behavior is shocking to me since Caelynn claims to be a victim of sexual assault when she was younger. You are absolutely correct. If the situation were reversed and Blake were the sexual aggressor, there would be outrage. Blake would honestly be facing criminal charges post me-too movement. Yet, Caelynn will not face any legal consequences. The double standards are telling.
  4. Not me. I think she is only a tinge better than Luke. This girl reeks of insecurity, cruelty and control issues. She definitely has the potential to be an emotional abuser. I don't know who she will choose in the end, but if that man has any intelligence, then he will run from her. She is not a catch. The only thing she has going for her is that she's young, but obviously that is not a permanent characteristic.
  5. I merely answered someone's question. Nowhere in my response did I demand that other people must believe in Christianity. People are free (at least in the US) to join any religion if they choose. If you choose to be a Christian, Muslim, etc, then you should at least try to make an effort to live by the tenets of your chosen religion. Yes, you will make mistakes, but the point is to try. I never said premarital sex being a sin was the only important part of Christianity. There are many things that Christians should try to abide by. Since the post I was responding to focused on sex, I limited my response to sex. Do not twist my words. People accuse Christians of being judgmental (some of them are) while being extremely judgmental themselves. Perhaps non-Christians need to ask themselves why they need Christians to condone their behavior in order to feel comfortable with their own choices. Own your choices and don't expect others to necessarily agree with your choices. I'm sure I make choices that you wouldn't agree with, and that's ok. Thinking that someone is arrogant merely because they are stating their beliefs is ironically, quite arrogant. We don't need to think the same way. I think both Luke and Hannah have very twisted ideas of Christianity: 1) Luke is using religion to abuse and control others. He is your classic abuser and personally, I don't think he cares all that much about finding a virginal wife. If he did, then he would not compete on this type of show. The type of people who go on these shows are normally desperate and easy to manipulate, which are attractive qualities to abusers. He is the worst type of guy: the "bad boy" who claims to be a nice, Christian man. He is about as real as a three dollar bill. 2) Hannah claims to be a devout Christian, but she really doesn't act like it. Christians sin just like anyone else, but they at least try to live by the key tenets of Christianity. She needs to really examine herself and her needs. It doesn't sound like she wants a deeply religious man; she wants someone who perhaps believes in God, but that's it. I would be shocked if she and her chosen guy lasts more than a couple of months. Hannah should've been able to see that Luke was not a good guy a long time ago without even having to listen to the warnings from the other contestants. I bashed Luke, but Hannah is no prize herself. I had a roommate just like Hannah and I had to walk on eggshells around her. It was exhausting and I never knew when something would set her off. These types are ticking time bombs and are mentally unstable. Hannah shows narcissistic traits just like Luke and is the emotionally abusive type. I pity any man who marries her. Likewise, I pity any woman who marries Luke.
  6. Christians believe that sex is between a man and woman in the confines of marriage. Having premarital sex is considered adultery because you are having sex with someone who could potentially be someone else's spouse. Babies (even with birth control) can result from sex, and children who are born outside of wedlock are more likely to grow up in poverty. If you want to see how bad it is, look at how single motherhood has affected the black community in particular. Unless one or both partners are infertile, then children are ALWAYS a possible outcome that you need to be prepared for. Birth control reduces the risk of pregnancy, but it does not eliminate it. The more sexual partners you have, the greater risk of divorce. This consequence obviously doesn't matter if you never marry, but it is something to think about if you consider marriage as a possibility in your life. Also, when you have multiple partners, it's difficult to not compare your significant other's performance in bed to your past partners. Many of my friends' marriages fell apart for that reason: their spouse had a better personality than ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, but their exes were way better in bed. This greatly increased their marital dissatisfaction.
  7. Christians are not supposed to engage in premarital sex according to the Bible. If a "Christian" denomination proclaims that having sex outside of marriage is acceptable, then it is not a true Christian denomination. It's clear that Luke is very religious and Hannah is not nearly as religious as she believes. She believes there is a God and that's the only Christian thing about her. She doesn't try to live like a Christian. Trying and making mistakes is one thing, but she doesn't even try. Hannah needs to be honest about who she truly is and what she wants.
  8. Saying you don't want to have sex before marriage is fine. He crossed the line when he said that if Hannah slept with just one or multiple guys, then he was leaving. He should've just said he was looking for someone who felt the same way. As much as Hannah lectured him about sex, I don't think she truly is comfortable with premarital sex. If she were, she would have simply told Luke that he crossed the line and kicked him to the curb. She keeps trying to justify her decisions while claiming she is a grown woman. She still sounds like a little girl to me.
  9. Yes, the spironolactone does make your breasts larger. My eyelashes lengthened significantly as well. I haven't been on spironolactone for 10 years now. My skin is still clear, my boobs are still large and my eyelashes are still long! It's an awesome medication. I was going to try Accutane, but when my acne-ridden cousin mentioned that it did not help her at all, I thought I should try something different. I'm so glad my dermatologist recommended spironolactone!
  10. I think it's just her age...hopefully. Normally when a woman grows up a bit, she finds the "bad boys" a turn off. Hannah, unfortunately, is nowhere near being grown up so she is attracted to men like Luke. If I were her, I wouldn't marry until 28-29. If she decides to marry now, I don't think it will last beyond 3 months. Guys like Peter are too straightforward and normal; she is not ready for these types of guys. The "bad boys" that she does like will only mistreat her and drive her crazy. What's interesting is that Luke is already showing his crazy side even though they are casually dating; they should still be in the honeymoon phase. Things should be very easy at this stage and yet Luke has caused her nothing but grief and self-doubt. If any man causes this much drama at the beginning of a relationship, then it will only get worse. For some reason, Hannah did not pick up on this. This is something that is an obvious red flag that anyone above the age of 20 should be able to figure out even if they have never had a boyfriend. It's common sense. For anyone suffering from cystic acne, I highly recommend spironolactone. It was the only thing that got rid of my cystic acne and it took only 2 months. Spironolactone is a very weak blood pressure med. It does raise your potassium levels, so be very careful about your potassium intake and it does initially cause a heavy period during the first month you take it, but everything goes back to normal after that.
  11. I don't think she's mature enough to even date. What she needs to do is grow up. She is not ready for any relationship much less marriage. She looks like she's 30, but acts like she's 16; that's a pretty bad combination to have at 24 (worst of both worlds). She doesn't have any self-respect; if she did then she would've sent Luke home ages ago.
  12. How old is Hannah supposed to be? She looks like she is 29 or 30. I know the guys think she's stunning, but I am just not seeing it. She is definitely not ugly, but she just looks odd....maybe it's her teeth? Nevertheless, she seems sweet and she stood up to Scott (the guy with the girlfriend). I just find it odd that she would waste so much time on him. Her goal is to find a husband, so why waste more than 1 minute on that Scott guy? She may have sent her "future husband" home simply because she didn't get a chance to speak to him.
  13. Why does everyone automatically think he's gay? Because he's a virgin? Because he doesn't like Tia and is a people pleaser? A lot of married men and a lot of promiscuous single men are gay, so having multiple sexual partners doesn't cement one's sexual orientation. Honestly, you can't really determine someone's sexual orientation in most cases. I do not know his sexual orientation nor do I know him personally, but based strictly on his public actions, it seems like he really isn't interested in a relationship right now. He is a famewhore and will do whatever it takes to get on tv. Building a career in entertainment seems to be his focus right now. That's why he dates women who are semi-famous. If he could get away with dating an A-list actress, then he would, but most would not give him the time of day. The strategy has worked though; he is definitely getting the Bachelor edit. If he does become the Bachelor, then he will be the star of the show and have many women to choose from. He'll probably choose one woman (eventually) in the end, date her for a few months and then dump her.
  14. It's not so much her personality that is the issue (plenty of bland people on this show are able to snag dates). The problem is she has a very young child. Most men are not interested in single moms especially when there are plenty of beautiful, young, and childless women available.
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