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  1. PhysNerd

    S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    Why does everyone automatically think he's gay? Because he's a virgin? Because he doesn't like Tia and is a people pleaser? A lot of married men and a lot of promiscuous single men are gay, so having multiple sexual partners doesn't cement one's sexual orientation. Honestly, you can't really determine someone's sexual orientation in most cases. I do not know his sexual orientation nor do I know him personally, but based strictly on his public actions, it seems like he really isn't interested in a relationship right now. He is a famewhore and will do whatever it takes to get on tv. Building a career in entertainment seems to be his focus right now. That's why he dates women who are semi-famous. If he could get away with dating an A-list actress, then he would, but most would not give him the time of day. The strategy has worked though; he is definitely getting the Bachelor edit. If he does become the Bachelor, then he will be the star of the show and have many women to choose from. He'll probably choose one woman (eventually) in the end, date her for a few months and then dump her.
  2. PhysNerd

    S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    It's not so much her personality that is the issue (plenty of bland people on this show are able to snag dates). The problem is she has a very young child. Most men are not interested in single moms especially when there are plenty of beautiful, young, and childless women available.
  3. PhysNerd

    S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    I completely agree. Dance recitals are scheduled. He knew his daughter was enrolled in dance class and had a recital and he still went on this show. If he really did not want to miss anything going on in his daughter's life, then he would not have signed up for this show. He used his daughter as an excuse to leave Paradise since he didn't want to man up and tell Annelise that he wasn't interested in her romantically and there was no one else that he liked or liked him. Can someone tell me why Jenna, of all people, has two men fighting over her? I find it hard to believe she's 28. She looks like a 45 year old who had bad plastic surgery with the maturity of a 13 year old. Even Annelise is more attractive and looks younger than Jenna.
  4. PhysNerd

    S05.E05: Week 3: Part 2

    I just cannot find Leo attractive. When I first saw him get out of the limo on Becca's season, I visibly cringed. I was certain that she would send him home, but he ended up lasting a lot longer than I thought. Personality-wise, he was okay on Becca's season, but he is just an a** on Paradise. If he wants to make out with a bunch of women, that is totally okay, but he should do the honorable thing and let Kendall know that he isn't serious about her yet. She is clearly smitten with him and is already seeing a future with him while he just sees her as a potential notch on his belt. They are definitely not on the same page. The only good thing that came out of this drama with Leo is that Kendall's true colors finally showed up. Joe can now see that she has no trouble tossing away a blossoming relationship for another man just based on looks alone. Kendall is just as shallow as any of them.
  5. PhysNerd

    S05.E04: Week 3: Part 1

    Am I missing something? If Tia and Colton are so hung up on each other and don't want to deal with drama, then why don't they leave Paradise together and date in the real world? Paradise doesn't seem fun anyway with the lack of air conditioning and the constant threats against your relationship when new people show up. These people act like Paradise is the only way they can communicate and spend time with each other. Jordan...wow....I really hope this was all an act. Otherwise, this boy (yes, I really did mean to say "boy") is beyond immature. Throwing Jenna's stuffed toy dog into the ocean was pathetic. That was her property and he had no business messing with her present even though the present was from David. He is way too immature for a relationship much less marriage. David is also very immature, but he at least didn't toss other's belongings into the ocean. I think David needs to confess his feelings to Jordan. He is way too obsessed with Jordan. It seems like he has a big crush.
  6. PhysNerd

    S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    Yes, I think they believe that's what people want to see. They have no idea how far off they really are...
  7. PhysNerd

    S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    Very true. Colton also said he's not waiting for marriage. He is just waiting for the right person. He would be the first true virgin bachelor.
  8. PhysNerd

    S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    Any woman who chooses to date Colton is a damn fool. Colton may be 26, but he is a little boy. No, I'm not calling him a "little boy" because he's a virgin. I'm calling him a little boy because he can't make his mind up about anything. He is incredibly immature for his age. I expect this type of behavior from a 16 year old, not an adult who is inching closer to 30. Tia isn't any better than Colton in the maturity department. I can't believe this woman is a doctor (doctor of physical therapy, but a doctor nonetheless). She acted like a lovesick junior high student. It's very obvious Colton wasn't interested in her. If he were interested, he would have contacted her sometime after being rejected by Becca. At 28, she should know that if a man doesn't know what he wants, then do not even contemplate having a relationship with him. It's just a big waste of time. I don't think any of these people (except for John) are ready for marriage. They need to go back to junior high and grow up first. I agree that Colton is definitely getting the Bachelor edit. His season would be a disaster though. Can you imagine him constantly having to make decisions about who to keep and who to send home? This guy would be having a meltdown during every episode. I'm already sick of his crying and indecisiveness and this is only the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise. I would rather have another Juan Pablo-type of bachelor than Colton....never thought I would say this. Ugh.
  9. PhysNerd

    S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    I personally think it's skanky for men or women to sleep with multiple people in a one week span. It's just gross to me. To each their own.
  10. PhysNerd

    S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    Becca is a big girl and these guys are just about the same height as her, so her running up to them and wrapping her legs around them is an injury just waiting to happen. I always wonder if these guys end up with sore backs afterwards and if they are secretly icing their backs off camera? I think they would find it cute or charming if someone tiny like JoJo ran up to them.
  11. PhysNerd

    S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I mean no disrespect, but it kind of baffles me when people can't be tolerant of each other's political views. I'm conservative, but I would never send my liberal friends (much less family) to a hotel over a disagreement in political views. I encourage my friends to state their views openly if they wish. I don't surround myself with people who agree with everything I say. I think being exposed to different views is a good thing and helps you become open minded. Many women feel the need to keep the in laws away from the grandchildren. I don't agree with this unless the in laws are an actual danger to the children (drug addicts, pedophiles). It's also completely irrational. These same in laws raised a man that the wife wanted to marry, so they can't be all bad. My mother despised my father after the divorce, but she was mature enough to set her feelings aside and encouraged him to spend time with me and my brother. I would hope that Garrett's ex would be mature enough to set aside her feelings for her in laws and spend time with them once per year to make her husband happy (assuming Garrett would do the same for her). I don't know Garrett's ex, and I'm sure Garrett played some sort of role in the demise of his marriage. I agree that it was inappropriate of him to throw his ex under the bus since she did not sign up for the show and doesn't have the chance to defend herself. He should've said that he and his ex were immature and young when they married and didn't have the communication skills to make it work.
  12. PhysNerd

    S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I think Garrett mentioned his family would only visit once a year for a week. I don't think it's unreasonable to spend time with your in-laws for 1 week a year provided that Garrett spent time with her family if they came to visit. I do agree that Garrett's family seemed very domineering. I really didn't like Garrett's mother in particular. There is something about her that I don't trust.
  13. PhysNerd

    S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I just realized who Blake reminds me of....he is the spitting image of an actor named Daren Kagasoff. This guy played "Ricky" opposite Shailene Woodley on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Here is a picture: Anyway, Tia was such a b*tch. I hope Becca doesn't really believe that Tia is her friend. Tia is not trustworthy and should've pursued Colton before he signed up for this show if she were actually interested in him.
  14. PhysNerd

    S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas

    Being "open-minded" doesn't mean you marry someone who is a particular race or doesn't fit society's standard of what a man should look like (i.e. short hair). It only means you are willing to consider the possibility of a relationship with someone who is very different from you. She considered the idea and decided neither Leo nor Wills are right for her. She kept them around a lot longer than many of the generic contestants. My thoughts on this episode: 1) I believe Colton is telling the truth about his virginity, but I don't believe he is attracted to Becca. At best, he may like in a strictly platonic way. 2) Jason: he needs to open up more if he wants to win in the end. I think he's attracted to Becca, but is more reserved than the other guys. That could hurt him in the end. The hometown date will reveal more about his chances 3) Garrett: I see Becca choosing him in the end. Becca sees herself as Arie's victim and Garrett sees himself as a victim of his ex wife. He seems to genuinely like Becca. Unless something goes horribly wrong during Hometowns, he should win in the end. (NOTE: I have not read any spoilers) 4) Blake: Blake is cute and he definitely likes Becca, but he's very immature for 28. I understand that it's stressful towards the end, but pouting like a little boy is rather off putting. I don't know whether Colton is lying, but his football explanation is perfectly plausible. Football requires a lot of practice and dedication. Some people get tunnel vision when they are working towards a goal and forget about everyone else or other facets of their life in the process. Colton focused on building his career at the expense of his love life. This is incredibly common. I have a lot of doctor friends, for example, who didn't even get their first kiss until 30. They are all now happily married to wonderful women. Not every person has a goal of becoming the town bicycle (i.e. everyone get a ride). It seems like our society is so hyper sexual that we can't even entertain the possibility that a 26 year old man may actually want to have sex with a woman he actually cares about rather than having a series of one night stands. It is ok to be a virgin at any age. Being a virgin at 26 doesn't necessarily mean he's gay, asexual, a serial killer, a man with childhood issues, etc. Being a virgin is not a big deal in my opinion. Unfortunately, for men, they feel pressured by society to lose their virginity when they are only in high school. That's why Colton looked mortified to even admit this secret on TV. Some of us find that important person early in life while others won't find them until they are older. People should have sex when they feel the time is right and when they can be responsible for their choice regardless of whether they happen to be 20 or 60. Consent, rather than age, is really the important thing.
  15. PhysNerd

    S14.E06: Week 6: Richmond, Virginia

    Oh, the instagram post must be what Ms. Blue Jay was referring to when she said Chris owned up to his behavior! I was confused when she said this because Chris certainly didn't own up to anything on the show. I don't use Instagram. I really hope he is being sincere and changes his ways, but I have yet to see guys like Chris change their ways. They often "apologize" but it's all just pretty words and nothing more. Hopefully, it's different in Chris' case for the sake of anyone who interacts with him. I guess it's fitting that their trip to Richmond felt like an 8th grade trip to D.C; some of them were acting like middle schoolers. Lol.