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  1. Next season will be Whitney and Buddy lumbering, both out of breath, into the “relationship” they both “always wanted” after the inevitable Whitney/Chase “break-up” at the end of this season. So fucking predictable. OR, maybe next season will show us the culmination of Whitney’s conversion to Judaism. That’s still on, right? Oh.
  2. Whitney is patronizing and condescending toward her parents. In many ways she is more functionally disabled and less mobile than they are. If anyone needs to live in a single floor dwelling it is HER, not her parents. it’s normal for any grown child to be a little shaken when they first realize their parents’ mortality. That is amplified and Whitney because of how emotionally stunted she is, and the fact that she takes everything to 11 for the show.
  3. So when Heather walked in, and was standing 2 feet from Ryan, Whitney blurts out “are you wearing [Spanx, or whatever brand]”? What an asshole. and the faux concern for her parents. Ugh. Overall, this is so obviously set up for Whitney to either reject Chase or get dumped by him and, either way, end up with Buddy. The need better writers.
  4. The whole thing was odd because they made it seem like this was a previously planned family vacation that Chase decided would be a good opportunity to introduce Whitney to his parents. But who schedules a family vacation when one spouse can’t be there? Completely set up for the show On the board for Hot and Heavy someone mentioned that the show was actually filmed about 3 years ago (and had apparently been sitting in a drawer somewhere at TLC) im wondering if they didn’t dust off that footage and make a show out of it to test audience interest in a show more focused on Whitney’s, ugh, dating life?
  5. That clip of Chase down on one knee was in the “coming this season” tease during THE PREMIERE! They’re pretty much winking at the camera at this point. But, I guess “the Road to the Ring” sounds better than “the Tool Whitney uses to Wipe her own Ass”, which is what a TRUE reality show about her would be.
  6. If they get any more marriages expect that percentage to rise. These famewhores are realizing that the key to sustained Fleiss attention is showing up in Paradise for the wedding.
  7. Because they are so oversized that most people look like they’re swimming in them, especially around the hips because they have no waist. On Whitney, those huge overalls were one of the few things we’ve ever seen her wear that actually fit.
  8. Here’s the thing. Whitney blowing off Buddy’s Improv show, the “fight” with Chase over who she’d choose, and Tal’s big production about Whitney not being there are all just the shows hamfisted way of hammering home “SINCE WHITNEY MOVED TO CHARLOTTE SHE’S FORGOTTEN HER GREENSBORO FRIENDS!!!!!” Also, and I can’t believe I didn’t peg this sooner because they really haven’t said it, but . . . guys? I think Ryan is . . . /whispers a bro!!!!
  9. It thought the same thing. Also she said they go there every year, as if this was their regular vacation week. But then his mother had a conference? And his father was delayed because he had to work? It was just so transparently set up for show. I think she said that she never met the father, but apparently heard what they said. Still though. It was obviously made up.
  10. Whitney should pray that Chase’s family doesn’t look past her size. Because it’s only downhill from there.
  11. Since Season 1, Episode 1 Whitney has used the presence of the cameras as an excuse to embarrass, mistreat, and disrespect those around her. Back then I compared her to a spoiled child who sassed their parents when company was over because they knew their parents wouldn't make a scene in front of other adults. She really is just that emotionally and developmentally stunted. Hey, cut her a break! It must be tough finding eligible men to date in North Carolina when you're a single Jewish gal. I mean, she did follow through on that conversion, didn't she? She swore it wasn't just for the show.
  12. The Florida couple was really the only storyline left up-in-the-air. I wonder if the husband refused to film any further and, because they had so little footage from all of the couples overall, they had to go with a partial storyline for them
  13. Whitney: “no, no, no Ryan! Don’t dare come to meet us. Certainly don’t come to meet us for brunch at [insert restaurant name] on [insert address] near the intersection of [insert street names] at [insert GPS coordinates]!” I’ll hand it to Chase. I didn’t think styrofoam coolers were still a thing. But he found one. And, there’s not enough brain bleach to erase “I’m moister than an oyster”
  14. Last week’s was labeled a Finale on my cable system
  15. I think this is definitely behind most of these cases. And a lot of these folks seem to be from states that are SHRINKING Medicaid. I really wish they’d make insurance issues more explicit when they occur.
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