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  1. He definite played on her low-self-esteem. But then again, hot women with low self esteem are sort of the coin of the Fleiss realm.
  2. I haven't posted this season, but I'm just chiming in to agree with this. In my experience, people who repeatedly profess to "not regretting anything" they said/did are the ones with the most to regret. And the way JPJ was ranting about how he knows who/what's right for Taysha gave off a real "if I can't have you no one can" creepy vibe. I think if the scratch the surface of the "lovable doofus" persona there's a nasty guy there.
  3. There was a scene a season ago or so in which Terra said something that suggested that she wasn’t aggressively addressing Penny’s inability to walk. I remember commenting on it at the time Terra herself raised the health risks posed to LP children, and minimized them, when she went after Elena for her opinion that she’s prefer having an average height baby to having an LP baby. Terra is an executive producer on this show. And every time she does so much as have a satisfying bowel movement she turns it into a spinoff series (“Little People, Big Shits”? Look for it this Fall). if this show is supposed to be reality, then Terra is concealing a pretty big part of her reality while she harps on every little thing about her castmates’ lives.
  4. I’m not saying that Christy meant it that way. I’m positive that she didn’t. But Terra has been pretending that Penny’s only issue is the fluid around her brain when it’s been apparent for the last 2 seasons that she has serious developmental delays.
  5. I think the “talking back” comment set off Terra because she still hasn’t acknowledged how profoundly handicapped Penny is.
  6. This show should have a pop-up video style running diagnosis commentary by a psychologist. I guess what The Learning Channel is teaching is Abnormal Psych. They should swap spouses because I’d LOVE to see Carlo deal with Dawn and Cher. I’m guessing that these mother/daughter groupings were cast because they have an abnormally right relationship but that for the most part (the 1st Communion Party excluded) the actual events and outings we see are completely scripted for the show. They’re just too clearly out of central casting. The shame is that the mothers, at least, should be smart enough to realize that the shame will endure long after the money they make from this show is spent.
  7. If arguing over the thermostat warranted a restraining order, either my wife or I would be living in a motel
  8. I’m just catching up on this season, and Episode 1 reminded me of this’s comment I made nearly 2 years ago. Terra need to stop fame-whoring and focus on her daughter.
  9. I’m just watching now. And it took my am embarrassingly long time to realize this post wasn’t about her tits
  10. I told ya Jennifer made her living on the pole
  11. I’m never going to defend Bernie. But I took his under-the-breath shushing of Paige more as an attempt to get her to stop making an ass out of herself. Paige strikes me as, frankly, trash. She wants to get down in the dirt and street fight. I don’t know what Brandi’s deal is. But just by being calm and collected she had more credibility than Paige’s persistent snide remarks. That Allredge guy, on the other hand? Part of the curtain dropped when they were outside talking to Bernie. He’s got a nasty side to go with than manspreading
  12. Do you think the McGee’s neighbors have installed a fence yet?
  13. I don’t believe any wife other than Robyn would have any ligal rights (Kody’s biological children have the right to child support, but they’d be better off being supported by the plague-ridden prairie dogs). That’s the difference between “decriminalization” and “legal recognition”. The LGBT community worked on ways to draft private agreements to accomplish things that the laws didn’t permit. Open up the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples was easy compared to what would be involved with legal recognition of plural marriages oh, and re: Christine’s voice? Same.
  14. You’re correct. The Doctor’s point was that the difference between 42 and 44 degrees was small enough to possibly be within the margin of error for reading these things and so her spine may have been stable. He then reasonably recommended continued monitoring to see if there is a trend in one direction or the other. If the next test comes back at 46 degrees then the 44 most likely was an accurate reading. Christine just decided that she’s going to treat her daughter’s health with the denial and ignorance that she treats the rest of her life.
  15. And that’s another reason Kody gave for Robyn needing more space. To have someplace for her parents to stay. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when each of these wives watches the THs by and about the other wives and how and why they get what they do
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