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  1. I would watch a series that’s nothing more than Carlo moving in for one week with each of the other mother/daughter duos and setting them straight.
  2. Someone’s angling for The Single Life methinks
  3. Well, we need some eye candy. And Bracesny doesn't count as she's a mess. Agree that Danielle is entertaining in a constant-second-hand-cringe sort of way. I'm done with Molly. She should stick to her onlyfans and raise her daughter. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a season of Natalie learning that she's a 6.
  4. The way Molly continues to bring men into her home whom she sees he younger daughter getting attached to knowing that the relationship is in all likelihood not going to last is, imo, repugnant parenting. Why in the world would she let her daughter get so attached to Kelly before she'd resolved the "wants a baby" situation, which she knew was going to be an issue? I thought Molly and her partner were entertaining on their bra-store reality show. But she's just proved the curse that you never make yourself look better by returning to reality tv.
  5. On The Amazing Race you used to be able to tell when one team-member was clearly the one behind applying and getting on show, and the other team-member was the sorry son of a bitch who got dragged all over the place just to let their friend/family member have their 15 minutes of reality fame. That's exactly what I think of when I see Julia and Brandon. Julia's clearly driving the train. She playing up the "jealousy" angle because she has nothing else to lean on. She's playing up the fractured syntax because she's decided it makes her "endearing". I'm sure Brandon went along beca
  6. Mike's abject apathy demonstrates that acting for realty show cameras isn't easy. Maybe he thought that being as boring and uninterested/ing as possible would get TLC to cut the cord sooner. He didn't realize they'd make lemonade out of lemons and simply portray him as an asshole of a husband. My point being, these two deserve each other.
  7. Your befuddlement comes from the fact that you are a normal, productive person. I fear I've sadly crossed over the "get off my lawn" line, age-wise; but the fact is that for a disturbing (to me, at least) number of people, being a reality tv "star", no matter how far down the "alphabet-list" you are, and no matter what it takes to get there, as a viable, indeed enviable, career path. It's simply the modern day traveling Freak Show, with the Discovery Family of Networks making coin off of the sucker born every minute.
  8. Yes, it is for life, unless the conditions for cutting it off are met. The 10-year figure comes from the fact that it would typically take an immigrant (who doesn't want to leech off of his sponsor forever) about 10 years to qualify out of the sponsorship requirement. I can see the next spin-off now: 90-Day Fiance - The Support Years
  9. Everytime I see those sisters on-screen all I can think is "I've seen the inside of you". I then I die a little more. Separately, if/when this crew gets a spin-off, may I humbly propose the thread title "Slumlord Kardashians"?
  10. Don’t forget the head turn to the right that accompanies every time she cackles at her own inappropriate trashy comments
  11. I hope ghost guy got his BJ from Brittany (I assume that’s what she was hinting at) without getting cut by the braces, goes back to Detroit and never looks back. Brittany needs to stop laughing at her own “jokes”. She not nearly as clever as she thinks she is. I think less and less of Liz the more I see her. Where is her 7 year old when she’s running around with this garden gnome? I really don’t like Molly. Her voice grates. She needs to dress for her size/age, and, if she was THAT sure it was cop Kelly’s kid from looking at the picture, she should need more than a “nah, they ain’t mi
  12. She realized she’s getting paid more for a few days if this than she could make in 6 months of waiting tables during COVID
  13. I think you've answered your own question. My sense was that this is exactly what they offered him. They wanted him to stay but would not allow him in the studio while Amira was being interviewed. Thus they must have wanted to have him back on-air after her interview concluded so that he could tell his side. The fact that he turned that down (unless there's a whole lot we didn't see) is very sketchy. Doesn't this guy work with his mother doing daycare? Who the hell would leave her child in his care?
  14. I find the pop-psych-babble this crews spews pretty insufferable. If only they knew someone who might be trained in, oh I don't know, counseling or something, who might be able to facilitate communication for them. Or maybe Nancy's decided that she's scribbled enough in that notepad for her tell-all and peaced-out. I wonder how much of this is carry-over frustration about not getting his way with the "One Big House" idea? Christine especially led the charge against that idea; and now she's the one whining the most about how they can't be together. It could also be a produ
  15. Absolutely. She went from "seems to be making sense" to "oh, shut the fuck up!" in 0.2 seconds. I'm disappointing in Shaun's handling of the Amira interview. I think the show is too investing in keeping these famewhores around to ask good questions and they want to keep the door open with Andrew for Single Life. Otherwise, why not even bring up his lounging in the resort for 2 weeks. If I was in a foreign country and learned that even a semi-close acquaintance was being detained just a few hours away (and that I was the only person they remotely knew in the country) you can bet
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