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  1. Actually i think it was less strenuous than that. She keeps her feet planted, gives a jiggle, and let’s momentum do the rest. When I first started watching I wasn’t aware of the theories that the viral video was edited. But having seen Whitney I think it’s entirely possible. Pay close attention to how little continuous movement we see from her on the show. Lots of quick cuts.
  2. In, I think, Season 2 (back when they were still running through the "here's ANOTHER way life is tough for Whitney), she complained that she absolutely avoided people with that fetish. Fast forward to the phony Avi storyline (Shalom, Whitney!) and she was gushing over how he loved her BECAUSE of her size. So . . . ? TLC/Lifetime are modern day, virtual, traveling circus freak shows. I've tried to document over time the many ways in which it's clear that the producers/editors of this show HATE Whitney. The options are either: 1) she's too obtuse to realize she's being laughed AT,
  3. That is definitely an unexpected red flag. I’ve got my eye on him.
  4. I’m not a personal trainer but I am a lawyer. The answer depends on whether Whitney is considered a employee of the gym or an independent contractor. That’s very fact specific and would require lots of speculation at this point. Ultimately, we’ve only seen Whitney pretend to be a personal trainer for a fellow cast member as part of the script in something that is no doubt covered by a shitload of TLC waivers. As far as Whitney and motivation, I think what overweight people need/want is a role model who shows that you don’t have to look like Jessica or Will or Ryan to have a good deg
  5. It’s gone from Whitney claiming that her life is “fabulous” despite her size to Whitney believing her life is fabulous (it isn’t) because of her size.
  6. Why has she lied about almost everything on this show? She needs a story line that creates "drama". She wouldn't be "following her little 'ol heart" if she were going as an low-rent influencer junket. And Heather is an absolute piece of shit for having that discussion with her youngest about being a surrogate and forcing him to express some kind of emotion/reaction for the camera (i.e. "how does that make you feel . . . "). Total piece of shit. Even if it is all faker than her ridiculous hair color.
  7. I realize I'm taking on a "Jon Snow and Daenerys" quality here. But I still think the endgame they have in mind is for Whitney and Buddy to both finally realize that what they've been looking for has been right in front of them the whole time, etc. If there is a next season, my guess is that it's Whitney back from Paris whining about it not working out, and obsessing over Buddy's engagement, with "will he or won't he go through with the wedding" being the cliff-hanger.
  8. The biggest "tell" that the french guy relationship is bullshit (other than the fact that Whitney's involved) is that no one has seriously questioned her end game. As in: "and if you two hit it off, then what?" If it were real, Glenn and Babs would be ALL OVER that question. And if it were real, Whitney wouldn't miss the chance to push out her lower lip and whimper about the prospect of leaving her parents for another continent. At this point this is like debating why a fictional character in a fictional show did or said something. Because this show is just as fictional. BT
  9. Well, then I guess she’s just a natural asshole.
  10. I've said for years, ever since the skiing incident, that whoever edits this show HATES her., probably because she's such as ass to the crew.
  11. After my children, coining the term "Social Barnacles" may be my most enduring legacy. Whitney is a classic case of someone who was shunned by the "in-groups" in high school and college and, once she gets the least bit of power turns into exactly what she hated when she was young. I believe that early on Whitney's parents and the Barnacles probably agreed to participate in the show out of pity for her (and in her parents' case, in the hope that she'd at least earn enough money to move out of their house!). But then they all got sucked in by the money. It's not a lot in the grand sc
  12. As soon as the show is over she’s going to find there isn’t anyone around to abuse anymore.
  13. I haven't seen it yet, but boy does this have me intrigued. I LOVE when we get glimpses of the real Whitney. She's a mean piece of work. And, you know, I'm convinced that Babs is too. If Whitney's on the way to France, I bet LeBlur is curled up in the fetal position under a table repeating "they should have stopped her at Munich, they should have stopped her at Munich . . . "
  14. Agreed. COVID restrictions were some obscure travel issue that only frequent flyers would know about. I can't imagine someone buying a plane ticket (that I'm guessing would be non-refundable) without making sure you could actually travel.
  15. Re: "ISSA": Urban Dictionary confirms issa shorthand way to say "it's a" (see what I did there?) So many things about Whitney are so awful that it's funny how her appropriation of street slang barely registers. And I've finally had a chance to drink in those "launch party" pictures. Wow. The janky low-budget kids-party tablecloth; the plastic champagne flutes (only Whitney's is drained, of course); the barely-gives-a-shit "decorations"; and the cake oh my the cake. I looked it up and there doesn't appear to be a Carvel Shoppe in or around Greensboro. That means someone went
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