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  1. Golf courses, for all their variety, beauty, natural features, meandering routes, man-made challenges, landscaping and meticulous care all have one thing in common: they start and end in the same place. As it is with Mystic Rock GC on the property of the Nemacolin Resort, so it is with Matt James, The Bachelor. He arrived tonelessly reciting his checklist of qualities ‘he wanted in a wife,’ a phrase tacky, archaic and crass at best and at worst a signal that here is someone unable to recognize, understand or form healthy relationships. Yes, he admits the last of these multiple times but h
  2. If this post is late – and it is – it’s because I fell asleep watching this episode. That’s not exaggeration or metaphor. I literally fell asleep. I can’t tell you with any degree of certainty if it was the 529th time Matt stared at the floor and said nothing or the 863rd time Matt stared at the floor and said nothing but by then he had lulled me to unconsciousness. The Journey™ To Move Forward™ And Find My Person™ has been retitled The Nemacolin Death March, with all due respect to WWII veterans of Bataan. Nobody, including Matt, wants to be there now. All are stir-crazy with the crazy f
  3. A step-by-step recount of the discussions and events of TWTA would be surplus to requirements. Instead, some general observations: 1) What you are seeing – and possibly even experiencing– is clinical depression. Individual, collective and now chronic. Whatever you think of covid as a disease and/or a threat isn’t really the issue – and is off-topic anyway. The response to covid is slightly off-topic except the relevant effect on these women and on the audience. Man is a gregarious animal. Even a herd animal. Any nonconformity is met with suspicion, then alarm, then anger
  4. ‘Never complain, never explain’ was the mantra of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother aka the Queen Mum. Good advice to follow except that the more ridiculous personages like Victoria are typically weeded out even with producers handcuffing them to the radiator and forcing the Bachelor to give them a rose. This makes the late rounds occasionally difficult to extract humor from as all regress to the mean of normality. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Covid is the excuse but it’s difficult to shake the impression that moving the production around the nation as usual was viewed as too ex
  5. If you’re a musician you can’t help but notice the score. As in accompaniment. Soundtrack. Background music – although composers resent that term. The musical cues on The Bachelor are a constant source of amusement as they are as melodramatic as the edits and the participants. Pounding drums. Strummy acoustic guitars. Violin crescendos. Hissing cymbals. Tubular bells struck. And that’s just for the teaser segment. And then there are the canned sound effects. A hawk’s scream. Crickets – always the same crickets at the same pitch in the same numbers. Apparently the producers and sound engin
  6. Crikey, collective imagination and and wit have been loosed upon this thread! Very amusing/interesting. I do appreciate very much the various compliments here and elsewhere. I can confirm that I am neither 15 nor Bolivian. Like most, I keep avatars and screen names a bit cryptic/inscrutable in various corners of the internet but for reasons I can't recall I used my own actual photo here. Not exactly a risk on a par with John Glenn but it has been strangely liberating as well as strangely compelling to keep up with the show and the posts each week. Call it saving face literally and fi
  7. It’s time to concede that Matt has been woefully miscast as The Bachelor. Charm and guile are beyond his modest gifts. Banter is thin on the ground. Even basic physical attractiveness has been undone by his shrunken, folded-in body language and near-constant hangdog expression. Humor, especially the self-deprecating kind, is absent. Like others who can’t laugh at themselves, he’s ironically become a joke. A consolation prize. The silver lining: Matt should attend the casting call for ‘America’s Next Top Funeral Director’ where his lame patter, frequent clasping of hands and licking
  8. Part of the original pitch was that TB would become a replacement show on the schedule for Monday Night Football which typically runs 8 pm - 11 pm on the East Coast. Although 2 hours can be lengthy they still have an extra hour to fill with...something else. Occasionally TB (or Bachelor In Paradise) runs 3 hours (!). Repetition, teaser, flashback, and every other sort of time-filling gimmick are definitely employed to pad out the time window. Of course, the primary objective is to sell advertising so format, coherent narrative etc. take a backseat to such tactics. Anyone watching with
  9. In one of life's great ironies, the locked-down version of The Bachelor is in the same fix as the women: trapped in a gilded cage watching helplessly as the birds peck at one another. He's making the same mistake as many of his predecessors, expressing sympathy that is interpreted as romantic interest and doubling his guilt quotient when his sympathy and his romantic interest both fade away. One non-spoiler bit of news about Victoria is that she is aware of and responding to the very large anti-fan club she has already drawn. Like many others of her generation and mindset, she expresse
  10. A flawed hero at the center of conflict. Warring ethnicities. Warring cities and nations. Warring sexes. Warring religions. Warring classes. Peaky Blinders you ask? Oh, I watched that too. But I was speaking of The Bachelor. Actually, Bleak House would be a more appropriate title but that one was claimed long ago by a minor writer named Charles Dickens. It should be clear to all that catfighting, with or without boxing gloves and headgear, has become the main event with Finding Love and Getting Down On One Knee and Finding My Person and Completing This Journey pushed well down the un
  11. This one straddles the fence between 'in the media' and the most recent episode thread but... Many in the episode 3 thread commented on the curious chronology and other aspects of the Sarah Saga. There was puzzlement about her career (?) in broadcast journalism, noting that at age 24 she might have been a reporter for 1 or 2 years max before returning home to help her ALS-stricken father. There was also puzzlement over choosing to abandon those important duties to fly back across the country to participate in the Bachelor for potentially a long stretch of days. Finally, there was some
  12. If last week’s episode ended like that mysterious brown alcohol you probably shouldn’t have tried at 2 AM then this week’s begins with more of the same as we watch Victoria utter her scripted (by her or others) lines and we get an involuntary shudder just like we do when putting the empty shot glass down. Sarah’s ‘medical emergency’ has been completely forgotten and the rose ceremony concludes with, er, whatshername, Marylynn and the other whatshername leaving the premises with only Marylynn given another second of camera time. Toastmasters Inc. will be sending Matt a sternly-worded
  13. It's been over a year of so-called crises but now real hardship has darkened my doorstep as I am composing this missive on an iPad instead of a nice fast PC with my beloved ergonomic keyboard. I've dropped from 140 wpm to a meager trickle of characters and the constant need to correct typos. I can't say much more except a) it's warmer here than where you are and b) I'm not involved in any Bachelor-related production. The magic of technology allowed me to view this episode from a great distance. But like all bargains involving magic there is a dark side. A hidden cost. A bit of ir
  14. Cheers. I hope I do too. Don't let me down Matt! Ethiopian pharmacist: Magi Tart with a heart: Kaili Both received roses.
  15. It’s been some time since any contact with the Bachelor ecosystem – not least because the ecosystem resembles an EPA Superfund site with poison, radioactivity and, er, glass from broken mirrors, smashed phones and wine goblets littering the ground. It was inevitable that a critical mass of alumni over enough time would make “news” (quotes intentional) as they carried on with life and relationships. The media have meticulously blurred the lines between publicity – as in press releases from reps reprinted verbatim – and actual newsworthy events such as a wedding or the birth of a child. S
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