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  1. They did say they had sex BEFORE they kissed for the first time. :0
  2. This made me LOL! Like being a Mormon has anything to do with surfing??
  3. Malik's baby is just about the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on. Malik can stick around if we see more of his little one! Although I don't like Deja and was hoping to see less of her, not more. I'm kind of digging that there wasn't much Kate in this episode. I've grown tired of her resentment and treatment of her mother.
  4. I agree! That conversation was so ridiculous, especially Ashley I exclaiming, "she lost sooooo much weight!" Like she was overweight to begin with. These people.
  5. Why is Deavan a skank? Doesn't that make Jihoon a skank too? And what makes him a "great guy"? I've seen no evidence of that whatsoever. He wouldn't come for the birth of his own baby, now we found out he quit his job and has no way to support even himself, much less his child. smh
  6. That woman is a saint and deserves happiness.
  7. I know this is about Nicole, but Caelynn's huge face is sooo distracting to me. I do NOT get it re: Caelynn . She is so homely to me, I can't believe she won any pageants ever.
  8. This is kind of what I'm assuming is going on.
  9. Her hair looks so much like a wig to me. Especially in that segment.
  10. Makes you wonder how she answered any of the pageant questions? I picture another Miss Teen South Carolina.
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