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  1. Where did you get that idea? She's about to turn 34, has wanted children badly for a while and is wise to do it sooner rather than later. And hoping for your daughter to have a sister--there's nothing wrong with that. Also, she said when first asked that she'd be happy with whatever gender the next child is, and I believe her.
  2. Can I ask how old you are? You talk about pregnancy like my teenagers do.
  3. And then HE lied when Kevin asked him what he said to Rebecca to get her to change her mind. Told Kevin, "I don't know what you're talking about."
  4. I hated this season as much as anyone, although I liked Peter at the beginning. But I'm not understanding people saying he's not educated or financially stable? You have to either get a degree or go to a flight school to learn to fly a commercial aircraft. Yeah, he lives with his parents. Weird. But I highly doubt he's not financially stable.
  5. I kind of felt like they were joking around during that scene?
  6. I think it's because Madi stood up to Barb, plain and simple. Likely, nobody in her house does that. And since Barb hates her, husband and other son are required to also.
  7. Yeah, why isn't she woo-ing him too? Why is it all up to him to be a thoughtful spouse? I'm not one that thinks Derek is great looking, but i still don't think she'd be able to get him outside of this situation.
  8. Absolutely NOT! Crabs are cute and adorable and snakes are horrible, evil creatures that I'm very afraid of. 🙂
  9. I never loved that Rebecca called Kate "Bug", but really liked that they explained why in this episode. The scene with a young Kate and the fireflies with Rebecca talking about how fleeting time is made me tear up a little.
  10. I got the feeling that Austin was getting irritated with her through all of that. She needs to turn it down a notch or two.
  11. Not really. He seemed chill with it for the most part. She was kinda neurotic and high maintenance, and I think he was probably there because he was recruited. They just didn't mesh, mostly. Although they looked really good together.
  12. I just read that Reality Steve tweeted that it is NOT true. He said that as of now, Peter's outcome is unknown, but it's not the producer.
  13. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of the black mold in the hot tub. Seriously, I can't believe any of those girls even got in there. I think I noticed mold somewhere else and grossed out too, but I can't remember where. ETA: It was in the shower with Jessica and Austin. Come on Westin, get on the ball. Zach is an expert BSer. Even before Mindy said it, I thought "he's talks and talks and says nothing".
  14. I agree. So tired of Demi and no, they broke up.
  15. She needs gum contouring. Two of my daughters got it and it changed their smiles a LOT. It's $$$ though.
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