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  1. As a non-Texan, but a lifetime, die-hard Cowboys fan ;) I need you to explain the difference between a BBQ and a cookout. Also, I agree with you about Myrla. Can't stand her.
  2. I've been married 31 years and my husband doesn't listen to a damn thing I say anymore. But if Jose is starting a new marriage, with a woman he doesn't know, why isn't he listening to her? If it's a problem this early, and Jose acknowledges it and thinks it's cute, I'd bail. Why should she have to say everything twice? Is he a toddler? A teenager? Regarding Michaela: That's exactly what I said to my husband (the one that doesn't listen to me anymore haha). She was totally turning it around on him, making him the bad guy so that she didn't have to take responsibility for her actions.
  3. Also, when Gil said to the hand-held camera, "Welcome to the Guero-Feria house", she had to chime in, "Feria-Guero". I'm all for keeping your name when you wed, hyphenating, whatever, but she seems to be in some strange competition to be "first" in their relationship. Also, Myrla, STFU about his love of chocolate chip cookies! He's a firefighter and probably works out at the station in between calls. If he loves choc chip cookies, just let him be! Holy hell. I can't stand her. These are just two of the number of ways she annoyed me last night. It's been a popular styl
  4. That's actually why I'm angry at Brendan. Yeah, the other crap he and Pieper pulled was gross, but the things he's said about Natasha after the fact have just been mean. I know he's trying to justify his actions of leading her on, but nobody's buying that Natasha is some homely girl who has no prospects. She's a beautiful, smart, strong woman.
  5. I don't remember her telling him to never wake her up, but to me that is a red flag in itself. It kind of implies that she'll act out if he does. I'm NOT a morning person, but I'd never tell anyone to never wake me up. That's extreme. And she's supposed to be on her best behavior at this point. At least I would be. I would venture to guess that her abandonment issues aren't just about her father, but that she's been cheated on in the past and that's why she over-reacted when he wasn't home by 9:15.
  6. He's not the one who packed his bags and "moved out" when she got mad that he took the dog to day care. ETA: Even his friends defined his past relationships as toxic.
  7. Fortunately (or actually, unfortunately), Zach has been in toxic relationships before, so he sees the red flags and is acknowledging them for what they really are. So glad he isn't going to put up with it again, even if it is for tv. Run, Zach! And Michaela, you run too--to therapy.
  8. Brendan trying to do damage control. Why did it take until Wednesday night (and a loss of 80K followers) to take the snarky post from Monday down? Too little too late, imo. He's shown us who he really is.
  9. Natasha officially has more instagram followers than Brendan. She's got to be laughing her ass off.
  10. Exactly! If I knew anyone where I live (New Mexico) that showered 3 times a day, I'd have something to say about it. Completely irresponsible.
  11. People sweat during sleep, especially menopausal and pregnant women.
  12. I saw that and was instantly disappointed with Gil, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully he adopted Hype and his ears were already docked. Ugh.
  13. I agree, Myrla's are awful. They looked like round rocks sitting on her chest on Unfiltered.
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