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S01.E01: Bon Voyage!

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12 hours ago, 7isBlue said:

I am rewatching this episode in the TLC GO app tonight, and talking back to my screen! Mostly, "You're an idiot," repeatedly, at Paul, and, "Gross!" at creepy Sean. 47-yr-old Sean calling 20-yr-old Abby "baby" just skeeves me out! Ugh. I think he's the worst of the group. 

You're braver than I and your stomach is stronger than mine.  Once was enough for me.  Old Liverlips creeps me out. 

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On 8/6/2017 at 9:36 PM, greekmom said:

Darcy's twin sister looks alot better than Darcy does. Darcy's plastic surgery really sucks.  But I agree with above. She smells of desperation like Dani does.

Just watching this now....sucked into this show from the Love After Lockup forum. I thought the same thing! Why does her sister look so much more natural AND younger than her? Her face looks all swollen all the time, a very botched plastic surgery. And the pictures she sent him (from what....20 years ago???) Wow she is in for a rude awakening. Sorry for my very belated comment but this is a dumpster fire I cannot stop watching. 

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On 8/6/2017 at 11:47 PM, sleepyjean said:


This show constantly astounds me with the human mind's ability to deceive itself when it really really really wants something. She said she was taking one last shot at love for her and her kids. She said her heart was on the line, and so were her daughter's hearts. I suspect Darcey is one of those people who justify a lot of their behavior as parents by saying crap like "the best thing I can do for my kids is to give them a happy healthy mother." In other words, what makes mom happy is what's best for the the children. Even knowing that, I can't imagine how leaving her daughters for more than a month is good for them. How hooking up with a 24 year old is good for them. How marrying someone she barely knows, and they don't know at all is good for them. How bringing that 24 year old to live in her home as a father figure is good for them.

Darcey isn't a stupid woman. But she's certainly playing the role of one on tv. This woman is going to frustrate me. Not as much as Danielle and Nicole, but almost.

I agree with you, but I do believe she is kinda stupid - by choice. My jaw is on the floor watching this crap. I hate myself for being addicted to trash tv lately but I cannot turn away. 

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So I'm way behind the times, but after watching S2 first, I decided to go back and watch S1. Holy moly. I HATED Jesse in S2. Thought he was kind of a psychopath. Now I'm seeing some of the groundwork for that. Darcey really is a bit much.  I am 39, so just a couple of years younger than her, but I swear to God I look 20 years younger. Her desperation is giving me secondhand harassment. And Pole is just a few bugbites away from losing his shit and going psycho on everyone. I actuallylike Abby. I'm sure that may change. 

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