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  1. I guess their words and behavior just won't allow us to have any other opinion.
  2. Unfortunately it was reported that at one point Leah talked about her tiny, petite little womb and how there wasn't enough room in there, and she said it in front of Gracie. So if that's true, Leah planted the seed. Also, the "what caused this" discussion should certainly have taken place at length long ago, so Gracie should not have that misconception now. And Leah did not seem surprised to hear it, which might mean one of two things: 1) she had heard it before; or 2) Leah was so stoned that the appearance of extraterrestrials in her living room would not have been a surprise to her.
  3. Well let's help our buddy Karl: Zeppelin carburetor belts Elephant mascara Truck exhaust covers . . . .oh wait, she could use all those herself.
  4. . . .ls something that has never crossed my mind, and I don't have kids, roots, toenails to paint, or anywhere to go this weekend. The thing is, she obviously thinks people are interested in her anus. That is how demented she is. And yes, her poor boys. The internet is forever. KARL IS A SWAMP MONSTER
  5. I have no doubt it was something like that, although frankly I can't picture her sharing her drugs. . . lI can see her begging her friends fro them.
  6. And Josh should take him aside and tell him so.
  7. I hope Barb is sane enough to not feel guilty about another person's actions, but many aren't. The problem with the ideal scenario you describe is that Barb and Jenelle were in a toxic relationship long before David showed up. There is no way Barb could "fix" the relationship now . Also, if suspicions are correct, there is a significant drug use problem with Jenelle and/or David. In that case, no healthy relationship can be established. If I were giving Barb advice, I would recommend counseling for herself and Jace, and Al-Anon for her so she can learn the limits of what she can cont
  8. Every one in the world? What can Barb do? Not here.
  9. I think they do realize exactly who they are dealing with, but a combination of desperation and unrealistic expectations about America clouds their vision. Azan did say that, but his English is not so good.
  10. Yes, it's the name of a town founded by a man named Cumming.
  11. Remember who we're talking about. Also. . . oh god forgive me. . . .she might not be doing it herself. . . .
  12. You do share the nicest things. Bless your heart.
  13. It seems to me we are having a violent agreement. This is because I wouldn't let you pick the cake for our wedding, isnt, it?
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