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  1. Here is where they dined: https://cognacrestaurant.com/dinner/ This is likely the dinner that Jesse ate: ORGANIC SCOTTISH SALMON Served with Ratatouille, pepperette de Espelette sauce I think that this is what Darcy ordered (but did not touch): FARM RAISED CHICKEN PAILLARD Grilled chicken breast, shallot puré, watercress salad, tomato confit, light pesto. Everything on that menu looks absolutely delicious, by the way.
  2. Priceless. Toaster Strudel, you are a very funny writer.
  3. Maybe I am grouchy because my stomach is bothering me and I suspect I am getting a tummy bug, but... ...Jesse would have been wearing that salmon. And my dish. And the untouched bread basket. And the glasses of water. Yes, I think I would have gone all "PROSTITUTION WHORE!" on his ass in that restaurant, walked out, and never looked back.
  4. SO MUCH THIS. I have loved my 40s so much, and life hasn't been that easy! It is jusy great to really relax and enjoy yourself for who you are.
  5. PM me with your mailing address. I want to send you a special travel outfit for your journey: a cold-shoulder top with "America: Love It or Leave It!" printed on it, and a pair of leggins with a hole in the inner left thigh. You can accessorize with your own ratty flip-flops and greasy hair.
  6. "Africa" by Toto...January 1983, #1 song on Billboard. Greatest song ever. Listen to it with headphones; it will blow your mind. I'm serious. Now you young people get the hell off of my lawn! Mi amors, you can have your cold shoulder tops and your Lord's Prayer purses and red makeup bags. I'll be the one at the party with the super-skanky high heels with red nail polish all over the soles, the cooch cutters, and the body paint, because I am a Spicy Colombian Latina. Which always makes me think of (God help me):
  7. I couldn't agree with you more. And honestly? If I had that delicious bundle of adorable in my house, I would be scrambling to do everything possible with her, too. Lexus' mom seems to be a survivor. And strong. For some reason, I really like her.
  8. Jesse looks like a member of the Hitler Youth. The Aryan ideal. I'm a Jew.
  9. How on earth did Stinky (my name for Lexus, who always looks...unclean) have time for The Pole AND The Hole as a new mom? She's got a lesbian lover on the side while Meth Face is in jail? Didn't she have diapers to change? Bottles to heat up? More on her mind than playing two obsessive lovers off of one another while she trowels 32 pounds of makeup on her face?
  10. Who I see every time I look at Mr. Life Coach: convicted murderer and monster Paul Bernardo
  11. I've been in therapy, weekly, since the summer of 2000. Skechers makes fantastic stylish travel shoes. I had a pair of slip-ons that looked like ballet slippers that took me all around the planet.
  12. That's what my thought is. He's Mommy and Daddy's Little Football Hero. The fact that he knocked up someone isn't in their preconceived script for him, so they are just going to look the other way in almost all matters pertaining to Baby Diego. Their son is a little asshole and the world had better just get used to it, simply because he is good at a sport. Put all three of them in the huge honkin' SUV they no doubt own and drive them off a cliff. The world needs fewer people like them. Emilee or however in the hell you spell her name is the dimmest bulb I have seen in a long time, an
  13. I hate Dr. Phil, too, but damned if he doesn't have a couple of sayings that I live by: You're doing (insert behavior here)? How's that working out for you? You wouldn't be doing something unless you're getting some sort of payoff from doing it, good or bad. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. You teach people how to treat you. All of these can be applied to this shitshow of a show ETA: I miss TWoP so much from when it was in its heyday 20 years ago or so. The Making The Band recaps remain as some of the funniest stuff I have ever, ever read.
  14. This is what I see when I look at Jesse. Either this, or Paul Bernardo.
  15. Another Pounder here. All that I have to say to all of you is: ORDER ME SOME CHA-NEEEEEEZE. Is it wrong that I simply must own that Ten Commandments bag immediately?
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