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  1. If these people are slowing down earlier than is absolutely required, then I would absolutely pass them and I wouldn't feel the least bit bad about it. I've got stuff to do and I don't have all day to do it. If people want to slow down miles beforehand to whatever the construction zone speed limit is, then they should expect to get passed and they shouldn't get upset about it. I already spend way too much time in my car. I've got zero patience for people like that - no matter how much or how little traffic there is.
  2. Ants find cinnamon to be poisonous to them. They will not cross it. We used it once to prevent their incursions to our apartment from the unit below ours where a complete slob lived. They were climbing the kitchen drain pipe and coming in from under the kitchen sink. My wife put cinnamon under/around the edges of the sink. It's not a permanent solution, unless you make sure it's always there. So, not great, but workable. I'm tempted to get a Roomba just to see if our orange tabby cat will ride it.
  3. Take a fan with you onto your porch, aim at her, and set it on high. She'll get the message PDQ. Check out the Shark vacuums. My wife loves hers and got it for $100 or $150. I know you may still need a GoFundMe, but at least it'll be easier to reach. :)
  4. MrSmith


    @Zola Just be careful when you're out. You never know when you're going to run into someone with ill intent, especially when you're impaired.
  5. You make a good point. I hope you got a laugh from my post, though, as that was the whole point of it! LOL.
  6. That's called a "chin". I know it's huge and appearances can be deceiving, but that's definitely her chin! :D :D :D
  7. MrSmith


    This is one of Jon Taffer's tips. Yes, I watch Bar Rescue. No, I am not ashamed. LOL
  8. MrSmith


    Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still alive and I'm sorry for having been absent for a while. I've been swamped with work, including doing some overtime to keep the project on track. I hope to be able to be around more, but we'll see how things pan out. Hope everyone here is doing well and I look forward to being able to talk to you all again soon!
  9. Cinnabons are why we ever bother to go to the Mall of America.
  10. @Mahamid Frauded Me LMAO! I love your username!
  11. I don't think you're weird. You grew up in that house. There are a lot of memories and a lot of sentiment attached to it. If it were your great-grandparents' house, you wouldn't feel as connected to it. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don't drive by my grandmother's house anymore. It just feels like my memories are being trampled. Clearly, you feel the same way about your parents' house. I think you're perfectly normal - at least in this regard. Maybe you're weird in other ways! :D
  12. @MonicaM I agree! My mother's mother's house was sold some years ago. It was situated on its own block and my grandmother had a large garden at the opposite side of her block from the house. I enjoyed staying there when I was a child. However, I would never want to own it because what's the point? Everything that made it a place I wanted to go is gone. The cousins are grown, moved away, and have their own families, and my grandmother has passed away. Plus, when her house and the block on which it is sited were sold, someone came along and built two four-plexes over the area where my grandmothe
  13. We dream of moving back there. It was great. Time seemed to pass more slowly. I worked from home full-time during that time. The car got turned on once every two weeks to go grocery shopping in Richland Center. The rest of the time we walked anywhere we went. Every Saturday morning we went for breakfast at Vicki's Cozy Cafe, and hit up Wolfie's Irish Inn for reubens around St Patrick's Day (once they started selling those). We have an Irish Wolfhound and he chased a young black bear out of our yard on a couple of nights. LOL. The best part of it? Honestly, the best parts were the quiet an
  14. Well, it's a town of 2800 people. I'm honestly surprised it has more than one cafe/restaurant at all. When we first moved to Muscoda, WI years ago, it had one restaurant that was open for mornings and lunch, and a bar/restaurant that was open for dinner/evenings. None of the other bars served food, except one that served shitty frozen pizza. Of course, Muscoda was only 1300 people when we moved there; so, smaller than Parowan. Edited to add: Though I have relatives that live in Cadott, WI, which is a town of between 2k and 3k people. The only restaurant is part of a gas station.
  15. MrSmith


    How's this for luck? Both my headlights burned out this morning as I was driving to work. Fortunately, I wasn't far from home. Also fortunately I can work from home. Guess I know what I'll be doing later....
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