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  1. I love little moments so much. Whether it is Loki playfully going after Miss Minutes, Loki's glee at releasing baby chaos in Pompeii, or the Ren Faire, these beats are quirky and fun and fill me with joy. The part in Latin when Loki is telling the villagers that all hope is lost tickled me b/c as a Tom Hiddleston fan, I know he has a double in Classics. So, letting him use his random Latin knowledge (and would love to see Ancient Greek too!) felt just for him. And I adored that! The combo of Loki/Mobius is a real highlight. I love Hiddleston and Wilsen together...that chemistry is
  2. Fair warning - I adore Hiddleston, and I have been on pins and needles waiting for this series in particular (the announcement of this series is what made me convince my husband that we needed to get yet another streaming service). That said, I have never had interest in wobbifying Loki too much. He has done some bad things and actively made shitty, bad decisions. People died actively or passively because of him. Still, I think of him as an anti-hero after the 10 yr MCU arc. And, rarely has an actor in the MCU given more to a character, IMO, than Tom Hiddleston has with Loki. That f
  3. Y'all, I was crying moments into the start. I am in agreement with all of the comments here. Angel Curiel is truly a revelation to me. On a show where I love all of these ppl, Papi is the one I look out for the most. His earnest, sweet nature is so lovely within the bounds of how he must have come up (and how we first met him), and he's so damn funny too. I can't wait to see what ABC does next, and I hope he has a lovely, long career b/c he is charismatic and wonderful! I love Papi's reaction to Angel's vows and that those vows were a take on that speech he gave to Angel when they go
  4. I love Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters! I love a good gothic or historical fiction (Jane Erye is one of my favorite books), and I felt like she captured that spirit so well. Her characters were always nicely drawn, and even in the midst of weird "is it supernatural or nah?" stuff, there was always a lightness and levity to the writing. Even in more modern settings (she was writing some of these in the 70s/80s/90s), you could feel that gothic influence. Additionally, Amelia Peabody is an excellent series (though, I didn't love the last few books a ton). I miss her. Alexander Dumas i
  5. I just reread The Henna Artist (and realized that the next book in her world will be released this year), and I think this would be ripe for adaptation. I could see Mira Nair (who will always love for Mississippi Masala, Monsoon Wedding, and The Namesake) directing. I believe I have seen some rumor of a production happening with Freida Pinto, but until I see more details on cast and director, I am skeptical. Kind of out there, but I would love to see A Thousand Ships somehow adapted into a movie. I love mythology and the female POV take on classical stories would be pretty cool if don
  6. I agree with all of you. It's really fun to watch the extravagance and the money flowing from Elektra, but it's realism is super questionable. I LOVED Elektra's meeting with the mob guys, but when did the mob get taken down by Guliani? Was it in the 90s? Because if so, then Elektra and her money are headed for a great fall. I LOVE Lil Papi and the story of the child was an unexpected, tragic twist. I know Angel has stuff going on, but he has been there for her from the moment they met. She may need time with it, but to see him on his knees begging and her just walking out really ups
  7. I found Ronald using Daniel to try to manipulate Tiffany disgusting. "Well if you miss me, tell mom..." Get the fuck outta here, dude. Work a steady job and buy the tickets if you want to see the kids. That said, Tiffany isn't much better. So, you know dude got a record and that is going to be huge issue with immigration, yet you have a baby and then have him and the older child bond to do what? "well, we def aren't moving to SA if he gets denied", which is fairly likely. The adults may get messy because of it, but the kids will be ones ultimately hurt. Just ugh. Like I said last w
  8. Well, these last two character based episodes have been PHENOMENAL. I was also not really looking forward to the concept, but I found myself pulled in from the jump with the lymphoma diagnosis. We have a few HIV positive characters, and while I know it would be painfully unrealistic to not have some of them pass, I don't want to lose any of our loves. I don't want to see Pray's funeral...he's so...alive to me. **weeps** The trip home was beautifully done. I loved the casting of his mom and aunts...that's fucking royalty, and all three actress deliver Pray some closure in their very dif
  9. Jovi is just a penis, hormones, and teeth, right?! Now, NOW is when you realize you all should have sorted out parenting styles, as you suck down crab legs and she is freaking out about the baby in the sun. You know Jovi's discomfort at public breastfeeding has to do with his own hang ups and objectification. The lady's tit isn't out for you...she is discreetly feeding her child and there is nothing wrong with that. Grow the fuck up. But, Yara is yet another one (looks at Kahlani and Tiffany) who knew exactly what she married and procreated with. IMO, Angela is the most unpleasant per
  10. Thanks to this plot with Nick and Rio, I am reinvested. So, I guess Nick IS the big dawg and has no problem showing his subordinates who's boss even if it is his brother-cousin. I think I remember from Graceland that Manny Montana actually really boxes, so nice for them to incorporate that here. Maybe he's a lightweight or welterweight? Either way, I liked seeing that element tonight. I just cringe with Dean. Full in on an MLM and this stupid idea of Nevada. I was wondering when Stan would finally have something to say about Beth. The entire scheme with the strippers and t
  11. I feel some shades of Jax Teller with where EZ is now. I don't see him finishing the series alive. This idea that he is full of something dangerous like his father will be his Shakespearean fate, IMO. One of my favorite TV characters of all time is Dean Winchester, and as a fan, I always knew his end had to be in the midst of action bc even if he was more (and he was), he was committed to this thing. EZ feels similar. That said, even though he was a prick about it, Pops wasn't wrong. Gaby is certainly safer far away from EZ. Girl, bye. Go be safer and sane in Lodi. I loved the conve
  12. I cannot imagine how anyone STANDS being around Angela. She speaks nastily to everyone, including her supposed "love" and "best friend", she seems like she smells, and her dour personality mixed with that HORRID cackle are just repellent. Just no. We all know she is going to do all of this work for NOTHING b/c there is no way she is going to have the discipline to handle this...she wasn't drinking broth, she was eating actual chicken soup with pasta and chucks of chicken. That's not a clear diet. FFS. Kahlani and Tiffany are the poster children for "You knew who tf your man was. You
  13. Freaking Fox. They always do this to me...either cancel something I love (The Gifted was the last one), or save it only to allow it to get really fucked up (I'm looking at you Sleepy Hollow). This is the only show I watch on Fox, and it makes me very sad to see it go. Damn, I hope they get a pick up somewhere. Honestly, the format works better on FX, but maybe Netflix? I don't know...sigh.
  14. I'm with you guys. Ben Barnes just knocks this out of the park. He's obviously beautiful, but Aleksander is a complex character, yet in the wrong hands could easily be totally irredeemable and unlikeable. On paper, Aleksander is bad news, and it can easily be seen as manipulation of a naïve young woman. But, I believe that he has feelings for her that are genuine, and I see the tragic road he is on. That doesn't make his choices okay, but Ben adds so many layers to him. The stag bones, though...gross. [full disclosure: I felt the same things about his deeply f'ed up character in Westworl
  15. Man, this episode is why I talk up Pose to as many friends as possible. It was compelling, heartbreaking, empowering, and amazing! I LOVE Dominque Jackson. I'm Trinidadian (she's from Tobago, I believe), and hearing her slip into her Caribbean accent heavier when talking to her mother squeezed my heart. I don't have a similar life experience as her, but I felt that in my soul. The trunk itself...I have questions about whether it would really be like that after all this time, but okay, show. I get the device being used, and the point being made about having to fight for themselves ag
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