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  1. I will always believe that Jenny is the greatest useless mess, but will ALWAYS thank her for introducing this phrase into the 90DF fandom lexicon. LOLOL. Re: Charlie and Chuck - Welcome to Tampa, all the rest of you. Look, I have friends in Tampa...I go there for concerts and one of my fav beaches is just outside St Pete. But. Libby's family are nothing, but pure Tampa trash. Ugh. That said, I think Andrei is a thug and a mean drunk. His obvious temper, lack of respect for others, and his general smug ramp up of attitude and demeanor since they have been in Moldova is gross. Asshole. Honestly, I wouldn't be fine with my husband talking to me like that. Plus since they rely on Chuck to pay for everything, Andrei can also STFU and take it, OR go be independent. You don't get both, ya little bitch. Re: ghosts - I like to say I'm not superstitious, but I'm little-stitious (TM The Office). I'm a behavioral scientist by trade and believe in science, but I'm also Trinidadian and island ppl believe. So, I hedge my bets. Thus, I don't believe, but I 100% believe. I will NOT do stuff like oujia and such. Plus as a long time Supernatural fan, I have an unhealthy view of how well I would be able to handle a demon ("get the salt, Sammy"). LOLOLOL Family Asuelo are a bunch of dicks. So basically, they want to be big dogs in Samoa and are telling everyone they are ballin', so they expect Asuelo to give them money, and they clearly expect Kahlani's family to pay for the kids and their lives in Utah. Umm, the sisters aren't even full sisters and they have something to say about all this money asking?! Fuck outta here. I have issues with Kahlani, but I loved her asking the bold sister if she contributes. The silence and her pushback "none of your business" non answer tells me everything. What entitled, nasty people they are. I was shockingly proud of Asuelo for standing up for himself and saying the right things. Let's see how long he can hold up to their bullshit before throwing Kahlani under the bus. Also. That kiss was weird AF. Additional thought: I would pay many dollars worth of Polynesian shirts to see Lo with Family Asuelo. I would love to see that dynamic. Haha. MAGAngela is awful. She isn't "real" or "wholesome", she's a ratchet bitch who cares about nothing and no one but her damn self. I LOVE Michael's sister b/c that lady clearly has zero interest in putting up with Angela's shit. And Angela is the typical bully...once you stand up with any backbone, she shrinks. Lydia is going to put her and Michael thru it. Can't wait. Sygin and Tania are very much exactly the people that shouldn't be married. Have some hot vacation sex and keep it moving. They value their individuality and have VERY different ideas as to what a marriage should be. Nope. Why are we still bothering with Larissa?! Quite clearly, her patterns of behavior are super clear. This is why she doesn't have real relationships: She plays everyone against each other to garner sympathy and she takes no responsibility for her actions. Add an attraction to toxic ppl, like Colt and Eric and here we are. Colt and Jess AND Debbie - You can see his pattern too: Lie to make things easier for him. Gaslight when he gets caught. I think Larissa is a hothead, but it is clear that Colt was able to paint a much more dire picture around the violence to get Larissa arrested. Jess shouldn't have thrown the shoes, but Colt's reaction (and Debbie's preemptive thought process) was like she was beating him with the shoes. Colt's mother/wife played him and Jess. And they are going to keep living that pattern until Colt is with a woman that mom approves off (aka has the chick under her thumb). Paul and Karine - OMG. I would take my ass with the kid back to Brazil instead of keeping with this loser in KY. Everyone, especially Paul keeps saying that she is from a shack, so anything is better. Clearly, that isn't the case. She understands her life in Brazil and she is surrounded by family. Here, she only has Paul, which is probably worse than nothing, and the living situation is strange. I agree with those of you that say she looks diminished or defeated; he has sucked the life out of her and I completely understand her mother's tears.
  2. I agree! This timelines are SUPER confusing to me because the baby is so little. I love the teeny, tiny maharajah! Baby August is soooo cute. I like that the moment things got a bit hairy, Chandrika was like, "we out...kbye". I knew Chanchal would be pregnant. **eye roll** Daniel is not a bad dude, but he makes bad decisions and running out on Chanchal when she was clearly in distress (due in part to him!) was uncool. I don't know if Chanchal at Badaal's mom's a solution either, but at least she seems a bit better. So, the French dude is hooking up with the empress?! Really?! Ok, show. I think it is the actress, but I really like Margaret (even if she is a Mary Sue). John is ok, but honestly, his character is a very blank slate...I don't know if it is the writing or the actor just brooding. Samuel and Violet deserve each other. I know, technically, Violet hasn't really done anything wrong, but she's irritating.
  3. I adore Leo Suter b/c I loved Young Stringer in Sanditon. He's probably one of the few redeeming characters here too. Daniel is a bit of rogue, but he's the only one suspecting the partner of villainy. I hope he isn't just playing Chanchal b/c based on the nature of this soap-y type of thing, I would expect that she's going to be knocked up from their tryst in the canopy, and where in the world would that leave her?! Also, the actor playing Baddill is so sweet with his soulful eyes, but I can't figure out if it disappointment he feels or whether there is a want here for vengeance against Daniel. Leslie Nichols is wonderful, but the character is so over the top one note in her disparaging everything "native". I know that was the prevailing attitude against the Indian population at that time by white Brits, but, lawd, give me layers. I think Miss Osbourne veers a bit into Mary Sue territory, but that actress was great in Endeavour, so I'm happy to see her here. The lavish nature of the costumes are just great. Even looking at the class differences in royalty, servants, and more common ppl in the market, you could see the attention to detail. The sets, especially Beecham House itself are incredible. I see no harm in continuing to watch, but it isn't my favorite. It is a pretty thing to pass the time, and I'm okay with that.
  4. I hadn't seen Tom Brittney in anything prior to Grantchester, but DAMN. When he turns on the charm, it is crazy magnetic. I'm a classy chick, so I wouldn't prefer an alley, but I'm not mad at Ellie...get it, girl. Damn, he was hot, and their dance was nicely done. Very nice turn to instant regret too. I'm sure we'll be exploring that next week. I'm less interested in the mysteries, as I'm happy for quiet character moments. In particular, Mrs C got me tonight. I'm South Asian, and while far removed from the partition b/c my family became indentured servants and moved to the Caribbean, I have heard many stories like Mr. Hassan's. Mrs C at the cafe with the boy hearing his story and the sense of dread, disappointment, and heartbreak when she heard about the ring was palpable. I don't know that I could forgive him either, IMO. Man, Kathy's mother is a piece of work! This is going to explode in Geordie's face. Get it together, man. Pay attention to what's happening in your house. I'm so dreading when the other shoe drops for Leonard. I'm so happy he's happy, but...that's not this show.
  5. Armando and Kenny feel to me like they belong on a different, significantly classier show. Jihoon ain't shit. His boys think he's a lazy POS. I laughed for hard at the entire Jenny/Sumit situation. He has moved her into an abandoned house far away from a major city that is apparently VERY dangerous. That's amazing. AMAZING. She's a grown ass woman with not a pot to piss in hopelessly in love with a spineless, lying shithead who isn't rushing to get that divorce. I cannot. Also, I'm just gonna say this (and it's mean) from my POV: As a South Asian women, I want to raise up my South Asian men for the attractive dudes they are. Yet, this dude is the most feckless asshole, and it makes him very unattractive (also, he's just unattractive, IMO).
  6. This is the trashiest trash. It's a show about a show, an after show, and some tweets. I'm so here. Oh my God. Someone should have told Avery not to do this. She seemed high af and loud. It was uncute. Rosemary is losing any goodwill I had for her. You "loved" him and he hurt you, now you are just nasty and insulting at every turn. Childish. Ed is coming off no better. What a douche! Ash is boring. So. Boring. I actually like Yolanda on here. Reading the tweets was quite funny. "Get Aunty Yolanda a fun uncle to get her back bent a little." Ded.
  7. I thought the first episode of the new series was fine. Love, LOVE the scenery, the clothes, and as many of you said, that move into the 50s. Personally, I like Will. Sydney was fine (and James Norton was delightful), but their painted the character into a corner and his last season was terrible. Will has some darkness and issues, but is ultimately trying to be a good dude. His dynamic with Geordie is good, and I think the actors have found a rhythm. I'm already amused at inappropriate Geordie introducing Will to every woman as celibate, and I loved Will's "can you not lead with that?!" This week's mystery was ok, and I'm sure we're in for more with the reporter. Will is easy on the eyes, and looks super cute in a tux. What can I say? I'm easy. Leonard continues to be the heart of the show; I would have LOVED to see more of the Moroccan adventure. I agree with the JudyO above; I'll take a little Masterpiece escapism as some respite from what's happening in real life right now.
  8. Not when mommy and daddy ji are footing the bills. And paying for his divorce, food, lifestyle, roof over head. It is crazy to me that Robert has been making me laugh with his comments. He and Anney seem to have a genuine relationship and Anney LOVES that kid. Veronica and Tim continue to be my homegirl/boy. They are how I live text with my friends. It's delightful. I loved Anney's commentary on her baller abuela having babies in the countryside with no doctor. "You'll be fine" That's true 3rd world country feels right there. And Molly and Cynthia have really grown on me. "Oh. No. Hon-nay."
  9. With every season that has gone by, I can say that I never liked anyone during their first episode. Well that streak ended tonight b/c I love LOVE LOVE both Kenneth and Armando. I'm already rooting for them, I almost cried during Kenneth's talk with his daughter and Armando's talk with his sister, and I want to hug them both and protect them from this vile show. They seem like lovely, loving people. How in the world did Sharp find them!? I hope they really are as awesome as they seem. Chile. Brittany is a damn mess. Former (?) sugar baby, Palm Beach "rapper" (Imma hit Soundcloud tomorrow b/c I can do that shit), ass and tits out, forgot she was married. Sweet trash! Going to move to Amman, Jordan to be with a VERY Muslim man in a VERY Muslim world. Chile. There is gonna be a fire up in here. And I'm about to be mean, so look away if that bugs you > Brit's body is bangin', but her face and the way she carries herself is ugly. I said what I said. Yazan looks like a bit of a druggie; my husband was like "you hittin' that hash a little hard, bruh". Their pictures are really well done...great filters, lighting, and angles, but that's not what they look like, umkay? Oh, Jenny. Girl. Why are you here again? You have no pot to piss in, and yet you are going back to this lying, useless, fugly scumbag. I think Sumeet loves her in his own way, but I think he is too much of a coward. I want to see them divorce papers before I would buy the plane ticket. PeriodT. I'm so excited to meet his parents! Uncle ji and Auntie ji look like they are gonna fuck him up and I'm so here for it. I had forgotten until tonight that watching Sumeet bumble and stumble into one mess in his life after the other brings me personal, childish joy. What a blow we've been dealt! The lady with the super sperm, who is going to have her baby in Ethiopia...man. I think ppl should do what they want to do, and I believe a woman should do what she thinks is right. My grandma birthed 9 kids in the house (including my 10 lb+ mama), no hospital, and some of my aunts did too (we're from Trinidad, and you'll find this in a lot of countries), so I'm not knocking it. But. Like. We moved to America for many reasons. THIS is one of them. Let's see if Baby is cool, or if he's a another scammer like Usman or Michael. He is obviously fine staying in Ethiopia (hence, the other way), so what's their deal?! I don't know that I care too much to see Devan and Jahoon. It's the same story with those two...he's lazy...she gets pissed...he's sorry, but doesn't change his behavior...she gets pissed...she feels like she has 3 children in a cramped space with a bidet and actively hates him...he plays with his dog and holds back some important truth she should be aware of. At least we get to see more of baby Taeyoung b/c he is a real cutie pie.
  10. Abbey and her British husband actually seem really cute together. He seems like a nice, normal dude and, you know, not a skeevy creeper old enough to be her father that was just using her. Good for her! Watching Pedro talk to mother Pedro and sister Pedro was the worst. What a shock that Nicole is a selfish "I'll do what I want" person and took a great chance to go to NYC during the pandemic and now can't go home. A shock, I tell you.
  11. I have to say, I was actually truly moved by the Loren-Alexei baby special tonight. It felt super true to them, they seemed more real than I remembered in their seasons, and all the stuff leading up to the birth and after were moving. Who's show is this? Sharp clearly messed up making something so decent.
  12. Whew. Chile. This circus is just what I needed. It's been a tough few weeks in the real world, and I was happy for this escape. ITA with those that think BGL pissed off the tailor b/c that dress was bad...like Dorothy's wedding in the Golden Girls finale bad. 1) As someone with Muslim family members, I found the dress to be too much (the arms not being covered) for the occasion & yet somehow, not enough...it looked cheap and trashy, and 2) I will say my friends and I who live chat DIED DEAD laughing at the thinly veiled "shouldn't you put on a bra b/c your tit-tahs are saggy and terrible" from Usman. Also, I feel like the wedding at the registry was bigger than expected for the crazy factor. If one of my loco cousins was getting married to an old white, crotchety lady in front of his mama and family, I would make it MY PRIORITY to be there front row to cackle my ass off. Look at some of the guests in the back, phones out taping, giggling. That would have been me. But, I ain't got no shame, so I'd have been right the fuck out front. Mark my words: Usman already got wife #2 on deck...that's the only reason Mummy and the older bro let this nonsense go. In the tell all, I bet wife #2 is working the camera and then went to cook supper. He threw that wedding ring in his pocket as he turned around to walk out of the airport. If I never hear David moaning over Lana the Scammer while pawing at her, it will be too soon. **shudder** We know you thirsty bro, but there has to be something better for you than someone who is barely tolerating you. Geoffrey and Varya - If I didn't know all the crazy happening with asshole Geoffrey, I would probably think their segments after the weird bar scenes with Mary were cute by the standards of this show. I'm still so confused. What happened to Varya? This woman doesn't seem like the woman we knew in Russia at all. Geoff LOVES the attention of these females fighting over him. Awww, I know exactly where in San Diego Ed and his daughter were chilling. I stayed right over there while at a work conference and it is really pretty. I'm glad Ed and his daughter hashed this out, but he has done some irreparable damage to his relationship with her. He seems misguided and selfish, and has a bit of a mean streak. My husband asked how is Darcey STILL on the show. That is a fair question. Girl, let me miss your crazy ass. Stephanie's brother's facial expressions at the table were lowkey great. "Oh, jesus, here she goes again...I just wanted some GD goulash and now I gotta sit her and listen to my attention whore of a sister for the 35895345th time"
  13. Totally agree. I'm Trinidadian. I get "tall gyal" all the time by my family. I'm 5 ft even. Assholes. LOL. What the actual fuck did these ppl do to Varya?! Compared to her sensible behavior in Russia, she was downright manic here. What WAS THAT? My husband and I joking about it being Rocky vs. Drago, but when the prize is that creepy, scum Geoffrey, the analogy really loses something. We had a long conversation at my house about Jesse and Tom. They are literally riding on the coattails of Darcy. She is sad and pathetic enough (and really needs some therapy), but these two skeevy fucks are worse than bottom feeders. It is so fascinating. Big Ed is ded to Mr Trini and I. Fuck that guy. I agree with so many of your comments about David and Lana. She can barely stand to be there with him. She's got her eye on the prize (America and a Sephora's). I like Avery and she seems to be a mostly reasonable person by the standards that this show provides, but DAMN, she lets Ash get away with a lot. His bullshit, shirtless, lip biting explanations are terrible. This is clearly a man who has never had to answer to a woman for anything in his whole useless ass life. And his gigolo skills totally has her sprung on that d. Baby Girl Lisa is a gross pig. Please universe, never put her and MAGAngela in the same room. They would either be BFFs and take us all out, or they would kill each other. I don't want to know. 2020 has been enough already.
  14. Veronica and Tim continue to bring me joy. First, their relationship is very sweet; like they figured out they shouldn't be lovers, but should be bffs. They rag on each other the way that only real friends do. Veronica's 1 liners are the best: "The land of milk, honey, and eyeshadow". David looked SO heavy (I mean, he usually does, but this felt worst). I've been WFH since 3/16, so Imma add an additional workout to my weekly routine to make sure I don't get cast in my 600 lb life after this is all done. Robert was tolerable today. That's weird. I'm sure he'll piss me off on tonight's episode. Molly and Cynthia continue to make me laugh. Molly's make up was on point tonight, and she was very funny.
  15. As a fan of both shows, I TOTALLY agree. I remember thinking in high school that those would be my ppl forever; some of us don't really talk and the rest are acquaintances. I'm now way friendly with other ppl in high school that weren't part of my immediate clique. You just don't know what is going to bond you together (my best friends are my grad school friends b/c we were forged by the fiery hell that is grad school), what tears you apart, and even more normal, IMO, what slowly drifts you apart until there isn't anything there. The show does such a nice job of showing that slow push and pull.
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