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  1. I too was hoping to make this last longer, but here I am. 3 episodes remaining. I cannot tell you how much I howled at that amazing NDA scene in the bakery. The actors playing Sherry and Cary are really killing this; the characters are amazingly terrible, yet I enjoy when they are on the scene. Ryan Goodwin is the WORST.
  2. Holy shit! That's amazing. I only know him as the doofy bf from the After series, so I assumed he was young young, and he certainly acts young here.
  3. Their argument in the rain was excellent! Since last season, I've been pissed at Joe's holier than thou "but, she's a crazy murderer...ew". The fuck you think you are? They are different re: what drives them (his is methodical and hers is more emotional), but the outcome is always the same regardless. In general, I find therapy scenes polarizing in that sometimes they REALLY work, and sometimes they are REALLY bad. The therapy sessions we see with Joe/Love are on the really good side for me. Having to dance around their murderous ways, but still talk about real issues was very n
  4. The moment nerdy dude explained they were the anti-vaxx ppl and the source of little 40 Henry's sickness, I was on edge. When she hit him, I gasped and started laughing. This tells me I needed a break from the show for a moment. LOL Marianne is interesting. This actress was excellent on Sabrina, so I'm not surprised to see 1) her in Joe's sphere more as we volunteers at the library and 2) him intrigued by her mentally challenging him. Man, Shalita Grant is eating this up! I have loved her in other things, but she really makes you want to go all Joe/Love on Sherry's sanctimonious
  5. Man, I LOVED Train to Busan. It was excellent and introduced me to the lovely Gong Yoo (who is also in a small, but pivotal role in Squid Game).
  6. My husband watched this a little while ago and has been pushing me to watch b/c he know I would be into it. I am super glad I finally did. What a SHOW! It is high concept, thrilling as hell (I was stressed and pressed the entire time) with excellent actors doing good work. What an excellent zeitgeist moment! Greed and your obligation to others is a global conversation rn, IMO, and I think this show really hones on the psychological aspects of the tough decisions we have to make as humans in our most physically and psychologically unsafe moments. What would I do? What am I ok with? Afte
  7. I felt like there was so much adult behavior happening tonight! I appreciated Moriah's talk with her bf's mom. I think Moriah's therapy sessions are really working b/c she seemed so mature about letting go of things and building a different foundation with her mom. This is the first time all season I felt the love coming from both Ethan and Olivia. I genuinely think they are both trying to save their marriage by reassessing the foundation. I can appreciate that so much! I like the idea of therapy and starting a little bit over from a friendship to work on their marriage. Micah i
  8. As someone more...spiritual and certainly questioning, as well as very suspicious of anything organized religion in nature, I think my husband and I were pulled in by the content. This and Messiah were very interesting to me in terms of what makes belief and what makes religion and spirituality so fraught with contextual misalignment, cross purposes, and total disagreement in how it all works. Mannnn, Bev was the embodiment of every Christian white lady who has ever told me with a smile on her judgment, cruel racist face that I was surely going to burn in hell. But, I would always rathe
  9. My husband and I started watching as a bit of a "is this old timey Korea with a political thriller element and ZOMBIES?!" novelty. Man, we burned thru both seasons, and I needed a break before watching the Ashin movie special b/c this shit was stressful. For me, it may be the best zombie genre show I've ever seen. Beautiful cinematography (I read they went over budget every episode...lol), excellent culture lessons (as a South Asian American, I know very little about Korean cultural history), really compelling cast, a bad ass premise, cool costumes and hats (seriously, so good), shockin
  10. With respect, I fundamentally disagree. They agreed to and make good money off putting themselves on TV about their really **interesting** beliefs and parenting, so I'm 100% going to feel comfortable having some opinions. I do agree that not all Ethan and Olivia's problems are Kim and Barry's fault, but a lot of the kids have problems that stem pretty directly with the way they were raised. Kim and Barry specifically worked to raise them out of society, and the initially marketing of the show was about the pride they felt at the kids not having sugary drinks or knowing who Spiderman
  11. I'm not terribly impressed with any of these people, and much of that, IMO, comes very much from the environments they were raised in. Very much my opinion - I completed agree that the fun, happy, silly Ethan isn't actually the real Ethan. I think the cold, closed off, and kind of rude Ethan is more natural to him. He's a damn adult, but rarely acts like it, and when he gets to a place, his coldness is offputting. Does he even like Olivia anymore? If she is "so different" and he doesn't like what she is, he should walk away and let her go too vs. this continual cold shoulder. "I need
  12. I automatically made a face, but how were Ron and Betty mostly tolerable and kind of good in this medium? If we didn't know what we know, I might have liked them. Veronica and Tim continue to be my favorite, if for no other reason than they seem like they would be fun to have a drink and troll the show. I like that like most of us, most of these guys don't care for Ari.
  13. Ari's superpower is bitching in every circumstance EVER. Man, you don't even carry that child b/c ya momma is paying for a whole nanny/cook domestic, and you are bitching about the walking. You agreed to the cleansing, but instead of thoughtful meditation, you are bitching. And next week? Bitching in a barbershop (likely about your ex-husband who you can't stop thinking about...until you do). Ellie has really made some mistakes. Going to this island while these poor people are trying to process the trauma of essentially losing everything seems like a poor choice. I appreciate her ca
  14. Oh, I may be in the minority here...my husband and I really enjoyed it. I got home late from a concert Friday and washed my hair, so in waiting for it to dry, my husband and I watched 2 episodes and then on Saturday binged the rest that afternoon. I loved the look and feel of the island, and the insider/outsider dynamics. The ending is bleak, but there was some kind of first man/woman-burn it all and restart vibe with Leeza and Warren. It's like to really make something, they literally had to burn it all down and start again elsewhere. I loved the ideas of life/death, determinism, free wi
  15. Gah! This is why I should be doing multiple things at once at 1am. Fixed!
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