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  1. TrininisaScorp

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    As a Trini, I actually think it's a play on a clever thing that some Trini ppl 100% do, which is to try to move their accent to the higher class, almost British sounding accent that the Anglo Trinis or higher socio econ status Trinis have. My mom's family is from the north, in what you could call suburbs of the capital area, while my dad is from the south where the cane fields used to be. Mom has a classier sounding accent (some of my non-versed friends wonder if she is British sometimes), and Dad has a strong, more rural accent (a more traditional "island" sound with our trademark sing-song-ness). That SOUNDS like a thing Electrka would do and Dominique is from our sister island Tobago (Winston Duke from Us and Black Panther is too and his accent is so much stronger than hers). I LOVE Damon. His patience and genuine care to teach these random suburb white folk to vogue tells me a lot about him. I could watch him teach ppl all day! While I'm not thrilled by the plot with him and Ricky, it is a nice break between the heaviness of the last episode and the potentially heaviness of the next one. A gal needs to breathe! More Pray Tell, please. Angel and Papi heated up RIGHT quick! Damn. Let's see what happens.
  2. You attract what you put out into the world, so Larissa finding someone creepy is no surprise. He's better looking than Coltie, but if you found bodies in the backyard, I would NOT be surprised. This tell-all is Jerry Springer level of trashy. Maybe the trashiest one yet? How does one measure? Colt is just a dick. My friend used to (thankfully, used to!) be married to an asshat like this. He just talks and talks and is totally meaning to jab and start shit with anyone who is unfortunate to grace his presence. Once I figured out his game, I didn't take the bait (even when he would say provocative, mildly racist shit) and it drove him crazy. Everyone ignore Colt. He'll implode (starting with his moobs, prob). Chantel and Pedro walked in keyed up...all producer driven to advertise for the upcoming Family Chantel?! Man, they were coming in hot too. Nicole is my favorite awful delusional person. She is a nut. She rolls up in here by herself...again, and she continues to cast judgement and give advice to others. Bitch? You see how everyone looked at you when you offered mundane child advice? No one cares, honey. That said, Nicole hair is kinda cute. Also in the "stay in your lane, bitch" club are Pao and Russ. How are you going to look down your nose at everyone when y'all got mad problems too? I cannot with the espicy loudness of Pao's dress AND matching lipstick. Pick. One. Not. Both. It isn't cute on you and this is 4K, hon. Trashley and Jay...dude, it's a broken record...he's an immature cheater...she's a sadsack who groomed a 17 yr old. Leave each other alone. Gawd. Can we not have them on another season?! There is nothing else here. Andreii looks like a roided up ventriloquist dummy. I cannot stop laughing when I see his bitchy expression and his bow tie.
  3. TrininisaScorp

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Corey. Bruh. You ever had chicken or fish or beef or any meat before? Where do you think it comes from?! I'll never understand ppl with no interest in understanding their food cycle. It's a chicken. You are going to eat it. IMO, at least respect the creature enough to understand how it lives, how it is butchered, and then make your decisions accordingly. In Trinidad (where I'm from), that's exactly how you go to the market stall and pick your meat. You can go to the grocery store, of course, but this is the most fresh meat available. It isn't sexy. It can feel a little sad, but if you eat meat, some version of this is happening, whether you are present or not. Frankly, your grocery store chicken has potentially been treated a little worse than these chicken. Man, homegirl just shipped the little brat back to Utah, huh? "Sick"...ok, girl. Truth. I CANNOT figure out the scam yet. We've been playing the "what's his fucking deal?!" game at Casa de Trininisa, and we have no idea.
  4. TrininisaScorp

    90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

    I feel like a bad person, but the way I laughed at Tarik's "Modolvian pesos?!" was TEW MUCH. I find it interesting that many of the Pillow Talkers are on Pao's side of the story with Family Russ. I still think Pao has purposefully caused tension to 1) keep her mom on her side, and 2) create interesting bitchery for her. And y'all are right: Loren is def not drinking alcohol and seems to be clearly gaining weight. I'm with the "she pregnant" crowd now.
  5. TrininisaScorp

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    This is probably/sadly/truly the biggest true love story on this fucking show.
  6. TrininisaScorp

    Yesterday (2019)

    I'm in my 30s and was super excited for this film. My mom is a huge Beatles fan (George was her dude back in the day). Even if she weren't, I have been exposed to their music enough to seek it out for myself and collect it along with the stories. The movie: Man, that was lovely. Fun, sweet, endearing. It was such a love letter to the import of Beatles influence, and the central theme that the world was better with the Beatles made me so happy! I certainly believe that! It left me with such a lovely feelings in the theater and now the day after. I can hand wave the mechanics of why certain things went away after the global blackout, so I could care less about the why, as that doesn't really matter to the heart of the plot. Himesh Patel was so compelling, I adored him, and like his performances. Hope he gets good work after this! I've loved Lily James since Dowton, and I find her energy refreshing. I thought she was fine in a fairly thankless role. The chemistry between the leads was lovely, and I really thought the ending was sweet (if a little simple). Side note: Like a few of you, I have no idea why they kept saying Jack wasn't attractive. He's adorable! Some of his outfits after getting famous where legit! I LOVED the blue suit for his performance by the beach. The dreamy look he gets in his eyes is so sweet, and his smile is super attractive. The controversy is, of course, about the old Lennon AU. I didn't put together Jack was going to see John, and when the door opened, I gasped and felt a bit emotional. Personally, I'm taking it as John's life was cut down too early in large part due to his fame. Lennon was dead before I was born, and yet, I still mourn for him (and George). If he wasn't famous, he may not have died in such a fashion, and I like the idea of John the artist being around in the world in 2019. It felt like a respectful homage, and I liked his words to Jack. Rocky was hilarious and quirky, as were Jack's other friends. Ed Sheeran was pretty good too...his little speech in Russia about being Salieri to Jack's Mozart was so overdramatic and made our audience laugh. I love Kate McKinnon, but don't know that she worked here for me. As a Desi, I was so happy to see the ever awesome combo of Meera Syal (love her books!) and Sanjeev Bhaskar as Jack's parents.
  7. TrininisaScorp

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    I am emotionally exhausted. What a beautiful, heartbreaking, yet oddly affirming episode. I loved the devices they used to tell the story with afterlife Candy and everyone's reaction. The most love goes to that scene in her afterlife (I'm assuming) doing that gorgeous lipsync. Angelica Ross did the damn thing!! Like many of you, I appreciated the complexity of her character, and her relationships. The women playing Candy's mom looked so much like Angelica! Her conversations with her parents were good. In other plots, I'm happy Pray is taking his meds. I can't take not seeing Billy on my screen. ETA: I seeeee you dancing Miss Leiomy. I've loved her since America's Best Dance Crew and her crew Vogue Evolution. They wuz ROBBED that season and got treated, IMO, badly. They were straight fire, though.
  8. TrininisaScorp


    Word. Where is the lie?! Cher and Dawn hurt my ears, but are relatively innocuous. Dawn praising her daughter for every little existence is super tiresome. "OMG, Cher, look at how you sit on a chair?! I'm so proud of you, my daughter, my twin." Whatever, Martha. The mom that looks like an aged 70s male rocker and her daughter from Chicago are annoying and loud, but don't really seem to be that bad. I'm sure the rest of the families stay far away. Sandra and Mariah are a hot mess. I get that she wants to be "young" and "hot", but Sandra has another daughter to be raising, and wouldn't be bad looking if she weren't trying so damn hard to be "20 something". Mariah is a Kardashian wannabe who is going to misspend her youth on racking up hookups from her thirst trap instapics, and her mother is too busy living vicariously through her to help her get herself together. I can't believe Mariah is only 21, as she looks much older and worn than that. Sunhe is scary. Boil your bunny, steal your cat, set you on fire scary. She is clearly well versed on preying on her daughter's insecurities, using their past, and influencing her with cult leader accuracy. The scene in North Dakota or wherever the fuck where they are laying in bed "bonding" was shot very close and kept emphasizing the intimacy and strokes and touches between them. It was so squishy and strange. It isn't spiritual. It isn't enlightened. It is pure spiteful, selfishness. Not to be all armchair psychologist, but she's never forgiven Angelica's pops from leaving, and can't get over someone daring to leave someone as amazing as her. As such, she's making sure Angelica herself never leaves, and ensures she over-inflates her own self worth and perceived value to others, so no one can compare to their spiritual existence. Chilling. As. Fuck.
  9. TrininisaScorp

    S04.E11: Kicked to the Curb

    Where to begin?! Pao and Russ - Man. These two assholes (3 if you includes Pao's mom, which I'm inclined to do). I think I'm truly understanding that Pao has spent her entire life being the most special special to ever special, and all of her family and friends in Colombia enable that thought process. Women have babies, but Pao had Axel, who cannot love anyone but her and be touched by no one but her. Per the early poster's point, meet Debbie and Coltie: The Early Years. The second Pao realized that her mom was siding with Russ's mom and not ready to ride in the Mean Girl gang, she unleashed and twisted the OK time period, which I thought was squashed earlier in the season, to ensure that she played up on Mother Pao's concerned for Pao being in America. It was, frankly, skillful and so smoothly handled. How many times has THAT happened in their lives to ensure that Pao is an innocent party? Pobrecita! Whatever, bitch, I see you. Pao is true snake. Ashley and the Wayward Teen - Ashley sucks and all, but I thought she did a better job of handling herself than the last 5 episodes. After some bravado and false starts, send Skinz Jr back to Jam Rock with a few bucks and signed divorced papers. Stop picking up youths. In the long term, this is the best case scenario. It was ALWAYS going to be the best case scenario. Can we be done now? Awww, Libby and Andreiiii's baby is adorable! I get a feeling mom was always going to be in the delivery room and this was just some producer driven bullshit. I like that Andrei always complains how tired he is. Did you come from your nonexistent job to not give birth to a human person?! Nah? Calm down, bro. Where is his cute dad? I can't wait to see him with Eleanor. Pedro and Chantel. I didn't need Pedro's hand signals about the first cut of the jiggy jiggy. Like. Ew. I don't know that I understand Chantel, nor do I get Pedro. They are both boring, and are only really spicy b/c of the ppl they surround themselves with, and the ensuing conflict it creates. That beach in the DR looked beautiful, though. Why, WHY did we have to go to dinner with Family Pedro?! If I didn't have to look at these scheming, raggedy bitches one more time, I would have been happy. I don't know what their real intentions are, but IMO they are shady, entitled, and terrible. I feel similar about Family Chantel, but at least Pedro and Chantel aren't giving them money and FC aren't throwing random hoes in Chantel's lap. Larissa is a crazy bitch that needs to go away, but Debbie and Coltie are just as bad, if not worst. Colt was obviously trolling Larissa with his "she's a sweet innocent old lady". That old lady seem like a hard lived possible drunk. She isn't nice; she's aggressive and will never share her boy (Pao, do take notes) with anyone. It's very much like TLC's sMothered. Colt knocking down that Jack like it wasn't a damn thing tells me a lot about him too. Colt and Debbie aren't innocent victims of Larissa. These ppl need to part ASAP. I'm assuming they are slowly giving us bits and pieces of the Purple People Eater and Azan b/c there is nothing to see here, and they need to stretch that nothing across a season?
  10. TrininisaScorp

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I thoroughly enjoyed this season, like I did the previous 2. I spent most of my 4th feeling anxious, and looking at the gory goopy flayed through my fingers. Excellent! If Hooper isn't the Russian prisoner, I'll never forgive them. I luf him so! His terrible attitude. His shitty JCPenny fake Magnum PI shirt. His clear attraction and feelings for Joyce. The vo of the letter from the first episode got me the same way it did El. I love Will. He's such a sweet little cinnamon roll that doesn't want nor deserves any of this. I spent the whole binge waiting for him to get taken over or something b/c maybe he is more susceptible. It was a kick to see Cary Elwes as the dickish mayor. Westley got got in the end, though. Inconceivable! I thoroughly enjoyed the makeups of the teams. Max and El were cute; as a 90s teen (I was one of those littles riding the coin operated rides accompanying my mom to the mall in '85), mall culture and being there with your gfs and no parents is an American girl's right of passage. I loved every bit of that. Dustin and Steve continue to be one of my unexpected treasures, and I actually really liked Robin and Lucas's hilarious and feisty little sister. Steve and Robin having a platonic thing is good for him. Mike and Lucas having girl problems, while poor Will is trying to be like old times was sweet, but sad. Joyce and Hopper (and sometimes Alexei and Murray) had great banter. Nancy and Jonathan are ok; wish they were a bit more compelling. When you put them all together in the mall, I was so happy! I wished we got a little more of the entire team together before all hell broke loose, and like above posters, I do wish it happened a little earlier. Did Finn and Noah hit a growth spurt halfway thru filming?! It feel like their shorts got so much shorter from episode 5 or 6 on. We were cracking up at my house when there were wandering about in the finale. Billy is the WORST, but I really like Dacre Montgomery, and I felt his work, especially at the very end was lovely. Billy was a class A dick, but seeing that sweet happy child who loved his mom is quite heartbreaking. Mostly, I feel bad for Max. She loved him, and she watched him die. Now the real question: How long is the wait until what is presumably the final season?!
  11. TrininisaScorp

    S01.E06: Another World

    Yeah. I'm a terrible, shallow person. Aladin is hawt. I would like to test out this theory about Aladin...for science. I, for one, would be more than happy to show him a whole new world; even with my brown hair, skin, and eyes (I need these brown men to be better to us brown ladies). You're more than welcome people b/c In truth, I think you all are totally right. He's just fine, but can't really get his situation working with her. Aladin seems, at least for now, so different than Mo and Azan. He actually seems happy and less about scamming her. Let's see if that holds. Deavan is a damn mess. I love that these two useless, in over their heads people, haven't had a conversation about basics like the sleeping situation. I literally don't know anyone who sleeps with their child; like, sure, you get in for cuddles and reading stories in a storm, but the whole night? Every night?. I've heard of attachment style parenting, but that seems like it should at least be a conversation. Drusilla needs someone to parent her. Jesus. Channel her energy. Jihoon is awful presumptuous that he was gonna be hittin' it. She's knocked up; the time in her mind for jiggy jiggy (I'm not ever calling it anything else) was over in that jiggy jiggy motel and that (undoubtedly cheap) bottle of wine. Frankly, I don't care for the way she speaks to him either. It feels condescending. Oh, Paul! Complete fuck up as always. Consistency is so comforting. Imma need Cory to man-up. Watching him eat shit every time Evelyn opens her mouth is painful. He's an idiot.
  12. TrininisaScorp

    S04.E10: Sparks Will Fly

    Yeah. Jay is a nasty POS. Ashley is trash. A white lady calling 911 in distress over her black husband becomes a potentially dangerous situation. Ashley totally knows that. Not to be dramatic, but in 2019, ppl die b/c of bullshit like this. I'm done with these two. Jay should go back to Jam Rock to bang chicks in bathrooms there and be as useless as possible. Ashley should go back to being a PA trashbag and wonder why she can't find decent men. Maybe next time don't marry a teenage foreign bartender. Chantel and Pedro. Ugh. Pedro can totally go fuck himself. Looks like he didn't tell his "friends" much about Chantel coming, let them grill his wife, let his bitch of a sister do whatever she wants including embarrassing his wife, let that hoochie basically sit on his ass in front of his wife, and then let her tell him what he needs to do with his own wife. But, I could deal with all of that b/c...Chantel. What I don't like is the bullshit he pretends is exclusive to other people and not him and his AWFUL mother and sister: His first explanation is that you should own up when you mess up, and that is what he is going to do with Chantel. His second explanation is that "it is Dominican culture" to dance like that and he did nothing wrong, and Chantel is overreacting. Biiissshhh. Please. Don't degrade Dominican culture with your lies, and don't gaslight your wife! Your bitch of a sister wouldn't have gotten off so hard on playing that video for Chantel if it wasn't damning. Fuck all y'all, but tonight Pedro and his family get a little more of that FU sauce. Cole and Larissa aren't fun anymore. It was trashy fun before, now it is just boring and sad. Baby Huey and her purple hair. Man. Azan is clearly regretting scamming her. LOL. She's Rick Astley b/c she's "never gonna give you up". He couldn't be more blase about it all, and less interested than he seems. Yet, here she is about to throw money away on a ticket to Morocco. I know it is a moot point, but let Mae be in school and LIVE instead of worrying about your boy toy that has NO INTEREST in you at all. Hormonal new mom Pao is super irritating. Typical Pao for her to think that she's the first woman to have a baby in all of existence. I get a new mom can be really protective; that's instinct coming from your amygdala, from evolution. Is Russ gonna spike the baby on the floor?! Damn. Also. Why, WHY would you bring Juan into this?! I didn't really have feelings about Pao's mother, but then she bitched about Russ and how Juan is the sweetest baby boy. Man, don't get yourself in the middle of that stupid mess. Papa Andrei seems so lovely. I love him. He totally has his son's number. I wonder if Andrei translated all that stuff about him being a hothead; I imagine not. Of course, his dad's visit is all about him. His inlaws showed up and out to ensure Papa was comfortable and welcomed, but instead of being grateful and letting that start a new foot forward, Andrei is gonna bitch REPEATEDLY that they didn't do this for him. Ya basic asshole.
  13. TrininisaScorp

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    Man, this show! The farce nature of Elektra's sub's accidental OD death was unexpected. As many of your said, it served to underscore how railroaded and poorly trans folk were/are treated by The System, but added a great element of dark humor. Also loved the unusual combination of Elektra/Candy/Blanca. Elektra and her tablecloth flipping self ("this is my thing now" LOLOLOL) is so much, but she loves her old daughters, and they love her too. I appreciated the "it's us against the world" vibe. The scene of particular note for me was when Elektra pulled Blanca out of the room, so Blanca's tender heart wouldn't be exposed to what they were about to do. Those actresses really sold the love that is underneath the shade. Ryan Murphy is a lot of things, but, damn, his shows ALWAYS have the best music, especially when they are "period" pieces like Pose. I was JAMMING out. If you haven't checked out the Pose playlist on Spotify, I highly recommend it. I had my office grooving yesterday. Sometimes I forget how young Blanca is, but her sneaking and "ohhhhh shhiitttt, yasss" face as Papi and Angel kiss warmed my heart. Angel Curiel has such an interesting, expressive face, and his sweet, love starved Papi is so endearing. Him standing in front of the fancy restaurant waiting for an Angel that would never come broke my heart! I think he and Indya have a ton of chemistry, and I hope Papi starts truly believing he is worthy of love. Maybe those crazy kids will find each other when their footing is bit more even in how they think of themselves. Angel getting the modeling gig made me so happy!!! Indya is so, so gorgeous...like...wow. But. BUT. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Billy Porter doing his thing on that mic at the balls makes my heart so happy. PrayTell is soooo damn good at commanding the space.
  14. TrininisaScorp

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Bruh. I'm Trinidadian (hence the username) of Indian descent, and even though I'm a grown ass woman in my 30s who is married, has a career, and owns a home, I still flinch at the thought that I've made mom mad. She's tiny and cute, but just a look, and I'm 7 yrs old again. I knew better than to embarrass her in public and act a fool. No. Nope. Eh eh. Drucilla wouldn't make it a second without straightening up in Madre de Trininisa's casa. I can't wait for next week: Paul running (which, as many poster pointed out, is ALWAYS hilarious), and Nicole blowing up Pedro's spot.
  15. TrininisaScorp

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    All. Of. This. Those were BEAUTIFUL clothes, and she basically sneered at them. Sumit isn't innocent either. Why not get her some cute kurti tops and less elaborate shalwar kazeem to start?! Why start her on the silk and chiffon saris and lenghas right away?! Corey! Homie! Listen to the voice in your head. It is your instinct (and potentially the ENTIRE collective 90DF audience shouting), and it is telling you that this cold ass snake is going to ruin your life and you are just handing it to her. She isn't even trying to be subtle! Jihoon and Deavon are a right hot mess. Man, Korean men can be fiiinnneee, and this is the dude we get?! Ok, tv....give me more eye candy. I'm so mean. Anyway, Deavon is super sketchy to me, and her incredulous "she's so wild" about Drucilla, like it is a mystical reason and she had no hand in that mess, told me everything I need to know about her. You are her MOTHER. How about this? I'll send my Caribbean Indian mother your way; she'll fix that shit QUICK. Out of amusement, I also like that Jihoon knows all the English curse words. LOL. This whole thing is going to be a disaster. Like Olga and that asshole Steven...birth control is a wonderful modern invention (I know, I know...it isn't ever 100% effective, but do these ppl look like they really considered protection in their awkward alcohol and hotel romp?!) Tiffany makes me sad. She actually seems like a decent sort, but here she is handing life and that of her child's to Ron. My immediate impressions of him are not good. Even if I didn't know about the addiction (STILL IN REHAB) and the criminal record, something about him makes me uncomfortable. I don't know if his eyes seem manic, or his energy feels dark or something, but I don't trust him to do right by Tiffany and the kid. His mom's tearful "I believe in him" and the rehab dude's caution really drove home the precarious position he is in, and THAT is what Tiffany is hitching herself to. Sigh. Where is hot Qatar scammer dude?!