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  1. Totally agree. I'm Trinidadian. I get "tall gyal" all the time by my family. I'm 5 ft even. Assholes. LOL. What the actual fuck did these ppl do to Varya?! Compared to her sensible behavior in Russia, she was downright manic here. What WAS THAT? My husband and I joking about it being Rocky vs. Drago, but when the prize is that creepy, scum Geoffrey, the analogy really loses something. We had a long conversation at my house about Jesse and Tom. They are literally riding on the coattails of Darcy. She is sad and pathetic enough (and really needs some therapy), but these two skeevy fucks are worse than bottom feeders. It is so fascinating. Big Ed is ded to Mr Trini and I. Fuck that guy. I agree with so many of your comments about David and Lana. She can barely stand to be there with him. She's got her eye on the prize (America and a Sephora's). I like Avery and she seems to be a mostly reasonable person by the standards that this show provides, but DAMN, she lets Ash get away with a lot. His bullshit, shirtless, lip biting explanations are terrible. This is clearly a man who has never had to answer to a woman for anything in his whole useless ass life. And his gigolo skills totally has her sprung on that d. Baby Girl Lisa is a gross pig. Please universe, never put her and MAGAngela in the same room. They would either be BFFs and take us all out, or they would kill each other. I don't want to know. 2020 has been enough already.
  2. Veronica and Tim continue to bring me joy. First, their relationship is very sweet; like they figured out they shouldn't be lovers, but should be bffs. They rag on each other the way that only real friends do. Veronica's 1 liners are the best: "The land of milk, honey, and eyeshadow". David looked SO heavy (I mean, he usually does, but this felt worst). I've been WFH since 3/16, so Imma add an additional workout to my weekly routine to make sure I don't get cast in my 600 lb life after this is all done. Robert was tolerable today. That's weird. I'm sure he'll piss me off on tonight's episode. Molly and Cynthia continue to make me laugh. Molly's make up was on point tonight, and she was very funny.
  3. As a fan of both shows, I TOTALLY agree. I remember thinking in high school that those would be my ppl forever; some of us don't really talk and the rest are acquaintances. I'm now way friendly with other ppl in high school that weren't part of my immediate clique. You just don't know what is going to bond you together (my best friends are my grad school friends b/c we were forged by the fiery hell that is grad school), what tears you apart, and even more normal, IMO, what slowly drifts you apart until there isn't anything there. The show does such a nice job of showing that slow push and pull.
  4. The fight was brutal. There are no winners; only hurt feelings and sadness. I get why they are mad at her, and I get why she is acting in the way she is. It just sucks. The ongoing gag of the See's chocolate gift continues to make me smile. It was cute that Devi brought one for Ben. Their cringy scene in the (bomb ass!) home theater was great. Meanwhile, I like that Paxton isn't willing to let her continually suffer humiliation alone. He can be a bit aloof and a bit of "I'm so cool" jerk, but for the most part, he seems like a nice guy.
  5. Loved seeing Brick from The Middle! The entire model UN thing was pretty good, and Devi has some skill in getting people riled up. I really appreciated it.
  6. This was such an interesting episode. I know it was a cop out for Preshant to be fine af and a pretty cool guy, but I'm here for it b/c the actors sold it so well. We all have meddling older relatives and I thought part of Devi's mom being cruel to Paxton (b/c that wasn't cool) had to do with the bs she was catching from Uncle. That's no excuse to say that to that young man, though. I agree with posters above: The actor who plays Paxton did a great job with the underlying pain and rage and hurt she caused. I enjoyed all the back and forth between the upstairs room and the downstairs action. It was almost farce. I liked that.
  7. I loved the depiction of so many things on this show, and some of the small things got me. The local Indian Society using a local school for a thing was dead right. The sleeping uncle in the background was LEGIT; big Indian culture mood, IMO. I have been Devi in a Starbucks in a shalwar kameez (I just wanted a damn coffee before going to an event).
  8. Geoff's barely suppressed rage and nasty behavior when Varya RIGHTFULLY said "not now" to his hasty proposal was chilling. And his manipulative cold shoulder was so gross too. Varya, girl...RUN...never look back. Trust me. I have a level of respect for both Rose and Avery that I would not have expected after their first episodes of the show. Rose stood up for herself and her son, and said "bye, felicia" to a man that is clearly confused why insulting her and being disrespectful would be an issue for her. I love that she packed her shit and left. Do that thang, girl. Avery has handled Ash's amazing level of gaslighting and immaturity with levels of calm and thought that I didn't expect from her. I agree with Tim from Pillow Talk - Sian was hiding something. You could see that she wanted to say something, but didn't. Ash's lies have caught up to him; him not even being divorced a year, and Sian not being ok with Taj going to the US are HUGE. It so matches the bends and half truths that he likes to hide in flowery language. Let's see what she does. LordT. David. Loser. I couldn't stop laughing at this long leather trench coat and button downs while trying to act like a big man to the PI. Lana may be "real", but it doesn't mean she isn't still a scam. Erika and Stephanie are a hot damn mess. These are two people that lack in person compatibility. Maybe they can be friends, but I don't think they were ever meant for anything more. ETA: How DARE they use this delightful Go West song for the title of this trainwreck! I said what I said!
  9. Veronica and Tim continue to be the ppl I would want to talk to IRL. Her snark to him "man, your woman's intuition is really on tonight" (or some such thing) really cracked us them. Both Tim and Veronica seem to treat each other with respect and love, and they also bring the funny. Tim was cringy in his season, but I appreciate him on here. The babies were cute today: Bryson is ADORABLE and little Ellie is so sweet with her tiny ponytail. I love them! I love that everyone is done with both Ash and Ed b/c in my house, we are done with those two as well.
  10. I loved, LOVED that Rose had a list. This man has dangled continual carrots, moved the goal posts, been incredibly insulting, and he has lied. And yet, this women, who he sees as nothing more than sex and to be a savior for, told him about himself. She has pride, and he has done nothing but try to beat that pride out of her with his words and behaviors The look on Ed’s stupid face when she was reading him made me happy. I don’t know if it is all bluster, but damn, if it didn’t feel good. Ash & Avery – Man, I hate him. The level of gaslighting and turnaround-ism was disgusting. Oh, he knows the techniques alright b/c he’s a prime example of a man child who uses these toxic techniques. I was kind of impressed with Avery b/c I feel many of the women on this show over the years would have caved to him and apologized. It is really the bully method she is using: 1) Keep calm (but I could tell she was confused, hurt, and seething), 2) Ask for example and situations, and 3) Do not cave. The funniest thing to me was that her criticisms were not super harsh. What’s his problem? Why is he such a sensitive little prick? Is it part of the handsome bubble thing (TM 30 Rock)? Does he usually just sweet talk his way into a bed when the conversation starts to veer into territory he isn’t ok with? Either way, ew. He was kinda sexy at the beginning, but his bugged out eyes and ratchet personality have made him pretty gross. Also. Fuck Tom and his Canadian piece...no one cares about y'all.
  11. That seminar was AMAZING*. If I wasn't sure before, I'm sure now: This is a man that doesn't have a psychological background, and isn't used to making persuasive arguments with words. This is a man that makes "persuasive" arguments with his dick and sculpted body to women that are needing that service. *Amazing = Unprepared, flailing, unprofessional, and sexist. This show just brings the hilarity.
  12. I legitimately forgot that Steven existed. Now, I remember him and recall the accompanying rage at his asshat attitude, childishness, and arrogance. I, however, LOVED Olga, and am hoping she is well. Fucking Steven... Pillow Talk really made me soft on Alexei. He's funny, quick witted, gives Loren shit, but is gentle and not mean. I'm really happy that he is progressing so well here in the US. Mazel on the baby! My husband and I had to pause the tv to laugh and laugh at Jesse giving relationship advice to anyone. Who in the world would ask single Hitler Youth for advice on love? Also whenever I see old footage of his time with Darcey, I'm stunned at how attractive she was compared to the silicone/filler/makeup/spray tan/surgery combo she got going on these days.
  13. Let's agree to send her to the panhandle or something? Why must we suffer, Naples neighbor?
  14. I think Corny is a brand ambassador for this weird German man's menstrual cup. So. That's a sentence I just typed. Thus, her clothes for the videos can be different than her being lazy around the house that she's freeloading in . Corny droning on and on about her situation and how hard everything is made me roll my eyes. Like posters above mentioned, Florida is on stay at home, but she can 100% drive back home to Orlando. That said, as an Orlandian, she can stay down in SoFL and darken their doorstep a little longer. Colt and Debbie playing with their 100 cats, cooking steak, going ham on some butterscotch schnapps, and then dancing hammered in their messy kitchen is nightmare fuel. Jesus. Elizabeth and Andreeeeeiiii are in Tampa, right? Initially, their cases came early and quick, so I'm not surprised they have been locked down a while. I like that Andreeeiii is totally useless (not working...trucking! and not helping around the house or with the baby bc that is lady work). Asshole. The shower scene was so completely terrible, even with for this show. Also, he went to Publix for groceries. Publix is a higher end regional chain, and those of us who are Publix devotees miss it when we move away; I have brought pub subs, chicken tenders, and cake/cookies all over the country as presents for friends that have moved away. This tells me alot: He wasn't hitting the BOGOs (which is how you save money at Publix), so either the money situation isn't nearly as bad as they are saying and/or they are too stupid and not willing/able to economize via going to Target or Walmart or Winn Dixie. It's gross that he wouldn't think anything about Libby asking her pops for money considering what a jackass he was about providing for his family and pride in their seasons. David and Annie's segment was pretty good right up until the end (which...ew). Color me surprised that they really seem to be compatible. I don't know where to start with Soshul Media. That's too many in that house. Surely, the kids can move out? Maybe work on NOT having kids until you can secure a place to live and way to raise them?
  15. As we are under stay at home orders, my husband and I were looking for something fun and short to watch. We gave this a try, and we are so glad we did. We are watching the early part of season 4 right now. As a South Asian woman, I relate to so many things about parents, expectations, the community, extended family, and all the play uncles/aunties you have to love/deal with. While there is a little bit of cringe sometimes, mostly I find the comedy (esp, the one liners and the actor's line readings of them) really, really good. I'm usually chuckling most of the episode. I also love that while the family fits the stereotypes in some ways (Janet is high achieving, Jung is the loved oldest male child, Appa is very dominant and brusque), it subverts it very nicely in others (Jung can be dumb and is a bit of a screwup, Janet has gone into the arts, Umma and Appa have rich lives outside of the business and their kids, Umma is the real leader of that house). Rarely have I seen a comedy integrate its supporting/fringe cast so well. I LOVE Mr Chin and Mr Mehta. My dad totally has these type of homies in his life and they are just as great and cringey. LOL I love Mrs Mehta and Mrs Lee, as mom totally has these kind of friends. I love all the iterations of the Haney gang too; gives me a slight The Office vibe. I'm ambivalent on the Jung/Shannon thing (we haven't gotten to the part of the season where they are together yet), but I do think when the UST done well, the actors (Simu in particular) shine. The kisses at the graduation party were, IMO, sexy and fun, like the characters. Kimchee is the MVP for me. He is consistently funny, silly, irreverent, but seems like a super good dude. I love the friendship he and Jung have, which extends to the rest of the Kims in delightful ways. "Sneak attack" and "the Jesus" have made it into our daily vocabulary at home, which is delightful too. Shallow note/ Good LAWD, Simu Liu is fine as hell. The wardrobe ppl give me gifts of tight shirts on the reg. He had to have modeled b/c his face is beautiful and his body (that body!) wears clothes so well. I didn't realize until a few binge sessions in that he is going to be Shang-Chi! So excited! /Shallow
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