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  1. My husband is from Queens, and he always says that it is clear some ppl have clearly never been hit square in the face based on how they talk to other people. Ed is one of those ppl. The level of gaslighting, deflection, and sheer nastiness to other people while taking no responsibility or ownership of his own behavior is appalling. No wonder his daughter doesn't talk to him anymore. I didn't care for him much before this, but I really dislike him now. Liz needs to go away. Raise your daughter, make your paper, and maybe don't get into a relationship again until your figure your shit out. Bc, honey, Ed isn't it. Personally, I like Jamal. Clearly, he loves his mom, and has her best interest at heart, unlike Ousman. I also think he is pretty hot. **shrugs** Ousman can fuck right off. He KNEW Kimberly and Lisa couldn't give him babies, and yet he is making it Kimberly's fault for not being able to give him what he needs as a Nigerian man?! How sway?! Bilal is better at PR than Ed, but damn if he isn't similar in terms of the controlling ways and gaslighting. The idea that she doesn't have a bank account and he won't help her get a joint account is crazy and very much controlling. I don't care for Eutris, but his friend Christopher seems like a real piece of work too. "Maybe as the man, he is trying to teach her..." I know that kind of guy, who buy the narrative that women need to be taught and taken care of, and men are giving a bad rap that do that. Ew. Nah. And it makes complete sense to me that is the kind of company Bilal keeps. And he manipulated Shai with the whole baby gesture b/c it got him out of the spotlight for being mean and controlling, and made him look like a good guy.
  2. I was firmly on Yara's side until the Fake Housewives of The Woods Outside of NOLA started bashing Jovi's looks and she just sat there and laughed. Like. That's your husband, and regardless of what you are dealing with, being respectful of each other and not surrounding yourself by ppl gassing you up is how you can likely start improving your marriage. Yara has lost some confidence post baby, and it sounds like Jovi put her down further, esp regarding her breasts. But, their connectivity was always about heat/passion and sass, so I'm not surprised they aren't sure how to properly navigate being husband/wife and parents. Yara's "friends" are sus; these women seem to type to pounce on her insecurities to push her into making dumb decisions, like "you can get any man you want to take care of you and the baby" for funsies. And, when shit hits the fan, they aren't going to be there. I love Jenny and Sumeet, not b/c of them but b/c of the high key drama his cowardice and his family will bring to the table. I don't know what happened from that roof talk discussion Jenny and his parents had to the scenes we saw for the mom to be really extra catty and hateful right at the beginning. Also, his mom is SO DAMN dramatic and manipulative using every Asian mother trick in the book to make her weak willed son feel guilty. I too cackled when Jenny rings her hands and talks about her concern re the upcoming blow she shall receive if they try to take Sumeet away. Madam, they aren't kidnapping him...he is weak af and will follow them. That isn't them taking him away. That's him being a little bitch. Those are different things. I don't care about Kimberly and Ousman. I think we needed a break from Bilal and Shiddah (esp Bilal...his passive aggression and 30 yr stare is off-putting and I needed a break). My teeth are edging just thinking about Angela (ugh) and Big Ed (UGH), who may be some of the most unpleasant ppl this show has ever given us. That's really saying something. Angela's previews of "I can get any man I want now" are just...gross. Even if she didn't still look like a sea hag (a skinner one!), her unchanged personality, attitude, and behavior make her intensely unlikeable, IMO. And Ed's level of toxicity with Liz is gross; I think Liz has deeply emotional problems (as evidenced by the Tell All), and Ed and her are just a disaster that keeps exploding over and over again. I recall at the beginning when Ed seemed like a nice guy with a cute momma and doggie, and how quickly that devolved with Rose and how he treated her and his words and actions. Ed is a problematic dude, and I kind of never want to see him again. AND? I NEVER want to see him nekkid. FOH. While I'm super over Elizabeth and Andrei, I am intrigued at the continued saga of the Charlie drinking problem piece. Mom is deeply in denial about what her precious son is and isn't, and she 100% has no problem, IMO, guilting her girls into trying to play happy family for her birthday. This goes back to the Moldovan wedding when Charlie was on the mic drunk af and mom just stood there. I like Andrei for a moment, and then I really don't. His unprovoked escalation of the yelling at the new house with Chuck and the baby present was gross, as usual. The fact that Ellie seemed unbothered by Daddy screaming and cursing at Mommy tells me she is well used to that shit behavior, which is quite unfortunate. But, like, is Libby gonna take up singing? Wut. Anyhow, as a Central Floridian, none of this is making me think these ppl aren't the Tampa Trash I pegged them for at the beginning of their story.
  3. That was a weird episode to me. It was all a little jarring to go from the Direct TV commercial that Ethan and Moriah were obviously doing to watching Kim and Ethan drink to listening to Kim telling her son that her abuse as a child manifested traumatically into how she chose to raise her kids. As many of you said, it isn't an excuse or a reason to justify how she and Barry raised them into this fundy lifestyle, but I do feel like I saw some puzzles pieces come together. I don't care for Kim, but my heart hurts for the trauma she endured a young age. That's terrible. That said, I watched her and Barry be nasty, judgy assholes to ppl that weren't them and didn't believe what they believe for seasons, so my sympathy only goes so far. While I appreciated Ethan and Barry trying hard, what I didn't care for was the central commonality felt like "oh, those harried broads of ours". Barry and Ethan have their own part in the crazy that happened between the 4 of them, and they don't seen (outside of a small blanket "my bad") willing to take more responsibility. I find Lydia creepy and (LITERALLY) holy than thou "married to God" and "covenants cannot be broken" talk to be creepy AF. That said, she learned this shit from Kim and Barry. So, it is a little satisfying to watch her throw it at Kim. As always, Kim seems to have no real patience for Lydia. Considering that Lydia is raising the younger children at this point, that is some bullshit on Kim's part. I can see that Ethan's anger and misplaced sadness at this situation with his parents pushing him into lashing out and knowing he'll push Olivia's buttons. Misery loves company. They seemed more playful and flirty at the end after their little bike ride. I still don't really know how those two will work out. They have a lot of growing up to do.
  4. Yo, this has gotten so messy. ITA with y'all. I 100% think that Max did way more than kiss. Unless I don't understand what a wingman is, I'm not sure he understands what his role was. He got carried away...was lonely, horny, drunk, whatever, and likely had sex with this person (and maybe involving his coworker). I feel for Moriah. I get a feeling he was her first (she keeps saying she gave him everything), and this level of betrayal is terrible in general, but she was already a bit fragile. Ugh. I kind of like Micah's LA friends. They seem kind and supportive. I appreciate that. Kim - Did you bring this random dude to your family home with your husband and children? To cook curry chicken? I cannot. That whole piece was so weird. In general, this Kim storyline feels really odd. I actually can appreciate her feelings, and if she were a less terrible human, I would be interested in watching a woman reclaim herself after 2+ decades. With Kim? Meh. She comes off as pedantic and selfish. She seems to blame Barry for many of her own life choices. Meh. Ethan and Olivia need to decide what they want, and then go about their business accordingly. All this push pull is annoying to keep watching.
  5. I just saw this. Poor little Taehyung. He's had so much turbulence. Poor little guy. It does seem like she is pregnant too. Sigh. I really don't care for Deavan, and Jihoon was useless (but not a bad guy), but this is just terrible. Poor baby! The men of BTS have been my standard for Korean men, so Jihoon was always so shocking to me. LOL I do feel bad for the guy, though.
  6. I was off work for a week, and my husband and I binged Her Private Life. It's super good, the leads are really well suited and have great chemistry, and the story is interesting. It's about an art curator who has a secret life as a dedicated owner of a fanpage for a kpop star. As a kpop (and boybands in general) fan, I loved the gentle trolling, but how beautifully they equate fangirling with love. There is a deeper story with her love interest and her family that I was surprised by, but truly enjoyed. Probably one of my favorites. I was pulled in by the concept of The King's Affection...Joseon period...twins are born to the Crown Prince and Princess, but one is a girl and that is considered bad luck, so the girl is ordered to be murdered. Her mom couldn't do it, so they faked the baby girl's death and send her to an orphanage. When they are kids, the girl is working as a palace maid and her and her brother, the new Crown Prince, meet. They figure something out, and he takes advantage of the situation to be able to get out in the world dressed as her. Well, it all comes to a head (this is first episode stuff), and being mistaken for the girl, the Prince is killed. Our girl, Da-Mi, is asked to take over pretending to be the Prince. Our main story takes place ~15 yrs later when the younger cast are now adults. Da-Mi and a man are drawn to one another, yet the obstacles are super obvious, and it goes from there. This is a 2 episode drop every week, and today is going to be episode 15 of 20. I love the cast and story. The actress playing Da-Mi is amazing and her main lead is SF9 (if you are a kpop fan) Rowoon, who is very good and beautiful in the role; the supporting players are also excellent. I'm going to be so sad when this is done b/c I enjoy the high drama every week.
  7. As a boyband fan for always (at 5, it was NE, at 7, it was NKOTB, at 19, it was Nsync, and now 30something yr old me got pulled in by BTS), this was a hell of a night. I cannot tell you the JOY I felt watching the Boston Boyband segment and the night of BTS performances (they did them dirty on the audio with Coldplay, but Butter was sublime) and wins. The extra treat was watching BTS jam out to New Kids and New Edition, and in turn, watching New Kids dance away to BTS. Watching fan footage of those in the building, you can feel the energy.
  8. I too was hoping to make this last longer, but here I am. 3 episodes remaining. I cannot tell you how much I howled at that amazing NDA scene in the bakery. The actors playing Sherry and Cary are really killing this; the characters are amazingly terrible, yet I enjoy when they are on the scene. Ryan Goodwin is the WORST.
  9. Holy shit! That's amazing. I only know him as the doofy bf from the After series, so I assumed he was young young, and he certainly acts young here.
  10. Their argument in the rain was excellent! Since last season, I've been pissed at Joe's holier than thou "but, she's a crazy murderer...ew". The fuck you think you are? They are different re: what drives them (his is methodical and hers is more emotional), but the outcome is always the same regardless. In general, I find therapy scenes polarizing in that sometimes they REALLY work, and sometimes they are REALLY bad. The therapy sessions we see with Joe/Love are on the really good side for me. Having to dance around their murderous ways, but still talk about real issues was very nicely handled. Poor 40 Henry, man. We do not need a whole baby Dexter situation here.
  11. The moment nerdy dude explained they were the anti-vaxx ppl and the source of little 40 Henry's sickness, I was on edge. When she hit him, I gasped and started laughing. This tells me I needed a break from the show for a moment. LOL Marianne is interesting. This actress was excellent on Sabrina, so I'm not surprised to see 1) her in Joe's sphere more as we volunteers at the library and 2) him intrigued by her mentally challenging him. Man, Shalita Grant is eating this up! I have loved her in other things, but she really makes you want to go all Joe/Love on Sherry's sanctimonious ass. The best/worst Peach vibes without any of Peach's genuine care for anyone. I always like the flashbacks to little Joe to see moments that formed him. Of course his mom didn't bother/care enough to vaccinate him, and of course he lied about it to make sure it couldn't be held against her. Scott Speedman has been a snack and dinner mint for decades now. I wonder how that relationship between Matthew and Joe will develop, especially with the added awkwardness of this son inappropriately being drawn to Love. That young actor is doing a nice job of being too much, but you can see why Love would be flattered and in her state of insecurity, even welcoming. I too was surprised they burned the scarf. I would have expected one of them to keep at least 1 piece or something since they both seem to like to have an out "just in case".
  12. Man, I LOVED Train to Busan. It was excellent and introduced me to the lovely Gong Yoo (who is also in a small, but pivotal role in Squid Game).
  13. My husband watched this a little while ago and has been pushing me to watch b/c he know I would be into it. I am super glad I finally did. What a SHOW! It is high concept, thrilling as hell (I was stressed and pressed the entire time) with excellent actors doing good work. What an excellent zeitgeist moment! Greed and your obligation to others is a global conversation rn, IMO, and I think this show really hones on the psychological aspects of the tough decisions we have to make as humans in our most physically and psychologically unsafe moments. What would I do? What am I ok with? After making these decisions, am I too far to change or go backwards? How desperate am I? How much would my own vices compel me? What can I live with? As homo sapiens, our amygdala wants us to survive and propagate, but at what cost to our souls and self? I love Gi-hun as our primary viewpoint. He's kind of terrible, but damn, if there isn't something good and endearing in him. Hot Cop (whose name I never got...Jun-Ho maybe?) is interesting to see some of the "back of house" workings of the situation they are in, and while I liked him a great deal, I didn't see the brother plot as giving me all that much. Sang-Woo, Sae-byeok , and Ali were all super compelling too and I was concerned/pissed/worried the entire time. I was sad the Salesman wasn't in it more b/c Gong Yoo is a beautiful man. (shallow) Prior to this show, I watched Kingdom. These South Korean productions are out here doing the damn thing! I will always be amused by the inclusion of very hot model turned actors (and much of the time, very good actors). It is clear that Hot Cop is/was a model....b/c my god, he is gorgeous. Good Lord...look at Wi-Ha Joon. (/shallow)
  14. I felt like there was so much adult behavior happening tonight! I appreciated Moriah's talk with her bf's mom. I think Moriah's therapy sessions are really working b/c she seemed so mature about letting go of things and building a different foundation with her mom. This is the first time all season I felt the love coming from both Ethan and Olivia. I genuinely think they are both trying to save their marriage by reassessing the foundation. I can appreciate that so much! I like the idea of therapy and starting a little bit over from a friendship to work on their marriage. Micah is sweet, but he is rash and irresponsible sometimes, and to make a mark in his career, he is going to have to step up. I can't with Kim, y'all. She is just so judgey about other people. The first thing about Moriah's bf's mom..."well, she obviously has colored hair..." Girl, we can see, I don't need your shocked, unsubtle judgement about it all.
  15. My husband and I started watching as a bit of a "is this old timey Korea with a political thriller element and ZOMBIES?!" novelty. Man, we burned thru both seasons, and I needed a break before watching the Ashin movie special b/c this shit was stressful. For me, it may be the best zombie genre show I've ever seen. Beautiful cinematography (I read they went over budget every episode...lol), excellent culture lessons (as a South Asian American, I know very little about Korean cultural history), really compelling cast, a bad ass premise, cool costumes and hats (seriously, so good), shocking twists and turns, a good eye for making the mythology work, but be fantastical enough to keep everyone in. I love Prince Lee Chang, SeoBi, and our chotka solider guy (whose name I struggle to figure out). They are cool characters with interesting backstories, though I would love to hear more about SeoBi's backstory before she was a nurse. I like that the Prince, who was a bit haughty and self centered, learned to be a leader of the people through the course of the series. I was interested in the political Games of Thrones-esque format of the royals, the clan, the politicians, and the people across the country, which really speaks to how compelling it all is when your other major plot is zombies. For the moment, I like that our main 3 don't have a traditional situation (genre seems to always want a love triangle), but you feel hints of things (like SeoBi's heavy concern for the Prince's injuries all the time and the soldiers admiration for the nurse's capability)...it keeps it very human. The zombies themselves, their look, their quick, violent human death and fast zombie turn, as well as their speed, was really great. They were scary and so overwhelming. I loved the use of fog, darkness, fire, and silhouette to create such amazing atmosphere. In watching this and Squid Game, I love that you can easily tell who is/was a model. Man, some of these folks are beautiful (Prince Chang in particular is tall and has beautiful lean lines and gorgeous face). I hope this gets a season 3. I have to watch the movie, but season 2 ends in a crazy place.
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