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  1. Do these people not have agents to figure this stuff out for them? Doing this in public was super gross. This was the professional process running its course; there was no need to have a tantrum about it in a public forum. Actually, having SOME involvement from Sam/Jared (even extremely limited) would probably be considered a DRAW for the show, which his agent could have leveraged to get him involved, but he may well have shot himself in the foot here by personally lashing out at the very people he is hoping will HIRE him. I mean, if Jared's not finished with Sam Winchester, or is just ma
  2. Excellent episode, with great points all around. I only wish John had taken the extra step of drawing the clear line between Stand Your Ground laws, and the knee-jerk defense of "Israel has a right to defend itself." Because this mentality, that "I have a right to shoot at and indiscriminately kill anyone I feel threatened by, regardless of their actual ability to do me harm" is baked into the American understanding of violence, and what is and isn't considered "morally acceptable," which is just as much present in foreign policy as it is domestically. We don't often stop to examine the issues
  3. Sure... but then, if the two offshoot-worlds weren't deterministic, shouldn't the origin world (or "real" world) be even MORE strict about allowing paradoxes to exist, since it's the "correct" one that shouldn't be changed? Jonas and Martha weren't just erasing their worlds, they were preventing their worlds from being created in the first place, and they DID cease to exist as a result of their actions which could therefore have never taken place, so I would have liked a bit more exploration of that paradox, rather than just handwaving it away as "oh, it works now," especially from a show that
  4. Netflix's Dark! The show that dares to ask the important questions, like, "If banging my aunt is wrong, could I travel to a parallel timeline where her sibling never had me, and bang THAT version of my aunt? Is that cool?" I am super late to the party on this one, but I finally watched the show and had some thoughts! First of all, any fellow Parks and Rec fans remember that throwaway joke, when Ben invented the "Cones of Dunshire" board game and was ridiculously pleased that a games magazine had reviewed it as "punishingly intricate?" That was the exact phrase that kept going through
  5. Yes. Her "experiment" is completely stupid and proves nothing. What happens if the Twilight of Adam island actually does do better? Is she prepared to make her grand speech in front of her imaginary audience about how her experiment definitively proves that women are not suited to leadership and should take a back seat to let men rule forever? No? Then how can she possibly argue the opposite if the Dawn of Eve island pulls ahead? Clearly her fingers are on the scales in every way, and she'll never let the "experiment" play out fairly if it looks like it might contradict her agenda, and that wi
  6. I just caught up with this show after a few recommendations, and I have some pretty mixed feelings! I really liked the island stuff - more than I expected to. I think the story of the girls trying to make it work in a desperate situation on an island was compelling, enhanced even more by the flashbacks to their lives before the island, so we see how their individual struggles inform their behaviour, the way they treat each other, the way they approach survival... I thought it was fascinating and really well-drawn from a psychological and sociological point of view (and great storytelling).
  7. I've been surprised, looking over reviews of the movie, that almost none (even the negative ones) mention the racist stereotyping of Egyptians/Muslims that bothered me throughout the film. Finally, Slate tackled the topic, and it turns out those portrayals are not only lazy and Islamophobic, but also REALLY inaccurate! Worth a read, for sure.
  8. Thanks, @slowpoked! Yeah, "Kill them all" is a rather unexpected interpretation of my comments, but in the interests of clarity, in case anyone else was misled, here we go: It is a well-worn trope in movies and TV shows that the hero wants to "teach a lesson" to the rapist/sexual harasser/domestic abuser by beating the shit out of them, so they know "how it feels" to be a victim. It's a very trite, reductive, oversimplified solution to think that you can just beat someone up to "scare them straight" or whatever (or because "they deserve it" and that somehow stands in for actually solving
  9. Yes, this. Plus, Diana, a character bursting with humanity, ALSO dealt with him by beating him up, just to a lesser extent. And clearly this had zero impact on his willingness or ability to continue harassing women in the future. So there was no correct solution explored for dealing with men like him, just "use brute force to knock them around, but not too much, or it's inhumane." Not that I'm surprised - these sorts of movies really bank on vigilantes fighting crime by stopping specific criminal acts from taking place, but have no interest in what a "safer" or "more just" world actually looks
  10. I've got to hand this to a show I stopped respecting a long time ago: I've grieved more for Dean Winchester today than I have for any other fictional character I've ever watched die. I get the complaints that Dean didn't get a "hero's" death, but I'm kinda ok with that. Dean has died many times, and they've all been "heroic" and self-sacrificial... he's thrown his life (and soul) away countless times to protect others, and because he believed his life was less valuable than theirs. He's already had his big hero's death, multiple times. But this time, it was different. He didn't die delibe
  11. Also so the actors could wear Covid masks underneath, I'm sure. Oh my god, you guys, I just realized! With heaven's walls all torn down, Sam's finally getting reunited with everyone he's ever slept with! I wonder if they formed a club up there. The "Sam Winchester's penis got me killed" weekly garden party!
  12. This exactly. He has said multiple times that he saw no way out of the life and was surprised he even survived as long as he had, and, no matter his age, I believe he would absolutely have kept hunting until it killed him. This was pretty much the only kind of death in the cards for him, so I can't be too mad.
  13. Wow. That was awful. I cried so much. I tell you, guys, I actually started fucking crying during Dean's death speech, and spent the whole second half of the episode choking out snarky comments through my tears about how much I hated it. It was a weird experience, for sure! Do you know how hard it is to weep uncontrollably in genuine sadness when Jared is wearing that wig?! (I imagine many of you do, and we will all need therapy.) I get they had to end it, and it's not like there was ANY creative juice left in the tank. The pre-Covid part of the season sure proved that. And it was really d
  14. I guess we found out in this ep how Flora's dollhouse works. The doll-faced boy we've seen hiding and observing in the background has been quietly altering the positions of the dolls to mirror the reality of the house. That's why it's always accurate. Whether he does this deliberately to communicate with Flora, or simply to amuse himself, who can say? I suspect the latter, since he was doing it before Flora actually "befriended" him, but since she has such a strong connection with the ghosts of Bly, it could be a combination of both.
  15. Ok, maybe things are clarified later in the series, but I don't think I agree with you here based on what we've seen so far. In the flashbacks, we know that the muddy footprints were a constant, and they always took the same path - up the stairs and to the parents' wing. This was happening even before Peter took the necklace. The Lady from the Lake made regular night time visits, and Flora seems to be aware of them the way she's aware of the other ghosts in the house. She saw in her dollhouse that Peter was out of bed, about to enter the path of the LftL and summoned Miles to help distract Pet
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