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  1. Woo-hoo! Got 22/22! I knew there were 19 books because I have them all. They are very good. It’s like having extra episodes.
  2. Tonight’s contestant was on the ‘express’ method of solving the puzzle which was Colorful Architecture. She bought all the vowels, called a couple of consonants (at $1000 each) then just abruptly solved the puzzle! She could’ve gotten so much more money by just calling out the letters that she obviously knew! I was aghast that she passed up on getting more money! Do they not check out these people before they become contestants? SMH.
  3. It’s really a scary thing when you stop to think this chick makes James K. Look positively svelte.
  4. Looking for the candy bars she keeps stashed among the folds.
  5. Angela has all her remaining teeth pulled and her new dentures aren’t ready yet.
  6. Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) passed away today. He was 76. RIP, Ken.
  7. Fred Willard passed away at the age of 86. We remember him as Blanche’s New Year’s Eve priest date. He was going to bring out the artist in her, but alas the date was cut short before she could use all the goodies in her toy box. RIP.
  8. Apparently the jewel smugglers were noodleheads too. But who cares, I got to see George Clooney! <swoon>
  9. After seeing Ashley in action on Catfish (didn’t know she was on there till I saw the video clips) and in front of Dr. Now it’s very clear she has deep rooted psychological problems. One word to describe her immediately comes to mind - Diabolical with a capital D. She had no intention of losing weight, all she wanted was TV time. The production crew really should screen these limelight chasers a lot better. I
  10. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. May he (and his leg) RIP.
  11. With the new normal of social distancing, courtesy of the Coronavirus, they’re not going to be able to have the studio audience anymore. Shows like TPIR and Let’s Make a Deal that rely on getting their contestants from a large group of people are probably going on hiatus and we’ll be seeing reruns soon. Sad.
  12. Does anyone out there have a screenshot or picture of the painting hanging outside Frasier’s apartment across from the elevator? I’ve been trying to locate the image for a research project but no luck. TIA.
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