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  1. Does anyone out there have a screenshot or picture of the painting hanging outside Frasier’s apartment across from the elevator? I’ve been trying to locate the image for a research project but no luck. TIA.
  2. Yes, he did originally agree to sponsor Azan but he insisted they live apart once he got to the States. Thank goodness that never happened. Just the fact he agreed to go along with the sponsoring process for two such ill-suited people makes him questionable in my eyes. Stepdad Joe and brother Thomas were the only stable ones in that family, IMHO. They saw through all the crap.
  3. Nicole’s dad, Tyler Nafziger, recently got arrested again for drug & paraphernalia possession. During a traffic stop, police found Fentanyl and glass pipes in his car. Busted!! Nicole’s probably calling Azan to wire bail money. The Brain Fairy completely skipped over that family!
  4. They’re all laughs and giggles until they’re not. That Tammy can turn her emotions around on a dime. When she gets wound up, it ain’t pretty. I agree that deep down inside they’re very unhappy people. And outside they’re very unhealthy people. Just the very fact they need to go truck weighing station to get weighed should be a clue. I’m dumbfounded that anyone would actually watch their YouTube channel.
  5. After watching this episode, I get the feeling they’re not going to do well with their new diet. They love their sodies too much! I had to laugh at the dietitian’s reactions to their answers to her food questions. She was so trying to stifle herself. And 5 fans showed up for their meet ‘n greet. A whole five people. Yep, they’re real media sensations all right. Pathetic.
  6. I know! And when I first became acquainted with the Girls back in the day, I thought they were all so old!
  7. Of course, the scales are wrong. That’s got to be it. That’s what they all say.
  8. I hate to break it to you Amy but you ARE a Mack truck!
  9. As a sad postscript to this grisly saga of a totally mismatched couple, reflect on this: Hanging somewhere in a faraway closet is an unworn white lacy wedding dress (size 5x) that stupid Robbalee shelled $795.00 for. Just waiting for the next victim...er, boyfriend. Cue the spooky music.
  10. Cozi TV has been advertising the return of Roseanne. Sure hope Roseanne isn’t taking over the time slot currently occupied by Frasier. I would not be happy.
  11. I’m not 100% sure but I believe Pat was out for about three weeks so we’ll be having Vanna hosting for at least another week after this one.
  12. “Take me, Biff!” Pop. “Aww.” Makes me laugh every time too.
  13. He had to be able to get to his Lucky Strikes!
  14. It just wasn’t the same after Barney left. Don Knotts’ departure left a big hole in the fabric of life in Mayberry. Emmett and Howard did the best they could but it wasn’t as good. I think that’s why they favor the earlier episodes. It was fun seeing the later episodes in color though.
  15. To Nicole, Azan was My World. And to him, she’s out of this world especially since her money dried up.
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