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  1. rhofmovalley

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    OMG the veneers on the Colorado RE agent. She could barely speak around them. Why get them so huge?
  2. rhofmovalley

    House Hunters International

    Did you know the Austin to Bangkok wife used to have a big, big house in Austin? In a GATED COMMUNITY?? Where ALL the houses are BIG and everyone drives FANCY cars? Why did she have such a great need for the viewing public to know they're so wealthy?
  3. rhofmovalley

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    Did I miss something? When did anyone encourage the crowd to "rag on" Sara's dish? I heard them chanting "Home made".
  4. So...these girls would be considered "fat" by DCC standards, right?
  5. rhofmovalley

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Hard as it is to believe, she still has thousands of fans. A lot of middle aged housewives for some reason. They all tell her she's so STRONG, she has overcome so much! And her children are adorable and she is obviously a loving and devoted mother! She will get Jace back from the evil grandmother who STOLE him any day now! And David is SO HOT! And they are the PERFECT COUPLE! Anyone who doesn't agree is JEALOUS! They defend her as vigorously as if she were a family member. I can only presume these women have nothing interesting going on in their lives, so they obsess over this random reality TV show cast member. It gives their lives something like a purpose. And they watch the show. Ratings. Money always takes priority over things like morals or the safety of innocent children.
  6. Who's the cheerleader with the "outie"?
  7. rhofmovalley

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Does Palm Springs wife know that Palm Springs is in the desert? Good luck growing your own fruit and vegetables in 115 degree weather with sand as your soil!
  8. rhofmovalley

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    I think Victoria handled the cut well because it wasn't the actual cut that was shown. I think she was given a heads up, maybe a face to face with Kelli, then they filmed the cut. And this is pure speculation, not based on any inside knowledge.
  9. rhofmovalley

    S13.E07: Big Time Dance

    I always tell my trainees, if no one tells me what I need to improve on I'll never get better. I ask for and take feedback from leadership and trainees because why would I not want to improve? And no, I do not think I'm already perfect and need no improvement.
  10. I wonder if Malena has ADHD or something similar. One of my coworkers is learning disabled. Every day we worked together I had to show him how to do everything. He responded as though he'd never been taught some of the stuff before. Other things he knew I had already shown him but he drew a complete blank when he had to do it on his own. After I lost patience with him one time (because he hadn't told me his issue), he admitted he was learning disabled and the only way he could learn was to have someone show him step by step, multiple times, until he could finally figure out a way to get it to stick. It took him about 3 months to get even the most basic tasks down. So, possible with Malena?
  11. It bugs me when Kelli says "two thousand AND eighteen". It's "two thousand eighteen". No "and".
  12. I'm not going to "hope" an 18 year old girl got her lifelong dream crushed because some adults decided to favor her and she was acting, well, like an overly excited and immature (likely due to her age) 18 year old girl. But I DO hope if she did get cut that she views it as a teaching moment and not as a slap in the face. Maybe she'll be told to take it down several notches and act with enthusiasm combined with humility and dignity instead of the stereotypical millennial "Look at me look at ME!!!". No matter what age we are, teaching moments are tough. I just hope she has the support to help get through it and it doesn't crush her.
  13. rhofmovalley

    S08.E29: Trouble in Paradise 2018.07.16

    But is Ali even going to make it to teen or adult years? My understanding is that the possibility is small she will live beyond her preteen years. And that's just so sad. I get wanting her to experience life while she still can, but is sacrificing a potential future worth her having a chance to cheer or play softball? I also wonder if those activities are physically painful for her. I really hope they're not.
  14. I doubt Shelly would come on here and confirm anything about the season that is still filming. I'm pretty sure employees of the DCC are strictly forbidden to post spoilers.
  15. rhofmovalley

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    OMG his watery, bloodshot, puffy, unfocused eyes...