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  1. I live in a studio apartment. My front door is 8 feet from my bed with no wall in between. I have a deadbolt and a lock on the doorknob, plus the screen door locks. And my building is a security building. You can just invest in an intrusion alarm plus a home security system.
  2. And the fact that she deliberately tried to tone it down by using coconut milk (I think that's what it was anyway). I didn't get that West African food is low on flavor so her decision to tone her dish down is puzzling.
  3. I thought it was someone else's dish that was called "too White" by Blais, not Brittany's. And yes, Blais could have used better words, such as "doesn't seem to be inspired by or including West African flavors".
  4. I used to live in Vegas and applying for "model" bartender or "model" cocktail server or "brand ambassador" for a pool club involved sending two photos, one a face shot and the other a full body photo in swimwear. If you were chosen to interview in person you were instructed to bring your swimsuit. One company I worked for was hosting an "industry party". The (female) bartenders were told to wear either booty shorts or a micro mini skirt. And they were given company t shirts and told to cut them up to be more revealing. All of this is perfectly legal. So I presume it's also legal wit
  5. Anyone who takes medical advice from Jenelle deserves whatever they get.
  6. They will show plenty of her the next season. In fact, I expect she will be prominently featured in the show episodes, the promos, the social media posts and the show group auditions. In fact, I expect Kelli to give her a special all her own like Cassie got for her wedding. Probably something like "Victoria, the face of the DCC" or something like that.
  7. Just for clarity, when I said "they" I was referring to my cousins, not the entire state of Texas. My cousins are vehemently anti mask and think shutting down is stupid. They aren't alone, but by no means are their views representative of everyone in Texas. Jerry Jones, however...he seems more aligned with my cousins than not.
  8. In Texas? If they could, they would fill the stadium. I have family members who live there and they are the "masks are UNCONSTITUTIONAL" group along with "Covid is just the flu so why do we have to shut down?" group. I guarantee if Jones could get away with it he could and would sell out his stadium. I saw a news report about a dirt racing track who completely sold out their grandstands back in June. I think it was in Oklahoma. They put up a sign at the entrance calling the event a "protest" and were able to avoid being fined. Because protests are allowed. No masks, no distancing. S
  9. I always literally laugh out loud when they talk about their "ideas" for the kitchen. White Shaker cabinets with white granite or white marble! And I shout "Wow, how ORIGINAL! No one is doing that these days!!" I have to give the side eye to any so-called "designer" who decides on those finishes because that is not an original idea. It's following the herd.
  10. Yep, I am paying bank for a crappy "vintage" one bedroom apartment 4 blocks from the beach. Most of the buildings in this neighborhood are crappy, the sidewalks are in disrepair, there's dog crap all over the place, the "landscaping" is in poor shape (other than the fantastic palm trees) and there's only street parking for about 75% of the apartments, and yet people pay top dollar because of the location. I will say the neighborhoods are very walkable so in non-pandemic times it's terrific. But nothing around here is new, modern or spacious unless you have one of the single family homes or
  11. So when did they start cutting candidates for their non-DCC look, poor dance ability or poor attitude? It must have been after Cassie was nepotized onto the squad because she falls into all three categories. Well, maybe dance because she could do the competitive cheer pyramid thing but that wasn't something the DCC ever did except for the year she was on the team.
  12. That cafe where Gentille and Brian met up? That is a terrific place in Vegas I used to go to all the time called Leone Cafe. It's in a lovely shopping complex called Tivoli Village which for some reason has never taken off and stands about 65% empty. But it's beautiful and that cafe is a great place to go for a coffee and brunch.
  13. They wouldn't need to hire lawyers. All they would have to do is go to the news media and the lawyers would come running. This kind of publicity is the kind money can't buy and the lawyers would be falling all over themselves wanting to represent them pro bono. Shoot, I bet Gloria Allred would be interested! The company I used to work for is very well known. We employees were always being approached by news media and attorneys looking to tell a story or represent us. And all for free, too.
  14. She also keeps ordering stuff without checking to see if it will fit or if it's the correct voltage, etc. Although...I have to wonder if most of that is manufactured drama made up by the producers. Because who would actually do that?
  15. I live a few blocks from Casa Oceana so I went by because I suspected the property was surrounded by apartment buildings. And I was right. The only side that is not adjacent to an apartment building is the ocean facing side. The apartment buildings literally look down onto the property. I can't imagine anyone wanting to use it as a private residence. Maybe a B & B post-pandemic.
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