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  1. @Ketzel PCOS is complicated, and different for every women. There is plenty of information out there about why it is harder for women with PCOS to lose weight. Google is your friend on finding the information you are looking for. The sad part is when you assume that your pcos students are not telling you the truth about their diet and excersize, you fall into the same upsetting category with everyone else who haven’t believed them along the way. Living with pcos means always having to fight for support and understanding. Whitney is not helping the cause...
  2. Semanire

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    I am roughly at the same point in my pregnancy and probably look more pregnant. And no, I am not expecting twins. It’s the second baby, things are stretched, you show a lot quicker. At this point baby has moved up out of the pelvis, shifting everything.
  3. There use to be a home button at the top of the page that would take you to your custom home page. I can’t find anything like that. The only option I have found is hitting the black arrow at the top left, but it is clunky because you have to go through multiple screens. Am I missing something navigation wise?
  4. Semanire

    S06.E04: Big Girl, Little Bus

    If we are to believe that only those on the tour, are those in the RV.... who is wiping her ass? Where is her personal assistant? No Donna, no Tal...
  5. Semanire

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    That is not fully true. It is possible to have PCOS and not have polysisitic ovaries. The last time I had an ultrasound, my ovaries were fine, but I still have pcos. I just happened to have it under control. A PCOS diagnosis comes from multiple symptoms. From what I just read, it sounds like she had testing done. Which is more than I had for an official doctor diagnosis.
  6. Semanire

    Season 6 Discussion

    Haven’t we seen photo proof that Natalie was at Ashley’s Vegas “Wedding”? So Ashley got over the being mad at Natalie at some point, and now apparently has circled back? I love how Eric keeps pretending he is an Adult. Why is it being glossed over that he moved into Tasha’s apartment. It was Tasha’s lease, which means she was adulting. I also, oh my god, agree with Steven. Eric is the parent. He needs to be the parent. And Ledia needs to back off. She is Eric’s wife, not Tasha’s step mom. Just like they claim Tasha is an adult, treat her like one. She doesn’t need a new fake mommy. She has a mom. I have been in a similar position to Tasha. That shit cuts deep when your parent chooses a new love interest over you. I also skipped my mom’s wedding. I feel for Tasha.
  7. Semanire

    Season 2 Discussion

    This, so much this. We are watching an abusive relationship. Darcey is so caught up in it that she doesn’t even see what is happening. Honestly it is pretty disgusting that TLC is highlighting this. I just keep watching and hoping that someone can get through to Darcey that she is being abused. She is a pretty girl and deserves better.
  8. Semanire

    The Brineys

    I don’t blame April for wanting to stay in Utah. When she got married, it was to a single man, she signed up for a certain lifestyle. When Drewfus decided he was going to Mr. Man and bring in additional wives, I am sure April was never fully on board. And we see the result of the new wives, it has created a difficult living environment. Now, because of Drewfus’s desire to live the poly lifestyle, he is telling April she has to pack up and leave her home state, which one might assume means leaving friends, family and familiarity. Why wouldn’t she hold her ground at this point. I would. She doesn’t need to live in fear because of the lifestyle her husband decided was his calling.
  9. Semanire

    Season 5 Discussion

    I feel for Ashley over the whole Birthday thing. Those of you that don't get it, haven't been in a similar situation. My mom married her (asshole) husband on December 23. Not my birthday, but has made for constant year after year ackward situations. We don't always celebrate family Christmas, and work together to try and find days around Christmas for everyone. The 23 is always out because that day is now about her and her husband, it is not about family. This would be the same with Ashley. Even if her and her father were to reconcile, he has taken her day and made it about him. No matter what, that day will now also be about his anniversary. Take his daughter out for dinner? No, can't, it's his anniversary. As others have said there are how many other days, this is just more hurt added to the plate if hurt and abandonment Ashley is dealing with. It straight up says he doesn't care about her. Yeah Ashley is intense, but having been through similar parental hurt, I get it. There is nothing harder than loosing a parent who is still physically on this earth.