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S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

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The ladies head back to New York where Luann records her new single; the women attend Dorinda’s 1980s aerobics workout for charity; Ramona plans a surprise birthday party on the same night as the Countess’ Cabaret.

Airs June 20, 2019.*

*This episode airs on Thursday which is RHoNY's new night!

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3 minutes ago, FlyingEgret said:

Well, the toaster was empty, so someone managed to eat the lobster poptarts - glad to see not everyone's appetite was ruined...

I am so happy about this revelation. Now I can go to bed and not watch the rest of this. LOL 

I feel like I have whiplash. All that and then, sorry...we good, I love you. 😕

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1 minute ago, sashayshante said:

Tinsley's world is crashing because her dog is dying, so she took off to Miami? If I found out my dog was dying, I'd be beside myself and unable to leave her side.

Tinsley's dog lives with her mother in Palm Beach

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5 minutes ago, sashayshante said:

Then she's an awful pet owner. She basically re-homed her dog because the dog became an inconvenience.

Yes she is and it makes me think she probably wouldn't be good at caring for a baby either.   If she has a child, I hope there's enough money for a really good nanny. 

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Just now, KungFuBunny said:

I think Tinsley also lives with her mom in Palm Beach when they aren't filming

That would certainly explain why she lives in a hotel.

1 minute ago, nexxie said:

Lu really has no idea that her singing sucks!

I don't think she cares if she sucks, people showing up to see her is all the validation she needs.

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Lu doesn’t actually think anyone is going to believe she has any creative input.

I mean I get why the creative forces responsible want us to believe it’s her but come on.

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21 minutes ago, CSunshine76 said:

Surely everyone else dining on that patio works for production? Cuz let me tell you, my friends and I would put our forks down, order more wine and enjoy the show! No way we would keep our backs turned and act like we didn’t hear that shit show! 

I wouldn't have left, but I'd send furtive looks over.

surprised simon cowell GIF by Got Talent Global
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1 minute ago, Bronzedog said:

I assume they were in Sonja’s purse.

I assumed Sonja hopped on the table, did a squat pose for the cameras showing all she was commando. Ate the food and the pictures taken will be on Sonja Morgan's Lifestyle Brand New Toasters Box

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1 minute ago, nexxie said:

Okay, I noticed Tinsley had no makeup - but did Ramona really say that on camera?!

This is the first time Tinsley has appeared on camera without spackled on girls night out face

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1 minute ago, Rosiejuliemom said:

Apparently firemen came to try and resuscitate Bambi.

Well, she lives in a posh hotel.  Also, I don't know how long it took them to come.

Did I just see a commercial with JWOW from Jersey Shore?

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Hey, Luann I don't think you respect your sobriety either, but that's another story.

But Luann is no more self absorbed than anybody else on this show.

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