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  1. So far, Joe Mantello is the stand out for me. I know Ryan Murphy likes to use the same actors over and over, but let's be real: Holland Taylor is well into her seventies playing a character who, on paper, couldn't be older than her fifties. Taylor is Sarah Paulson's girlfriend. Patti Lupone is an Italian playing a Jewish woman. That might not seem like a big deal, but if I were Jewish, I'd be offended that Murphy cast a non-Jewish actress to play a Jewish woman because of her facial features and mannerisms. David Cornswet can't act to save his life. Jim Parson is wildly, horribly miscast. I'm on the fence.
  2. I feel really bad for Darren Criss. His Dad died this week. That's got to be tough when you're expected to do press and you're grieving such a huge loss.
  3. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE don't let Ariana Grande be cast in AHS10. For the first time in a few seasons this cast actually looks promising. Please don't fuck it up with a pop star. Not to mention, Murphy doesn't even follow his muse Sarah Paulson or any of the other actresses he gushes about when he does press?? That's odd.
  4. It never made sense to me that they wrote out the father of Grace's baby. He had a momentary freak out, then realized he was being an ass and wanted to be part of the baby's life. While they didn't have to pair Will and the guy off, making her decide to raise the baby alone seemed selfish. Which, of course, Grace is, but denying her baby a relationship with his father for no substantive reason made her seem unredeemably selfish. It wasn't the empowering decision I think the writers were going for. They either should have committed to W/G choosing to raise the babies together as their own version of a family or had them both pair off. Having them buy a house together in some teenty-tiny suburb only to have McCoy come back made no sense. And COME ON but neither W nor G would be happy living in some out of the way suburb.
  5. Wow. And I thought the original finale was awful. All that build up and we don't even see them with the babies? We should have seen that happening when they didn't have Grace show until about 3 episodes ago.
  6. My favorite part of that scene was how obviously fake the baby Danny was holding was until the final scene where they switched in a real baby. They didn't even try to make that doll look real.
  7. This season was awful. I really want to know what happened that made them cut back on an episode and toss pretty much the entire first half of the season. I also want to hear the tea on why Cody Fern went from a featured character to having one line in the finale.
  8. From Ryan Muprhy's Instagram: Excited for Bates, Rabe and Wittrock. Grossman, Lourde, Porter and Ross I'm meh about. Intrigued by the Macauley Culkin casting. Missing: Cody Fern and Emma Roberts. Things weren't looking god for Fern towards the end of 1984. I wonder if he and Murphy had a falling out.
  9. I admit that I howl every time Jack refers to her as Judith. The one scene we got of them in the first season gave me enough of a picture to see they had an affectionate is trying relationship. Wasn't crazy about the sudden reveal that Jack went to Church every Sunday. Grace is supposed to be about 7 months pregnant by now. Shouldn't she be showing? The way they're handling her pregnancy, like it's happening but it's not, is really weird.
  10. Of course Jane listened to that recording. OF COURSE SHE DID. And of course she told Jacqueline because she thinks Jacqueline is her peer and not her boss. Kat's a snob. Sutton is characteristically angsty. Jacqueline teaches Jane a life lesson after Jane blows something out of proportion. This show has really gotten repetitive.
  11. I totally forgot this season even premiered. I just binged the first four episodes and...whew. 1. Queen of White Privilege Jacqueline is tiresome. It's real easy for her to buck the board and do what she wants when she has a golden parachute waiting for her at home. She was insubordinate and should have been shit canned. I also don't blame her husband for pissing off and accepting the job abroad. She didn't even discuss her decision to return to work with him. She just expected him to deal with her choice. Bad Move. 2. Jane - Girl, your boyfriend is desperately trying to break up with you. It's why he kissed a another woman and told you about it in the first place. Consciously or not, he was trying to get you to dump him so he didn't have to do it. He doesn't want to be in a relationship. Let him go and stop making everything a Grey's Anatomy episode. As for why doesn't she write about anything else but herself, see every once-popular woman's online magazine - xoJane, The Frisky, Elite Daily, Into The Gloss. Personal memoir is a huge traffic driver. Everybody loves a trainwreck. I fell down the rabbit hole of Medium recently and...yikes. It's a bunch of navel gazing drama llamas. 3. The sex toy storyline - No interest in watching characters of either sex masturbate. It's just gratuitous and serves no purpose to the story. That office seems like a hot bed of misconduct. The Cut did a great piece about the downfall of Babe.net, the site that broke the Aziz Ansari misconduct story. Behind the scenes, it was a trainwreck. Male higher ups screwing young female writers, lots of drunkenness, absolutely no self-awareness and a hostile work environment. 4. Sutton - Love you. Adore you. Want to skin you and wear you as a suit. (TM Jack McFarland.) But please for the love of god stop screwing your boyfriend at the office and jerking him off in elevators. Like, stop. STOP. 5. BT Writers - Why are men listed as sole writers for certain episodes? That's all kinds of sketchy.
  12. It occurred to me that his role was reduced because they cut the episode count down from 10 to 9 and they needed to meet certain contractual obligations for all the actors. And because it really seems like whatever ending they had planned, they scrapped and re-wrote the second half of the season. It didn't help that he was the only character that had no connection to Brooke or really anybody involved in the main plots. He and Chet both were just kind of there with no purpose.
  13. It's the old adage show, don't tell. If you have to throw in a bunch of dialogue to explain something, that's poor storytelling and even lazier writing. Also, nobody is able to defeat or stop the aging process. Those friends at the reunion either had really good work down or have naturally fuller faces, which means more collagen in your face, which means fewer or less pronounced wrinkles. Italian women and men age exceptionally well because genetically we tend to be stockier and fuller figured. Brooke was petite and thin. Thirty years of aging would have shown on her face. The finale is an example of linear storytelling. Bobby showed up to the camp looking for answers and wanting to meet his father. Throughout the episode, we saw him get closer and closer to those goals, with the required set-backs to make the story more compelling, and then ultimately achieving the goals. Three acts with the sub-plots of how they got revenge on Margaret and kept Ramirez from killing him. This season wasn't linear because it was never clear where the story was going and why. It was a series of sub-plots that ultimately never went anywhere.
  14. Meant to comment on this because it's such a great insight. I wish they had played this up more and made it more obvious from the start that the theme was redemption and letting go of the past. They hinted at it here and there with each character all having something in their past that caused them great shame but they kinda dropped the ball in favor of the more campier stuff. The ghosts are all stuck because they can't let go of the past and wanted revenge. (Montana's obsession with the 80's is a good example, too.) Jingles was given the choice to stay at the camp and seek revenge or let go and stay with his mother and brother. He chose to let go.
  15. I think Finn does a really good job of maintaining his place within the RM Universe and building a solid career outside of it. He's constantly working, just not on big projects. He was smart to take breaks from AHS. Not sure if people know, but Wittrock is a Juliard grad. If you never watched season one of Masters of Sex, watch it for his small but breakout role as a gay male sex worker. He's heartbreaking. Subtlety is his thing. Yeah, I get a strong whiff of diva from him. He's always talking about preferring darker roles so I can see him expressing frustration about Xavier and the season overall.
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