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  1. It occurred to me that his role was reduced because they cut the episode count down from 10 to 9 and they needed to meet certain contractual obligations for all the actors. And because it really seems like whatever ending they had planned, they scrapped and re-wrote the second half of the season. It didn't help that he was the only character that had no connection to Brooke or really anybody involved in the main plots. He and Chet both were just kind of there with no purpose.
  2. It's the old adage show, don't tell. If you have to throw in a bunch of dialogue to explain something, that's poor storytelling and even lazier writing. Also, nobody is able to defeat or stop the aging process. Those friends at the reunion either had really good work down or have naturally fuller faces, which means more collagen in your face, which means fewer or less pronounced wrinkles. Italian women and men age exceptionally well because genetically we tend to be stockier and fuller figured. Brooke was petite and thin. Thirty years of aging would have shown on her face. The finale is an example of linear storytelling. Bobby showed up to the camp looking for answers and wanting to meet his father. Throughout the episode, we saw him get closer and closer to those goals, with the required set-backs to make the story more compelling, and then ultimately achieving the goals. Three acts with the sub-plots of how they got revenge on Margaret and kept Ramirez from killing him. This season wasn't linear because it was never clear where the story was going and why. It was a series of sub-plots that ultimately never went anywhere.
  3. Meant to comment on this because it's such a great insight. I wish they had played this up more and made it more obvious from the start that the theme was redemption and letting go of the past. They hinted at it here and there with each character all having something in their past that caused them great shame but they kinda dropped the ball in favor of the more campier stuff. The ghosts are all stuck because they can't let go of the past and wanted revenge. (Montana's obsession with the 80's is a good example, too.) Jingles was given the choice to stay at the camp and seek revenge or let go and stay with his mother and brother. He chose to let go.
  4. I think Finn does a really good job of maintaining his place within the RM Universe and building a solid career outside of it. He's constantly working, just not on big projects. He was smart to take breaks from AHS. Not sure if people know, but Wittrock is a Juliard grad. If you never watched season one of Masters of Sex, watch it for his small but breakout role as a gay male sex worker. He's heartbreaking. Subtlety is his thing. Yeah, I get a strong whiff of diva from him. He's always talking about preferring darker roles so I can see him expressing frustration about Xavier and the season overall.
  5. Yeah, it was impossible not to notice that. I knew when he didn't promote the season premiere he was unhappy with how things were going. Even in the video Angelica Ross posted of her, Lourd, Fern and Kentworthy watching the premiere he seemed VERY subdued. I have a feeling the writers Heigel'd him. I will not be surprised at all if he's not in season 10. It would be a shame if his career were over before it started. Please no aliens. Ever since Murphy started pandering to the younger fan base and using the show to give his friends jobs, the quality of this show has deteriorated. I swear to god, if he casts Ben Platt for season 10, I'm out. I think it's very odd that Paulson was quoted saying that she would return if Peters returned. That hints at some kind of drama behind the scenes. I truly hope they don't revisit Coven in the tenth/last season. This show really started tanking when Murphy started with the stunt casting. I'm perfectly fine with Kentworthy and Billy Eichner not returning and Roberts, Lourd and Grossman getting marginalized roles in favor of Conroy, Bates and Bassett. And for the love of god bring back Denis O'Hare, John Caroll Lynch and Finn Wittrock. Speaking of which, it just occurred to me that Wittrock and Lynch played Dandy and Twisty. That must have helped a lot in their scenes for the finale.
  6. Wittrock has proven time and again how clutch he is. He's the only reason I bothered to watch the finale. Murphy announced they were currently in talk to bring back some of the OG cast members for season 10 as it "might" (lol) be the last one. (It's soooo the last one.) I hope they secure Wittrock for season 10. I strongly believe that scene was supposed to be Xavier and Bertie, especially because of the comment she makes about Chet going both ways. The way Cody Fern's part was whittled to next to nothing in the last few episodes and the fact he did almost no promotion of the season makes me think there were problems on set. By the end of the season Xavier barely had any dialogue. I think the over-reaching problem with the season (besides the uneven cast) was that the writers didn't know what they wanted the show to be. Was it going to be a campy homage or a psychological supernatural theme? It constantly went back and forth.
  7. It speaks volumes that the scrapped pretty much every plot point for the finale and inserted an entirely new, never introduced before character to carry the finale. I enjoyed this episode because it was so far removed from everything we'd been given previously. Probably because we like things to make sense. Fiction is about suspending disbelief. It's hard to do that when you're served up reminders that what you're watching isn't real.
  8. If This is Us can age Mandy Moore with little trouble, I'm sure they could have done something similar for Emma Roberts that wouldn't break the bank. If you are going to forego any kind of aging make-up, at least write a plausible explanation. She looked exactly the same. No amount of fillers in the world can erase 30 years of aging.
  9. This episode really highlighted just how bad this season was. At least, it should have to people who've been raving about it. Bobby's search for answers and for his father is what the season should have focused on all along. Once the story was shifted to Bobby and off the ghosts, it was way more interesting. The ghosts and Margaret were all caricatures devoid of substance. Bobby was someone viewers could actually care about.
  10. Also, I want to know who Cody Fern pissed off this season to get almost no dialogue in the last few episodes.
  11. Easily the best season finale of this show and 99% of it was due to Finn Wittrock. When this show features great actors, even the worst writing shines. This episode had everything that makes a great season for me: a linear story, great acting and no useless characters. The whole episode was tight. That said, pretending 27 yr old Emma Roberts was 50 by putting some tiny flecks of gray in her hair and having her blurt some ridiculous wordy explanation (Fillers! Healthy living Dermatologist husband!) was ridiculous. ETA: The Living Years will never not make me bawl and think of my Dad. Such a great choice for a closing song. It was fitting that Wittrock, Rabe and Lynch - the best actors of the season - were the actors in the closing scene.
  12. I think classifying Delilah as a narcissist might be extreme. She's selfish, sure, but so is the rest of the main cast. She doesn't want to lose her kids. I'm not an advocate of her decision to keep the secret, but I can understand why she's doing it. Her family is already fragile. Learning she cheated on their father and got pregnant by their father's friend will be the nail in the proverbial coffin and emotionally scar her kids. I was okay with the dog switch. As long as both dogs end up in good homes, it works for me. And really, if the owner didn't check shelters, chip her dog or put a collar with tags on him, she doesn't deserve to get her dog back.
  13. When Bruce opened the trunk he screamed the only relatively amusing line in the entire episode: "We're trying to listen to Credence!" It was meant to call back to the conversation he'd just had with the hitchhiker about music. He killer her after he picked up the hitchhiker. I absolutely think either Paulson or Peters will make an appearance in the finale. I still maintain there was some kind of mutiny that led to the entire regular cast not appearing this season. That they all bowed out for the same season can't be a coincidence. I think Finn Wittrock is playing grown up Bobby Richter Jr. in the finale. The shots of the mental institution in the preview for next week have me wondering if we're going to find out the entire story was some wild story told by a patient.
  14. It's not just that it's dumb. It's messy. They obviously had no story, or at least one so thin they could have told it in 5 episodes. They crammed a bunch of extraneous plots into the story to stretch it out ie Dylan McDermott's useless character and The Enquirer reporter. They threw in stuff that ultimately did nothing to advance the story or was particularly relevant ie Ray's history of killing a pledge (Side note: Why isn't Deron Horton in the main credits when he's had more of a story than Chet?) Jingles decapitated, tried to burn alive and slaughtered a bunch of people but we're supposed to care about him because I don't quite understand why. Montana and Trevor have a sudden nonsensical love story because he went down on her once. Only certain people killed at the camp are featured, and it's not the people that were actually interesting like Bertie, Blake or the real Rita. Margaret is a cartoon villian. Montana is all over the place and we're suddenly supposed to care about her. But we're suppose to love it because, SlAsHeR FiLmS. Good to see Finn Wittrock in preview for finale, but I already know the ending is going to make no sense and be thrown together.
  15. In the show, I think Athena is supposed to be late forties. Angela Bassett is 60-freakin-1. 61! I'll have what she's having. All of it. Now.
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