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  1. She's EXHAUSTING. She can not let any opportunity go by without using it for attention. She'll come out with a statement saying she isn't actually married, you see. What she meant was... Honestly. Exhausting.
  2. sashayshante

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    So I guess ML no longer wanted to know how her son really died? She dropped that quick.
  3. sashayshante

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    I'm doubtful this season will even be remembered at Emmy nomination season next year. I don't even see it getting any Golden Globe nods. It was just too uneven and the writing was atrocious. Giving Renata meme worthy dialogue is not enough to merit a nomination. And Kidman has already won once for the same material. Curious why Reese didn't step in regarding the issue with the woman director having control wrangled from her so Mark Vallee could edit the episodes. She's the producer.
  4. sashayshante

    Big Little Lies in the Media

  5. Just piping in to say there's so much about B. that merits criticism. The body shaming feels icky.
  6. sashayshante

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    But that invalidates the entirety of her storyline from the first season. She came to Monterey to find the man that raped her. She was clear about this. She even fantasized about pulling a gun on him. That line about seeking a good man who has a bad night had to have been written by a man, I can't imagine a woman writing that line unless it was part of a bigger arc where Jane eventually realizes she was raped. Is it possible to misunderstood what she said? I can't imagine a line like that not making it into the Twitter stream for the hashtag or inspiring a think piece or two.
  7. sashayshante

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

  8. sashayshante

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    So they teased stuff with Cory and the father's other family and then...nothing? And they tease Ed sleeping with Tits Mgee and then...nothing? Like others have said, this was a fucking waste.
  9. sashayshante

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I think the majority of criticism here centers around Bethenny endlessly talking about Dennis as though he thought she was the love of his life and he was so devoted to her daughter. Public talk like that is inappropriate given his ex-wife/mother of his kids and his children will likely hear about it. If you're a decent human being, you just don't do that. It's insensitive and, frankly, rude. It's especially egregious when it's getting clearer by the minute her relationship with Dennis was nothing close to committed. One of Bethenny's biggest flaws is that she speaks first, thinks later. She spits stuff out in the moment, then has to backpedal when she's caught lying or contradicting herself. She routinely embellishes if not manufactures narratives and is never held accountable for any of it. Watching her hijack the entire reunion while Andy sat there and never once stepped in shows just how afraid of her people are. And they're not afraid if her power or influence, as she doesn't really have any. They're intimidated by her lack of a conscience, volatility and reach. Look what she does. If someone crosses her, she goes on a TV show and says they're on drugs. She accuses them of abuse. She accuses them of torturing her. True or not, she doesn't care and she knows nobody will stand up to her, including Andy Cohen. While I don't think B. has any dirt on Cohen, I think Cohen has skeletons in his closet he doesn't want dragged into the light. It's gone beyond the sassy smart mouth Skinny Girl mogul. It's not funny or endearing anymore. She's. fucking. crazy.
  10. it's like she doesn't watch her own show. Girl, you were flying up to Boston to see his guy long before Christmas. In the article, that's when she implies she first went out with him. Honey, just admit it. Either you were cheating on your "fiancee" with this guy or you started dating him soon after Dennis died and weren't nearly as wrecked by his death as you claimed. Christ. The lengths she goes to for attention. Now she's trying to legitimize the relationship in the press after spending 3 months crying about her dead fiancee.
  11. sashayshante

    AHS In The Media

    Eventually, Emma Roberts us going to have to be held responsible for the beat down she gave Evan Peters. It's absolutely ridiculous that she's gotten a pass on that. I don't doubt Murphy has her and Billie Lourd front and center, which doesn't leave me very hopeful. Though I am thrilled Sarah Paulson will have a smaller role. She has one speed on this show: Sassy but tortured white lady. At least Peters showed range. Leslie Grossman is playing the nutty/neurotic blonde. Matthew Morrison is...whatever. Christ. Bring back Finn Wittrock, please. He never disappoints. From the cast reveal teaser, it looks like Cody Fern is playing an 80's version of Michael Langdon: Cocky, slightly effeminate and maybe a little dangerous aka every role James Spader played in the 80's. As for the theme, the cabin has a marker on the floor like when they're blocking scenes in films/tv. So maybe it centers around a horror movie set?
  12. sashayshante

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    That felt strategic to me, like he was trying to make Jane paranoid. It's probably going to end up that he started out as some kind of mole but ended up falling for Jane. And so much THIS! to the lazy writing in the Renata/ML scene. At the very least, they should have given Renata a few good comebacks. Especially since ML was criticizing Renata for working and not being home with her kids. I mean, one of ML's sons died mysteriously as a kid and the other turned out to be an abusive rapist. She's not exactly Parent of The Year material.
  13. sashayshante

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    In the scene from last week's episode where Jane was telling Corey about the rape, there was something about his reaction upon learning Iggy was a product of rape that hinted at him having a personal investment in the narrative. Sure, it could have just been a choice by the actor, but that combined with how anxious he seemed to meet Ziggy suggests to me he has a personal connection to Perry and the murder. You'd have to be the worst cop ever to allow a child to get so attached to you knowing you wouldn't be sticking around. Unless, of course, you're both a cop AND Perry's half-brother.
  14. sashayshante

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    They wouldn't have had Mary Louise drop that nugget about Perry's dad starting a new family for no reason. I still have money on Corey being Perry's half brother. And since we're doing that, I called Corey being a cop/informant on Jun 23. 😁 ML's take down of Renata was masterful. She hones in on people's vulnerabilities and exploits them.
  15. sashayshante

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I hate to say it, but I could totally see this being true. Witherspoon gives off major Tracy Flick vibes, so I could see her wanting a second shot at out shining Kidman. I've never bought Witherspoon's "I just want to produce great stories for women" act. Gone Girl, Wild, BLL, The Luckiest Girl Alive, Eleanor Olyphant, etc. She keeps optioning books with the same messy layered thirty/forty-something lead protagonist so she can play the role and win awards.