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  1. 22 might technically be an adult, but a person's pre-frontal cortex - the part of the brain responsible for reasoning and judgment - isn't fully developed until about 25 or so. Throw in the bullying and rejection she undoubtedly received for being plus-sized and you've got an emotionally stunted young woman with shaky self-esteem getting attention from one of the most powerful men in world. Lewinsky irritates me now for constantly dredging this scandal up to get likes on Twitter, but she was a victim.
  2. What's missing from this season (besides a cohesive plot) is a connection to previous seasons. Usually they work in something from a previous season to connect all the AHS universes. Have there been any this season? Denis O'Hare, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourde & Adina Porter were in no way relevant to the plot. Evan Peters character also appears to have been unnecessary and made less important mid-way through the season. It's like they didn't know what to do with him.
  3. I hate filler episodes. Sure, it focused on Frances Conroy, which is a plus, but the season is already so short. Liked the first 2 episodes. Fell asleep halfway through the 3rd. Fourth episode was filler. Meh. The Chemist and TB Karen feel like extraneous characters written to give Angelica Ross and SP parts. Don't care about the talentless vampire. Definitely enjoying Macauley Culkin. The less Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourd, the better. Denis O'Hare is being wasted in this role. That's all I got.
  4. I think they may have been filming AHS and Impeachment at the same time. Paulson is inexplicably cast as Linda Tripp (thnks to Murphy's fatphobia) and so I think she may have been doing some double duty.
  5. It really is. I think Doris' comment about all the different shades of beige was an acknowledgement of the monochramatic color scheme of the show.
  6. I liked it. Finn Wittrock never disappoints. 1984 was a shit show but his appearance in the finale made it the best of the season. It struck me as I was watching it that every scene was so empty and bleak. Then I remembered they were filiming just as restrictions were being lifted. That probably leant to each scene needing to be really tight and not full of multiple actors, half of which have no real purpose. Limited Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourde definitely helped, too. This show thrives when the focus is on a core set of actors and isn't just a showcase for Murphy
  7. There was a pretty long thread on Datalounge from a guy who worked crew for AHS. He insisted - many times - Murphy was the polar opposite of a predator. That he was actually very aloof and kind of cold. The thread also said Emma Roberts was an absolute bitch to the crew and that she and Evan Peters both had clear drug problems. I like Cody Fern but he did himself no favors by being so publicly disgruntled about how his role on House of Cards was diminished because of Kevin Spacey's predatory behavior.
  8. I enjoyed this. AHS is best when it's creepy and dark. Anyone else catch the way Lourd's character was dressed? I got Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's baby/Sharon Tate vibes. I'm also pretty sure the basement from this episode was the Murder House basement. I'm still in the "Billie Lourd can't act" camp, though. Murphy's very obvious nepotism/favoritism has ruined this and most Muprhy projects for me.
  9. Both episodes were fun. They reminded me of how much I LOVED AHS Murder House. The series is unrecognizeable now thanks to Murphy's relentless favoritism. Emma Roberts, Kaia Gerber, Billie Lourd; Murphy has an odd fixation with casting relatives/offspring of 90's A-Listers. Overall, I enjoyed both episodes. I think after the shit show that was AHS:1984 Murphy and Co realized they work best with more condensed stories. I'm wondering if that's why AHS 10 is being split into two separate seasons with only 5 or episodes each. But what I really want to know is what the hell happened to Co
  10. It's not the message. It's the way it's being delivered. It's heavy-handed, repetitive and showcasing characters we either aren't invested in or are just flat out annoying. This is a show in its 17th season that should have ended at least 5 years ago. Outside of the 3 original cast members - Mer, Baily, Richard - almost the entire cast is insufferable.
  11. I work with abuse survivors. It might be called our fight or flight response but it's actuallly fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Sophie's reaction was extremely common.
  12. If I could like this a thousand times I would. I'm hesitant to share my opinion because I don't want to sound insensitive but this show is a freakin' drag at this point. Especially since we're just about out of the woods with COVID and this show is stuck a year behind. I kept wondering why they added Maggie's boyfriend to the cast and I think tonight's episode is why. Outside of that I've never found him remotely interesting. He contributes nothing to the show. Maggie, too, has no purpose on this show at this point outside of fretting about Meredith or make out with her boyfriend in-
  13. I was today years old when I realized Eli was short of Eliot. I liked it. Chazz Palminteri never disappoints. Dylan McDermott's character is a great antagonist for Eliot. I hope this means McDermott won't be on this season's American Horror Story. Dear God, they need to acknowledge how codependent Liv and Eliot are. They can't keep with this will they/won't they thing. Their relationship is dysfunctional
  14. Not sure if you're on Tik Tok but stalking your BF's ex is a whole THING. Like, create a fake Instagram account and friend the new GF so you can see track yourex's relationship with her thing. I totally by that Darcy would listen to Maggie's podcast to see if Maggies brought up her or Gary.
  15. So are they going to make The Brit a full-time cast member? Because Jesus does this show need some levity. I realize it's a drama but this show - even the way it's shot - is bleak.
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