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  1. Wella Balsam Hair - I'm dying!!! Does anyone remember at the auction, was Sylvia the one who pointed out to Grace that Elena was staring at her? I can't remember if it was her, but it seemed odd she would do that considering what she knew at the time because Jonathan had retained her. Maybe it was another friend.
  2. Didn't the detective say last night that a hammer was the object used to bludgeon Elena?
  3. Yes! That's what it is for me, those lines! It gives her mouth a joker effect. You should google Hannah Emily Upp, a NY teacher who went into a fugue state and was missing for three weeks before she was found in NY harbor. Then it happened again. It's very interesting. I'm curious what happens to the baby. Does she stay with Mr. Alvez who isn't the father? Would Grace get her while Jonathan is in prison, not that she wants her? Will Henry know his half-sister?
  4. I noticed that at the auction. There was no friendly, warm greeting between the two. I thought maybe Grace's father didn't care for Jonathan but it may be more than that.
  5. Jonathan mentioned possibly coming home early and was joking about Hyatt points or the free breakfast, so Grace knew he was supposed to be at a Hyatt in the Cleveland area. I can understand her not knowing where he's staying. My husband traveled a lot for work (pre-Covid) and I'd rarely ask where he was staying because I can always reach him on his cell and don't need to call a hotel to ring his room. I haven't read the book either. Maybe what Grace is seeing isn't completely true. Hmmm . . .
  6. That's true. It could be that Elena and Jonathan met up at some point. I did remember her father leaving the party early, but didn't think much of it. He could've had interaction with Elena, too. I definitely agree that Grace knows more than she's saying and made it fairly obvious in her conversation with the police.
  7. I went into this show with no expectations - just something to watch - but I'm riveted now. I was suspicious of the dog story, too. Grace's father? Interesting. Yes, I think Hugh looks as good as ever. He's just a handsome devil. I wondered about this, too. At one point, Sylvia mentioned to Grace that Elena would just sit on a bench outside of the school. I'm curious if she had her eye on Grace for awhile, maybe even followed her and saw the gym she went to. She may not have had a membership, just somehow finagled her way in to get to Grace. If she can be braz
  8. Garbage Pail Kid Sarah had her blaccent out in full force. She absolutely made her daughter's first birthday party all about her and her hopes that those two losers would fight over her. I hope that Brittany's sister's dog and cat were removed from that apartment, away from mom. Lacey pregnant with 3 embryos? Her dad is going to be busy!!
  9. It's been awhile since I've posted on the Potomac forum but I had to chime in with my dislike of Wendy. She's so outspoken regarding her degrees and Karen's sex life, why couldn't she just open her mouth to Monique and ask to bring her daughter. Wendy not bringing her baby isn't Ashley's fault. I can't believe this person is the same Wendy we see on the show. They look like two different people! Also, poor Ashley. Michael couldn't get rid of her and baby Dean fast enough.
  10. Not buying Lu's pearl clutching over a dick pic. I'm willing to bet she's been sent a few.
  11. When Tinsley and Leah came in from skinny dipping, Leah was in a see through top. Dorinda took her into the bathroom to help her put a cami on and I guess while Leah was changing, Dorinda saw the wings tattooed on either side of Leah's vagina and asked her, "Why are there wings on your vagina?" After that, they showed the tattoo when Leah got out of the pool. And that's how we got that gem!
  12. True - LOL! But Ramona always seems ruthless when she does it.
  13. "Why are there wings on your vagina?" There's a question 99.9% of us will never have to ask another person in our lifetime!
  14. Ramona should ask herself three things before she speaks: Is it true? Is it kind? It it necessary? If those are a no, maybe keep it to yourself.
  15. It is a full on cringefest for me to watch Luann shamelessly flirting with the tennis instructor and dog groomer. Maybe be a little subtle.
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