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S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

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Sean struggles to get past the loss of his mother and live on his own.  Dr. Now intervenes to control Sean's eating for a time, but if Sean can't learn to control himself, he will face the direst of consequences. 

The news of Sean's death was released well before this episode airs (and likely before the final edit) so the regular spoiler policy does not pertain.  With that said, this is the LIVE CHAT thread and we are snarkaholics.  So snark away.  And now, a little Shakespeare for your reading pleasure:

Friends, Pounders, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Sean, not to praise him.
The evil that men do (to themselves) lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Sean. The noble Dr. Now
Hath told you Sean was gluttonous:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Sean answer'd it.
Here, under leave of Dr. Now and the rest --
For Pounders are honourable persons;
So are they all, all honourable person -- 

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast showing and again during the West Coast showing. 

Original air date 2019.06.12   

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Hi all!

Today's eating habit included my work's annual summer "BBQ," which just runs over the lunch times (while the cafeteria is otherwise closed) and includes hot dogs, hamburgers (you can get 2 dogs, 2 burgers, or one of each), macaroni salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, and for dessert you get a little bag with one sugar cookie and one chocolate chip cookie. I had a burger (just one) with lettuce and onion, corn and macaroni salad, a slice of watermelon, and my cookies. There's also soda but I decided to skip it (though I was momentarily tempted by the grape soda, and of course thought of you all and giggled to myself). Wednesday is also bagel day, so I had a bagel for breakfast. Had apricots for a snack later in the afternoon, and a banana just before I left work. Dinner was brisket at my parents' house; my mom sent me a message just after lunch asking if I was interested, and I said, "Only if I'm home by 8." There may or may not be Irish Cream Brownie ice cream in my near future but we'll see. It's the last thing I need after everything else but it's so hard to resist!

I don't know how much I can snark, knowing the ending...

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Good evening, pounders. I probably won't see this episode until at least 3am, when it is released on Amazon, but I'm here for the chat. My eating habit today has not occurred yet. I'm hungry but can't decide what I want. Am leaning toward a breakfast-type meal, such as french toast. Please let us all know what's happening with Sean. Thank you.

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Good evening my fellow pounders!  Having my usual glass or two of red wine; my eating habit later will be Tofu Vindaloo.  Not sure how I feel about tonight's episode, but I will be watching.

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Eating a milk chocolate bar, total calories today 1810.

Don't know if I'll be able to snark hard on Sean.

He seems a bit mentally challenged and the show is kinda/sorta exploiting him.

Or he is exploiting himself.

Or that is every episode of every 'reality' show.

Or I think too much.

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2 minutes ago, Giant Misfit said:

I had a chicken cheesesteak and dark chocolate M&Ms! Those things are like crack pills.

I’m not convinced that there is not crack in them.

Little Judgey and I have quite the problem with them.  Mr. Judgey on the other hand doesn’t really like chocolate...because he is a robot.

Edited by JudgeyMcJudgyPants
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I don’t remember this flashback, but it looks like he won’t even make it to fresh footage at this rate. How will he make it through a 2 hr update?

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My parents are babysitting* this little nugget (named Gracie, she's not normally sideways...), and she licked my foot. She also growls at every animal that comes on the TV, including the camel from the Geico commercial.

Stars doesn't care for her so she gets her dinner in the bedroom or else she won't come eat.


*she belongs to my cousin, who went to SC to meet her first grandson.

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1 minute ago, Giant Misfit said:

I had a chicken cheesesteak and dark chocolate M&Ms! Those things are like crack pills.

I call my beloved plain m&m's candy-coated crack. I only buy them a couple times a year now.

My eating habit is some almonds.

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2 minutes ago, cmpbl said:

I felt so bad for Sean as I believe he had some sort of disability. I blame his mother.

His mother was a selfish bitch. She kept him her little fat boy so he wouldn't/couldn't leave her.

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He was never happy about anything. He desperately wanted to be in an assisted living facility, but did he think he could eat whatever he wanted there? The hospital was the same basic thing, they just monitored his eating and that made him “not happy”

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1 minute ago, Ellie Godfrey said:

His mother was a selfish bitch. She kept him her little fat boy so he wouldn't/couldn't leave her.

we need an anger emoji

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