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  1. Over the past two Christmases, friends finally agreed to stop buying each other gifts just because we knew the other person was going to give us something. Now I will just make a bigger donation to the local food bank, which makes me happy. And when I was in my gift giving years, no gift closet. I tried to buy what I thought the person would like. Not sure how successful that was though. 😂
  2. Yes, those pronunciations hurt my ears and brain! I
  3. I enjoyed and participated in the camo/tie dye/animal print phase, but I have moved on, although I still wear (and am wearing an animal print top now) and enjoy these (many) pieces, I am done with purchasing them. I don't know what the new trend it, but I've been buying more solid color pieces; I have enough prints for now.
  4. Damn I wish they stop showing that foot grater thing in action. I made the mistake of looking up in time to watch a foot snowing. ðŸĪĒ
  5. She'll soon be crying in her car again; penitence for having a sniff of cake (hold the broccoli) and a good time.
  6. That does not look like a happy person. No joy in that face at all.
  7. With her stick-like body, maybe she doesn't want to be compared to all the women in Florida flaunting their curvy, non-broccoli fueled bodies. She would stand out, but not in a good way.
  8. She's prepping for Halloween, you know, bringing a little joy into the youngsters' lives, one stalk at a time.
  9. I can smell that steaming pile of stinking shit from the West Coast.ðŸ’Đ ðŸ’Đ ðŸ’Đ ðŸ’Đ ðŸ’Đ ðŸ’Đ
  10. Happy birthday, Bronx Babe! 🎉 🎉 🎉 (Even though it's still October 21 in my time zone 😂 )
  11. Why, why, WHY? It's such a turnoff. Both the tv and my appetite.
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