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  1. No, Kerstinky, what's scary is a grown woman's need to post every emotion on Instagram. it's ok to have an unshared emotion. And if you are so happy, why all the tears? #dramaqueen#lookatmyboybod#crymeariver#whydoyouhatemeeeee#imsohappeeee#wah
  2. Run CoCo, run! Follow your body language instinct/warning!
  3. Too bad there's no procedure she can buy to fix her ugly personality. This explains her permanent crazy-eyed look.
  4. She acted like a child told no for the first time. Ungracious, unprofessional, petulant, bitchy, and I'm not surprised at all.
  5. She just completely talked over Isaac like he wasn't even there.
  6. I was ready to pay her a compliment--and then I scrolled down to the second picture. Too bad about the helmet hair too.
  7. I'm jealous. We'd love your rain here in California! I can't even remember the last time we had a real rain here in my part of CA. Just those kind of sprinkles that messes up your car wash.
  8. I love that Alberti is comfortable with demonstrating what he's selling. He's one of the very few I can watch for any length of time.
  9. Jackie wore it WAY better. Someone must be asleep at the wheel at QVC, Jackie's clothes fit her very nicely, very nice to see for once.
  10. I've never for one minute considered these Shopping Channel forums to be a host fan site. Anti-fan yes, and there are other places for those who are true fans to praise and worship Shawn. People shouldn't be surprised to read what non-fans have to say.
  11. If I didn't know who Shawn is, and someone showed this photo to me and I was asked to describe what was going on, I would say she's homeless and had just found a bottle of something in the trash.
  12. Sounds like Diva (and other hosts too) could use an etiquette lesson.
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