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"The View": Week Of 2/11/2019

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Monday, Feb. 11 – Day of Hot Topics; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices 

Tuesday, Feb. 12 – Lorena Bobbitt (“Lorena”)

Wednesday, Feb. 13 – Rebel Wilson (“Isn’t It Romantic”)

Thursday, Feb. 14 – 💘Dr. Ruth Westheimer 💘(“Ask Dr. Ruth”)

Friday, Feb. 15 – Freddie Highmore (ABC’s “The Good Doctor”)

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What a lineup.  Is this the best they can do for sweeps?  How is NutMeg going to react to Dr. Ruth?  Will she screech "can't we talk about politics" during the interview?  She goes from one extreme to another.  One minute she's worshipping the ground that RHOBH Erica Jayne walks on, who cannot be described as a lady by any stretch of the imagination, to behaving like a buttoned up priss.  I think the bitch has quite the past and behaves like a virgin to appease her evangelical in-laws.  

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I'm like Joy, award shows kind of bore me but I did watch most of the Grammy's.

Another rare time that I agree with Meghan - Jennifer Hudson would've been an INCREDIBLE choice to do the tribute to Motown. When I think Motown, I think of soulful, powerhouse vocals. J.Lo is a beautiful woman and a great dancer but she's not a vocalist. And yes, it looked like she was lip-syncing.  

I went wild at home along with the crowd when Michelle Obama came out!

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Great day for me to tune in again.  Go Joy!!  I tuned in to watch them avoid talking about a certain topic that would have most definitely been discussed had The Daughter not been sitting there and got this gift from Joy instead! 

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1 minute ago, Haleth said:

Yeah, Whoopi would have been all "What did you want to say, Baby?"

Or, "we'll be right back!" and cut to the commercial break. 

And did Sunny just say her and Meghan are the "resident prudes?" I don't like all this fake reservation from a girl who has talked during interviews about how much she loves sex, has a dirty mouth and can drink people under the table (Meghan). If that's who you are, own it. Don't pretend to be a delicate little flower now that you have a bigger platform and audience.

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17 minutes ago, HaaCHOO said:

Elizabeth Warren made the same mistake THOUSANDS of Americans have made...counting on family history as passed down through generations.  Probably 80% of Oklahoma natives mistakenly think they're Native Americans.  I'll bet if someone really searches, there's something in Sunny's "history" that she believes and claims to be true...but DNA or other family members will prove false.  (Love every word here, Apprentice79)      

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Didn’t mean to copy without a reply
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23 minutes ago, Banjoe bell said:

Omg....I wish we had someone in the audience to report back today!

Oh Meghan probably yelled at Joy as she was  stomping off the stage. Then she probably starts crying hysterically and the producers run to her side. Hair and makeup come out in full force as she is on the phone with her husband.

I think we know the end to this movie!

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20 minutes ago, Apprentice79 said:

Her self-righteousness grates at times. 

That bears repeating, and she's getting worse.  She pontificates as if she's the Oracle of Reason and judges everyone like she's an unhappy and strict nun in the 1950s.  It must be difficult to be her husband...and worse to be her kids.

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2 minutes ago, TheGreenKnight said:

They drag it down. Of course, Meghan is much much much worse than Whoopi, but I can still dream.

Still...Meghan gives us more material to bring to our Previously.TV playground.  I'm so happy we're back!

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When we didn’t have the technology of Ancestry.com and 23 and Me, we had to rely on our families to tell us where we come from...I have thought about doing some of these before, but I also think about how it could change my whole outlook if (more likely than not) I find out what I really am, not what I think I am !!😎

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Interesting that when they have to make the switch from talking about politics like grown ups to something safe because of Little Baby Meghan, the next topic up is personal sex dungeons.  ???  I guess the producers deemed that topic to be more Meghan-friendly and temper tantrum-proof.  Although she didn't say much until Sunny kept prodding away at her and she piped in with something like 'whatever, I'm not a kink shamer or kink killer or kink something.'   Yeah.  Whatever Meghan.  But you are a Show Killer.  Every. single.  time.

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49 minutes ago, Banjoe bell said:

Omg....I wish we had someone in the audience to report back today!


I am still less than a half hour in. There may have been many instances of me rewinding Joy telling Meghan off for her hissy fit. 


(Sorry for the caps. I'm just very excited.)

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Did anyone think Meghan spent an unusually long time staring at the sex room photo?  She looked at if for a long time as they started, then turned to the table and then went back to looking at the photo.  And then during the discussion she continued to glance back at it.  It was interesting.  

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