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  1. "This girlsie here is my homegirl." 🤮 I miss the days when adults spoke like adults.
  2. I was on another site earlier reading an article about Sarah's show being cancelled and I snickered reading the comments section because it was basically peppered with about 20 different versions of this sentiment: How about cancelling that awful show The View next? I mean, they aren't wrong... 🤷‍♀️ 😝
  3. I just binged all 4 seasons in the last couple of weeks. Not my typical type of show but I was running out of things to watch on Netflix and so I gave this one a whirl because of Scott Speedman. Overall, a great show and I am glad I stuck with it. I almost stopped watching when Speedman left but kept with it. The characters really grew on me and the acting from these guys just got better and better as the seasons progressed. I was surprised that Smurf was killed but I can't really say I will miss Ellen Barkin much. I thought she overacted too much to the point that she became a caricature. And for some reason, I kept imagining what Sharon Stone would have done with this role had she been cast instead. I HATED the flashbacks this last season and I fast forwarded through every single one of them. They were annoying episode interrupters. I read here that someone said they will be back in Season 5. I shall continue to ff and ignore them. Like others have mentioned, I kept expecting Renn to disappear either with or without the baby and I was actually finding myself breathing a sigh of relief for Craig every time she was still there. I look forward to watching the continuation of his story line, along with the added interest of his dad entering the picture. I was actually happy to see Billy come back because I like the comic relief and lightness that Denis Leary brings to the table. Not a fan of the Sisters Deschanel but the Angela character is acting as a good instigator to keep things moving plot wise so she can stay. Unlike Mia. Bye, girl! Mia made me miss Nikki. And Frankie is just bland. She either needs to serve a purpose soon or just go away with her dullness. Although she does have a great wardrobe. All the actors are great, but Shawn Hatosy and Finn Cole are just killing it and I look forward to them sharing a lot more screen time come the new season. Deran and Craig always have such great scenes together because they just get each other so well but of course this episode's scene between Deran and Pope was the standout. I am so totally excited at the way the finale ended (complete with a brand new fresh round of ass kicking!) and I look forward to its return.
  4. "On a personal note, thank you to all the proud conservative American women who give me so much love, support and the incredible privilege to speak of your behalf...." So much for being the least partisan woman on the show, huh, Megamouth? Thanks for keeping us laughing even on the weekends.
  5. I am really late to the party on this great show; I just got around to watching it the last few weeks via Netflix. I'm a huge Felicity fan so please indulge me my need to nerd out for a minute. Aside from the obvious fact that Scott Speedman played Ben on Felicity, I had to chime in to say that Shawn Hatosy was also on a couple of episodes playing the character of Owen; a nice guy who wants to date Felicity amidst all of her angsty drama with the ever moody Ben. This probably matters to nobody but me and maybe the 2 other people who watched Felicity, but I just kind of of got a kick out of it when I first tuned in and saw Shawn.
  6. #nomoreheadacesfromextrahair I think you mean headaches, you giant loser. What a great speller this one is. If I had a dollar for every typo I see this bitch make, I'd have enough to buy her a crib.
  7. Holy cripes, talk about the Job from Hell. Poor Tom.
  8. Or Ash's jeggings? Am I still the only one traumatized by those things? He could barely sit right on the couch. He looked like Kramer trying to sit on Jerry's couch back in the day in his tight jeans. And if I took a shot every time she played with her hair, I would have been just as tanked as she was.
  9. I didn't even watch the show today but I feel as though I can still safely say with confidence that yes, she did.
  10. Oh goodie! I look forward to not buying it! I don't know how anyone can stand the sound of that guy's voice. I've tried listening to him a couple of times and both times, NOPE.
  11. Quick! To the fainting couch!
  12. Holy shit, I do believe you all collectively just cracked the baby crib code. She's been angling for free shit all along. And just like that, the crisis is over. Thank God. Now I can concentrate on the other 2 major issues of the world, now that the most important one is over.
  13. Who wants to go in with me on the baby shower gift?
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