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  1. Up next week: Bike lanes. And the week after that: Insurance premiums. Lather, rinse, repeat. Whoopi's tired shtick is played out. And if viewers weren't already sick & tired of listening to a rich celebrity complain about money problems before covid, I bet most of them will tire of it pretty quickly now.
  2. Sickly Wendy Williams seen wearing only robe & socks as she's led out of her NYC apartment.
  3. Kstew is a bit of a head scratcher for me. Because Red Carpet/Movie Premiere Kristen is full of charisma and even if I might not like what she is wearing, I am always buying what she is selling because she always owns it and just kills it when she smiles: But then there's the acting: 🤷‍♀️ Further to the head scratching, whomever thought "hey, how about Kristen Stewart?" when casting this Diana movie must have been on some serious mind-bending drugs. Or in a fever haze. Or both. Crazy times we are living in, kids.
  4. Whoopi Goldberg wants to play 'Doctor Who' — but thinks she's too American
  5. I cannot think of a worse pair of pants to wear in the rain; umbrella or not. Imagine the condition of those hems after being dragged across all that wet cobblestone. Not to mention the backsplash they would cause all up the back of her legs. Wrong day to wear those bad boys. As would be any other day that ends in Y; rain or shine.
  6. I feel like this has become the sole purpose for *most people to have social media accounts anymore. Wake up, pick up the phone and go look for ways to stir up shit. It's become way too easy to be an asshole. *I originally typed some but nope, it's probably most.
  7. I mostly knew her from her Tila Tequila days. When Tila was the bigger name and trying to make Meghan happen.
  8. Not only does any other person on the show who is not named Whoopi Goldberg do a better job at moderating, I am pretty sure the squirrel running around my front yard could do a better job of it.
  9. I haven't started season two yet but I am so relieved to read all of your promising comments thus far. After a string of Netflix favourites turning to sudden shit on me this summer, I look forward to tuning back into this crazy show this evening knowing that it will deliver!
  10. Issa Rae has one of, if not the, best smiles in the world. That photo is gorgeous!
  11. White pants are always a hard pass for me and on a guy they are both a hard pass and a hell to the no. 👎
  12. Dear Bitchface, And p.s. and by the way,
  13. Cementhead


    Same here. I adore this show and in past seasons, would watch the entirety of episodes in one sitting. This season? Not so much. Watched a couple of episodes a few days ago and then proceeded to forget about it. I keep reminding myself to get back to it. But then I don't.
  14. Megamouth's sleep nanny:
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