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  1. I, for one, am still 100% distracted by Kristin Davis's fucked up mouth; so much so that I can't stop staring at it in every single scene she is and even I didn't miss that thing because it was RIDICULOUS, people, RIDICULOUS. Straight out of a seedy pranks & gag shop found in aisle 10 right beside the blow up dolls. Harry shall now be known as Floppy in my house. Let me know when it's ready so I can put in my order.
  2. Maybe I was tripping from all the visuals coming at me from this freak show but Mom somehow reminded me of Billy Bob Thornton. Or maybe more specifically, Sling Blade? I haven't even thought of that movie in a hundred years but here we are. I think it was her voice and the way she spoke. I feel like there's a lot of wise, old wisdom and sage advice under all of that flea market clothing and spray canned hair. And I am still dying at them saying Fupa to Dr. Now and asking him if he knows what that is. I am making myself laugh out loud every time I think about it.
  3. If Dr. Now has considered retiring or at least getting out of the TLC game, this episode would be the one to end it on because Dolly and her clown car was a bridge too far even for this show. Because Holy Hell, that was a lot to unpack. I died when they dropped Fupa on him and then I proceeded to die 25x more as the horror show continued to get worse and worse. It may take me all day to recover from that one. ☠️☠️☠️
  4. I agree. I can deal with laugh tracks when I am watching an episode of Friends or Seinfeld for the 100th time but on anything new? Nope. Not happening. Won't watch.
  5. I die a little bit inside every time I think of Cynthia Nixon's ex-husband. I have never felt so sorry for a complete stranger like I do every time I am subjected to yet another chapter of Coming Out; The Cynthia Nixon Story: starring Miranda Hobbes. Because if this is her story than this is his story, too. And how fun for him to get to see it played out on television after having lived it for real. If I am watching the cringe fest that is Che & Cynthia Miranda through my fingers with my hands over my face hoping that I sink into the couch and disappear imagine how THAT guy feels! 😬
  6. She hopes we can find some inspiration when we ready her book.
  7. I take most online critic reviews like I take book reviews & product reviews on Amazon ... with a huge grain of salt.
  8. Me, three! I have barely said a word on these threads because I have nothing to add to the many thoughtful and meaningful posts you all are writing. I can't express my disappointment and frustration with this show any better than you are all doing so articulately. The amount of activity this place has created just shows how much of a missed opportunity these guys had with this show. Because instead of us collectively commiserating over what a giant shit show this turned out to be, we could have been rejoicing in revisiting these beloved characters one last time.
  9. We just finished this last night. Loved season one. It was intriguing & thought-provoking. But season two? What a pretentious pile of nonsense! And that's not even counting the giant psychic octopus. I would have stopped watching it but the husband insists on seeing things through to the end so alas, we suffered through it while simultaneously rolling our eyes and telling the show that it got exactly what it deserved by being cancelled. I read that they had 5 seasons mapped out. Perhaps if they had stayed more focused on BBA and the boys; the heart of the show, they would have
  10. That is one of the most elegant and luxurious looking Christmas cards I have ever seen! This family knows how to do just right the right amount of glam without it being too much. It totally speaks to my aesthetic.
  11. Speaking for myself, this reboot has seriously tainted the desire to ever watch the original series again. Everyone involved in rewriting the history and personalities of these characters without giving any thought or care to the show's legacy and fans pretty much killed my desire to do a rewatch anytime soon. I figure why even bother?
  12. To say that I am sadly disappointed in SJP for agreeing to let all involved basically tear down and destroy the original series like this would be an understatement. She was one of those actresses I always held in such high esteem and I have always felt nothing but affection for her because of SATC. What a giant fucking letdown this has been. I guess Keanu Reeves really is the only actor who isn't a giant asshole after all. I hope the money is worth it to her and those all involved, because it comes at the cost of the original series' characters and fans.
  13. I find it beyond cringe when grown ass adults do stupid things like this solely for the purpose of putting it on social media. It literally makes me want to crawl under the couch with second hand embarrassment for them. I feel like how Chris looks. Sure, he's learned to start putting a bit of a smirk on his face but you know he's dying inside. Did he meet Amy before he married her? A more mismatched pair you will not meet.
  14. I don't know how successful it was, but I just watched The Way Back on Netflix last weekend because I literally had nothing else to do and could not find anything else to watch. You will not find a lesser fan of sports than me, nor an even lesser fan of movies about sports so when I tell you that it was a delightfully thoughtful little movie that I highly enjoyed, it is based on the great writing and acting; including Ben's. He plays a guy struggling with alcoholism so the 'autobiographical' comments write themselves but he was great in it. Felt like a raw, unplugged, bullshit-free version
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