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  1. Maybe it's MyProducerBrian holding up cue cards:
  2. I've heard people say that tucking the shirt into your underwear works but that sounds like such an easy solution to the problem that I am highly doubtful it would actually work. 🤷‍♀️ This outfit looks very 'luxe' to me; a descriptor that is thrown around and over-used too much but in this case, I think it's apt. Those colours looked beautiful together on her and so did the rich looking fabric & textures that she mixed up.
  3. I haven't watched in many years but when I attempted to way back when, I could never get passed the ridiculous dancing she used to do when she first came into the studio as the music played. Does she still dance her way around the furniture, straddling the coffee tables, etc.? And this was supposed to be funny? Entertaining?
  4. Whoopi likes the clout and extra cash that comes from being the moderator but can't be bothered to actually do the moderating. Just contrast her to Joy when she steps in on Fridays. Joy actually does the job of moderating. What a concept.
  5. You'd better move quick before Kevin Smith claims it!! Kevin Smith reminds the world that he created the term 'Bennifer.'
  6. Anytime I watch a tiny snippet of this show like I did just now (Megan Fox interview) Kelly does the thing that drives me bonkers mad -- she will relate to her guest by agreeing with something they said, like, "OMG, I do the SAME thing!" -- but instead of leaving it there so that the guest can then go back to what they were saying, she derails the entire conversation and never lets the guest finish their part of the conversation. I only made it up to the Harry Potter bit because Kelly had to out-fan Megan. Click.
  7. Because 99% of the posts here alone are about her. All day, every day. Just one example. "Make Sparks," the producers say. Meghan's response:
  8. Whoopi used to make the casino rounds and she did a few shows at a casino near me a couple of times. The first time was before she joined The View and I really badly wanted to go see her because she was Whoopi Goldberg! The second time she came around was a few years into her View gig. Husband asked if I wanted to go. Meh. No thanks. Best sums up the Whoopi Goldberg experience for me.
  9. Yep. They've been doing that for years and it has always pissed me off. An embarrassing display of their ignorance.
  10. That's the only way to watch The Wendy Williams Show. The closing credits are the best part.
  11. Possibly good(ish) news for viewers who don't want Jenna Dewan to join the cast: Eddie McGuire teams up with Jenna Dewan and LL Cool J to film new American television show Come Dance With Me in Australia It starts filming this month in Australia so unless she can swing two continents at the same time, she's probably out? But then never say never; it is show biz. Maybe it's a really quick gig and maybe The Talk is going to take a long time making a move.
  12. It's a sad reflection of just how shitty things have been the last year+ that waking up to the news that Bennifer 2021 might be a thing has made me feel really happy this morning. And I am not even ashamed to say it. This is exactly the type of headline my battered soul needed. I look forward to every single paid for pap stroll; including the much anticipated coffee runs. Bring it!
  13. Even categorizing it as entertainment is becoming a bit of a stretch.
  14. This board is the perfect example as to why ABC keeps Meghan on the show. She gets all of the attention. She's all anyone wants to talk about. The more she misbehaves, the more attention she gets. It's a win-win for her and a win-win for ABC $$$. The big losers in all of this are her co-hosts for having to put up with her. She has all the power. The viewers are also the losers but that's easily solved by not watching.
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