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  1. This is awesome, @GoldenGirl90, it totally made me crack up. You nailed it, gurl! "It's funny 'cause it's true." -- Homer Jay Simpson.
  2. Just free-styling here with some guesses -- Conservative? Republican? Father? Unity?
  3. Yep. It was This Face 2.0 (from her return show.) Always grimacing away in her square. Such a grumpy pants, this one is. So hard done by.
  4. And don't even get us started on those damn bike lanes!
  5. UGH, true. Gotta tongue bathe the princess to keep her off of the ledge. She needs to spend a lot more time learning the definitions on her Word-of-the-Day Toilet paper instead of just the word. But nah, just using the big people grown up words is good enough for her. The knowing the rest is too hard! And Man, was she wearing ALL of the hair today, or what?
  6. That's the real Meghan coming through. The shaky voiced woman-of-the-people persona she's taken on recently is going to be impossible for her to maintain. Earlier in the show she was able to stay all calm & collected when Whoopi screwed up by calling on her to speak only to have to tell her to wait until after the break. Because the real Meghan would have lost her shit or at least eye rolled herself into momentarily blindness. But then Real Meghan showed up loud & clear during her Diblasio diatribe.
  7. Yeah, she's suddenly the Norma Rae of The View.
  8. Same. Me, every time: I also had to move really close to tv screen because it looked and sounded to me like she was wearing braces. But nope, just her new lip injections causing her to sound different.
  9. All I see when I look at Kellyanne Conway is beige. Her beige hair is always the same shade as her beige face and it's a welcome distraction because it prevents me from actually hearing anything that comes out of her beige mouth. But I will always thank her for wearing this to DJT's inauguration for all the laughs it provided me
  10. Damn, did I ever miss Joy's HLN show for a very long time after it was cancelled! She was aces on that show and her interviews were so highly enjoyable. I still remember her interview with Malcolm McDowell as being particularly stellar and one of the best I had ever seen. She was able to shine on that show and I always hoped that she would be moved from HLN to CNN to replace Larry King's vacated 9pm slot but alas it was not meant to be. Joy is squandered on The View. She is a deep thinker with a lot of intelligent things to say but is never able to delve deep enough into anything because of ridiculously limited time constraints and because she has to share that time with 3 other women and a 36 year old toddler. She has the patience of a SAINT because I would have packed it in YEARS ago and said, screw this!
  11. Maybe they are having a glitter-off? A battle of the glitter? May the most glittery-eyed woman win? Or, in this case, lose?
  12. Meghan seems to be spending a lot of time watching Youtube makeup tutorials again.
  13. Is she still signing off by telling everyone to hug their friends? The one bad thing about never being able to make it to the end of the show because, reasons (reasons being the loud-mouthed, blonde quarterback) is that I miss the closing incoherent nonsense that falls out of Whoopi's mouth.
  14. She bores me, too. Every time she speaks now, me:
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