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  1. Female narcissists don't like to share attention; especially with their daughters, so the timing of this extra needy & thirsty attention-seeking behaviour isn't lost on me. But the immature, juvenile twist is really effed up, even for her.
  2. I remember seeing a poll a year or so ago that cited that masturbation was up in record-high levels thanks to working from home. Yes, there was a poll and yes, people actually admitted to it. And hey, it's not my business what anyone is into and how many times they may or may not need to touch themself, but I don't think it's unreasonable to have to keep it in your pants when you're on the clock. I mean really, we aren't animals, people.
  3. Coincidentally, I just started streaming Designing Women a few days ago. It's free to watch through ctv.ca for my fellow Canadians. And this is the reason why I have to re-watch old sitcoms from the 80s. Because current day television is filled with this kind of garbage.
  4. She could, but why bother? She's been abysmal at worst and mediocre at best for how many years now and yet there she sits in the top spot day after day, pay check after pay check. She just doesn't care.
  5. I always think of this guy every single time:
  6. It's usually just the viewers who are punished for tuning in to watch.
  7. Actor Tom Welling announces birth of son named Rocklin Von. Rocklin Von. Ok? 🤷‍♀️ My eyes keep seeing Rockin' On, but hey, congrats all the same.
  8. Nowadays, that's just called a typical Monday or any other day that ends in a Y. Ooh Boy, this one makes me nervous. 😬 Are the ladies up to this? (NO) I can only imagine how sad her book must be because she has 'been through some things,' and she can be 'a lot' so I hope the ladies will be able to handle the seriousness of it all because they usually ... cannot. You know how certain people mark very specific times in your life? She does that for me. When her video for Nothing Compares 2 U was released I was 17 and I can still remember how much of an impact she had on m
  9. Short-waisted Meghan wearing high-waisted white pants with a crotch length that looks about 3 feet too long. And I hate her even more now for making me use the word 'crotch.' #burnthosepantspronto 🔥👖 That's the happiest I've ever seen her look. They should frame this masterpiece and put it on the bedside table beside her copy of The Constitution and Dolly Parton.
  10. Courteney Cox's plastic surgery just makes me so sad because her authentic face was beautiful and she would have continued to be beautiful as she aged. I know she has addressed her regrets with fillers and Botox but her biggest mistake was and still is that horrible chin implant. It has made the most drastic, negative difference to her appearance and it is all that I see every time I look at her face.
  11. One of my pet peeves is when people suddenly break out into song & dance on a television show and/or movie, so yeah, this episode was truly my version of tv Hell. Although I did enjoy Lucifer singing Wicked Games in his red satin pjs. Unfortunately I am not loving Dennis Haysbert's version of Dear old Dad/God so far. He just isn't vibing right for me in this; especially in his scenes with Lucifer. 10 points for the beard though; it looks great on him.
  12. Big fan of the first 2 seasons but no, I have not watched and don't plan to. All the reviews tell me it is an entirely different show altogether and nothing about it appeals to me.
  13. And now he does commercials to pay for all those marriages & divorces.
  14. I just read it here: https://pagesix.com/2021/05/27/matthew-perry-quits-cameo-after-concern-for-his-slurred-speech/ Why the hell is Matthew Perry doing Cameos was my first reaction.
  15. Ha! I just found this hideous thing online for 65 bucks! 2 minutes into a google search for headband trends and this exact one popped up. https://www.revolve.com/lele-sadoughi-terry-cloth-knotted-headband/dp/LELE-WA116/ 82 bucks for us Canadians. Wow, what a steal. Who's ordering? Save me one!
  16. I completely agree with you 100%! Just because it's being allowed to happen most certainly does not make it right. But what has to change before something changes? Ratings. Like everything in life sadly, follow the money. So ratings would have to drastically drop for the advertiser dollars to drastically drop and even then, they have their built-in View Your Deal commercial to compensate. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope because of the new bigwig at ABC. And as for Joy and Whoopi, I would personally love for them to leave this shit show and go live their best lives. Who needs
  17. Max & Wax are consistently the happiest looking Royals. Either they genuinely do love each other and love living their Royal lives as much as I think they do or else they are very good at faking it because I am always buying what they are selling.
  18. I don't know why anybody who is a regular viewer of this show is so shocked at Meghan's behaviour. I mean, as far as we can see from being on the outside of things, she's been getting nothing but positive reinforcement from the higher ups to act this way and even takes it upon herself to take credit for the ratings because of it. 🤷‍♀️ She's been able to run roughshod over her co-workers and guests alike for how many months now? How many years? The show has created its own monster, so now what? For sure she has jacked up the nastiness and her combative behaviour has escalated in
  19. Moving to Meghan thread..
  20. They say you can tell who a person really is by the way they treat others when nobody else is watching. Apply that logic to this bitch. She proudly treats people like absolute shit on live television with cameras pointed at her and hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on her without a care in the world! So real life off-air Meghan must be a real peach! Also interesting to note that McCain only ever gets her comeuppance on Fridays when Whoopi isn't there. Seems as though the ladies feel free enough to get in some rightly deserved digs when the EGOT isn't there to c*ck block them by imm
  21. At this point, everybody is actively participating in allowing Meghan McCain to get away with treating her co-workers like pieces of shit on a daily basis. The network, the show producers and even the other ladies are participating in it in their own way. It's the same shit, every day. And it's escalating. I guess everybody is just agreeing to play along in their own way ... to what end game, I don't know... better ratings? Raises? I have no idea. But to say that McCain holds all the cards is an understatement at this point. It seems as though in the last month or so, not only doe
  22. Oh crap, you are so right! ABORT THE PLAN. ABORT THE PLAN!
  23. I don't know if Whoopi's problem is she's smoking too much weed or not enough. I can't tell anymore. I do know that's she too close to her stash when she's working from home.
  24. The only good that could come out it would be if they thought that all the humans were like her, they would never return to Earth again. The End.
  25. Short term fix though. They'd return her after spending 10 minutes with her.
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