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  1. I agree…how many times do we hear about the effect of bad childhood from Ramona or bad marriages or loss,of spouses…but suddenly racism as experienced by POC in the cast aren’t important enough to talk about? And sunny was right as well…because if you watch these shows, yes everyone argues, but the white womens reaction to a POC arguing back is often quite different.
  2. Agree with joy. Also if Fauci is replaced it will just give the other side ammunition…see he really wasn’t right etc. hey won’t listen to anyone so eboni is wrong on that.
  3. At this point so many of those who are misinformed simply won’t believe the science around it and wont look at other information sources. So not sure what you do about that and everyone’s been trying to educate people about it for months. If at this point they still won’t believe other sources, then that’s on them. Also the fact that getting vaxxed has become a political position doesn’t help.
  4. Same with those who continue to say the election was stolen…tired of it and don’t care any more. I totally understand sunnys stance.
  5. And Erika deserves to be dissed but I’m sure M would have had a different take and probably would have yelled at everyone. She was crazily adoring of Erika. Noted how she also didn’t scream murderer when talking about people who are pro choice.
  6. I think she’s simply always passionate about these issues and does a good job of explaining why these things are so important right now. I actually enjoy her as she brings these big topics down to earth.
  7. I enjoyed S.E. when talking about the housewives. She’s clearly a fan but not so over the top as you know who. So she can and will do the lighter topics and does them well with the same enthusiasm as the heavier ones…another difference from MM.
  8. Wow I too am surprised with Cupp. She’s actually pretty logical. And Sherri…he’s been I office for 8 months and in the middle of a pandemic with an opposing party that won’t do anything. Not sure how much ore she expected him to do by now.
  9. I love Louise Pennys books and was happy to see she’s also very personable. One never know with authors! She’s also a bit younger than I had imagined (I get her books on kindle so haven’t seen a photo on a book jacket). I do enjoy listening to Hilary Clinton as well…so knowledgeable and interesting to listen to on any topic. I sometimes imagine life had she won! Will definitely read their book..and hope for another Inspector Gamache one soon as well. They seem to have a really great rapport and friendship. Have to say the moose pjs looked super soft and comfy.
  10. Maybe that would be an alternative they should consider. Choose a conservative pundit they bring on a couple of times a week and that's the day they do more political issues...plus keep Ana. That would be more tolerable.
  11. The difficulty is finding one who's rational/not a trumper. And if they're rational or anti trump then conservatives say they're not real Republicans--a la Ana.
  12. After looking at what Chris Hayes had to say about her I really hope she's not chosen. Didn't know about her father--you know that she will revert to her truer colors if she has a platform. As I and many others have said, forget the politico angle and go for the younger demographic. There are already too many political shows and the View needs to go back to its roots. To be fair, it was difficult for anyone to have opinions the past few seasons when you knew you would be yelled at, talked over, demonized, etc by you know who. I'd keep my mouth shut a lot more as well.
  13. I don’t like anyone who worked for Orange guy, but I’m also thinking that she criticized Grisham for not holding a press conference. And I’m thinking that maybe she didn’t because the only storyline for trump was the “stolen” election and maybe she just didn’t want to have to deal with lying every time?
  14. Watching now. Boy! She’s tap dancing really fast to show how great she was and how she had so much integrity, etc. Sunny was great making her toe the line and sunnys right..she still chose to,work for Darth Vader no matter how much she talks around it. Loved Whoopies comment too. And the stock market isn’t the only way to judge economic success, especially since the party she is part of is always against raising wages. She did, however, have a great pageant wave. really threw Grisham under the bus and everyone else who’s written a book. Shes so ethical? Personally I think the
  15. Which one was she--there were so many I can't keep them straight.
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