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  1. Here's some great news - I just saw a pic of Eve - she's pregnant!! So happy for her. She's wanted a baby for such a long time. Can't wait to see her on Thursday.
  2. Not looking forward to two days of Eboni K. Williams. She's another one who loves to throw her degrees around and tell everyone how smart she is. I wonder how many times Sunny will remind Eboni, also an attorney, that she is a former federal prosecutor. LOL Looking forward to seeing Eve on Thursday. I came to enjoy her as a co-host on The Talk.
  3. This is what she refers to as *work* in NYC. What a privileged fool.
  4. It’s still on my channel 6 Philly WPVI. recording daily on my DVR at 2 pm..
  5. I realize this is a shallow comment but I noticed her hair immediately. There was a camera shot from behind and her extensions were obvious and the color didn't match her hair. She looked pretty rough. I expected her to be all glammed up for her first post The View TV appearance. I guess she's too cheap to use CCProStyles when she's footing the bill. I changed the channel after seeing her but Twitter comments aren't favorable at all.
  6. Carly was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed her very much. She's quite articulate and had a good sense of humor to boot. She seemed to fit in well with the others. Definitely the best guest co-host they've had this season.
  7. We won't be seeing Wendy Williams on Monday's show. I read on FB that she's dealing with some health issues (again) and won't be doing any promos next week for her show's September 20th premiere.
  8. Eboni K. Williams has helped ruin the current season of Real Housewives of New York. She's a very full of herself know-it-all who was on a Fox News show at the same time MeGone was employed by Fox. I didn't realize she's a conservative. She does have a law degree so the interaction between her and Sunny should be interesting.
  9. S.E. Cupp?? Ugh. She's nothing more than an extension of MeGone (f/k/a MeAgain). MeGone recently mentioned on the show that she speaks with her a couple of times a day. They are very close. S.E. isn't a friend in her head which doesn't say much about S.E. to me. She recently tweeted she was suffering from anxiety and having a hard time of it and would be stepping back from some things.I'm sure those daily interactions with MeGone don't help her anxiety levels. I believe she had tried out for the show some years ago and Whoopi didn't take to her if my memory serves me correctly.
  10. A thousand likes, Real Housewife!! Seriously. The adjectives she uses to describe anything that occurs in her life are just absurd. MyFather's death, her miscarriage, the cold she caught when she went to the casino after getting vaccinated - she wasn't just sick, she was VERY sick!! She thought she was going to die from Covid? First I've heard her say that. I am so over her and her malignant narcissism that I really don't give a damn who they hire just so I don't have to look at her bitchy face and hear her nasty voice for an hour each weekday. I think her post was to get every
  11. Last week, when discussing opioid addictions rising during the pandemic (which wasn't the topic they were discussing but, as usual, she went off topic to suit her own purpose), she mentioned she has been involved in more 'interventions' during the past year than she has ever been involved in. How many of us can honestly say we have been involved in multiple interventions during our lives? Not making light of addiction but come on, multiple interventions in her 36 years of life??? She embellishes every damn thing she talks about. She has absolutely no credibility. She contradicts herself on
  12. MeAgain commented on Twitter over the weekend regarding Valerie's weight loss post. Of course, as usual, she made her response all about herself and how she weighs the most she's ever weighed and she knows how Valerie is feeling. Most of the comments were not kind to MeAgain, not about her weight but pointing out that she made Valerie's post all about herself. My guess is she may have asked the producers if she could use the time allotted to her to comment about Valerie to mention her participation in yesterday's No Fear Rally. Obviously, Whoopi was aware she wanted to 'pivot' so she d
  13. Yeah, she was showing a pic of a blonde and was going on about her and said she resembled MeAgain and oh, by the way, blah, blah, blah. She was trying to slide it in with as little acknowledgement of her error as possible. I'm sure it killed her to have to admit that she misspoke. LOL
  14. Just letting everyone know, on today’s show, Wendy Williams walked back the comment she made during last Friday’s show about Sara leaving The View at season’s end. She said she liked Sara and her sidekick, Norman, said he loved her. So we can put that rumor to rest. As usual, Wendy misspoke and misstated facts. She misstates things on a daily basis therefore I take anything she has to say with a grain of salt. The only thing I’m surprised about is that she corrected herself on the record. Perhaps her team encouraged her to do so.
  15. Okay, if prepping for the show is so stressful with “a finite amount of time to get things done”, how is MeAgain able to find the time to have troughs of makeup applied to her face along with detailed eye makeup and lip applications, intricate hairstyles, including extensions, braiding, etc., on a daily basis. Seems to me these over the top theatrical displays would take a hell of a lot more time to execute than breast pumping. I think it tells us exactly where the POA’s priorities lie. It always has been and always will be all about her.
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