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  1. Hopefully, Monday's meeting is part of ABC making a record as to why they will not renew MeAgain's contract next season. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part but I can't help but feel all of the negativity, crazy comments (particularly with regard to Dr. Fauchi and dangerous misinformation about the pandemic) and angry outbursts are giving the PTB cause for concern. It appears a lot of viewers are contacting ABC and they are taking notice. I was one who took the time to e-mail them after Monday's fiasco and apparently many others also felt the need to voice their objections about the nega
  2. Exactly, Bannana. For the life of me, I can't imagine who would be pitching tough things to the Princess. Maybe she's so dense she thought Sara was referring to subject matter and not segments that require actual physical exertion. MeAgain sits on her ass for a living and doesn't do anything that requires her to exert herself unless you consider her obsession with continually holding on to her cell phone to post mean tweets and selfies as exertion.
  3. I don't think Joy mentioned that Sara had the day off unless I missed it.
  4. OMG, how many times did Jake Tapper mention MeAgain??? Was it really necessary for him to include her when commenting about Senator Romney and Representative Cheyney? Puttting her on a level playing field with two elected officials is the reason her ego continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
  5. Anything for a photo op. I'm sure this was well thought out and the nanny was given strict instructions.
  6. I think MeAgain confuses mainstream with network. Perhaps she is referring to ABC, NBC and CBS -I don't have a clue but once again she is spewing incorrect information. It annoys me to no end that she is never held accountable or has to correct a prior statement or offer an apology. She gets away with things that anyone who wasn't the daughter of Her Father would ever get away with. It wouldn't be tolerated. I keep waiting and I know all about the ratings and her supposed draw but I can't help but think the PTB don't get pissed off at some of her comments particularly about their show.
  7. Too funny!! I just commented on the weekly thread about Liberty's genetics!! I swear I hadn't seen this article prior.
  8. I'm happy to hear that Sunny is now fully vaccinated. She and Sara made a lot of sense in their responses to the GA mother bitching (she was bitching) about kids wearing masks. I particularly appreciated Sara pointing out kids can transmit the virus to their loved ones who may be at high risk and she was really spot on when she said she and Max also don't want to have to deal with possible long haul side effects should they become infected. That's a big effing deal and should be taken very seriously. Smart couple. As usual, MeAgain made no sense and her comment that Liberty must think
  9. I saw him. Nicolle was supposed to be on air today. She tweeted shortly after 4 that she is sick but will be back tomorrow. Claire McCaskill tweeted an hour earlier that she would be on with her today so I'm assuming it was a last minute decision on Nicolle's part.
  10. I'm so sick of MeAgain clutching her pearls anytime sex is mentioned. A few weeks ago she was beside herself complimenting Andy Cohen on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta which was pretty risqué - male stripper, possible threesomes and lots of other adult only themed happenings and innuendos. I believe she said it was one of the best episodes ever. She is such a hypocrite and that's why I can't take her faux shock at hearing Whoopi say vibrator. She's full of crap. Another one of her go to comments which she went to yet again today - "My mom watches this show" is also rich. No
  11. An interesting aside - Tiffany Cross, along with Sunny and five others, was one of the co-authors of the op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post in May of 2020 which encouraged then candidate Joe Biden to name a black woman as his running mate. Sunny often refers to the piece on the show, as recently as last week if I recall correctly. I would imagine Tiffany and Sunny have some sort of a relationship. Wonder how this is playing out between MeAgain and Sunny. I can only think it may put Sunny in an awkward position considering all the kissing up to MeAgain she has done this season.
  12. MeAgain’s publicist more than earned his/her keep today. Let’s face it, we all know there is no way in hell she would have ever issued an apology for her past comments regarding Covid. Her usual MO is to lash out at anyone who dares to call her out for her comments regardless of the topic. Interesting there weren’t any tweets from Brilliant Ben attacking John Oliver like he attacked Seth Meyers after she appeared on his show. I think they are in crisis mode today attempting to clean up the shit she stepped in. I’m hoping ABC is getting tired of the type of attention she’s drawing to the show
  13. And she probably picked up their bar tabs thus they act like friends all the while kissing her ass to see what else they can get from her desperate self.
  14. LOL, according to her, she has friends all over the world!! Whatever the topic, she tells us she's been on the phone discussing the issue with friends. I laughed when she said she was talking to friends in the UK on a daily basis after the Harry/Meghan interview. Yesterday, she referenced her California besties during her failed attempt to filet Governor Newsom. Who are these people???
  15. I think Sunny has mentioned she enjoyed entertaining at her home prior to the pandemic. Since she and MeAgain are as thick as thieves these days, how would she react if MeAgain and Ben were invited to a gathering at her home and showed up with 15 or 18 of THEIR friends!! I wonder if Sunny would be able to be a gracious hostess to a bunch of Twat's friends. Ben would be bad enough.
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