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  1. Perfect description, Suomi. She sucks the air out of the room in an instant.
  2. What's up with MeAgain's sudden fixation with Sunny? Every time she opens her mouth for one of her long-winded dissertations, she prefaces whatever she is going to say with "I agree with Sunny" or "As Sunny was saying". She says it every damn time she opens her big mouth. Wasn't it this time last year that MeAgain was busy trying to have Sunny fired for supposedly leaking stories about backstage drama to the media? I wonder what's changed. If I were Sunny, I wouldn't get too comfortable with the supposed infatuation. MeAgain is capable of stabbing her in the back again in a heartbeat. She wouldn't think twice about it. Joy looks like she thinks it's a bunch of bullshit. I think MeAgain is getting on her last nerve. I know she's on mine.
  3. I think it's obvious why they won. Not much competition in my opinion but we all know MeAgain will be even more insufferable.
  4. If she did use a car service, even though it's not too far from NYC to DC, I'd presume she would have to use a restroom at least once. I would think that would be too much for The Princess of Arizona to deal with in her delicate condition. She'd have to mingle with the common folk, you know. She likes to make people think she's one of them, but in reality she takes her crown very seriously.
  5. If she does decide to address the Virginia fiasco, I fully expect the others to either say nothing or come to her defense. For whatever reason, she seems to be getting away with more and more and no one bothers to call her out anymore. Joy just sits there and says nothing and Sunny, who used to do a fabulous job putting her in her place, seems to be just fine with her these days. If they are giving her a pass because she's pregnant, I'm really pissed. I have a feeling she and Brilliant Ben left NYC after last week's shows finished taping. She may have been in NYC until last Friday. I'm just wondering how she got to VA. If they drove, I would think she wouldn't be too happy about using public restrooms. Maybe they went via RV or maybe they flew. I guess she got a chance to visit The Grave.
  6. Over MeAgain's dead body!! LOL She kisses Andy's ass any chance she gets and unfortunately he kisses her's right back.
  7. Excuse me, but I really don't think the world went "batshit insane" when her father passed. His was terminally ill for a year and his death did not come as a shock. It appears to me that MeAgain is becoming more and more desperate for the attention she craves and usually manages to garner when she's behaving like an overgrown toddler on stage at The View. These at home shows just aren't giving her the attention she normally gets. There's no back and forth and no one is challenging any of the nonsense she spews, thus there are fewer opportunities for her to get any coverage, good or bad. I'm so sick of hearing about her roots, the anticipated backlash to her weight gain, etc. She's a legend in her own mind.
  8. I'm pretty certain she has said/posted on numerous occasions that one of her best friends/confidants is her hairdresser, Josh Rupley. For the life of me I can't imagine why she would have to ask her followers on Instagram for suggestions for hair dye for a pregnant person. Oh, that's right, she already knows and is just craving her daily dose of attention.
  9. Like she won't have baby nurses and nannies taking care of the kid. Give me a break.
  10. MeAgain's comments today about her wardrobe choices and how she perceives herself as being the serious host on a show like The View, is comedy gold. Move over Joy. She is taking herself way too seriously. Does she really think if she walks out in a pantsuit people are going to start thinking she has Hillary brainpower? Former host, Nicolle Wallace, dresses very nicely on her show but she's not all buttoned up and church lady like. Let's face it, she would love to have a show like Nicolle has with her name in the title. In her dreams.
  11. If I recall correctly, MeAgain saw Ben on an episode of Bill's show and she tweeted him some sort of a positive comment thus beginning their relationship. He had previously dissed her on social media.
  12. After MeAgain tried to sound all sorts of empathetic during the Birx interview regarding people of color contracting COVID at such a high rate, I find it beyond strange that she didn't take part in the AOC interview considering one neighborhood in AOC's district has the highest number of positive tests of any zip code in the country. Wonder what the real story is behind her absence. I, for one, am not buying a technical issue.
  13. Yep, what a bitch she is. She'll never change. Kid or no kid. I replied to her initial tweet that she was shooting from the hip, as usual.
  14. In keeping with family tradition, I'm betting the first gift Baby McDomenech receives will be an AR-15.
  15. One thing's for sure, MeAgain is not going to miss having her say when the election kicks into high gear. I'm thinking she's going to take minimal leave as she wants all the exposure, both good and bad, that she can garner during that time. She's going to be insufferable. Hopefully Joy's feed issue gets corrected quickly. I enjoyed hearing from her but that feed was hard to take and very distracting for everyone. I think Whoopi was ready to scream and, for once, I wouldn't blame her. The producers need to step up their game. This is one lazy show from a production standpoint.
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