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  1. This season is something, isn’t it. They’re down to starving people eating possibly diseased carrion and counting the dirt layers on their faces and bodies. Nothing to really even learn this episode, except maybe to never try and fish with a woven basket.
  2. I just think of Whoopi, who tried so hard to coddle Meghan only to have her turn on her, as well was behind pushing the brat out. You could see that Whoopi was getting more and more fed up with Meg. Then Meghan had the audacity to snap at Whoopi “And YOU can just be how YOU always are!” that day, with her neck rolling with all the attitude in the world. It was so disrespectful and Whoopi holds a lot of power here still. After that, there were some fluffy days then Whoopi doesn’t come in for a over week with sciatica (from home) then Meghan announces she’s leaving. Must have been a hell of a me
  3. This week was even worse. I know they’re going to starve somewhat but this season is more like just fast till you can’t last. Just my 3rd season and I don’t know much about being a survivalist but the restrictions are so harsh this time, adding to the misery. No trapping, no fish nets, hardly any food at all, salmon mostly gone, etc. Plus bears everywhere. Their shelters all look crappy like they won’t take the snow but I’m spoiled by Rock House. There doesn’t even seem to be trails, just rocks and huge downed logs all over. As many people said, the show must want it cut short because this isn
  4. This is only my third season of Alone and I’m not enjoying watching everyone just starve. You’re there for 2 weeks with a baby fish and some green chewy crap that made you sick. Hope it turns around because it’s painful for me to watch. On the other hand, I do laugh at the people that want to be on this show then proceed to complain about every aspect of being there.
  5. I always thought that Top Chef was not cumulative, thus allowing people to just not have the worst dish on that challenge and stay till they do. I’ve seen people skate the entire season just to make it to the finale or final 3 and some very talented chefs go home because even though they were the strongest the entire competition, they screwed up that one day and had to go. That’s how Top Chef has always been so I don’t see why it matters how many times a chef screwed up in the past, as long as they do not have the worst dish that day. I think Tom added LCK so a few of the biggest ‘mistakes’ wo
  6. I kinda feel bad for Meghan getting sick after waiting so long to go out. That really sucks to catch a bad cold the second you think you can go out freely. A lesson to us all that we still need to be careful and the vaccine isn’t a cure all for everything out there.
  7. Thank you! A lot of people are traumatized and want to have at least a bit of a lighter time now. We’re not putting our heads in the sand but after years of the former guy and the pandemic, most of us don’t want to be screamed at with a scowling face and sour mood every single day about bad science, anger in politics and her team and on and on with that mean, crabby face of hers and her constant interruptions. Today’s interruptions were terrible, not letting even Whoopi talk. Whoopi seems completely exhausted with her. She interrupted Sunny too. She can’t talk about a hopeful future because th
  8. Maybe it’s too hard for her to make those awful duck lips while getting a shot.
  9. Meg is so self-centered and entitled that I think she lost part of herself with Her Side losing and all her “wise advice” she doled out proved untrue. She seems so much more unhinged now that her party is no longer in control. She’s all over the place with self-pitying rants and speaks 100 miles a minute with 10 topics every segment she gets to speak. She’s just one unhappy rant after the other no matter the question or topic. The Only Conservative Token rant was embarrassing, even for her.
  10. Meg had a pierced Mohawk yesterday 😂 she’s gotta be trolling! But her constant selfies don’t really look like she does on the show. I played around with a few filters early on but haven’t seen all the ones they have today and I don’t have Instagram. Is there a filter that sharpens you up so much like that? Every feature looks sharper, larger and more angular.
  11. It’s hard to believe Meghan hasn’t found a vaccine in her super rich circle as we’ve heard plenty about people like her jumping the line. Maybe they are really cracking down on who can get it better. But she’s still so angry! Every day anger. It’s weird in a new mom, most are so overjoyed with their child and the activities, milestones. She’s been worse than ever lately, dredging up clips of VP Harris not trusting Trump in September, Dr. Fauci from last March 🙄 and just putting any part of the year of covid in whatever order that suits her. She has been more miserable this week, if possible. A
  12. Watched this series religiously for about 7 seasons, dropped away and picked it up this year. Same stuff but yet I’m still enjoying HK immensely. Gordon is so passionate about perfect food, he’s still funny. My episode cut off so I didn’t get to see Marc walk the hall but figured he finally had to go. The ladies have the service down so they’re tough to beat right now (just gave them the whammy). That was a lame reward but the costs for this show looks cut significantly since I last watched. The scallops look cut in half. They used to be 2 solid inches high but I could be mistaken. We don’t ge
  13. Wow, meggy is always so pissed off. Biden is in office 6 weeks, trying to do a million things at once and no positivity from her. None at all about anything good that’s going on. Just attack, attack, attack with bitter talking points with that constant, damned angry face. I honestly want to know why she’s always so angry? Scowling today and hissing with so much venom about one word Biden used is ridiculous, even for her.
  14. What is Sarah wearing and why do they hate her? As others were saying, she’s a pretty woman with great arms and looks good in most clothing. Why put all these fluffy doilies on her. They dressed her like a 90 year old today.
  15. Meghan’s new hobby is trolling us with her hair, makeup and selfies. I guess I bite the bait cause I get a laugh every day from her ridiculous self 😂
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