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  1. No matter how someone may try to spin it. Darkening your skin to dress up and portray a black yourself as black is blackface. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t the exact blackface of the 1920s. Black people aren’t costumes.
  2. Deliberately making yourself darker and going to a party as a “beautiful African woman” when you are not black, is black face. Your intentions don’t matter and the shade of makeup is irrelevant. Joy did blackface. It was wrong then and now. She has, hopefully, learned to that it’s wrong and has grown. Having said that Orange glow Jr. is trash.
  3. Nutmeg saying that she wants to divorce emotion from facts is the height of irony. Is she serious? Ms. “IM JOHN MCCAIN’s DAUGHTER!!!” I cannot. I’m sick of the whole panel acting like the Mueller report was released and trump was exonerated. Stop it.
  4. I can't believe they did a segment on the Dianne Feinstein video hoopla based on the edited version of the interaction she had with those kids. Who am I kidding? Of course they didn't care to discuss the full length video and how the encounter was twisted by some who are too quick to react.
  5. I’m so tired of Abby and NutMeg bringing up arbitrary polls with no pushback from the others. Ugh
  6. When Joy said “if you’re going to have a hissy fit, we can’t continue”
  7. Whoopi also thinks Mel Gibson isn't racist because he never called her the n-word to her face. Any celebrity friend of hers is never racist, pervert, woman beater, etc. etc. Also, there is no statute of limitations on being racist. Who cares about someone being a "product of their time". What does that even mean. They keep refusing to talk about blackface news topics. I wonder why?
  8. They cherry pick which “hot topics” to discuss based on the cohosts person lives and it shows.
  9. I've seen the videos of these kids showcasing racist and misogynistic behavior. The smirking kid trying to intimidate Nathan Phillips was particularly disgusting and I didn't appreciate these women whitewashing what happened.
  10. NutMeg saying her petulant outbursts are a part of "healthy debates" was pure hilarity.
  11. Hey NutMeg, Sunny was wondering why you were bringing up Obama when talking about trump’s turnover rate just like the rest of us since you suffer from whataboutism.
  12. NutMeg is all rah rah free speech and evolving.....except for Joy Reid.
  13. Yeah, I'm tired of her "what about Obama" going unchallenged every day but that would require research.
  14. NutMeg just had to turn the DNA segment to be about how Amurican she is, didn’t she?
  15. There was a lot of yelling about Obama today, you'd think he was finishing up the first year of his 3rd term as President. What was Abby yelling about trump and his cronies being tougher on Russia than any administration since the Cold War, based on what? Your daddy's travel exploits? Stop it.
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