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  1. Motor mouth Me again in bitch mode trying to get the last word in Ugh...
  2. Sweet Jesus spare us with the fake outrage motor mouth Megs..
  3. King Harald went out like the bad ass he was.I did shed a tear seeing his bro,and singing..
  4. Heh,heh I was LoL with Ana.
  5. God "me again" is insufferable...
  6. I see the motor mouth on the Megs is cranked up to 10 this morning..Jesus she's so insufferable..
  7. I have to admit as a 42 yr old Man My eyes welled up watching Lagertha's funeral..Especially when She was reunited with Ragnar at the bottom of the sea...
  8. Hot Damn! Whoopi totally shut down the Motor mouth Megs..
  9. Thanks whoopi for setting the insufferable Megs in Her place..
  10. Smh,the Megs called Herself a "redneck"..She's more like a rich privileged brat.
  11. Damn,kudos for Whoopi not putting up with the Megs ramblings..
  12. Go Ana! Damn the Megs is annoying with Her pre written talking points..
  13. I was so irritated/annoyed with Him..I quickly changed the channel to CNN.
  14. Heh,Whoopi closed the door on the Megs..
  15. Ugh,motor mouth Megs is in Bitch mode x 10..
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