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  1. He’s always treated Christine as if she were a buffoon, which she isn’t. I think she’s always loved him completely and maybe the most honestly.
  2. Because this is where Robyn wants to be. Her idea In the first place.
  3. This phony ‘parents moving in’ thing is too ridiculous to be the least bit funny.
  4. Evelin looks totally different to me. Has she had surgery or something?
  5. I don’t believe she’s pregnant. Something said so everyone will tune in next week.
  6. Yes, she’s looks so good. Way to good for Jovi.
  7. She appears to have some new teeth that are causing a problem with her speech.
  8. Jovi was actually giddy when Yara said they could go to a strip club. I thought he was going to float out of the restaurant. What a self involved idiot.
  9. Not getting vaccinations is the Democrats fault, not Social Media. Thank you Megun, for once again clearing things up for the ‘rest of us’.
  10. I think Sara is intelligent and always well prepared. All of them are unclear at times.
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