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  1. Not getting vaccinations is the Democrats fault, not Social Media. Thank you Megun, for once again clearing things up for the ‘rest of us’.
  2. I think Sara is intelligent and always well prepared. All of them are unclear at times.
  3. Good, no one deserves it more. He’s horrible.
  4. I swear if I see him shrug his stupid shoulders one more time, I’m going to scream.
  5. It’s not who she’s ‘so desperate to go home to’ it’s who she is so desperate to get away from.
  6. Andre is way too stupid and obvious to pull off his manipulation of Chuck. Chuck must be acting, certainly he doesn’t really like or trust Andre.
  7. Hopefully, finally, Megun’s days are numbered. Not sure you want to mess with Whoppie😂. Sorry, Whoopie!
  8. I think Mike has gained most of the 90 pounds back. He seems like such a stupid redneck. I don’t believe Natalie will ever get a job in television or the entertainment industry. She’s neither attractive nor does she seem to have any particular talent.
  9. No matter what the subject, first and foremost, it’s about Megun. She’s such a horrible person. Can’t imagine her advice on any subject would be worth listening to by anybody.
  10. Michael and his mom are equally disgusting. Natalie’s horrible. His mom’s house😳. All horrid.
  11. She’s bored with ‘parenting topics’. She said this after the “I’m the Captain now” comment wasn’t met with the hilarious laughing response she expected. Time to pout. Does this creature have no redeeming qualities?
  12. Stupid when she was younger?😂😂😂. Like most things when you get older, it only gets worse and worse. What a perfect example.
  13. What a brainless twit.
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