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  1. big shock, Meghan likes this candidate. He mentioned “my father”
  2. What am I missing? Why can’t they talk about the Epstein case, and what was the knowing laughter coming from the audience. And the head bobbing from Sunny? I don’t get it
  3. I think I’m in the minority, but I really liked Jed.
  4. Meghan says Chris Christi knows better than anybody..... then she also knows better than anybody. Lol, if you breathe through it (like a contraction) she is so stupid it’s hilarious! Also, the end of that thought was - they each know better than anybody, because they go to red states, that Joe Biden can talk to coal miners... what in the actual fuck? I think The View should hire me! I too, would like to get paid very well to ramble on and on and not make any sense at all!
  5. She was throwing down the Mighty McCain Hammer on Kirsten Gillibrand. (Why won’t her producer tell her it’s pronounced Jill-a-brand?). Joy said the woman shined in the last two debates and Meghan began shrieking.
  6. Meghan - agism goes both ways. She screams about Swalwell’s age swipe at Biden, and in the same breath, swipes at Mayor Pete
  7. And no , Meghan dear, the ladies of The View would NOT be good debate moderators... gawd, could you imagine The Whoopster hem hawing , snapping her fingers trying to think of the word? And Joy(I love her) but she’s too opinionated and emotional, sad or funny! And lastly Meghan would never let them answer, blasting them with one gotcha question after another. Shakes head, sips her tea. No, just no.
  8. Ha! Meghan’s comment about Deblasio- same way we feel about her!
  9. First of all, she’s a size 12😉. And second, not every plus size woman would elicit that response. Just the narcissistic, egomaniac, daughters of John McCain! 😂
  10. But, Meghan’s father is John McCain!
  11. I need to add to that- there are other kinds of torture besides physical torture
  12. No one but the McCain family has the right to call out torture!! She has been to the Hanoi Hilton and she alone knows what torture is..... the
  13. Omg Meghan has to do an intro of her comment...She set it up like it was going to be some big implosion. She knows this is going to be unpopular, she was almost afraid to say it, but she has been lied to all of her life.... bla bla bla. I never heard anything earth shattering. What did I miss?
  14. How is this ok? Meghan complains about her treatment by late night hosts (BTW-Colbert handled her with extreme care) , and she barely lets the guest get off stage before she’s talking shit about them. I didn’t like Williamson either, and I certainly do not see her as a viable candidate. Meghan is ignorant, she proves it everyday
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