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  1. Yep, the producers have their own drama agenda! They didn't have to show Brandon's arguments with production on the show, but they did starting in Panama and haven't stopped. I'll bet there is more!! WHEN is the Decision Day? They are still at the country house next week.
  2. Taped. Ugh. Why can't it be live with Joy as mod and Ana?
  3. It depends who is on CC. Kristine/Keith and Ashley/Anthony are the poster couples and on most episodes. Jamie/Doug try way too hard and are more of an act. Jephte is pretty funny, Danielle is too boring (not on much) and a little AJ goes a long way.
  4. Why aren't the "experts" having them rate the marriages this season? We know how successful that has been!
  5. I ALWAYS wonder if they are handing out scripts. Now I'm wondering if the producers had an agenda and picked couples to match?? 1) Shoe In couple- Jessica/Austin (we don't want other Bobby/Danielle boring level but someone has to stay together) 2) Quit Early couple -Mindy/Zach (hey we haven't had a good one since Miami season but there was Molly/Jon --about time for one?) 3) Toddler couple- Taylor/Brandon (do we need one that can act like children and not play nice in the sandbox? AJ didn't like get along with the producers, can we top that?) What else? Let roll the dice with two more couples.
  6. Does she need to be reminded she is a Type I diabetic? Maybe she needs to listen to her wedding again when it was mentioned at the altar!
  7. Oh, I will ask , has she has moved on from "tribal" and "weaponized"?
  8. One little addition! Cut to Katie and Derek at picnic table, drinking wine. Katie: "Do you think I'm going to say 'yes' on Decision Day?" Derek: "I'm hoping you will." Katie: "I guess you'll find out. Derek: "Well, I'm really hoping you say 'yes' because you can go first and then I will say 'no' !
  9. The inside was old. Kitchen cabinets, furniture, wall paper, etc. However, it did have a full length window with the blinds open in the bathroom for Brandon/Taylor's fight! So they close the door and the camera crew goes outside and looks in from the window.
  10. Fake hair, eyelashes and nails....it is all too much and add on a ton of makeup. It must be exhausting!
  11. Sunny and Sara were both idiots for continuing to go into the studio. I really believe that Sunny thinks she is THAT important.
  12. Why does Katie think so highly of herself?
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