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  1. Why does she call him Kelvin? Sometimes she calls him Kevin. Isn't his name Kevin?
  2. You're correct. On her Instagram page she has a full length pic of her holding one of the puppies. I don't think I've ever seen her that big before. I do like her so much.
  3. Wow, Wendy has magic makeup and lighting in her TV studio. She looked so different sitting on her living room couch in the "what a mess" show.
  4. Valerie looks completely different with blonde hair. I'm more concerned about her weight but hope she is ok. I think she looks so much better with darker hair.
  5. Meghan, it is YOUR team. You tell us every day that you're a republican.
  6. The show seemed less scripted without Sara today. I had it on in the background and it almost sounded like they sitting around the table talking.
  7. He's gonna get more than his 15 minutes of fame after this. He's not done!!
  8. He didn't lie about large credit card debt. It was a student loan that he never paid back. How could someone not remember to pay that? Doug was so so so spoiled by his parents that I don't think he was use to being responsible because they probably often bailed him out.
  9. She had a big, big baby. He was almost ten pounds! She could be just taking her time to get back into shape and using her current size to her advantage, so I guess more power to her. Doug is one of the good guys that has been on this show. He is miles and miles ahead of AJ, Jephte and especially Bobby (who made a disgusting post about Magic Johnson).
  10. Oh, yea you posted it. The middle girl is the younger Jamie lookalike.
  11. Somehow Wendy survives as a long running talk show host. Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Meredith Viera, Ricki Lake, Harry Connick Jr, Queen Latifah and long list of others have come and gone. Drew Barrymore will likely join that list too. Wendy is still there in her chair.
  12. Yes, the bridesmaid looked like Jamie when she was in Season 1. Jamie has found a new niche for herself in the "I don't care what size I am" universe. I didn't need to see the swimsuit pics but they are modest compared to some of her other pics.
  13. I was being sarcastic! They made a poor attempt at trying to explain the Gamestop controversy and they proved they had no idea what they were talking about.
  14. Yes, I watched it again just to look for that. A younger and thinner Jamie lookalike. I wish I could post a pic here but I can NEVER get it to work.
  15. They did it to make it 100% clear they have no idea what the Gamestop thing is about. (being sarcastic here!) Meghan is the last person (next to Sara) that they should had TRY to explain it. If they wanted to get it accurate bring Rebecca Jarvis, the ABC finance person and let Sunny or Ana ask her questions.
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