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  1. They don't need a fifth co-host being remote since they can barely balance out the four now. Sara is just too vanilla for The View, they need Ana back on.
  2. I thought she said she is wearing because she felt she messed up talking about Carl Reiner the day before. So she put it on to feel better to talk about him again. I really can't remember and I don't have the energy to watch the show again.
  3. I posted this yesterday and Meghan's back at it again today. Did she not get new blue cards for today??
  4. I'm the only conservative on this show...blah..blah..blah... Tucker Clarson...masks...Fox news...Republicans...blah..blah....blah My head hurts!
  5. Meghan, it isn't 2008 again. Really, it isn't!
  6. Unless Lifetime get complaints, nothing will change. Sadly, Jamie and Doug don't stop short of much to make money. Seems "Couples Cam" gave the most air time to them and Jamie/Beth, who bring the drama. I wonder if all the couples got got paid the same??
  7. That girl is Zoe. She does Jamie's podcast and started living with Jamie/Doug during the pandemic to help with their daughter if they had to go to the hospital. But I think there was another person with a camera who wasn't wearing a mask.
  8. Well, I think there are two sides to Jamie's home birth. The side that really happened and at the side that we are seeing. Most of the time when she is in the pool and screaming, we only see the back of the midwife or someone, not what Jamie is saying. So there is audio but who knows if it is really from that scene. Also, I'm sure they filmed some scenes after everything was over, just for some "drama" scenes. We KNOW how this show is edited!
  9. Jamie said she did the home birth because of her or the baby getting COVID in the hospital. Also the hospital would only allow one person in with her. She probably wanted to bring a camera crew. Exactly! If Jamie can get full hair and makeup done to give birth, Danielle should have been able to get her hair and makeup ready to film on her own schedule.
  10. $900 to paint a kitchen island that has a dishwasher installed in it? That is not even four full sides to paint!
  11. Meghan doesn't want a gifted crib! She wants what the previous poster said. Meghan wants to go to a high end baby furniture store IN PERSON and be catered for an afternoon of royal crib shopping.
  12. But it is not about Meghan having someone buy or give her a crib. It is about her not be able to go out in person to look at cribs at different stores, decide which ones she likes, go home and think about how it will look in the nursey and then make her decision. Also, she might not like any of the ready made cribs and need to have one custom made.
  13. That is a very good point. He should be in hog heaven right about now! Bobby did want her home like his mom and sis, BUT he didn't plan on being home also.
  14. Bobby is working at home and not traveling for work. He needs time out of the house. Way too much Jamie on all levels. But she did manage to get her hair and makeup done with extra lipstick to give birth.
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