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  1. and got COVID from a Trump infected COVID White house
  2. Oh good grief, Meghan is back on her "I gave away my masks" horse!
  3. I don't think she was a last minute replacement but agree that I also see ZERO reasons Erik was matched her. ZERO. He is very focused and she is all over the place. He does seem like one of the best catches ever on this show!
  4. Sara is completely wrong for The View and it gets more obvious everyday. This show is no longer about the best shampoo and brownies.
  5. Wasn't he living with her in CA? Didn't she notice if he wasn't there?? I must not be following them enough!
  6. and the second big ass Neil Lane diamond ring goes from Clare's finger back to Neil's ring collection
  7. Exactly. Is Meghan going to give a free pass to republicans if they are found to have aided the rioters by giving tours of the Capital the day before?
  8. I have feeling Eric and Virginia are going to be the next Derek and Katie. Not that I think Virginia is going deserve the Katie level of hate, but people might be asking "out of all the potential women, who did they turn down to pick Virginia?" Eric deserves someone established, his party days are over. I can't even remember what she does for a job.
  9. Doesn't matter. If Josh Hawley's book deal got cancelled then republicans can't go out to restaurants. It's the domino effect!
  10. I actually thought her dress was pretty. She said she got it for something like $30 on Amazon. I like when people don't spend hundreds, when they could have.
  11. They, including her mother, don't count.
  12. Why do they have the people at the wedding ceremony socially distant and at the reception they right next to each other??
  13. Meghan: Because Ted Cruz is a republican. Had any democrat done with he and Hawley did she would have wanted them immediately expelled from the Senate, and not on Sara's "will get to their punishment later on" idea.
  14. Who says the words/letters "BS" in their wedding vows?
  15. She only cares about brain cancer. If Joe Biden had been impacted by a different cancer would she even care?? Wasn't it before her father died that Joe was on the show and moved to sit beside her? She is still an ungrateful twit.
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