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S03.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

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5 minutes ago, saber5055 said:

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Okay, so color me weird. I don't like Chad at all, there is absolutely NO excuse, NONE, for his behavior toward other humans. Take that from someone who has been in an abusive relationship. There is NO EXCUSE. He also revealed his true self when he cried he "had nothing" if he were kicked off the show, that he would "never be The Bachelor." Dude obviously is no "high-end realtor." At least not IMO. I still like Jubilee, and wondered what the show promised her so she would appear. Which causes me to ask, does anyone get anything from appearing? Or just a miserable, non-air-conditioned Mexico vacation with all-you-can-eat-and-drink? In any case, I still like this better than The Bach. But I could change my mind on that given a few more episodes. I'm rooting for Nick, he's my eye candy this season. I know ... go figure! As for past winners being in Paradise, didn't Jake/Vienna appear in S1?

Jake and Vienna were on Season 2 of Bachelor Pad.  I only remember past "winners" coming to paradise to give relationship recommendations to the contestants, but not to actually compete.

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1 hour ago, wovenloaf said:

Yeah...I started following him on there a while ago, but now...dear god boy has really gone off the rails. Mostly just a chain-smoking, awkward pelvic thrust-"dancing," rambling/slurring, downing a bottle of whisky alone in his hotel room, boozehound scene on there these days. Eek. I think he's playing it up to a point, but not all of it. Regardless, he might want to pump the brakes a bit. Cause we've all seen what a godawful drunk he is. And he's making an ass of himself. *Sigh* I actually liked Chad when he was just...fun, and sort of had his wits about him.

As others have said, Chad was also more fun when pitted against Evan and "The Garden." Now he just seems sad and lonely with an emerging drinking problem. As a gesture of goodwill, the franchise should offer to pay for some therapy. However, I do think Lace adding a degree of physicality (and I'm not talking about the kissing) made things much worse.

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I think Lace thought it was a game, rough flirting and all in good playful fun. When she realized Chad is a raging monster who was taking it all a bit too seriously she slammed on those breaks so hard he got whiplash. There really was no easy way out of that mess for either of them, but neither of them have anyone to blame but themselves. They signed up for this shit knowing full well what the producers are capable of, both having been on the mother ship. They both knew what they were doing and did it anyway. The only reason I'm okay with Lace not also being booted is because she did try to stop the train before it crashed.  But really, there are some bears you just don't poke with a stick.

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I can appreciate flirting, and maybe even an affectionate, light-hearted hit on the arm.  I saw more than that, though some of their scenes appeared to be looped.  Who knows what was left on the cutting room floor.   

13 hours ago, Falafel said:

This show has so much filler. That shot of Chad sleeping on the ground felt like an eternity. 

Yes, it did. 

7 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

In spite of her baby dragon face and missing personality, Ben described her as so beautiful it hurt and she's a type that the average guy just worships. 

Not baby dragon face! I can't unsee it.    

Never had any strong feelings either way about Chad, but I've little sympathy for him - he chose to return to the franchise, and he chose to drink excessively. He didn't mind being exploited when it benefited him, and had a tantrum when told to leave.  That he showed up at The Men Tell All and After the Final Rose after all the supposed railroading and manipulation is telling.  The famewhore is strong in him, as it is with all of these people.  

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I did get a kick out of Chad being put on the left of the group pic, and below everyone else, so the perspective makes him look teeny tiny. And as an aside, I just heard on the radio that TB has new TPTB who wants to start with more "diversity" in the next Bach. Stay tuned.

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On August 3, 2016 at 4:54 PM, PetuniaP said:

 I'd love to know what Jubilee thought she was doing on that date with Jared. Way to kill off any possibility of chemistry! I know she can flirt, she did a perfectly good job of flirting with Ben in the pool and getting him interested before she went off her rocker. But I saw NONE of that with Jared. You know what a really good way to get friendzoned by a guy? Start nerding out about something that he didn't express any special interest in!  I'm sure many, many guys would love the hot girl who can nerd out about Lord of the Rings but if she couldn't see that Jared is not one of them, she's more oblivious to how she comes across than she thinks. 

Jared was never interested in Jubilee.  If he were, he would've immediately said "yes" when she asked him on a date.  Instead he thought about it before giving his answer. There's not much to do in Paradise, so why not go out on a date?  Normally, talking about something you are passionate about makes you much more attractive to guys, but that strategy didn't work on Jared because he didn't have the slightest bit of interest in her to begin with.  Even talking about something the guy finds interesting will only land you in the friend zone unless there is a basic level of interest to begin with.  

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Well, that was uncomfortable.  As much as I don't like Chad, that was just plain painful to watch.  His lack of comprehension when playing around with Lace went too far and his angry response when she didn't want to play anymore.  Just plain scary.  No means no.  Just because she enjoyed it at first, she still had the right to say no.

And as for Chad's "truth telling"... like Juan Pablo before him, I don't think he should be applauded what he said.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the show.  Being disdainful of your employee isn't cool.  Same with his "sense of humour" that no one else seems to get.  If 99% of people are offended by your "jokes", maybe you aren't as funny as you think you are and you are the problem, not them. 


Best video on consent EVER.

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Listening to the description of Chad's snapchats is painful. I don't like him and think he's a violent asshole but to watch someone dive head first into lower lows makes me feel sick to my stomach. Especially since he doesn't seem to realize it. It reminds me of Requiem for a Dream but the fix is fame (and alcohol now) instead of drugs.

I have mixed feelings about the show's involvement with this and BIP as his second chance. Last year JJ went on the show and completely turned his image around. Maybe they figured - benefit of the doubt? Like hey maybe he'll be self aware and make use of this, turn it around or... it'll be the rope. Looks like it's clear which way that went. 

Moving on... I (like some of you I see) also always kind of liked Nick too. On screen he's witty, cute and he's the only one we saw putting on sunscreen. Good for you Nick. (I think he would actually be a really good Bachelor but I think that ship may have sailed. )

I also can't help but like Carly, she's a fun narrator. I guess that goes a long way with me because i'm into storytelling. BIP1 had Michelle Money but it wasn't quite the same. Last year between Tanner and Carly, there was some gold.

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On August 4, 2016 at 10:23 AM, ByTor said:

That was my 1st thought, that nobody with body fat as low as his could handle much alcohol.

 I found his hardcore snoring after passing out very alarming.  He was experiencing apnea, and they seemed more concerned with filming the crab embedding itself into his hair.  If Chad did vomit and start to choke, I can see them handling it like slapstick humor, like when the staff member jumped off the balcony and broke both legs.  That was just a ball of laughs. 

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12 minutes ago, RedheadZombie said:

 I found his hardcore snoring after passing out very alarming. 

Do you think that was actually him? The snoring sounded a little too perfect and even. I think it was dubbed. Though, if there wasn't that snoring sound he would've looked dead, so I get the editing choice to add it in. I can't be sure but that's what I thought.

I live with someone who has sleep apnea (but won't acknowledge it or do anything about it - grrr) and while everyone is different, I notice with the person I know that when there is that snoring/choking sound his lungs expand/contract more obviously because he's probably trying to get more air. It's also a less consistent cadence. Point is, i didn't see that with Chad. But I'm not a nurse or doctor and only have a few samples of people i know to pull from.

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I didn't think it was real either because every time someone is asleep on reality shows there's loud snoring. It's obviously just sound effects so that we, the audience, can recognize sleeping. You know we couldn't figure it out on our own. And btw if they're doing it because they think it's funny I have news. It isn't. It's just annoying. I'm sure there will be other snoring scenes this season, both men and women.

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I just realized that those intros they film are definitely not in the people's real homes. I have no clue where Chad was zipping his luggage in, but his house looks nothing like that. His real house, for a so-called luxury real estate agent who loves making money, is pretty crappy. They clearly find a beautiful, modern model home for the intros. I bet Lace's was fake too.

I don't want to ruin the illusion of the show for anyone, but I also just found out it is filmed over the course of...


...three weeks. Wow! That certainly changes my perception know that people used the L-word and got engaged at the end. These people either really want to be famous or they are crazy. Likely both.

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On 8/5/2016 at 3:29 PM, saber5055 said:

I just heard on the radio that TB has new TPTB who wants to start with more "diversity" in the next Bach. Stay tuned.

That was one of the first things I noticed was that this show was not exactly all "Yay diversity!!" but I guess when your drawing pool lacks diversity so do your spinoffs...

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The thing I like about Sarah is that it really shows that disabled people are just people, not some kind of perfect saint. I absolutely wish her all the luck in the world in finding a dude who's just as shallow as she is who doesn't give a fuck about her arm.

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For some reason I really love Lace's looks. I think she's really pretty but not in a typical way so she's interesting. As far as the guys, I like Nick's looks the best and I've always liked his attitude. I never understood the Nick hate. 

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I think Lace is absolutely stunning.  But she really needs to lay off the booze.  

When I saw Lace and Chad together, all I could think of was Elizabeth and Richard in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  That scenario was spiraling out of control, fast.

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On 8/4/2016 at 10:06 AM, BusyOctober said:

Lace is BSC in the same vein as cry-baby Ashley (looks like she'll be back to compete for the Crazy Crown).  All I can think of when I see/hear Lace is this Cecily Strong character on SNL:



OMG, thank you! Ever since she was on The Bachelor I've been annoyed at not being able to figure out who she so strongly resembles. Yep, it's Cecily (and personality-wise it's that character!).

I've never gotten the Nick dislike. I think he's very good-looking and have always thought of him as being genuine and not a typical garden-variety fame ho.

I confess to considering myself to be a Lord of the Rings geek even though it came about because of the movies. I've seen them countless times and never consider watching anything other than the the four-hour extended editions. I have way more LoTR action figures than any woman in her 50s should, and one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts is a replica of Sting.

Lastly, I HATE clowns, and seeing one make sexual thrusts is the stuff of nightmares!

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Wasn't done blathering on...
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On August 4, 2016 at 2:56 PM, OnceSane said:

IDK why Daniel thinks he's such a catch that the women aren't up to par for him.

I once worked with a bunch of juvenile guys who were fairly unattractive.  I recall the homliest one, very skinny and a face full of cystic acne remarking how embarrassed he would be to be seen with Sandra Bullock.  Not sure why he ever though he would have a shot with a Hollywood actress.  I guess it was transference or some such.  My ex was quite ugly with a high opinion of his attractiveness as well.   Daniel isn't hit or ugly, and he's a weird fucker to boot.  Rejecting before you get rejected syndrome?

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I knew one of those guys who proudly told me he was "not the ugliest guy in the world."  I think that's a big difference between most men and most women.  Men find someone worse looking and feel good by comparison, while women compare themselves to models and movie stars and constantly feel inferior.

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5 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

Men find someone worse looking and feel good by comparison, while women compare themselves to models and movie stars and constantly feel inferior.

Yes, and they'll then say something like "I'm a poor-man's Tom Cruise basically" when explaining their rather plainish looks. He will also be the only person who sees any resemblance.

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On 8/2/2016 at 10:03 PM, CindyBee said:


Chad needs therapy and shame on the producers for not cutting him off at the bar that night.   But they got drama and craziness that they wanted.  At least we know he's out of the running for the next bachelor.


I would lay odds though that he will be back at BiP next year.  

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