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  1. Eh, I wish I liked it. Bre-Z was very good, and Greta Onieogou was charming, but to be blunt, I'm not sure I find Spencer or his story that compelling. A more charismatic actor could have worked. As others have said the love [geometric shape] is already boring.
  2. I turned off halfway through this episode because I realized I just don't care anymore. Who cares who gets saddled with Serena? Who cares who runs Everlasting? Who cares about Rachel's family issues?
  3. Shows should be banned from depicting journalism or journalists. Even Chet and Madison aren't this dumb. I don't know why unReal is so afraid of Everlasting. We were promised Bunghazi and it was about three seconds of screentime. Instead we get endless judgmental stares from the drip psychiatrist, Jeremy's lovelife, and Rachel's family background. It's sad for a show that often has interesting things to say when it just calms down. To make a comparison, Jane the Virgin is wildly successful at delving into complex issues because it's a telenovela not in spite of it. Another issue IMO is that the show tried to have it's cake and eat it too with Serena. It wanted a Suitoress who was there for the "right reasons" unlike Adam or Darius, but also wanted her to be the female Elon Musk.
  4. The problem for me with Serena is that they're setting up this false belief that people need to act the way at work as they do in relationships to be authentic. Now if they were setting up the idea that Rachel can't tell the difference between personal and professional that might be interesting. But the way they seem to be dismissing non-work life as sexist and silly seems like they are on board with this idea. One thing I have liked is the set up of this season of Everlasting as Jasper v. Owen, because that's how The Bachelorette works - always some variation of good guy v. bad boy. I wish there were more about the dynamics of having a Suitoress vs. a Suitor, but nope. I can't tell whether I'm less interested in Jeremy's romance or last season's double murder.
  5. There were some elements of this episode and I liked better. I feel that there was a little more about the male contestants. The reveal that Chet has been telling the truth to his younger girlfriend was smart. And I think they've done well by Quinn. Building a character arc for someone who even in S1 (before the Season of which we do not speak) seemed to be at the end of their character arc. There's still too much on-the nose dialogue. And as much as the show tries to tell me otherwise, I can see why Serena's single. It's not because she's successful. It's because she's obnoxious and boring. Also, still finding Rachel/shrink too earnest.
  6. portfino

    S03.E01: Oath

    I thought there were some interesting realizations that there needs to be a course correction. But they still seem resistant to IMO the most necessary change - making Everlasting compelling again. It all seemed so lifeless, up to an including the buzzkill shrink. Now I know that was kind of the point with Serena, but still. And they seem to be doubling down on the car crash last season, which strikes me as insane.
  7. I do think the show's doing some hindsight history with MacMillan's health. My understanding is that in 1963 medicine, he doesn't quite have the clean bill of health. I haven't seen this interpretation, but I thought the Queen's speech to MacMillan was a Be Careful What You Wish For foreshadowing, with her emphasis on "men" and "staying the course." One thing that added to the controversy, which was under-discussed were the rumors that Margaret was sleeping with Douglas-Home's nephew. The problem with Philip IMO is as much storytelling as the character. They keep repeating the same plotlines. Also, I think there's a genuine affection the writers have for QEII so in every dispute he has to come across looking like a heel. For instance, everyone says that Philip is the most powerful consort ever, which is wildly untrue. When people say that he knew what he was getting into, he may have thought he was getting the same role as Prince Albert.
  8. There were things I liked: the updating of Sammy Jo, Alan Dale's butler, Cristal and Blake overall. My issues are that the acting is verrryy wobbly. Time will tell if the cast's charisma can overcome that. And the stakes need to be higher. No, the "killing off" of Nick Weschler's character doesn't count. Finally, if you're going to have a catfight, have a catfight.
  9. I enjoyed it overall. Hopefully Barbie is a little less straight laced going forward but I trust Alan Ritchson. I do like that each episode will be a different grindhouse genre. Too many shows treat episodes only as chapters.
  10. I thought the ending was fitting. Maddie got away with it, but the Imposters got the ring. I do hope that it gets a second season.
  11. Did they put Caleb in the previews for this week and then not have him in the episode? I haven't seen that trick in a while.
  12. Normally, I prefer serious to slapstick, but I have no understanding of the stakes on Maddie's side, so the Ezra/Richard storyline works better for me (really only because Parker Young is such a comic talent). My quibble there is this seems the least productive way to find Maddie.
  13. Jamie's the worst boss ever. He makes demands with no realization on how it impacts others' workloads. He's also a ball of stress. Then whenever there's a confrontation about it, he shuts down. Mark and Nikita are preening narcissists but at least they're good at their jobs. Louise is the worst tattle tale co-worker.
  14. Devil's Advocate Time: 1. Luxury service means the staff NEVER eats with the guests, regardless of requests. (And this has happened on Below Deck multiple times, Kate always politely declines.) The exception for Captain Lee is specific and historical. 2. In reality, there's no way the Ski Hosts answer to a Lodge Manager. So Mark (with producer prodding) likely has no idea what's going on. Does Whistler not have a Director of Ski Operations? I highly doubt if you went to Gibbons when the cameras weren't filming that the Lodge Manager gives assignments to the ski professionals. No excuse for the sex in the guest lodge though (although likely producer idea as well.)
  15. portfino


    It's always tricky to hinge a show on the charisma of one person "in-verse." It's like Smash where everyone was just wowed by Karen despite the fact that other people were more talented. They fixed Empire by focusing more on Cookie, and the easy solution would be to do the same with Queen Latifah's character. But I'm not sure that can work here. I mean, the show is named after Star. True, and the football player coming out of the pool deserved that slo mo. That's not enough to get me to stick around though.
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