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  1. Yes. We may be the only ones but I felt bad for him too. It was like she was just trying to sabotage him. Fame whoring at its best.
  2. I don’t like the term “slut-shamed” because the word “slut” is an insult. Having sex doesn’t make you a slut. Replace the word slut with any other slur and you’ll understand my confusion over the use of the word. I’m not a slut for having sex but I’m going to call myself one if you shame me for having sex. What? I don’t get it.
  3. I honestly think all the engaged men should get a ring from the show.
  4. There are certain people that production has a hard on over and I’m not sure why. Demi is one and Ben Higgins is another. They made a boring reality show for him a few years ago and now he gets some other show? Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.
  5. Is it even realistic for Chris to be giving more than he is at this point? How long have they been together? I feel like Katie is pushing way too hard.
  6. Very dramatic of her to take her ring off. I wonder is Chris had any clue that she would do this and if he wasn’t in on it then that’s a red flag and he should get out now.
  7. John Jones wasn’t expecting Tayshia but he was mic’d when he answered the door.
  8. Why are they letting their crotch goblins trash the place?
  9. You said that much better than I did. That’s exactly what I meant.
  10. The women are acting like they didn’t consent to having sex with a single man who was not committed to any of them. Men and women both have sex without intent to commit for a lifetime. They need to stop whining about Blake. LOL.
  11. I am so with you on this, I can’t stress it enough. I too have more LGBTQ friends than straight and I hate how they’ve made it look like Demi is the first lesbian on earth. It kind of makes me sick. Plus, I’m not buying it. It looks very immature and experimental to me. Not like anything serious I’ve ever seen.
  12. I’m glad Jordan said that DEREK isn’t a misogynist if he had sex with women. I’m kind of upset about how the men are being portrayed this season and I’m including Blake. None of these women were raped. They had consensual sex with single men. Since when are women such pussies about sex? They make it seem like we mate for life. Newsflash. We like sex too. Obviously, Kristina didn’t want anything more than that from Blake so why do the men like DEREK have to be on the defensive for having a good time with women they meet. Sorry, I can’t say the name DEREK without saying it like, “Don’t insult my intelligence, DEREK!” I’ve tried and it’s physically impossible.
  13. Dylan is a stalker and we all know it. Hannah, you should be terrified. Side note: I can’t stand it when people say one million percent, or the like. One miiiiilllllllion percent is not a thing! You get one hundred and that’s it! Greedy fucks.
  14. What is going on here? I’m still baffled by this season! Why is anyone getting engaged and why are we expected to believe that any of this is real after only a couple of weeks? Good job on the facial expressions while Chris was spitting his bullshit, Katie. Now just keep doing that for two years so you can keep that ring.
  15. I can’t be with you if you don’t love me already after less than a month, Clay! *holds up skirt and trots away* *leaves behind glass slipper*
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