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  1. followed by "I see you"
  2. woodscommaelle only respect for you but I have to disagree. Ed got a better haircut. That is all.
  3. Watched it. Loved it! Cannot wait for the next episode. So refreshing and crazy and awesome and hilarious and dark and dear and thought provoking. Loved!
  4. Agreed. I don't have a problem with contestants who aren't the most physical -- as a 51 year old woman it would be my worst nightmare to compete on this show -- but own it! We've had PLENTY of players who won for their strategic plays, puzzle skillz, social game, etc. It is beyond annoying that Karishma's entire strategy seems to be telling her teammates she brings value (without bringing any) + sob stories that REALLY don't belong on national television ahead of a frank conversation with her roommate/husband. Talking back to Peachy is awesome if you are ACTUALLY not sucking at the cha
  5. You guys! Are we getting punk'ed right now? Below is the text thread between Jed and his GF back home. Wes must be so pissed right now!!!! Love it don't come easy!!! Whoops read that wrong the first time. Blue text is Haley -- so technically I guess she stole the line. Thanks for the heads up Nowhere!
  6. Not sure about Luke as a whole, but his eyebrows are DEFINITELY auditioning!
  7. You guys! I am in heaven. I thought at first "No way can this reboot even touch the original Paradizzle -- maybe the best reality show this world has ever seen" But you guys -- they might! This cast has some CRAZ-ZEE people. Hans has a suitcase full of issues that his GF really thinks she can solve. Spoiler alert - you can't! He will turn on you in a second. Wait.... yep, there he goes! Because she ... laughed? At something he said? The spin the bottle game was hilarious. I don't remember the girl's name who let Hans kiss her after her boyfriend went to the bathroom but I loved
  8. You guys..... WTF????? I can't even except to say ---- Suicide via Kahluah and Cream? The final WTF moment for me. The parents made my skin crawl. Strongly agree that the Mother is still in love/lust with 'B' So gross
  9. Please. No. Josh. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross.
  10. Okay I'm late to this forum -- binge watching today. What is UP with the creepy brother's serial killer wide open eyes while kissing Nilsa at Coyote Ugly? That brother is a D-BAG!!!!!!
  11. Who saw that coming? He's decent -- polite -- introspective. Mind. Blown.
  12. This picture screams "Scandal wedding on Days of Our Lives" to me Like sand through the hourglass!
  13. Was it just me or did Krystal's voice change DRAMATICALLY in the TH when she relayed not wanting to share much information with the other ladies? Much less squeaking and breathiness. Originally she was one of my favorites as she seemed dim but so sincere. When will I learn??? Bachelor, you got me again! Agree with other posters who are fans of the return to the regular format of the show -- and I adore Arie as the bachelor. This season looks like it might be pretty good and I'm a total Wrong Reasons Viewer!
  14. Whoops the name is "D-Lo" not "D-Low." Freudian slip I suppose /grin
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