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  1. Wait, the next season is going to be an entirely Big Brother cast? Ew. I was excited to have rediscovered this show after I stopped for 10 seasons, but in protest I think I'll take another break again.
  2. Replying to the above... yeah, I distinctly both Colin & Christie and Mirna & Charla getting massive leads because of smart flight maneuvering but the thing is, that happened in Season 5 and I remember airport drama being a staple right until I stopped watching at about Season 19. Was the change ever addressed on the show or did they just stop showing the flight jostling and act like that was normal?
  3. So, I am someone who stopped watching TAR around season 19. (I'm not sure why - it's a great show.) I picked it up again in this last season and I couldn't help but notice how different it was. They didn't show jostling for flights at the airport at all. That is a huge departure from when I last watched the show - finding the best flights was a key component of every leg and at least the first 1/4 of the episode would be devoted to it. I still remember that some of the very best teams did so well because of how savvy they were with finding flights, like Mirna & Charla and Colin & Chris
  4. I couldn't watch live -- just watched the finale now. I hate that Big Brother won. I just don't get the sense that Cody and Jessica are nice people, and I don't see them as particularly appealing heroes for a large cash reward. I thought Jen was going to be able to win the final task, but it seems like the real trick was understanding what each symbol meant. It seems simple enough to just make sure each leg is represented once -- unless you don't know what the symbols are referring to. I really wanted her to get it and I was bummed Kristi & Jen didn't win. On that note, I think t
  5. Caught up on the episode behind everyone else. Read through the thread and I don't have much to add... I did think it was out of the blue that Cody mentioned he has a daughter - had he ever mentioned her before? He sounded very non-committal about even using the money to provide to her. It was so odd to me and so disjointed with the "character" the show has assigned him. Evan and Team Yale have gotten a pretty crap edit. They obviously don't vibe with the other teams and they may not be likeable people in group settings like the race, but is that really such a crime? I notice in re
  6. Following up on my inquiry about whether or not the song the racers had to sing had an unusual beat, which I think only I care about: A few music theory people in this thread think it is a mixed-metric song, which is harder to follow along than your usual pop song. The fact that there is no consensus answer tells me it's a complicated song. Again, you can listen to the song again here - it's been in my head for days now.
  7. I'm noticing, listening to it back, that it would be a lot harder to know where to jump in and sing when it's just the music and there's no one to sing along to. Because while I find the melody very simple and I thought it seemed pretty easy, I had the benefit of trying to sing along with the singer. The beginning part without the vocals, it's not immediately clear where you have to start singing. I'll trust others on the time signature, but it does remind of the song "Electric Feel" by MGMT, which has a 6/4 time signature, or even "Money" by Pink Floyd, which has a weird 7/4-4/4 time sig
  8. During the task, she did tell Jessica to get back on track and stop complaining about Evan. But it was afterward that she was complaining to her partner and told her not to help Evan. The partner just listened to what the blonde had to say regarding Evan's behavior and seemed to think Evan was mean or backstabbed them, which couldn't have been further from the truth. The blonde should've let it go afterward, but she didn't. It's also bizarre that Evan got the blame from Jessica and the blonde, when the twin she was with wasn't falling over himself to give away the answer either. Serious d
  9. I'm playing catch-up here... What was with the outfits Team Yale were wearing in their final to-camera interview after they landed at the mat? I don't know if that's considered cool at Yale but it looked like they were wearing disguises or something. It was hilarious to me. I can't stand the Big Brother team and it would be great if they'd stop casting people from CBS's other dumb reality shows. Cody sounds like an ignorant, ugly American and it was absurd that Jessica expected Evan to just give her the clue. I like the all-girl team, but man did the blonde's stock drop when she was paire
  10. I came here to wonder why Cedric wore his backpack for the entire detour and I see everyone else noticed that but no one knows why he did it. I assume maybe it was just a mental lapse, like he had it on and forgot to take it off, and once the detour started he just kept it on, not realizing how long and physical it would be. At first, I figured they just had to go to the first roof -- going to three locations surprised me. Even all the racers who did the detour without their bags seemed exhausted. I would be so terrible at this show.
  11. I didn't love the head-to-head race twist, but I can accept it. It did seem set up to penalize whichever team lost because there would be compounding fatigue -- and even with the french fry stacks, foot racing still favors taller people and men, which is lame. But it took me a long time to accept the idea that some Amazing Race legs don't result in an elimination and it should be seen as a twist, just like a detour or a roadblock. I've come around to accept that was long as it's not blatantly engineered by the producers, everyone has a chance at any time and luck is a legitimate factor, so I c
  12. I hated this episode. Felt like it was from a different show entirely and didn't connect to the arc of the season whatsoever. Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang should make a short film if that's what they want to do. That said, I think these are interesting stories to tell, but it would've been far more impressive if they had found a way to do it through the established characters and the established tone of the show. If Master Of None was a show that focused on different random characters each week, I'd stop watching, and as it is I'm wondering why we have barely seen Denise and Brian this season.
  13. If the producers hadn't spoiled their own show, I would've been shocked at Rachel being cut. She had the best chemistry with Nick of all the women. She's a gem. I hope that I don't like her less on her season, which is normally what happens when a contestant is picked to be the Bachelor/ette. I can't fathom that Raven is in the Final Two. She looks like a member of the Addams family with her jet black hair and goth make-up, is 25, and her interests include mudding and shooting guns. Of course the 36-year-old aspiring actor in LA should pick her to be his wife! I think Nick will pick Vanes
  14. I just want to say, that episode was dumb as hell. Even for this show. Thank goodness for Rachel because the rest was just a hot mess. Way too much producer set-up garbage. "Hey P.A., pull this string and shake this book shelf." "Hey Taylor, go interrupt Nick's date with Corinne and tell him what he doesn't know." Hey me, zzzzz.
  15. Finished Season 3. That season wasn't as fun as the previous two. I agree with those who didn't like Maya's storyline. When she started watching the horrible news all night, I was like "Girl, I feel you" and I thought it was going to be more about feeling scared or anxious. I've stopped reading the news because I realized it makes me depressed. But then it went down this weird route of the death photos and it was never explained in a satisfactory way. Like, Saad said almost nothing, but you would've thought there was something to explore about him coming from a war-torn region. Instead, Maya i
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