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  1. You're most welcome, HendersonRocks, and kudos to us for blessing these strong women with their third consecutive top-three placement!
  2. Another fine summation from her, this time of the second episode: http://jenhudak.com/amazing-race-30-2/
  3. The correctly done clue at the end of the Old Print Detour translated from Dutch into English: At this large public place you('ll) find the city hall and Silvius Brabo*. Search for the banners, take a number, and start the Fry-Race! * Legendary hero who gave the city its name: "hand werpen" = "Antwerpen".
  4. Jen's masterful summary of the premiere: http://jenhudak.com/amazing-race-30-1/
  5. Both the Ring Girls in their exit interviews and one of the Yoginis on S27 Green Justin's podcast already confirmed that. A pity that #TeamBB squandered their lead twice in the same leg, but since the Ski Ladies benefited, kudos anyhow ~
  6. It's a similar situation in Scandinavia.
  7. #TeamYale is ahead of the curve for sure.
  8. Exemplary conflict resolution while navigating:
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