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  1. About the Summer Wells' case, based on interviews and what has been allowed by the media, I can't help but wonder if the mother wasn't stoned and lost track of time and that something may have happened, whether accidentally or she met up with something more sinister. It's hard to believe the mother only noticed her missing for 2 minutes or so. Pure speculation of course.
  2. This was an odd and confusing story. One minute, mother and son were the best of friends until they're not. The next minute, the best friend was all too glad to take him in, saying she was envious of their relationship, all while saying her family kept wasp spray around because they were so afraid of him. Just curious, but how would wasp spray help, if someone snuck up on you in your sleep, and if you were that afraid, why would you agree to keep him in your home?
  3. I’ve been bored with this show, but because I still like the characters I've been watching. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I find Salen entertaining, and I had to laugh when Glassman shut the garage door on her.
  4. I think it was the anniversary special I was watching where someone asked about this, and Keith said he didn't think so since there already so much coverage of it.
  5. Having worked in the medical field, I am confident in saying that HIPAA laws are held to any person working in a health care setting who has knowledge of the patient's health and/or care, whether they be a janitor or an administrator.
  6. It appears Freddie has gotten married. Freddie Highmore on Getting Married, Smuggling “Cocaine” as a Child & The Good Doctor Storylines - YouTube
  7. I completely forgot the show was back until I watched Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube this morning (I will post a link in the media thread. It would seem I'm losing track of time with all the Covid and other craziness going on. In any case, I'm glad the show is back. I hope Andrews and Glassman get through their issues as I really like them both. I have also surprised myself by actually rooting for Sean and Leah.
  8. Somehow. I have to doubt this. I just started this franchise when the lockdown began, and I thought the first couple of seasons were somewhat interesting, but as things went on, everything had to progressively become more and more outrageous with each season. I quit watching when Angela was pulling worms from her dog's behind because, really? What is next? Will they be defecating on each other or eating puppies?
  9. I had seen this before, so while I had it on in the background, I didn’t pay that much attention this time, but I remember feeling that the foster daughter was manipulative as hell. I think she created a fantasy in her mind about her, Kevin and the youngest daughter being a family. While I think it is possible that they may have had an inappropriate relationship (sexual and/or emotional), I can’t buy the guy deciding stabbing the wife to death was the best plan of action. I think that was all on her.
  10. This begs the question though, how do you enforce that?
  11. I’ve never gotten people with a need to play music so loud. Even if I lived in the middle of nowhere and no one but me could hear it, that would drive me nuts, day or night. After a point, it stops being music and just becomes noise.
  12. I had never heard of HCSM before, and I’m still a little confused exactly how it works. I’m going to have to watch this episode over and/or google this for more information. How fun to see John start a new church and bring back Wanda Jo. Praise be!
  13. I much preferred the homey and warm environment without the audience, but not gonna lie, it got a bit dusty in here when Stephen went out to interact with them. There was a certain sense of relief that we have gotten over one more hurdle.
  14. I was dreading this episode so much, so I can’t say how relieved that almost everyone had a happy outcome. Although I’m sad to see Claire leave, it’s gratifying that she left on a high note. I was disappointed to learn that Andrews and his wife split though, but good for everyone else.
  15. Agree that her story is played out, but I did like her, and I will miss the character. I wonder if they are going to have her decide to stay in Central America, because she feels her skills are needed there, as a reason for leaving the show.
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