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  1. Fable

    S01.E04: Rose390

    I’ve had a hard time warming up to this show, but actually enjoyed this episode. Unlike some, I don’t mind the kids, and I am intrigued by what is going on with Kristen’s family. This is the first episode I have found genuinely creepy rather than campy.
  2. These are things that makes me wary of cops. So many of them can be sticklers about a closing a case that they close their eyes to other things. “Sure, we’ll protect you if you make this phone call, wear a wire, testify,” et al. Even though not all people in law enforcement are like this, enough of them are that I would tend to tread lightly if it were me. In this case, the intended victim had no idea she was even being set up. How lovely!
  3. Contrary to popular opinion, I like Dr. Glassman. I’m glad he and Shaun have each other as sounding boards and mutual support systems. Aside from Claire, he is one of the few people who “get” Shaun. Carly seems to get him too, but we will have to wait and see where that goes. I like the dynamic between Claire and Morgan. Sure Morgan is a little pushy, but her heart is in the right place and it may have been the push Claire needed. I still think Morgan is bitchy, but I am warming towards her, and I think her relationship with Claire brings out a softer side to her. Alex Jones….Bwahahaha. I’m surprised they went there. It’s one thing to have a conspiracy theorist but to be so blatant about who it was supposed to be was unexpected. I guess the creators feel about as warmly toward him as I do.
  4. Wow, Fear Thy Neighbor really disturbed me. I realize the producers can put any spin they want on things, but based on what was shown, Billy’s neighbors were a bunch of high school kids acting like bullies, and the video surveillance seems to support that. I don’t condone him going out and shooting everyone up, but it seemed to me like they were enjoying provoking him.
  5. I agree with everything said about Maggie. I can’t stand her. As much as I dislike Delilah, Maggie is 10x worse. She is wound way too tight, but at least the actress can deliver and I can’t say as much for Delilah.
  6. I like that too. I saw one about some white supremacists who killed this guy just for kicks. They finally nailed them, but at the end it said "[forgot name] received Life in prison without chance of parole for 10 years". 10 whole years, really? For murdering someone in cold blood for no reason, I don't think they should ever get out. But that's Canada. Read more Yes, I just watched this episode tonight, and it was 2nd degree murder, not first. On the other hand, surveillance cameras and wiretaps in their home. BUT, I had seen this crime recently, it must be the same because of the details. I thought it might have been a See No Evil, but didn't see a likely episode. It was a gentle guy, beaten to death outside a convenience store, swastikas and Nazis, and in that one, he'd gone behind the store because he had to empty his ostomy bag. Did anyone else see it? I started to watch until I realized I had seen this somewhere before too. I'm not sure where but it wasn't very long ago.
  7. Fable

    S01.E01: Pilot

    My thinking is that the kids play a key role. They otherwise make no sense in a show about the supernatural.
  8. He really is! He is such a lively little sprite. A great couch to come back to.
  9. I love that this episode was so Claire centric. Of course I knew something was going to go terribly wrong. When I saw Claire hiding her bottle of celebratory alcohol, I said to myself “uh oh” as I knew it was going to come into play in an unfortunate way, but I guess I really wasn’t expecting that ending. Other than that, it was nice to see Claire have some victories in her life. The actress seems to have good chemistry with the rest of the cast, and this episode really highlighted that. One small nitpick, not just related to this episode, but I can do without the blood and guts. Watching them perform surgeries just makes me squeamish, but all medical shows seem to do this, so I have learned to avert my eyes.
  10. I don't believe a word that Krystal has said. Nothing makes any sense. She drove 3 times with the intention of killing Kelsey, but chickened out each time? You can't poison a coffee and yet, you agree to go back to beat the person with a lead pipe and a bat, but still don' kill her, only to find out, her ex killed her anyhow? So much has to be missing here. They have to be in cahoots somehow.
  11. This was so sickening. I'm sure I have seen something about this before, because I remember thinking, not long after the episode started, that this was the dad that blew up the house with kids in it with the social worker right outside. I have to wonder why those journals and videos were kept for so long after Susan went missing. You would think the family would have destroyed them once they realized there was an ongoing investigation. The obsession must have been strong.
  12. Fable

    S01.E02: 177 Minutes

    I’m not really feeling this. I was really hoping this show would have a creepy/eerie atmosphere like the show The Exorcist. Instead, it is about as scary as Scooby Doo. I really don’t know how to take the Catholic guy using hallucinogenics. I understand some cultures consider that to be part of the spiritual experience, but the Catholic Church does not. I want to like this show, but the only thing of interest to me right now is knowing that is going on with Kristen’s family, to include her mother and husband, because that whole thing just seems so off.
  13. This episode had a lot of feel good moments. Shaun and Carly are very sweet together. I'm really coming to love Andrews. I actually enjoyed Leah. Park and Reznick make me laugh. I hope Lim and Melendez can stay strong together, I think they bring out the best in each other. No one thing in particular stood out, but as a whole everything just worked. Something about this show just puts me in a happy place.
  14. Fable

    S01.E01: Pilot

    This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, not nearly creepy enough. In fact, George was laughable. Having said that, I didn’t really dislike it and will probably watch unless it becomes ridiculous since Michael Emerson and Aasif Mandvi look to be interesting and Michael Colter brings the pretty. I’m not sure what to make of the lead female yet. However, I suspect there is going to be some mystery or twist involving her and her family.
  15. I didn't really find the last two episodes of Web of Lies all that interesting. Neither one was concerned an internet crime and were only about crimes that happened to people who also happened to use the internet, which is most of the population. Are they running out of ideas?
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