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  1. There were some really nice moments in this episode, in particular Shaun/Glassman, Claire/Melendez and even Shaun/Andrews. I did miss Dr. Lim though as she is one of my favorites. I honestly don’t like the relationship between Carly and Shaun at all. Almost all of their scenes together are awkward and uncomfortable. While I’m not Leah’s biggest fan, I still much prefer a friendship with her over a love relationship with Carly.
  2. Fable

    S01.E11: Room 320

    What in the ever-loving.......? That is all!
  3. Oh Leah, just when I was starting to come around on you, you pull that prank of trying to frighten Shaun into coming in the lake. At least she was supportive and whether or not her ideas were sound or ill-thought-out, she was there for him, and he seems to appreciate her friendship, so she didn’t lose all my good will. Glassman is also a good support system for him, and while perhaps pushy and maybe projecting his own issues on Shaun, he certainly cares for him much more than his creep of a father did. Even though he may wrongly have thought Shaun needed closure, he certainly had good intentions with Shaun’s best interest at heart. In other news, I found it a little funny that Melendez shut down the small talk during the procedure. These are people who are always having various discussions while operating.
  4. I’m still not enjoying Shaun’s and Carly’s continuing saga, but at least we were "told" that their relationship is not all drama all the time. I did feel bad for her though because she seems to go above and beyond in trying to make things work with him. I’m beginning to wonder though if Shaun is just not into her as much as he thinks he is or at least wishes he was. It is almost as if he has certain expectations of himself as far as what a physical or emotional intimate relationship should be, even though he isn’t there, at least with Carly and is trying to go through the motions. He seems fairly insecure in their relationship and is always looking for outside reassurances or guidance as to what a relationship is supposed to be like. Carly clearly wants more than he is ready to give to her, and as patient and understanding as she may be, there is going to come a point that they need to realize that things are just not working.
  5. This is my thinking as well. At first, I dismissed it because we saw someone swinging a fire poker and blood splatter, but now I’m wondering if those scenes were misdirects and an additional murder actually occurs.
  6. Having watched this show, I am going to doubt there is a story there. Constance was probably on the ABC lot, and they asked her to shoot a few scenes.
  7. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I think Carly is creepy, but I find their developing relationship uncomfortable to watch, and judging by some of the posts in this forum, it seems I’m not alone, although I’m not sure that is what the showrunners are going for. I think they are trying to sell us a story about an autistic person exploring his sexuality for the first time, but for me it comes across as forced, and frankly a little skeevy. I’ve never been Leah’s biggest fan, but at least the connection between her Shaun comes off as spontaneous and natural, and I don’t find them awkward to watch.
  8. Fable

    S01.E08: Two Fathers

    I definitely found this episode strange. In fact I find the show itself strange and certainly not what I was expecting. At first I wasn’t sure how to take it, and I found myself side-eying a lot of things. However, finally realized this is not a show to take too seriously, and now I view it as mindless entertainment. It’s so much more enjoyable that way.
  9. I’m left wondering why Connor and Michaela were immediately arrested for Asher’s murder. Was his phone recording their last confrontation with him? Other than that (and even with that), it seems a bit of a stretch that law enforcement would reach such a swift conclusion.
  10. I’m not a fan of the Shaun/Carly relationship at this point, and I do feel that Carly is treating him like a puppy she needs to train. However, I don’t think she particularly wants Claire, Morgan and Leah involving themselves in their relationship. That’s on Shaun. He is the one who keeps seeking their advice, much to Carly’s disappointment.
  11. The thing about Debbie is that she is far too pushy and inconsiderate. She does steamroll Glassman, and he allows it. He may initially speak up for himself, but he then he eventually gives in. I don’t necessary agree that she is taking advantage of their relationship though. As evidenced by her job in the coffee shop, she simply feels entitled do to whatever she wants and believes she is in the right.
  12. Fable

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    Basically, Kristen changed out the Holy Water for tap water as a way of disproving that the woman was possessed, to which the priest pointed out that either way the woman/demon believed it was Holy Water and thus had the same effect. David took exception to Kristen's so called experiment, because she hadn't told him, which is why they were arguing. Back to the timeline. I had initially posted that this episode probably took place the next day based on the exorcism conversation, but I now realize the timeline is wonky. Supposedly, based on Kristen's and David's argument, only a day had passed, but the grandmother acted as if at least several weeks had passed since she had been seeing Leland. Of course nothing was mentioned about when they met, but she referred to him as her boyfriend and talked about him like they had some time getting to know each other. It annoys me when shows can't seem to follow a timeline.
  13. Fable

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    From what I gathered, it was the next day because when Kristen and David talked about the exorcism, they referred to at as being last night.
  14. I love Shaun and because this is just a television show, his quirky and odd behavior in the OR doesn't usually bother me, but in the real world, I wouldn't want him anywhere near me or my loved ones, at least not performing surgery. His meltdowns can sometimes be dangerous. He is already in his third year of residency, so he should be getting a handle on things by now. Reasonable accommodations shouldn't include putting a patient in jeopardy so that he can acclimate. If he wants to be a doctor, there are plenty of other options.
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