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  1. I think I misphrased my post. I'm not irate that Lisa got fired. I am, however, irate that Angela keeps getting a pass for her shitty behavior as did Nicole and Anfisa and even Family Chantal. I find it ridiculous.
  2. Does anyone else feel irate that Lisa got fired for using the N-word, but Angela actually gets physical with people and keeps getting to come back? That seems like some weird shit to me.
  3. Thanks for the heads up @Annber03. I was actually thinking of watching some ID shows again, but maybe I'll skip this one. I really haven't watched much true crime since the quarantine started. I've been sticking to crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. I really can't face too much reality right now.,
  4. I had to listen twice because I couldn't believe what I heard. She just said finding out that she was scammed was worse than when her daughter died! What!? There are no words.
  5. For the most part, I thought this was a good end. It made sense to me that Connor was the one to end up in prison, if only because I really believe he felt he needed to atone for his crimes, and always has since the beginning. It seemed like he ultimately felt he deserved punishment, and in the end, serving time brought him some closure. I was sad to see Bonnie die, but I think it was fitting that she went out with Frank. Even without a love story, these two were soulmates in their devotion to Annalise. I didn’t care much for Annalise’s courtroom speech. It was a little too reminiscent of Tyrion Lannister’s trial speech in Game of Thrones without the humor. Viola was wonderful, but the writing was weak. Overall, I never got sick of this series and enjoyed it throughout, but the writing for the season 6 was a bit disappointing and could have been tighter.
  6. Good Lord, how many rooms does Jimmy have in his home? It seems like an interesting place. I would love if he would do a virtual tour sometime.
  7. For all of Darcy’s vanity, I’m surprised she allowed herself to be filmed that way. I mean, wasn’t she one to put on full makeup and perfume just to talk on the phone? Either she is making progress or it’s an attempt to stay relevant.
  8. The editing for that café seen was definitely strange. First of all, when David first gets there, there is a couple in the booth behind him, and you can see the woman reading from a menu. This is at roughly 2:00. At 3:05, the same woman is there, again/still reading from a menu. When David leaves, at supposedly 4:00, the same couple is still there, but we can’t see the table, so no idea if they are still looking at menus or are eating or have eaten. Now, I don’t know much about the culture in Ukraine, but staring at a menu for hour seems excessive as does spending 2 hours or more in a café. Never mind, that no effort was made to blur the woman’s face, which although not a close-up, was still visible. I see you TLC!
  9. I love Alexi. He has Loren’s number, and let’s everything roll off his shoulders. Happy wife, happy life!
  10. I would die laughing if Lana was the server in the restaurant. Seems to me that she likes the beautiful flower collection. No words to say how I loved Mama Usman's purple robe of "Hell to the No."
  11. On the lighter side, I had to make a run to our small market for a few things. I’ve been going there for years, I know them and they know me. They had started doing curb pickups, which I appreciate, so I opted to use that. Suffice it to say, I thought it would be okay to make a pajama run. Wouldn’t you know it, my trunk latch was stuck, so I had to get out of the car to open the trunk with my key in my PJs. Serves me right I guess.
  12. I’m having trouble with Asher’s death scenario. Since it seems law enforcement had the murder weapon, that would imply it was at the scene. How did it get there? Was it planted, and it was, how did whoever planted it get it without notice? So far we haven’t been shown any blood spatter in the area, only a pool of blood under Asher’s head. Of course we may see more later. If there no blood spatter, then was someone else also bludgeoned to death as shown in the previews? There was definitely blood spatter in those scenes. So many questions, and currently so much time.
  13. I just recently started watching this franchise out of sheer boredom during the quarantine. I can't say how much I will continue with it since I feel my brain cells starting to melt, but so far, Colt(ee) doesn't really bother me. Yes, I do think his relationship with his mother is more than awkward, but it seems to me Larissa is the provocateur.
  14. I can’t believe Shore is trying to pin this on the “MeToo movement. Give me a break! The scripts didn’t just magically create themselves. You people are the ones who wrote that storyline. If it was so problematic and you could see no other way out (which I strongly disagree with), why did you go there in the first place?
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