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  1. I had seen this before, so while I had it on in the background, I didn’t pay that much attention this time, but I remember feeling that the foster daughter was manipulative as hell. I think she created a fantasy in her mind about her, Kevin and the youngest daughter being a family. While I think it is possible that they may have had an inappropriate relationship (sexual and/or emotional), I can’t buy the guy deciding stabbing the wife to death was the best plan of action. I think that was all on her.
  2. This begs the question though, how do you enforce that?
  3. I’ve never gotten people with a need to play music so loud. Even if I lived in the middle of nowhere and no one but me could hear it, that would drive me nuts, day or night. After a point, it stops being music and just becomes noise.
  4. I had never heard of HCSM before, and I’m still a little confused exactly how it works. I’m going to have to watch this episode over and/or google this for more information. How fun to see John start a new church and bring back Wanda Jo. Praise be!
  5. I much preferred the homey and warm environment without the audience, but not gonna lie, it got a bit dusty in here when Stephen went out to interact with them. There was a certain sense of relief that we have gotten over one more hurdle.
  6. I was dreading this episode so much, so I can’t say how relieved that almost everyone had a happy outcome. Although I’m sad to see Claire leave, it’s gratifying that she left on a high note. I was disappointed to learn that Andrews and his wife split though, but good for everyone else.
  7. Agree that her story is played out, but I did like her, and I will miss the character. I wonder if they are going to have her decide to stay in Central America, because she feels her skills are needed there, as a reason for leaving the show.
  8. This was a real head scratcher. It seemed so ridiculous and unbelievable that it couldn’t possibly be true. However, on the one hand, why make up a story like this as there seemed to be little if anything to gain other than 15 minutes of probably unwanted fame. On the other hand, what did the kidnappers have to gain either aside from some cheap thrills? I thought the couple came off as sincere and believable during their interviews, but there were a few things that weren’t touched on that left me puzzled. Since Aaron was ziptied initially, did the kidnappers cut him loose so he could make
  9. I just started binging Fear Thy Roommate today, and I am about halfway through. Yikes! I'm not sure which is worse, Fear Thy Neighbor or Fear Thy Roommate. Both make me want to lock myself up somewhere and stay away from everyone!
  10. I understand her hand condition is the reason behind her being off the team. I guess what I was driving at is that I thought it was an odd writing choice. I like the actor, and I don’t mind the character, so no big deal, just an observation.
  11. It was sad to see Glassman and his wife split, especially when just a few episodes ago he was calling just so he could hear her voice. While I was never a Debbie fan and do like Glassman, I always felt he treated her as if she was “less than”, so I ‘m not surprised by this. For the life of me, I do not understand why they took Morgan off of the surgical team. She is always there weighing in on things, and I don’t think that is how things work for Internal Medicine or ER residents (or whatever she is these days).
  12. It didn’t bother me that Fenn hid a treasure and wrote a poem about finding it. Nobody forced these people to play along, and it seemed like most of them were known as risk takers before Fenn came along or they probably wouldn’t have been out there, and if not that, it may well have been something else. What did bother me was that his family was being harassed and threatened, and it should have stopped there.
  13. Oh, I hope it's Hollywood Squares.
  14. I didn’t think Shaun wanted to lie, but felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. That may be what caused him to blow a fuse and go off on Lea’s mother. I did laugh about that, but I also felt bad for Lea’s mother. I would be so hurt and embarrassed if I were prattling on about things I wanted to do with and for the baby, only to find out later that my daughter had already lost the baby.
  15. I've finally come to like Shaun and Lea as a couple, so that means their relationship is going to go south, right? I also really enjoy the dynamic between Shaun and Park. Park is so much like a protective big brother.
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