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  1. When he said Natasha was "heartbroken" because of his actions, I lost all confidence in his apology. She wasn't heartbroken, she was mad because you used her! He also said something about Pieper not being his girlfriend and he was totally single when he went on the show. I wish I had a transcript of Brendan's and Pieper's date because I'm pretty sure Pieper said he minimized their relationship and he said he couldn't exactly come on the show saying he had a girlfriend! And Pieper said it must have been hell for him up to "now". I might have to go back and replay that date with close
  2. Pieper was eliminated in week 7 of Matt's season and never made it to final 4. It was Serena P. who self-eliminated at hometown dates.
  3. You and I both missed it! Brendan: 277,010 Natasha: 305,715
  4. Cry me a river! I will cheer when Natasha's followers exceed his!
  5. I only wish I had been a follower of Brendon so I could unfollow him now!!
  6. That's only 25 minutes away from where Bachelor in Paradise films.
  7. At least get that mess trimmed! It looks awful.
  8. Or she had a great trust fund.
  9. I think it's going to depend on the DWTS's future. The time slot is up for grabs and we'll see how ABC fills it.
  10. They need someone slightly older than the contestants to be the host. I don't care if it is male or female. The Bachelor or Bachelorette responded to Chris Harrison like he was their favorite uncle who they could confide in. I don't like the Taysia/Kaitlyn duo as hosts because they are giggly and create this mean girl atmosphere. Plus, they were so glammed up, if you were tuning in, you might mistake one of them for the Bachelorette. I'm surprised one of Katie's men didn't try hitting on one of the hosts this season. Heck, they might be saving that for Michelle's season!
  11. Katie is 30, isn't she? Greg is 27. Greg reminded me of an ex-boyfriend who would suddenly turn cold on me. And when you ask him what is the matter, his response would be, "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you!" It was maddening. How does anything get resolved if that is your method of communicating? Greg probably did want Katie to profess her love, screw the show, and start their life together. Katie probably had constant pressure from production to not pull a "Claire". We've had a string of Bachelors and B'ettes profess their love for more than one person, when that w
  12. Juan Pablo didn't propose to Nicky.
  13. I interviewer was really trying to get Katie to spoil her season. I would be uncomfortable talking about it too! Katie was constantly dodging the questions.
  14. No, you have it wrong. There was indeed a William who, among others, insulted Ashley at the roast. Most of them picked on her lack of boobage. William directly said he was hoping for Emily. Ashley went backstage and broke down. Bentley came and comforted her - I'm sure prompted by a producer. But in Bentley's talking heads, he said he was hoping for Emily and described Ashley as a "Butterface". He then wanted to leave the show and told Ashley that he was missing his son too much. He hinted at wanting a blowjob that same night. Ashley couldn't move on or give the rest of the guys a
  15. They seem to be an older group. I see 25 x2 26 x5 27 x4 28 x5 29 x5 30 x6 31 x1 32 x3 33 x1 36 x3 So 14 of them are age 30 and older!
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