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  1. Whit and Ry on You Tube had an interview with Juan Pablo and I think he came across well. He talked about how the producers were pushing him to tell the ladies he loved them and he wasn't going to do it. Plus he said he was very conscious of his daughter watching. Emily Maynard also had a daughter she was concerned about - in that her behavior would affect the daughter. She got a pass for that, but Juan Pablo didn't. He did sideline the questions about what he said to Clare though. If I recall correctly, Clare said it was during the LCD and they got into the helicopter without mikes. Juan Pablo whispered to Clare that he loved f...ing her in the ocean.
  2. I think it's somewhat the opposite. The new ad is the poster of The Graduate but reversed. The way Clare is holding the rose and her expression looks just like the way Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) would hold her cigarette in that movie. I think it suggests older woman, younger man.
  3. I remember Olivia butted in to many conversations Ben would have with the other women. We've seen it in every season, the "Can I steal you for a minute?" line. She even did it twice, I think, after she already had a rose from a one-on-one or group date. So she just pissed everyone off. She was certain that she and Ben had a connection no one else had and in her talking heads would say that Ben touched her lower back as they walked and that was his signal to her that she was "the One". It was all a bit delusional. Editing and production did her no favors either. Long shots of her laughing with her mouth wide open weren't particularly very flattering. I also remember that a couple of the girls, Jubilee included, had some very traumatic experiences that they shared with Ben. It seemed that Olivia wanted to share her sob story too and came up with the heartbreak of having cancles (large ankles). Ben looked so puzzled after she came up with that one.
  4. I think most of the bachelors will have to be re-cast. How many of the original guys are going to be able to clear their work schedule, yet again? Or are still not in a relationship? Of course, COVID might have slowed down that factor.
  5. Lauren and Cameron are launching a YouTube channel: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/16/entertainment/love-is-blind-lauren-speed-cameron-hamilton/index.html
  6. Did anyone else notice at the end of the show that Barb was all over Claire? Run Claire, Run! She'll turn on you too! I imagine it was Barb's attempt at staying relevant by becoming Besties with the new Bachelorette.
  7. I thought the original cast listed a 40-year old. What happened to him?
  8. I certainly hope that they don't decide on a Peter for Bachelor 2.0 to give him his "happy ending"! Let him go back home to Mommy, never to be seen on Bachelor World again!
  9. This was a sad mess of a season. Peter was not suitable as “The Bachelor”. I suspect it was his upbringing (ya think?!). The first couple of episodes were spent by him lamenting time (or lack thereof) with Hannah B. The first group date was actually cancelled because of his interactions with HB. Then he threw Sydney under the bus with demanding she name names of who wasn’t there for the right reasons. He put himself in the middle of the drama between Alehia and Victoria P. Eliminated Aleia (how does she spell her name anyway?), only to bring her back during a group date. Then he gives Aleaia the group date rose!!! How insulting to the girls in the group date who were battered and bruised from the soccer match. A rejectee got THEIR rose! Even though she was accepted as coming back - now she gets a free pass to the next level. Only to be sent home because poor Peter didn’t like how the other girls were treating her. Well, Peter, you put her in this position - own up to it! A mopey pool party with Chris Harrison announcing, “Peter went home”. It sounds like a child grabbing his toys and going home because the game didn’t go his way. Another cancelled cocktail party. Then the 2-on-1 date with MacKenna and Tammy. He kept MacKenna only to send her home at the Rose Ceremony 5 minutes later. Why - what was the logic there?!!! Victoria F there far longer than any logic would imply - other than he wanted to bang her. She couldn’t even look him in the eye when she spoke. And he didn’t even meet her family. Then being so “conflicted” between two women. Or was it 3, or 4? Did he really reconnect with Hannah B after being engaged? And can he really be a soulmate to anyone Barbara isn’t onboard with? He was worse that Juan Pablo, or Jason Mesnick, or anyone else I can remember.
  10. "Dated"? What is the definition of that?
  11. Why in the world is there only one guy older than Clare being cast? With this group of 14 guys, the average age is between 28 and 29 -- ten years younger than Clare. I hope the second half on contestants are more into their late 30's or early 40's.
  12. It (Bachelor for Seniors) would certainly be a different show from what they have now. I doubt those over 65 are looking for Instagram fame, or wanting a platform to launch their music career. I suspect there will be those who are lonely, retired and bored, or who are looking for travel on someone else's dime. I shudder at the thought of Fantasy Suite. I've been raised to respect my elders and would hate to see someone be made a fool of. That's something that happens often on this show.
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