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  1. Oh. Dear. God. They had to go there!
  2. And therein lies the problem. Sean has been cited as stating the west coast doesn't have to watch the show, just vote between 8pm and 10pm Eastern time. And he specifically states that for Pacific time zone, that would be between 5pm and 7pm - before the show is aired, and that those on the west coast shouldn't wait until the show airs. Just vote, sight unseen.
  3. I don't like the fact that you can vote without even watching the show. Worse yet is when the contestants encourage you to vote without watching the show.
  4. What angers me is when contestants push their fans to vote and even instruct those on the west coast to vote without even watching the show. So now folks are voting who may not even be viewers. I don't know how they could prevent this. Perhaps the technology exists where they could display a code on live TV that allows you to vote. Wait, that won't work because someone will tweet the code. Nevermind. We're screwed. Sean should remove himself from the contest. His staying is disrespectful to the viewers, to production, and to the other contestants. I realize that he's enjoying himself, but it is so frustrating watching him get saved week after week, when more deserving contestants go home.
  5. When were the first handheld remote keyless entry systems put in cars? I was taken aback when Simone used one. To my recollection, in 1983, the "new" technology had a keypad at the door and not a fob. Otherwise, a fantastic episode!
  6. Yes, in her preparation for her date with Blake, she stated she was, "going to make him my bitch". Then throughout the show, she approached him like she was only looking out for him, as a best friend would. I kept questioning her motives. He'd be interested in someone and she would talk him out of it. Then when he wanted to try to make a go of it between them, she initially agreed, but then backed out of it. I really couldn't figure her out. I don't know if she was playing him, or was as broken as he was.
  7. I was horribly confused by the whole Katie/Chris thing. Is Katie wanting Chris to reaffirm his love for her every hour? On stage, she put the ring back on, but then outside the ring was off. Did she take it off right after their time onstage was over? Or were we shown those two scenes out of sequence? All of it was painful to watch. If a relationship takes so much darn "work" in the earliest stages, then it isn't meant to be.
  8. Angela purses her lips like she's sucking on a lemon. She must think it makes her more attractive, it only makes her look like she's trying too hard. I also think it's odd that when she does it, there's a little hole left like a straw left its imprint. I saw this one other time with another female in an advertisement for lip fillers. Hmmm...
  9. No, I think he said he "almost" minored in dance.
  10. Saber, you are right. I misread. I was more worried about Tyler possibly being disfigured or a murderer. It was a fender-bender, Tyler looked hot. I imagine Florida is hot this time of year, so open shirts are perfectly acceptable.
  11. Isn't that an incident from 2014? You had me worried it was going to be either another Chris Soules drama or that Tyler was seriously hurt. You just wanted us to see his abs.
  12. 10 years ago, sagging pants was the trending men's fashion. Now it has gone way too far the other way. Why not wear pants that fit?
  13. No, the problem started way before then. And they aren't married, so there is no commitment to work through things. Hey, where was this John Paul Jones we saw in the bloopers? I thought he was amusing enough but we didn't see all that much of him in the actual show. I remember Chris Harrison went on and on about JPJ prior to the show airing. But I think a lot of JPJ footage ended up on the editing room floor. I sure wish we had been able to see more of the guys whose initials weren't LP.
  14. It reminded me of Taysha's morning after with Colton. There were lots of smiles and "umm hmmm"s going on, but little giddiness. Contrast that with her farewell to Jed and she was downright giddy. There was no talk about how respectful Jed was like there was of Tyler. So I think the windmill sex was not the only sex she had. What was the actual order of FS dates? I wonder if Luke was before Jed?
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