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  1. zulualpha

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    Its amazing how many talented queens they were able to cast for this season considering it’s #11. The looks have been original and beautiful and the personalities are intense. There seems to be potential for lots of good drama as the competition heats up. And Brooklyn and Vanjie! Did not see that coming. Love it.
  2. zulualpha

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    At last year’s reunion LVP commented that 90% of her conversations with Kyle are about Kyle and tonite I could see that. Kyle makes everything about herself which is fine but rn Lisa’s really suffering and needs understanding and support. Kyle’s got problems too she said, one eye’s bigger than the other one she should go to a dr. Laying the groundwork for GOODBYE KYLE! Here for it. Not here for Rinna’s fly spittle cheese plate. Gross and she didn’t give a shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if the dogs went by and gave the cheese a big lick.
  3. zulualpha

    S03.E10: The Final

    Here I am posting after everyone has moved on because I just finished the series and I’m pissed off! I think a good case could be made for either James or Brendan winning based on the season of baking results and wins in the technicals and star baker. John was star baker once the least of anyone and messed up a lot. The judging this season was horrible, all over the place and very capricious. Like awarding Ray star baker based solely on his show stopper instead of all the challenges. Mary consistently gave high praise to Brendan which looking back probably lulled him into a false sense of security. Then when the rubber hit the road she threw him under the bus. Weak! She always knuckled under to Paul and probably the production crew as well. Fuck off, Mary! Glad you’re gone. That said I think they gave John a pity win because they thought it made a better story. At the end of the judging for the final bake the camera focused on John who was in a heap, head down, face red, shaking in his chair. Probably sobbing. So if you emotionally collapse at the end and have a compelling backstory you win? Not fair. Even John knew he didn’t deserve the win, he was stunned when they called his name. It should have been James or Brendan.
  4. zulualpha

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    I hear what you’re saying and it’s true Melania doesn’t seem to have much performance talent. However most kids don’t yet they give recitals, dance exhibitions, do plays etc. Teresa’s giving Melania a celebrity mom version of the painfully bad piano recital that family and friends just have to suffer thru. Melania needs some cheering up. She’s Joe’s mini me and it’s clear she misses him terribly poor kid.
  5. Lisa doing VDPR definitely hasn’t helped her attitude around RHBH. She’s the boss on Rules and the executive producer so not very many cast members are going to take her on. To go from that level of respect to BH where she’s the queen and the easy way to get attention is to come for her gotta be annoying and exhausting. Combining that with her brother’s death and she’s probably wondering if the BH gig is worth her time. I hope she stays because no one on the show can take her place imo. Maybe Kyle back in the day but not now. Ever since Mauricio shot to high profile fame and fortune with the Agency Kyle’s slowly morphed into a stepford wife afraid to put a foot wrong and damage the brand. Bossy mean girl Kyle is being kept under wraps, she’s a shadow of her former self.
  6. zulualpha

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    I think Jenni is making up the Nicholas cage thing completely or she was offered an opportunity for a small role and decided she didn’t want it because of her kids or pregnancy or husband or location of the shoot or hours or some combo of those things. But mostly I believe if it had happened it would have been written into the show. I found it bizarre they both continued to eat lunch like nothing happened after he fired her. I would’ve choked. I wonder if she lost her Godmother gig as well.
  7. zulualpha

    RHoBH in the Media

    Andy showed Denise Richards wedding dress last night on WWHL. Said it was a mash up of RHoBH and Project Runway http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/lookbook/see-denise-richards-gorgeous-mark-zunino-wedding-dress
  8. My 16 y/o walked into the room during that last scene with Vicki and Kelly, watched for a minute and said “the woman with the lips is right”. She meant Kelly and I agree. At the very least Vicki should have called Kelly and told her what was going down with her ex. Girl code. Then when she saw how upset Kelly was she could have been a little more sensitive and caring. Looks like a good season.
  9. zulualpha

    S10.E11: Evil Twins

    Ironic because Kameron’s look, basically the same for both twins very much called up Phi Phi’s Rupacalypse look for me. https://goo.gl/images/JjWZRY. The only thing that could really save this season for me would be if Kameron burst forth from her cocoon like a butterfly. Either that or bitch lip synched her way to the crown. A first.
  10. zulualpha

    S10.E10: Social Media Kings Into Queens

    It’s hard to tell but I do think Kameron and Eureka have a friend connection. An opposites attract kind of thing. Doubtful that both of them make it to the top three imo tho. They’re many queens this season that would be great to see return on All Stars. Sometimes that’s not the case but this season has queens that are great but maybe just need a bit more experience to really slay.
  11. zulualpha

    S10.E10: Social Media Kings Into Queens

    I love Kameron too even tho she seems to make bad choices at inopportune moments. Boy or queen Kameron is smoking hot! The face the body the voice the personality, she’s got something r special about her. I’ll always be grateful to Ross for sticking up for her in the judging, his support and her lip synch saved her. That said Kameron can’t afford any more mistakes. I think Asia and Aquaria are pretty safe in general, especially Aquaria who Ru seems to love. He called her the future of drag on his podcast. She’s fine but she’s not all that imo.
  12. zulualpha

    S08.E21: Reunion Part 3

    All the other women share their families with us on the show. Kyle has shared VERY personal stuff about her relationship with Kim, Kathy, her mom, her kids, Mauricio. LVP is open about Ken who at times has been controversial, her adoption of Max, Pandora’s wedding. Rinna over shares re Harry Hamlin and her girls. We’ve gotten a good look at Dorit,PK and their kids. And this season Teddy’s been open about her family life, the trouble she had conceiving, difficult delivery, husband. Erika shares nothing or next to nothing. Her relationships with her son and husband would be fascinating to see play out but she won’t. She hides behind wigs, hair, make up and outlandish clothes and it’s not enough to make her interesting. Her personality is 90% mean and she’s not witty or funny in the least! Having her in the group has a chilling effect on Teddi and she doesn’t bring out the fun side in anybody ever that I can see. Camille would be better and/or as someone suggested Kathy Hilton. Maybe Teddi has a fun friend.
  13. zulualpha

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    So far the only women that haven’t disrespected Teddi are Kyle and Rinna. Maybe that’s why I love Teddi, am warming up to Rinna and decided to give Kyle a pass for her shenanigans so far.
  14. zulualpha

    S10.E02: PharmaRusical

    Have to disagree with you cyberfruit. After All Stars 3 which actually turned into Ru Paul’s best friend’s race, it’s nice to see queens that want to win. They’re bringing the drama this season and I am HERE FOR IT!!! Dusty Bottoms is intriguing. She's giving me a little Tammie Brown a little Milk and a lot of her own uniqueness. Plus she can take a critique from Michelle without coming unglued. Prediction: final three. Ru made some nice comments about Aquaria being the future of drag do she might make it too if she doesn’t fuck it up. Worried about Blair.
  15. zulualpha

    S03.E06: Handmaids to Kitty Girls

    I don’t know what Willam meant by “pulls the fuckin pag on them so hard” but it sounds like Willam is still bitter from his Drag Race experience where he left the show early and from what I can see has been blackballed to some extent. I guess Ben doesn’t care if the same thing happens to him. I do think he burned a bridge with Ru and he hurt the show and by association the other queens. It’ll be interesting to see if the ratings tank from here on out. IMO Ben should have seen it thru for the sake of everyone involved. You don’t make yourself the star then say bye! y’all can fuck right off! Ben will be fine in Seattle. I live here and have seen numerous Ben shows in bars and theaters and they are invariably sold out (and rightfully so, he never disappoints) but I do think he’s hurt himself from a professional standpoint with Ru, Drag Race and perhaps nationally in clubs.