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  1. Being anti bigotry is not being closed minded. People have a right to dislike what they want but Mila said anti-gay things which were being filmed in front of her co-workers that eventually aired to the world. Speaking against hate is not closed minded. Bravo is a very gay friendly network. It's foolish to go on or watch Bravo if one has a problem with gay people. Bigots need to make sure they are only speaking with other bigots if they don't want to be called out on their hate or maybe, you know, try to be good people.
  2. I can't believe I used to feel sorry for trash bag ryan. His outside matches his inside. I definitely felt Vicki's absence. The show was so boring. I'm about to look at what the ratings were when Heather was there vs. when she was gone -- that was the best cast to me.
  3. That's the million dollar question. Also, "cook" or "chef", the bottom line is that so far the guests have enjoyed the food and praised her. What good is "fancy" if the guests didn't request it or it doesn't take good?
  4. In general, old man + young, pretty girl = she got with him for the money, he got with her for the arm candy. If Tom had been a waiter in the same restaurant she met him in and he tried to hit on her, she would've complained to the manager about being sexually harassed. When there is a big age difference or disparity in physical appearance, someone's compensating for something. How often do you see a rich, pretty young thing with an old man or broke old man with young hottie of sound mind and body? I'll wait. Camille is two-faced and I don't care for her at all. Kyle was much more enjoyable this episode. The cast needs to be shaken up. Teddi, Denise and Camille can go.
  5. Me either. He was being ganged up on because he's an asshole who kept talking shit about everyone.
  6. I think a lot of these people are full of shit. The man went to prison for having a gun and selling drugs. There are drugs advertisements every day on television. Alcohol was illegal once. Weed is becoming legal in more and more states. Was it bad before and magically became okay once the law changed? This is NRA country, right? A right to bear arms. Socio-econimic stature has a lot to do with why he was in a position to sell drugs, imprisoned for so long and why people don't want to rent to him. Regardless of her motives, good for Kim for helping him.
  7. I don't consider that a changing story, she just gave as summary of what happened as WHHL is a live, fast-paced show. In RHOBH Aftershow video when she was with Erika, she was able to go into full details. Dorit has not given versions of the story in which something totally different happened. The gist is that she got one dog, it was aggressive, got another, gave it to a woman, Lisa Vanderpump knew about it, then it ended up in a no kill shelter and got returned to Vanderpump Dogs. In the Bahamas, Lisa expressed to Erika that she would have appreciated a phone call and that was about her brother. Erika sent a hand written note. Was there a separate incident with Pink Dog and Erika? Lisa knew that Dorit gave the dog to another woman, so it wasn't hidden from Lisa. Lisa gave an interview and expressed that John (I can't remember which one) trashed Dorit about the incident. My question is why would he feel comfortable bashing Dorit in front of Lisa if she was a friend?
  8. I encourage people to hear what Dorit has to say about what happened with the dogs. Click here to watch a video of her explanation. In a nutshell, the first dog was super hyper and bit her child in the face. Vanderpump dogs took that dog and convinced her to take another one that ended up being aggressive as well. Multiple family members told her they didn't feel comfortable with the dog being around her children. Dorit really wanted to make it work and got a renowned dog trainer who worked with the dog and recommended that Dorit not have the dog around her children. Dorit knew woman who wanted the dog and thought it would be a loving home. She told Lisa and/or Vanderpump dogs. The new owner's parent ended up being sick and she had to leave town to take care of the parent. Unbeknownst to Dorit, the owner gave the dog to a shelter which was not a kill shelter. Because of the chip, Vanderpump dogs was notified within an hour and the dog was returned to them. That's supposed to make Dorit a dog dumper, irresponsible and a monster? Also, she stated she wasn't ware of the contractual stipulation of a $5000 or that the dog had to be given back to Vanderpump dogs. She doesn't recall if she even signed a contract, but if she did sign any paperwork, she was signing what her friend told her. According to Lisa, when the dog went back to Vanderpump dogs one of those Johns (I don't remember the last name) was very angry with Dorit and was bashing her. It seems to me that there have been a lot of assumptions about what happened with the dogs without people knowing the facts -- including the employees of Vanderpump dogs.
  9. All of my good friends do not know each other -- even ones who live in the same town. Sometimes, people can roll in different circles. Some of my friends never crossed paths through me.
  10. I really don't care for Teddi. She's a sneaky liar and a trouble-maker. She played the innocent, down-to-earth act last season, but the true colors are coming out. Why do Kyle and Teddi think they can talk shit about Dorit's husband? Teddi should STFU and Kyle already said her piece. Dorit scolded her husband at the time and in private, but Kyle is still giving her shit about it. Dorit is not her husband. I wouldn't put it past another cast member of a producer of the show to have given the dog story to radar online to try to pin it on Lisa, but regardless, I agree with her - why would anyone want to be her friend if they think she's a liar? I usually like Kyle, but I'm not really caring for her this season. She is just rubbing me the wrong way being rude and self-centered. How dare she go into someone's home and call them a liar? Camille is probably not going to like her edit this season -- it's not flattering at all. Denise is a bore to me, Rinna is Rinna and Erika is cool.
  11. Well, freedom of speech in the Constitution is about citizens not having to be in fear of being jailed or censored for speaking against government. I agree that people do have a right to their opinions. Regardless of what we call what Camille said, she was dead wrong to say that a rape victim will always tell someone around the time of the rape. My point is that she has no way to know that. Making blanket statements about things a person can never prove is idiotic to me, but I think you will agree with me that Camille cannot speak to the behavior that every rape victim will exhibit. I don't think the cast members who had a problem with Camille's comments had an issue because of being in Hollywood. I think most people who claim to be victims should be believed unless there is proof that they could have ulterior motives and/or are lying. I was shocked like Lisa that Camille accused an alleged victim of lying, but could not provide a valid reason as to why.
  12. A person can't say something that's idiotic, based purely on nothing but emotion, have no rational or reasonable argument then hide behind "it's my opinion". Camille not believing Dr. Ford and believing kavanaugh is fine, but to say she stood with kavanaugh because she knows what it's like to be falsely accused is crazy. For Camille to say that every assault victim will tell someone is is a generalization she cannot make and it wasn't even true. She essentially called Dr. Ford a liar and provided no logical reason. Dr. Ford had nothing to gain -- she's had to move several times, could not go back to teaching where she was and is still getting death threats. Camille could not provide a motive for the woman to lie except for not wanting a rapist to be on the supreme court.
  13. Camille wasn't proven right about anything unless I missed a confession from Dr. Ford that she lied. Many guilty people get away with crimes and some are never brought up on charges or exposed. It's a reality show, so if they are really going through or discussing something I don't see a reason for it to be edited out. Everybody doesn't watch the show for the same reasons. I don't think it was a political discussion, but one about believing people who say they are victims of rape. I welcome whatever they are really doing and saying as opposed to manufactured drama. We don't know that Lisa V didn't have the story planted.
  14. Seems to me viewers of the show aren't the same demographic that frequents this board. There is a predominantly Black board that discusses RHOA weekly with multiple pages each episode thread. Here it goes, if you're interested: https://www.lipstickalley.com/forums/real-housewives-forum.213/
  15. I'm not a fan of NeNe for more than one reason, so I'm not putting up a defense, just saying why she's mad from her perspective. NeNe is mad at Porsha for two things: 1.) NeNe was trying to give Porsha a heads up and revealed off camera that Kandi was talking about Dennis. In a "confessional", Porsha revealed that NeNe told her. 2.) Porsha insinuated that NeNe got physical with her in the closet which is why her belt came off. NeNe said that she didn't touch Porsha. Cynthia - NeNe considered Cynthia to be a sister. She believes that Kandi and Cynthia are in an alliance to get Kenya back on the show and believes that Cynthia did not tell her about Kenya going to the Seagrams event to get a rise out of her for the finale. She doesn't feel a friend should blindside her like that. Eva - I don't think NeNe has a legitimate reason to be mad at Eva. Eva didn't like that NeNe brought down the mood at her bachelorette party and also didn't like seeing footage of NeNe at her wedding. I really don't think NeNe didn't anything wrong at the wedding. Eva is upset at NeNe as well because NeNe kept on the mic even though Eva said she wanted to talk to NeNe without a mic. NeNe is just being defensive with Eva. Eva has a gripe so NeNe countered by having one. Tanya - The only thing I can think of is that she doesn't like how Tanya is making friends in the group. NeNe probably feels Tanya should be her lapdog. Most of the cast have legitimate gripes with NeNe, but she probably felt ganged up on so she got defensive and shut down.
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