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  1. I know a lot of people feel like Erika is guilty of something, but can you tell me why you are so convinced?
  2. I'm just trying to figure out how Crystal is being deemed a "mean girl" for correctly saying her privacy is violated and choosing not to engage in Sutton's craziness. Even the other cast members have said Sutton was acting irrational or erratic. Crystal is not doing anything to Sutton, so how is she "mean"? Are people seeing themselves in Sutton or something? Crystal is calm, cool and collected. Sutton is always frazzled which is not anybody else's problem.
  3. I want to know why so many people are convinced Erika knew Tom was a scammer. He was making millions without having to scam. Marrying Tom was a come up -- why would she know that some of his money wasn't legit? I don't think most people know every move their significant others make at work. Do we really think Tom was calling Erika to boast every time he mishandled funds?
  4. It's a possibility, but everybody doesn't buy into the "hot blonde" trope. Could your post be projection?
  5. I read an article that said it was 20 mil over several years, not a lump sum.
  6. Initially, I thought Eboni was doing too much by mentioning race on every episode, however, I have a different take now. I think Eboni was on a mission to force difficult and uncomfortable racial conversations on a large platform. I don't think she has any true intention of being more than a one and done. No one has shaken the table on Housewives more than her, IMO. Instead of talking around race, she is being straight forward and saying what people are hesitant to say. I know it's not the show we are used to or that most of the viewers probably want to watch, but that should be taken up
  7. I'm sick of emotional, irrational, erratic Sutton. I want her to "let the mouse go". I'd be just like Crystal, marveling at the mess that is Sutton. Kathy's "Rose Nylund" act is wearing thin. Also, it is just me or were Kyle's children not thrilled to see Kathy? Of course it could have been the editing but they just seemed to stare when she walked in. Lisa knows how to speak that Hollywood talk: Erika, it's so charming!
  8. I was rooting for Dawn but I knew she lost when elements didn't make her plates in the first round. She seems like such a great person and hers is the food I would like to taste the most.
  9. There does seem to be an outpour of Kathy love but it doesn't sit right with me that "raised" people like Conrad III who called employees on a plane "peasants", said he can have their jobs ended and threatened to kill someone and Paris who has said racial slurs and homophobic comments. Crystal didn't bring it up so I don't think she wants Sutton to do anything.
  10. This was perfectly summarized. From Crystal's vantage point, someone she wasn't on good terms with barged into her room, saw her naked and made a weird comment about it. From Sutton's vantage point (based on what she says; I don't know if I believe she heard "come in"), she was trying to be nice by taking Crystal the coat and said something awkward because it was an awkward moment. A person's intentions don't minimize the impact of their actions. Whether or not Sutton intended to make Crystal feel violated, that's what she did. I never took the term "violated" to reference anything beside
  11. I don't understand the recurring sentiment seen on Top Chef or anywhere else about cheese not going with seafood. Lots of people eat shrimp and cheddar cheese grits. People also eat cheddar grits and fish. A friend and I recently cooked blackened fish, cheddar grits and shrimp, sauteed spinach, and cornbread which was absolutely delicious and the best meal we ever cooked together.
  12. It still was an error; it just wasn't an error due to time. Shota's error could actually be considered worse. The judges loved Gabe's tortilla's. Unsure how Dawn's potatoes tasted, but it's probably hard to screw up a potato and I don't think the judges once ever said they disliked the flavor of any of her dishes. Shota prepared a dish that he said didn't taste good which is why it was left off.
  13. I agree. Why does Crystal owe anything to Sutton? The first negative interaction we saw was Sutton shutting down Crystal when Crystal was trying to relate to Kyle and Garcelle's situation. Then, Sutton exaggerated Crystal's "kick". Crystal was rubbed the wrong way and for good reason. She doesn't owe Sutton any grace. Sutton didn't show her any.
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