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  1. It's funny, I JUST watched season 1 of VPR yesterday (yes, binge-watched, don't judge me please) and I was wondering how on earth she hasn't been sued for sexual harassment. She makes the girls wear these barely-there shear dresses with no bra and takes photos of them in bikinis at her pool (where she giggles and shoos Ken away for oggling the girls) every year to promote Sur...in one photo the photographer asked the girls to kiss. I also wonder how there haven't been any lawsuits for discrimination by anyone in a size 4 and up who were turned away as wait staff for being "fat".
  2. I can feel my IQ lowering when her segments come on.
  3. Arguably, Kyle *is* living in a house bought and paid for by another sister. Mauricio broke a non-compete with his brother in-law, stole clients for his new company (subsequently scammed those clients) then bought a new house. What a tangled web... Researching publicly available property tax records and viewing 1970 SAG rates somehow discredits Kim's career and contributions to her mother and siblings and means Kathy's bfs were breadwinners in the Richards' household? Don't follow the logic here but okay. Kim is easy to hate. I get it. She's an addict, she's broke, she's socially awkward, she's self-obsessed, irresponsible, reckless, even her dog bites...yup. All true. In comparison to Kyle, Kim is a hot mess. Or maybe she just sucks at hiding her shit? Kim and Kyle are two sides of the same damn coin.
  4. Curious what qualifies Kyle as a financial guru. She hasn't had a job in 30 years, and her husband's worked at her brother in-law's business. Kyle and Kim are co-dependent, and Kyle is a shit sister. She buys a 3rd home while her homeless sister shoplifts from Target, then cries on the reunion about how hard Kim makes her life. What an asshole.
  5. To be fair, you'd remember meeting Paulson. That lisp is very distracting.
  6. She lies, but Luanne didn't lie about this. Erika may want to read the fine print. No autotune on Broadway. 😂
  7. I just can't get past those over-plucked eyebrows...and the manicured nails? Wow. The worst part, his nails looked non-pro (I saw clumps at the cuticles), meaning he owns clear nail polish AND uses it. I'm all for modernism, switch it up, let the guy nest and cook and clean toilets, wear an apron and talk to his mom too much, the woman can bring home the bacon and lift weights, all that, but I draw the line at a hetero man owning nail polish. I just cannot with this guy...
  8. Oops, I accidentally posted the LVP link here instead of in BH. Sorry!
  9. I wondered about that after looking at the url. Don't think inquisitr.com is a reliable news source. 😂
  10. Also, Eileen wasn't my favorite HW, but can we take a minute to appreciate that this chick is 60 (SIXTY!!) and looks like this ...
  11. "While NBCUniversal didn’t confirm any details about upcoming spinoffs, Vanderpump has been linked to two potential new series in recent months. One was said to be based out of Lisa’s animal rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs, while another was said to be based out of her Las Vegas restaurant, the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden." https://www.inquisitr.com/5646027/bravo-tv-confirms-new-real-housewives-spinoff/
  12. Don't watch Earthlings. Watched it probably 10 years ago and am still haunted by it.
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