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  1. Random question: Did Janelle always have that huge mole above her lip on (her) left side? I’ve been watching this show for years and don’t recall ever noticing it, at least not as big as if it is now! I mean did it grow an inch since the last episode or am I just not observant? I guess I do only half pay attention to this 🐴💩 show but still!!
  2. Camera Brandon is the real Brandon. A horrible, disgusting person. The way he spoke to her in the bus, the producers and so called “experts” should be putting a stop to the whole sham marriage immediately. When he walked into his room and said to the producer “so what do we do now?” Said to me that the only things they’re doing on camera are pretending and as soon as cameras are off they probably aren’t even associating or speaking to each other.
  3. Does Brandon not know he’s on a reality TV Show and that that little thing the producers gave them is a video camera and they’re supposed to use it to film candid moments 🙄 what a complete and total asshole!!
  4. Ok so definitely not defending Kody or any of their stupid assess for picking up and moving before selling their LV houses, but WTF Robyn? How are you going to be mad at Kody or anyone else that no one is willing to pay what Kody or others thought they would at the time it was first brought up?? Whether Kody overestimated what the houses were worth or the market changed, don’t throw a tantrum like a 2 year old brat because you think you’re entitled to all the Money you think you should be getting or were expecting to get. And honestly, she’s been in the family the shortest amount of time, so if you want to get technical she’s probably contributed the overall least to their finances as a whole so F off entitled ass Robyn! Everyone’s getting less for their house, not just you! Also, I remember Mona the realtor saying she thought they’d sell fast at the price they originally talked about, so it’s not just Kody who’s wrong. Sounds like the market changed a bit but entitled Robyn still wants some poor fool to come overpay for their houses because she feels entitled and that she deserves to make that much in equity. I cannot with her 🙄
  5. All this I thought exactly the same. And ya supposedly posting the nasty open mouth tongue kiss to their families fb page, just trying to cause even more drama announcing it that way! Attention seekers
  6. Was coming here to say the same. There are very few nights I ever get in bed without at least a quick shower. I would have probably been more insistent than he was but maybe he was after the cameras were off which led to the not building attraction comment.
  7. It was on mafs fan Insta story today I believe that Michael filed for annulment day after filming was over and they didn’t consummate the marriage. What a shit show and the season hasn’t even really started yet!
  8. Regarding the married 1st cousins who are expecting, I spent the whole show trying to figure out in which ways the baby would be related to their extended family and I just couldn’t get my moms to work right. Example his mom would also be his cousin......
  9. Oh my lord! Tony’s taco bill has me literally laughing out loud 😂
  10. I wanted to also until I see they now cost $70 each and I need a lot!!
  11. One of my pet peeves on this show (and there are many) is that when they are sitting on the couch rehashing things, they act like it’s new to them and that they are actually doing it the day after the event. Example was when Meri was talking about the neighbors saying it was the day before and the others acted shocked as though they had not heard this yet. They wear the same clothes during these couch sessions throughout the season, so don’t insult my intelligence by acting like you’re meeting daily to do these talks!
  12. I really haye that too and they do it or attempt to ekth everone who has some sad back story. Its so annoying.
  13. Did anyone finish this or get through more that a couple episodes? I stared it but lost interest really quickly.
  14. She had a clothing line? What was it? Workout pants and shirts with dumb sayings on them?
  15. Can someone please help me figure out what is missing in my life that I’m still watching this dumb ass show? Wtf is wrong with me? but yet I keep it on the Dvr and watch it
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