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OITNB in the Media

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I had no idea they were dating (or that Taylor was into women!), and I think that's pretty cool. Unfortunately, the comments on that article are not so nice. Apparently "most lesbians are truly disappointed that Taylor doesn’t have better taste in women." I guess I missed the memo.

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Taylor is dating Carrie Brownstein!




Never mind, it's old news. Still cool though. I like both of them.





Anyway, I'm thrilled for her. And Carrie Brownstein. I have seen Sleater-Kinney in concert many, many, many times, and no one can top what Carrie Brownstein does while dancing and playing guitar. 

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Not strictly media, but thought I would report that this summer, and for the first time, I have seen Big Boo/Delaria impacting the (presumably) gay fashion styling in New York City. I've seen a couple of Delaria Mini Mes (not literal mini-mes, as Delaria herself is uber short), most of them looking as if they're a good 30 years younger than Delaria, but the influence on the hair, eyebrows, clothes - can't miss it. Actually looks kind of high maintenance clothes-wise, since what's being imitated is Delaria's media appearance mensuit wear, not the wife beater look. There's probably other television/film directly influencing adult fashion, but the only previous time I can recall was a little less than two years ago seeing Lena Dunhams everywhere. Waistline of the dress right under the boobs, the hem way above the knee, tights, and the hair and shoes.

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This only works if the show is willing to lose characters. I know everyone will say get rid of this character buy if this character goes so do I but what I actually like about this show is that there really isn't a character that the show can't stand to lose. The danger is keeping them longer then they should.

This is the first series where I would be perfectly OK if they cut the main character (Piper)

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This isn't really off topic but it's not quite on-topic, either.  The July-August double issue of Mother Jones Magazine is a huge story written by a young journalist who worked in a prison (Winn Correctional Center) run by a private company called CCA.  It's too close not to be the basis of MCC.  CCA has prisons all over the country but mainly in the south, from San Diego, through Texas, and on to eastern Georgia.

The author's cred is impressive, "Shane Bauer is a senior reporter at Mother Jones.  He has previously reported on solitary confinement, police militarization, and the Middle East.  He is the co-author...of A Sliver of Light, an account of his two years as a prisoner in Iran."  (article, p 21)  Yikes.

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Interview (in Vogue, of all places) with Diane Guerrero (actress who plays Maritza)-- very interesting. Her parents were deported when she was 14, and because she was a citizen, she was left behind to fend for herself-- the government didn't check up on her after taking her parents. She has a book out, about her life, how she managed, what she went through, her life in general. It was not easy, needless to say. But she comes across as someone who is actually fairly serene and not all that bitter-- which I consider to be an impressive feat, considering the path it sounds like she traveled getting to that place.


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On 6/20/2016 at 4:26 PM, allonsyalice said:

They got married recently. 


It's funny that The Other Side of Midnight was one of the books.  I just saw in some other show with prison scenes they said it was one of two most read books in a men's prison, which seemed funny.  Anyone remember what that was in... Rectify, maybe?  In a women's prison I can see it.  Typical Danielle Steel heroine story.  

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10 hours ago, Valny said:

I have no problem with this, I think it's time.  Seven years is a good run for any show. 

It’s a good run, I agree. 

And I presume they haven’t filmed S7 yet so they’ll be able to give it a proper conclusion.  

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