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  1. Here's what bothered me about that whole idea: Stepping away from the outing for a second. UBA has major, major issues with sexual harassment, and subordinate/superior relationships that were non-consensual or abusive. Not just Mitch but also their evening news guy that got fired at the start of this season. So why on earth would leaking that an older, senior in experience reporter who has been covering The Morning Show is also sleeping with one of the cohosts DISTRACT anyone from UBA's issues? Wouldn't it just further highlight that literally no one at UBA has the professionalism to not
  2. Ok, knee injuries are an area of somewhat expertise for me (I'm not a doctor, I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, BUT I have had two knee surgeries). There's almost no way a doctor issued that brace. She threw that on herself. When I tore my ACL, the urgent care gave me a huge leg brace and the ortho basically said to toss it because it wasn't going to help. If it was so severe she couldn't move her knee without bracing it, she wouldn't be able to walk at all. She could know she's torn something because there can be a popping noise when you tear a ligament. You can a
  3. Just in case anyone missed it: Shoshana's post, while certainly more liberal than other fundies with the "it's ok to date and find yourself" message, was also jaw-droppingly cruel with some really nasty homophobia and transphobia. So while Shoshana is "more liberal" since she doesn't encourage horny teens to marry each other at 18, she's still a nasty piece of work in her own right.
  4. Maybe Teddy's son is the killer. He's deaf, so he wouldn't be listening to the podcast/might not realize what his dad is financing, and he would also know his grandmother's name/family legacy associated with the name Angel.
  5. That's the case for a lot of sports though, it just doesn't require building obstacle courses so you don't think about it as much. Most golfers who are successful at a very young age likely had parents who were at a minimum able to be members of a decent golf course and pay for lessons. I would guess if you had a handy parent or a bunch of handy friends, you could spend about the same on building a ninja course as you could on membership to a country club and golf lessons, the difference being it's far more obvious when you build a ninja course.
  6. So basically this turns into a series where Shane just murders hotel managers around the world?
  7. I wondered about Gideon printing the clone too. Maybe they'll handwave that Gideon can't really do that but Kayla put some side tech on the Waverider to do it just that one time. Especially since the tentacle print was more growing a new tentacle off the stub, not creating something whole cloth (er...flesh?).
  8. Nate can go into the totem but they've been squirrelly about the rules and it appears to somehow affect whether behrad/zari 2.0 have access to their totems (if I'm recalling correctly) so its probably not a hop in/hop out anytime visit.
  9. I'm watching the episode now and it just hit me-the Roman Agency is in Charon Plaza, Charon being the ferryman who brought souls across the river styx in greek mythology. Just a random cool Easter egg!
  10. Oh no...have they said roughly where in NJ? Honestly I'm just really really curious. Most of the state is both expensive and more liberal, but if they're settling in south Jersey they can probably find some like-minded folks.
  11. This was the case for a number of the actor's significant others, it's how they handled the covid restrictions. If you had an actor on-set who has an actor SO, might as well include the SO since it limits the outside contact. IIRC, the guy playing Bishop is with Zari in real life, and Mick's real life GF was in the western ep. As an aside: Right up until the earth is a bowling ball reveal, I really thought the obnoxious couple and the bag swap were tricks that Constantine played on Nate and Zari 1.0 to get them to break up and bring "his" Zari back.
  12. Back the bus up...what Bates/Duggar/adjacent is coming to NJ??? We don't want them.
  13. I thought the movie was about 30 minutes too long...and I would watch Emily Blunt read me the phone book for two hours. Could have used a touch less setup and a touch more time with Jesse Plemons talking to bees. Also, every movie needs The Rock having a slap fight with a leopard.
  14. Meech looks like a hobbit extra from Lord of the Rings-I think it's the angle.
  15. I 100% expected she was watching Jaime on his reality show-I was NOT expecting a sobbing Roy Kent! And given how intense Roy Kent is at everything, he will not stop until he fucking wins dammit.
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