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  1. I got curious and looked it up. I saw the one from two days ago where she shared a series of slides-is that the one you were referring to? If so, I'll give Mariah some props-I've said all along what has always bothered me is how she presents issues without explanation or context, and that post had both, so maybe she's growing a little!
  2. to be somewhat fair, in a drive thru car wash you're not doing the driving. the car is in neutral and it's being dragged on a track (think roller coasters) so it's not as unsafe as it seems at first glance.
  3. I don't shave mine either, I just don't share that fact with the internet (and I'm only sharing that here because literally no one here knows me). You'd be surprised how many women don't bother, and I think TomboyX shows it less as a political statement and more as a "come as you are and we won't judge" statement. Body hair and the absence of it are messy and complicated concepts. Granted, Mariah's usual response is to be flip and not educate anyone on that, and I'll fully admit I'll probably get dinged for going off topic if I get too into the cultural, feminist, and gendered debate be
  4. That's unfortunate (I'm assuming its a negative connotation for you) because TomboyX is an amazing brand-very queer friendly, and offers a lot of options for people who fall outside the gender norms when it comes to undergarments. They're pretty awesome all around.
  5. I just have to say, I'm consistently in awe of Tala Ashe's acting-she really makes OG Zari and Zari 2.0 feel like such wildly different characters that it almost feels like she's a different actress. It's impressive.
  6. Yes I'd also like more information. My son is in 2nd grade and I honestly am constantly impressed with the scope and depth of his education...i don't see government indoctrination, unless that's a really aggressive reaction to Common Core math!
  7. I'm going to say something nice here...about a Duggar! Iz, Sam, and his cousins seem happy here, and I bet this creates the kind of family memories that they look back on fondly. I know as a kid I loved religious holidays because it meant we had extended family come over and it was a chance to see everyone and play. Passover is still my favorite holiday because I associate it with playing with my cousins and having a big happy family party. The photo of Cathy and the boys has that same vibe...I think that's one of the most positive things I've seen come out of Jill's changes. We NEVER se
  8. I wasn't offended, I just wanted to clarify-I think there's not a lot of masc-of-center representation in media so it's easy to misinterpret or perceive women dressing that way differently, especially if they're not KStew-style fashionistas about it. I don't watch the show regularly, so I'm going off what I've seen on social media and in this thread...it seems that's how they dress normally. They may dress more feminine for the show as a condition of filming for Kody or TLC too, since it's basically a "job". I once ran into a coworker in Home Depot and he was deeply confused, he kep
  9. So they're not allowed to dress how they're comfortable? Sorry, this is a sensitive topic for me because I dress pretty similarly, and I've been harassed a lot for how I dress (also, the other day the gas station attendant called me "chief" and "boss" during our interaction, which seems like a pretty big sign he thought I was a dude, but I guess I'm bros with the gas station guy now?) I haven't worn a dress in 22 years, and I'm wearing a fitted tuxedo to my brother's wedding this summer, and if anyone commented on my outfit with "we get it, the sister is a lesbian" to anyone in my family
  10. I know several women who wear outfits similar to Audrey's. My only quibble with her outfit is that it seems a little informal for a funeral, but the style is pretty common.
  11. Also, I'm guessing Top Chef alums are under some degree of contract with Bravo/Magic Elves, so it was probably cheaper and easier to contract a bunch of them to be quarantined together for a month over more famous names.
  12. OMG your anecdote just knocked a memory loose in my brain and now I know who Jeremy reminds me of! So my ex had this HS friend whose husband was obnoxious and arrogant, and when he found out I worked in a business field he proceeded to tell me all about his plan to become a successful entrepreneur and retire early and rich. I asked him if he had a business he was passionate about, and he basically said he didn't care what he did, he just wanted to make money. I point-blank told him if he reads the biographies of any famous entrepreneurs, he'd learn that he's destined to fail because no on
  13. This show feels sort of like NBC polled every employee in the building for one plot idea, and then crammed every single idea into the first 4 episodes. And yet I can't stop watching.
  14. Based on other conservative legal thinkers, he can replace Alito or Thomas on the Supreme Court with that legalistic attitude.
  15. And it's a perfectly valid thing to feel. My ex-wife carried our son, but he's just as much my child as if he were biologically mine. Both legally and emotionally.
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