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  1. What in the ever lovin’ hell was that opening? I miss Mel and Sue’s understated openings. I even miss the Sandy’s short jokes. Seriously, this show has always been about the bakers and their bakes. Lately, it’s been more about the hosts and the judges. And these are my thoughts in just the first 5 minutes! ETA: Also, Matt is still annoying.
  2. I think the SILs will be ok, since they weren’t raised as Duggars. Their families actually worked at real jobs, so they know how it works. It’ll be a huge shift for Ben and Jeremy, but they can do it. The Duggar boys are the ones who will be in deep sh—.
  3. Definitely. They chose everything in that house. All of Mina’s “ideas” were TV created.
  4. Yes, because like Covid restrictions, cell phone laws are written simply to try and constrain the Lord’s work. Jesus will protect him from drifting into the oncoming lane.
  5. I’m pretty sure all of her worK is permitted. They showed at least one inspection, so they were doing more than the owners. I’m not sure where that puts them legally if there’s problems down the road.
  6. While Anna may not have a lot of options inside the fundie community, if she chooses to leave (which is unlikely), there are resources not too far from her. A church like Jill’s would definitely utilize its resources to help a single mom like Anna. She would find help getting housing, furniture, childcare, even counseling, etc. But this is all an exercise in futility. She will stay to the bitter end, because if she leaves, she has to admit to herself that her perfect life was only an illusion.
  7. irisheyes


    I’m waiting for the Congressional subpoena for Steve Penny, the Karolyis, and the USOC. Cause it’s time for some people to be SHAMED on National tv. (I don’t even care if they take the 5th.). I just want the questions of why they did nothing to be asked in public. We already know the answers. Gold medals were more important than humans.
  8. I’d bet my next paycheck the work he was doing was unpermitted. Cause there’s zero chance of that terrible foundation passing inspection. Or the plumbing.
  9. They’re protected by Jesus and their belief Covid isn’t that bad.
  10. Albert speaks. Everything is fine in my marriage. I don’t know why anyone thinks there’s problems.
  11. They’re nuts, but they aren’t lazy like Jill and Hunk. Unlike the Duggar girls, the Maxwell girls actually know how to cook and clean like good fundie wives, which makes it all the more surprising that they haven’t been snatched up by a fundie farmer.
  12. Jill’s gotten a lot better at taking pictures when she’s modeling stuff she’s selling. And, honestly, I’d actually wear some of those outfits. So, Yay!!
  13. Good for Joy! I mean, she and Austin are always going to be politically, socially, and religiously conservative, but at least she’s beginning to see that she doesn’t have to hole up on the compound afraid to ever go out and do anything unless it’s with her entire family. And, maybe, she’ll get some swimming lessons for Giddy and Evy. Cause they shouldn’t be adults and not know how to swim.
  14. I think the first pic is the “before” with all the split ends, and the second is the “after”. All of these girls need a trim every six weeks or so. You can have long hair look really nice, but it takes work.
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