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  1. I think the brick would have looked nice with black accents (windows, door, roof), but the black on black was insane.
  2. She’s mourning the loss of her partnership. 🤣🤣
  3. I don’t even trust that it sold at all. They spent all of last season lying about how the houses sold when they were still owned by AV.
  4. I wonder how long it will take for “something to come up” on Sundays and they’re not there every week.
  5. After watching the train wreck that was Windy City Rehab, I miss Krazy Karen’s Krafts.
  6. Loved the closet doors, everything else was stupid. I don’t care how rich you are (or aren’t), why would you get rid of a pantry for a “coffee station”? Pretty sure this season will be “I don’t understand how Donovan took advantage of me?!??! Waaaah!!”
  7. Would Jill be willing to open up her business to the government? I get she’s a world class grifter, but getting SNAP might be a bridge too far. 🤷‍♀️
  8. At least Anna had the excuse of being 10 months pregnant. Not sure what Josh’s excuse was.
  9. Four beds and only one bath is a deal breaker for me. Eight people sharing one bath is a no go.
  10. She’s nine months, so it’s probably time to start the pregnancy watch for Anna.
  11. I think it’s sweet. I mean, Joy and Austin are pretty much hillbillies (and seem to love their life), so it makes sense. It also seems that people are choosing more old-fashioned names lately. My sister named her youngest Ruby. My youngest is Charlotte (she’s older than Will & Kate’s). I’m just glad she was born in a hospital and Joy had an easier delivery.
  12. We sign parents up at Open House Day. Lots of schools try to get as many parents as they can to join. It’s like $7.
  13. Yeah, I went to a small, Christian college in the 90’s (not nearly as strict as some), and we had a curfew. Which I appreciate more now that I’m a mom. Once you were in, you could stay up. (We didn’t get grounded if we broke the rules though. 😀)
  14. There are HUNDREDS of small, Christian colleges that the Duggar kids could have gone to. My friend’s brother went to one in Iowa where the girls had to wear skirts, the guys had to wear ties to class, there were no TV’s, curfew was at 9, and you could get grounded if you broke a rule. This was in the 90”s, but I’m sure the rules are just as strict. So, it’s not as if the Duggar’s couldn’t have found a college that met their standards, they just saw no reason to look. Which is sad. I mean, if Joe wanted to be a preacher, why NOT give him the opportunity to get trained as a pastor so he could excel at serving at a church. Kendra is a flake, but she’s a perfect pastor’s wife for a small, rural church.
  15. Those look delicious. I need to get some self rising flour.
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