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  1. The Rods are morons, but I can’t knock the pillow. I’m extremely picky about my pillow, so I take mine whenever I travel, even when I’m staying in a hotel. (We actually just came back from a cheer comp/beach weekend, and my trusty pillow traveled with us. 😂). My kids also take a fan (theirs is a personal size, however) since they like the white noise.
  2. That’s what I thought too. He was probably one of the last people on earth who still called her by her name. I can’t imagine going through the days never hearing your name once. It seems that Charles’s visit last week wasn’t just “stopping by to say Happy Easter.”
  3. It probably took him two minutes to figure out how to insert Tab A into Slot B. Hopefully there was a little foreplay.
  4. So the talking point is - “They’ve known each other for awhile, but kept the relationship low key.” OK. 🙄
  5. So, did JB and the other father stand at the door to ensure the Jedding happened as contracted? Is the bed blessed beforehand? Will there be a display of the virginal sheets tomorrow?
  6. I’m just surprised they’re getting married the day before Easter because I know that the day after my wedding church wasn’t really on the agenda. 😀. But, who knows how much “fellowshipping” will occur tonight.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode where they’ve intentionally destroyed a historic feature. Usually when they take something out (like a fireplace) it’s because it’s dangerous for them the keep. We can also assume that many of these houses come with asbestos or lead paint, and that has to be removed. Plus, 100 year old houses have to be brought up to code. As always, mileage may vary. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Mine too. And my younger sister is Julie. We’re skirting close to a Duggar name!!
  9. My son is a cranio baby. He was diagnosed at one month with a CT confirmed diagnosis at three months. (Though, looking back, his skull had fused in utero). It’s frightening, especially if you Google the surgery types. While it’s completely correctable, I’m glad Evy (and Joy and Austin) don’t have to go through that. Handing your baby off to a surgeon is a scary moment.
  10. She’s busy searching the Fingerhut catalog for more junk to buy since they’re getting the stimulus soon.
  11. When compared to her brothers, Austin probably looks pretty good. 😂
  12. I think there is a friendship of some substance there. Didn’t Carlin drop everything to come to Joy when she lost the baby? That’s probably more than MOTY did.
  13. In his James Corden interview, he talked about how he zooms with his grandparents. While the Queen was a pretty absent mother, I think she’s been better at being Grandmummy. I still think the press debacle in 1997 after Diana died was because the Queen was focused on William and Harry and ignored her duty to country (for once). I’m gobsmacked by almost everything in that interview. Like, speechless. I knew the Windsors took dysfunction to a whole new level, but Meghan’s treatment was unbelievable. On a side note, Harry’s grin when he told Oprah that the baby is a girl was everything.
  14. I think that the only saving grace for Anna after the baby making years are over is that she seems interested in her children, so she'll be engaged in their lives at least until the last one is grown. Then, she'll have grandchildren to be interested in. Michelle never cared about her kids once they were past the baby stage, so when baby making was done, she had no idea what to do with her life. Anna at least looks like she cares about her kids once they can walk and talk.
  15. To be fair, I think the plan had been for Harry to travel back to the UK occasionally, but this little thing called Covid ruined that.
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