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  1. You are right, I do like House Hunters but I find House in a Hurry very boring
  2. Ed reminds me of Paul asking for a STD test and Ed is an idiot thinking that he thinks they have chemistry, she looks very uncomfortable with him and I do not blame her
  3. What a weird premiere, who need a house in a hurry? This will be interesting
  4. The mudroom sucked, it is too small to be a mudroom, the girls amuse me with their awful designs, they must have learn it from Hilda from Trading Spaces
  5. Is the sisters’ favorite color green? Last week it was the green cabinets and tonight it is the green subway tiles, the kitchen is ugly and the butcher block countertops is a little too much and how the hell did it go over $29,000 list price?
  6. I swear that the sisters keep saying “ They are likely first time home buyers” in every episode, that is annoying and how would they know that?
  7. It is like they have no brains
  8. I just think the sisters are terrible at designing, that green cabinet is awful, how that house got sold is beyond me
  9. The Holtzclaw family got a beautiful house and their blue appliances looks really cool, I am surprised to see Tygert Pennington returning in next episode, I did not think he would return, it will be good to see him again so I am looking forward to that
  10. I am not sure what the sisters are thinking about the green cabinets in the kitchen, it looks awful
  11. Does anyone like this show? I thought it is a good show and Mika and Brian is a cute couple
  12. The Barosi family have a very nice house but it has too much wallpaper for my taste
  13. I am probably the only one who thinks that grandma’s room is much nicer than the mother’s room
  14. Can we bring Ty Pennington back? I am not impressed with the new host, he looks like he is suited to be a comedian, I enjoyed the original, the reboot is not too bad
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