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  1. On the other house, the painting outside is ugly and the kitchen floor and backsplash is horrible
  2. Ethan continues his awful ideas, those cabinets are awful, it looks like a maze and what is with the stupid wood art work on the top of the wall in the bedroom?
  3. I am kidding but I swear that Keith gets terrible ideas from Hildi
  4. Where is the bed that Cole is supposed to get? 🤔
  5. I really find it hard to believe that someone offered $125,000 over listing price “The list price is $610,000” “Let me offer $735,000 instead” I call bullshit on that
  6. I took a screenshot and post it for you Yeah, that was so bad, I can imagine family and friends asking the homeowners why it is not fixed or painted all the time and that would get old and tiring and seeing that gives me flashbacks of Hildi’s awful walls from Trading Spaces
  7. First episode-Tiffany did a good job but only thing I do not like is the wallpaper Second episode-The basement is nice but I hated the gold tile backsplash, it hurts my eyes and the bright gold room is awful, I would have painted over it
  8. I totally agree with that, I rather have a roomy kitchen than have a humongous island that takes up space in the kitchen
  9. Lynsday-"I want to go with the direction of young buyers" "Leslie-"This is a first time home buyer for a young couple" Their stupid obsession of young buyers is getting old and annoying and they would not know that either
  10. I remembered that, it was a bad episode, I remembered that the guys who got the black room was happy with it but the guys who got the white room was very upset
  11. A pocket door is a good idea and they should have done that
  12. I rewatched the episode and I noticed that the stackable dryer and washer is behind the door in the bathroom, that is a terrible use of the stackable dryer and washer and is a pain in the ass opening and closing the door to use the washer and dryer, they could have put it somewhere else
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