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  2. Linda Hopkins, who starred in musicals like Inner City and the one-woman show Me and Bessie, has died at 92. ETA: Michael Ballhaus dies at 81 So sad to hear about this. He was one of the 'credits' I paid attention to in the 80s, in being a movie fan. Baby It's You with John Sayles, and After Hours with Scorsese.
  3. Perhaps we should guess at what kind of pie @biakbiak will bake?
  4. "ESPN would know" LOL
  5. Come on. You know the rules for no-hitters in progress. YOU SAY NOTHING. No "whispers" - just "Hey something happening in this game." You uttered the words "perfect innings." "You know what'd be perfect? A game that doesn't go extra innings" is even pushing it. PS- Yeah here's where I have to agree with mojoween. Frickin Longoria. PS2- Rules for no-hitters.
  6. Some friends of mine did the "info session" slog a few years ago. They said it was worth the trip. (They're in Spain right now.) And yeah, Pixel's in Hawaii without our permission! How dare she. The Summer of Glory?
  7. I follow a variety of journalists assigned to report on the Sox on twitter. (Of course.) From what I understand the team had their shots last fall. It started at the end of spring training- Mitch Moreland and three coaches got ill but were told to stay away. But, ya know, Mother Nature and all. Pop Quiz hot-shots. Which story does NOT belong on the front page of MLB.com?
  8. That looks exhausting. I'd need a beer and a dog or two after that much running around. All I want for April is for 25 healthy Red Sox players.
  9. The Reds, the O's, the Nats... and sometimes Boston because of NKOTB. .... Okay.
  10. Now I'm not the O's fan, I've only picked up that they use the first part of the song. Do they go longer in the song sometimes??? Because the next part... MMMmm Hmmm. I'm just sayin' - that's all. Of course I cheer for a team that plays Neil Diamond and then a song about 1960s-era bad water, so what do I know? @jennifer6973 : Three teams? WTH? I understand the two-team theory of "The Red Sox, and whoever's playing the Yankees" but please enlighten us to your three-team theory of cheering.
  11. Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder! Fighting all who rob or plunder! Joe Harris, an advertising illustrator who drew two cartoon figures that would become icons of the Baby Boomer generation – Underdog and the Trix “silly rabbit” – died last month at his home in Stamford, Conn. He was 89.
  12. Stephen A making sense? I mean, I bailed on watching ESPN years ago. But I'm shocked.
  13. Don't tempt me to post the few hundred YT links/videos of the Gloriousness of October 2004 @mojoween! "Anything of note" HA! In honor of opening day, I watched videos of the 2005, 2008 & 2014 opening day "unfurling the banners."
  14. Just caught Correa's HR clip. Is the "Chiken Iz Fare" new or has it always been on the foul pole?
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