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  1. Meedis

    S07.E28: Deven & James

    He's pretty young but I'm guessing he may be familiar with the term. But he wanted more than that with Deven. Speaking of Deven, what a tool.
  2. I liked Zeke too. He seemed pretty chilled and tried to rein in the messy Truth & Ray'Quan. But that was mission impossible. Go Fiji!!!!
  3. AJ and the Queen Cancelled After One Season Honestly can't say I'm surprised. It was a cute series but couldn't see it going beyond a season despite the cliffhanger.
  4. Run Mark, run! Jessica is tiki boom boom. I'm also loving Cameron and Lauren separate and together. Out of everyone I feel like I'd want to be friends with them in real life. I really hope they go the distance.
  5. I would love to see Melody Thorton of PCD fame just to see Nicole's head implode during the eventual reveal and also being pissy throughout Melody's stay as she'll surely recognize her voice.
  6. Hopefully there was some incentive behind the scenes that was given to the late comers. Because they definitely were at a disadvantage. I opted to wait until I knew all the episodes were added before watching. I'm so spoiled by binge watching everything. LOL.
  7. I just finished watching all the episodes. I saw the previews and told myself only one episode but oddly enough found myself hooked. The little actor was annoying at first but she grew on me. And even if RuPaul isn't the greatest actor, the role wasn't a big stretch for his real life so I found him believable. Overall I thought it was a "cute" series. Looking forward to a Season 2 if it gets renewed.
  8. LOL my better half has no interest in this show but the minute he overheard "Save The Passengers" from across the room, he immediately recalled the iconic line from Heroes.
  9. Michelle Williams is quite the get for this show though she did recently foray in reality TV so this isn't too far of a fetch. Sad to see her go over ThingaMaJig, who was definitely the weaker performer. Ken can still go anytime now and Nicole too (uggh to that whole "Thing and Nicole thing" crap). Had to laugh at Victoria Beckham as a final guess. No way she'd slum on this show...LOL.
  10. Yup. If I wasn't already on the Patti train wagon, that little subtle clue would've definitely sealed the deal.
  11. I first saw Bashir Salahuddin on the Netflix series Glow as the referee / boyfriend of one of the lady wrestlers. He reminds me of Malik Yoba of New York Undercover fame.
  12. Reggie Hayes went through some things in life since Girlfriends ended. So I'm glad he was able to make an appearance. I mostly was watching this episode for the Girlfriends references.... loved Toni's comment on how she's glad Ruby isn't her mother (when of course Ruby was Toni's Mom on Girlfriends), and then Maya referencing the divorce plotline that happened on the old series, and of course all four of them slo-mo posing like in the Girlfriends credits. It was great seeing them all together again and I hope they occasionally return.
  13. I'm geeked out about the October 8th episode of Black-ish. Apparently it's a Girlfriends reunion. I assume they may be playing different characters but cool to see the cast back though hopefully Big Willie makes an appearance too.
  14. I'm watching this pretty late on Netflix as well....wrapping up on this season and then I'll go into Season 9. I couldn't help to think when Ford mentioning "asking around" about Fiona that she should've broke into song and sang "Don't Ask My Neighbor" from the Emotions. But then it's not really a serious relationship so scratch that. That's an incredibly creepy thing to admit to. That would've had me running for the hills. That Kassidi girl is bad news. Carl too needs to run for the hills. I'm not really feeling Ian's storyline and Lip needs to find a less destructive way of expressing his emotions.
  15. Berto Colon who plays Cesar, Alainna's drug dealer boyfriend, got his start as a reality TV contestant on the short lived Viva Hollywood on VH1 in the mid 2000s. He competed against 11 other unknown actors for a role on a telenovela series and was the ultimate winner.
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