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  1. Meedis

    Card Sharks

    I think game shows tend to bring on the "over the top" personalities figuring it would make for a more interesting show. I do agree though that I didn't care much for the first two contestants. I'm not a fan of Joel either but I think he did a good job. I liked his jab at John sarcastically asking 'Are you gay'. Because no one would know otherwise, right? LOL.
  2. Meedis

    Braxton Family Values

    LOL looked like the men indirectly was instigating the sister drama this episode. Kevin with his shout-out to Traci on her birthday that irked Tamar. Von with his proposal to Trina which will irk Tamar. And no doubt Kevin's shout-out will get Traci riled up because of Tamar's reaction. Bring on the drama.
  3. Meedis


    I've watched the entire series. The one thing that gives me a chuckle is how the 'killer' can conveniently attack people w/o noone noticing save the first victim Kit who had fucking Dean McDermott's character watch the killer and not intervene. And of course others not helping Kit throughout. Which I guess was the point of Season 3...how not helping your fellow man can have detrimental effects down the line. By the 5th episode I guessed who the killer was though I didn't realize there was another till the reveal. I suppose that would explain how the killer seemed to be everywhere. It would've been nice to have a last minute reveal of who killed which characters. Overall I was entertained. Hopefully they bring it back for a 4th season.
  4. Meedis

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    Yes. Season 6 will be their last season.
  5. Meedis

    Braxton Family Values

    Well damn...BFV must not pay well. Hmm...will be interesting if they do play it out on the reality show. Run Sean, run...LOL.
  6. Meedis

    Black Summer

    How would the lone guy even know who Rose (thank you for all the character names...LOL) was? I guess he did look at them with binoculars. But hard to believe they'd know her by face. I didn't see the daughter looking through the binoculars. That's why I think the daughter is a figment of Rose's imagination since she hallucinated about the daughter before earlier in the season.
  7. Meedis

    Black Summer

    Thanks IMONREY. It was weird too how Manny (assuming he's the one that got killed in the grate and chased Sun) and Carmen kept stopping for kissing breaks between Carmen doing her "acting tough" struts and Manny's "acting tough" poses. That finale sucked...
  8. Meedis

    Secure the Media!

    I wonder when Season 2 and 3 are coming out on DVD. Enjoyed watching Season 1 but don't have cable currently.
  9. Meedis

    Black Summer

    I'm watching this show but a lot of what's happening makes no sense. For example I'm six episodes in and I get that the reunited group was looking for supplies and broke into the warehouse place for that but how they executed it almost flawlessly (save the diner a-hole getting killed) made no sense. When did they come up with the plan? How did they know where everything was? Why was no one watching the authorized rooms? Or better yet why weren't they locked? Also how did that guy (I clearly can't be bothered with remembering names) in Episode 4 - who was left behind with the pyscho kids at school, had ample time to eat a meal at a grocery store but instead mindlessly put items in a grocery cart and subsequently have to abandon it because a crazed zombie found him, and later had to kill a guy who rescued him from said zombie - manage to get captured at this random warehouse. Maybe the last two episodes will explain things. But yummy to the eye candy that were actors Joel Gagne & Brad Kelly (the latter I wouldn't mind getting felt up by...*LOL*). Thanks IMDB. I guess I'll stick with it since there's only two episodes left. But I'm out for Season 2 if there is one.
  10. Meedis

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    Assumed AOC stood for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The only thing I could discern from her nonsense is that AOC is not your typical liberal hence not pure. I have no idea...LOL.
  11. Meedis

    Judging The Judges

    Someone had an interesting idea of wishing there was a side contest where the judge with the lowest number of correct guesses gets replaced with another judge for Season 2. I have to say I'm open to the idea.
  12. Meedis

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    That is a good point. Patti's photo is definitely out of date. It does make me question a bunch of the other photos used.
  13. Meedis

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    Heh apparently FOX doesn't have a photo of the New En Vogue instead using an older stock photo with the 4 Originals...and making me miss the originals Max and Dawn. Interesting too that Dawn was mentioned as a possibility for the Lion (though clearly Rumer sounds nothing like Dawn or any of the other En Vogue members past and present...so Ken clearly doesn't know the En Vogue sound). At least someone on FOX knew which member was Dawn and used the correct photo at the end when Lion was sent packing. I called it too that the Lion and Rabbit would be eliminated though it might've been telegraphed by the judges all overly praising the Peacock and Monster.
  14. Meedis

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    At the end of the day any good family would support a member in need. But yeah I was thinking about Jurnee especially and how she would be affected by it in the short and long term. Good idea on hiring the brother that Jussie attempted to pass himself off as. To Jussee...in the late Redd Foxx's voice..."You Big Dummy!"
  15. Meedis

    Judging The Judges

    I don't know why but I've always liked Jenny McCarthy. Surprisingly I like Robin Thicke too which says a lot given his past douche-y ways. I'm not feeling Ken or Nicole and wouldn't care if they are dropped.