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  1. Meedis

    S05.E01: Panic

    Plus Athena wasn't the one who caught him so I figured he was a goner. LOL
  2. Meedis


    I never heard of Run The World. I'll need to check that out. Hopefully I can get it on Hulu. O.T.: It was cool seeing Tye's backstory and by default the other three ladies stories on how their lives were before. I can't blame Tye's new lady for having doubts about their relationship.
  3. I enjoyed the premiere overall. Dre's ego is definitely out there if he thought he wouldn't be the dud husband in that scenario. The kid playing Devante couldn't even be on the photo with his TV family and Mrs. Obama. Poor kid wouldn't appreciate it now but might years from now.
  4. Meedis


    If done right, I would love to see "Get Out" the musical become a thing...*LOL*. Hopefully there is a Season 2 of Harlem. I definitely enjoyed the stories that were told.
  5. LOL oops I was so excited to post I overlooked it.
  6. There was one episode where Charlotte's brother comes to see Charlotte because he was divorcing his wife and ends up sleeping with Samantha. Other than that, I can't think of any other time the main 4 had a family member introduced.
  7. Meedis


    I just finished the first episode. Overall I'm intrigued enough to keep watching but I'm going to need Quinn not to leave her purse at the bar with a total stranger in the far away land of Long Island...*LOL*. I can only assume she didn't have any major credit cards otherwise that would be the first thing to do once she was rescued. LOL too at the guy waving his butt in the air waiting for Meagan to lick it.
  8. I'm so glad I watch this via Hulu so I could fast forward through 90 percent of both episodes. I feel like "the fix" was in to stifle any chance of Toddrick winning. Clearly Jewel is the better singer and deserved the win so they couldn't let him end with one of his acrobatic performances to possibly pull an upset.
  9. Woo hoo. I got my 2nd and last right guess of the season with Faith Evans. I knew unless the Skunk performed on cartwheels and juggled some balls at the same time that the Bull would advance. Edited to add....how contrived that Robin Thicke got the first impression guess and it's now a 3-way tie between Ken, Nicole, and himself. So is Miss Jenny gonna guess two out of the three remaining finalists to pull the ultimate contrivance? Stay tuned...LOL.
  10. I totally agree that my favorite scenes were with the three main ladies together. Season 2 seemed to have more of them interacting. I wish Coco wasn't isolated so much this last season.
  11. That is too crazy and just as his former Soul Food TV series co-star joins the show.
  12. Yup there were lots of onions in the room watching this episode. The last time the onions were this intense was in the Hen Begins episode and her speech of ".... Look at me! ... See me!"
  13. I agree there were a lot of contrived moments in the episode and I too wished Harrison wasn't introduced so soon, but it felt good seeing Dexter again. So I'm in it for the long haul.
  14. Even the outfit Brianna wore seemed like something Alexis (Dynasty's not Queens) would've rocked. I'm definitely continuing to enjoy this show. Bummed about Eve but hopefully she'll return (if the show returns).
  15. I believe they said it was the last Wild card of the season. I guess Joel McHale also getting to make a first impression guess was a clue that Beach Ball was getting kicked. Also they were the worst performance of the night.
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