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  1. Totally off-topic to the show but it's nice to see Simu Liu winning.
  2. OMG...mind blown. It was Nora. How the hell did she get roped into this mess?
  3. I thought Shelby was a cheerleader...*LOL*. She definitely fits the trope.
  4. Yes Fatima's parents are a hot mess. Fatima has definitely moved up the ranks among my favorite characters. It was nice to see some of her layers peeling off and showing she's more than just a party, have a good time girl.
  5. They sure did hint around that Dot is indeed the operative especially the conversation she had with Ms. Six Feet Under/Brother & Sisters alum Rachel Griffiths.
  6. Meedis

    S01.E01: Day One

    I'm just getting started on this series. I wonder if each episode will feature a different girl talking to the investigators (who I'm now questioning aren't in on the whole scheme). It was interesting that the one girl (I'm not remembering all their names just yet) mentioned that her parents bought her a $1000 water-proof suitcase. Makes me wonder if their guardians are in on the whole thing as well for whatever reasons and they knew about the crash so out of guilt got the luggage. Guess I'll see. I'm definitely hooked.
  7. I just finished it today and yes it's very bittersweet. It's sad to read about Simu Lu and Jean Yoon's experiences dealing with a writing team that was non-Korean and not taking any of their ideas seriously. It's disheartening especially with Korean representation being even lower than other minorities. I did enjoy the family scenes in the convenience store a lot more than Handy's. It did feel like a completely different show when the scenes switched to Handy's. I also enjoyed Mr. Metha's scenes with Appa and would've liked to have seen him make another appearance or two n
  8. I saw previews of the show pop up on my Netflix feed and it looked interesting. Gave it a try and so far I'm enjoying it. It's definitely giving me a few laughs.
  9. Ouch on the latest Whammy episode (Season 2, Episode 3 according to Hulu). Two out of three contestants whammied out even though Falawna had an amazing run with ten spins she had to take. The third player wins but with 0 dollars. Then he gets through two bonus rounds w/o a Whammy and then whammies out at the very end. Definitely an episode for the ages. I felt like he should've quit after the second bonus round. Like he said though, it seemed fitting that he ended the bonus round with a whammy.
  10. Meedis

    The Upshaws

    Oh I thought the kid was Bernard Sr's.
  11. Meedis

    The Chi

    Gotta love the Chi for adding extra drama with Nina peeking at Drea's text message and seeing Jada's message saying "OUR SECRET" instead of "MY SECRET".
  12. Meedis

    The Upshaws

    I thought the show was pretty well-done overall. I like the banter especially between Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps (I almost called him Omar but he's a different actor with the same last name and they're actually cousins). The storylines seem good. I especially liked how they handled Bernard's coming out story. It's interesting too how similar it was to mine (aside from sleeping with his prom date) in that while he was worried about coming out and the reactions almost everyone close to him knew. I guess the cliffhanger is plausible.... hopefully another season (or Part II) comes alon
  13. Just finished binge watching Season 2 of the Circle U.S. I thought for sure that Chloe had the win in the bag since she seemed to be very well liked. But I'm definitely happy for Deleesa and while $100K isn't enough to pay for a good house (especially after taxes and of course depending on location), I'm sure what was left after taxes were taken helped secure a decent down payment on a home. Kudos to her for being the first "Catfish" to win the game. I watched the Circle France and was amazed how the final winner was almost similar to the final winner in the Circle US Season 1.
  14. He does have a deal with Netflix so I believe the cancellation is due to ABC cutting ties with him. The episode was pretty bittersweet knowing it's the last one. I agree with feeling like they must've known it was the end beforehand because it felt like a great series finale, not to mention bringing the adult versions of the kids (even if Rashida didn't show her face...*LOL*).
  15. 8 looks to be the magic number for Tracee Ellis Ross. Her last major series Girlfriends lasted eight seasons. Hopefully Black-ish gets some closure unlike Girlfriends.
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