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  1. I'll have to watch the Tamar interview with Taraji. On another note, looks like DailyMail was mixing up people. In the middle of the article, they start off saying: "The Being Mary Jane actress...." Tamar was never on Being Mary Jane, let alone an actress (except on reality TV I suppose). Gabrielle Union was on Being Mary Jane and was the first guest on Taraji's Facebook show.
  2. I didn't realize that the Neveah actress (Kylie Jefferson) that it's her first credited role ever according to IMDB. The fact that it is makes me grade her performance on a curve.
  3. Hey it's Ronnie from Schitt's Creek guest starring as the Mom. That's about the coolest thing I can say about the episode. It feels like the episodes go on a bit too long for me. I found myself several times thinking, is it over yet?
  4. Oh that cougar Monique...should've known she'd be slumming with a dancer. But Caleb, if you're hooking up with Monique, why not threaten to expose the affair to get out of rooming with Nabil. Wonder if Monique slept with Caleb's father as well. This show is messy enough to go there. Speaking of Nabil, too funny that Naveah pulled a 360 and wants to make out with the guy that creeps her out. Messy, messy show. I love too how every dancer seems to be having nightmares about Cassie or the dance class in general.
  5. And apparently Aunt Denise was holding out on Alicia (Bow's Mom) and not sharing the secret elixir . LOL
  6. I'm four episodes in. I didn't watch Jennifer Lopez's version so I don't have anything to compare it to. It is cool that the show is about more than Selena. Selena seems pretty one-note so far. The most interesting character so far is the Dad. It took me a minute to realize he was Carlos back the day on Desperate Housewives. Anyway the Dad definitely gives off Joe Jackson vibes. The way each episode ends seems bizarre (at least to me). The funniest one was when the brother lost the trailer on their truck/car due to hitting a bump on the road knocking off the hitch and you see the trailer riding alongside them. Then it just ends and next episode the Dad buys a big old van. I can just imagine what the neighbors thought when seeing that monstrosity parked on the street (not to mention the band practices). I'm curious too if that couple that gave birth in the next hospital bed remembers offering up the name Selena to the Quintanillas.
  7. I wonder if it's a case that he doesn't want to be on the cameras and they have to create a narrative so Towanda is just saying he has no contact. It does seem hard to believe he has no contact since he was the one that was depicted to always be there for the kids. A "house-husband" sort of speaks. Nothing wrong with that since it's always good to have a parent around, be it the father or mother.
  8. It is funny that she couldn't just say his "nickname". I wonder if he wants no part of the show.
  9. I think I heard Toni mentioning co-habitating with her fiancé and kids during the quarantine. So that means Birdman is still in the picture I assume.
  10. The name Hayley sounded familiar and then I remembered she held Case #25 on Deal or No Deal back in the day. As long as she can prove that she worked previously with Ross and Barris and has proof that it was her idea, she may have a case. However the courts may not rule in her favor. There was a similar case with Tatyana Ali suing Warner Bros over stealing her idea for The Real. That case later got tossed by the court. https://deadline.com/2017/02/tatyana-ali-verdict-the-real-lawsuit-1201973723/ In summary the court stated, trade secret laws do not protect IDEAS.
  11. Yay! Glad to see this thread pop up. It is nice to see Half & Half finally getting some recognition though low-key I feel like Netflix hasn't pushed it as much for an option to watch as the other UPN releases that have shown up on Netflix. In fact I had to manually search for it to add it to my list, unlike One on One which was released around the same time and was prominently featured. But that's a minor nitpick. I cycled through the series already and purposely rewatched an earlier episode so it would still be on my list. In addition to the principal stars, I thought the secondary actors were very well used. In particular I enjoyed Suzy Nakamura's portrayal of Tina the sarcastic waitress, then later owner of the noodle bar the main principals frequented at. She was hilarious in all ten of her guest appearances on the show. One of my favorite scenes featuring Tina was when she berated poor Mona by repeatedly saying "He WANTS to date your MOTHER!" Another one was when she handed Lil Dee Dee some ice cream as consolation prize for getting her ass beat by Spencer's crazy girlfriend of the episode, none other than the infamous Taraji P Henson. She played that role around the same time as Hustle & Flow and before she got her big break out role on 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  12. Wow. Very intense game. I too have to give my props to Spencer. But I'm glad Kaya won. She definitely had to work for that win.
  13. I forgot about that. 🙂 I was getting LeAnn Rimes vibes from the Sun's last performance.
  14. The Sun is definitely not Katharine McPhee as she's currently pregos. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8907383/PICTURED-Pregnant-Katharine-McPhee-David-Foster-house-hunt-celeb-favorite-Montecito-enclave.html
  15. In regards to new threads, I think maybe a request would have to be sent to one of the mods. I've never done so. That whole merger mess still leaves a bad taste some almost 15 years later. Anyway....If there isn't one on YouTube, someone needs to make a compilation of all the zingers Big Dee Dee and Phyllis had with each other and when one was talking about the other while not in the room. Pure comedy gold!
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