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  1. notyrmomma

    S06.E07: Lisa's Story

    Agreed. My dad died of non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and looked like a skeleton just before he died. He was always a big guy and was around 300 pounds when he was diagnosed (I always thought that was so huge, it's goal to some of these people, LOL). He dropped most of the weight in the months before he died and this was a huge warning sign that he was not doing well--no one celebrated this weight loss. I wonder if that is what happened to Lisa. If we are doing a death watch, I think Sean will be next. Overall, I think this season's bunch was the unhealthiest out of all seasons. I think most everyone but a few were completely bed bound.
  2. notyrmomma

    S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    My son was "the biter" in daycare from about the ages of 2-4 and it was TERRIBLE! We were told the reason why he bit was because he knew he was supposed to express himself or his frustrations by using words, i.e. his mouth, but couldn't, so he bit. He got thrown out of like two daycares and it was a very tough process to break him of this habit (we read and re-read the "don't bite your friends" book and constantly reminded him to "use his words"), but finally it stopped. You often see the biting again in dementia patients for the same reason and they often have to bounce around care facilities too because no one wants to put up with that crap. What's Sean's excuse for biting? Is his brain really this melted at this point?
  3. notyrmomma

    S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    As someone said back on page 1 or so, this episode was just haunting. I finally watched it a couple days ago and I am still thinking about it. Sean's mom definitely did him no favors. I agree with most everything I have read, especially the munchausen by proxy, but I have another theory. We are friends with this family who has an only child who is or was slightly cognitively delayed (I don't know if this is the correct term, I think she just naturally has a lower IQ due to conditions of her birth) and her mother has always expressed her guilt about this, as if it was her fault. I should tell her to watch this show. The kid is now over 25 years old now and has never had a job, never had to cook, doesn't do laundry, she basically sits in her room all day and plays on the computer. She actually got through school and basic college classes (she got a certificate in office administration, not a degree), but to this date, no one has forced this young adult to grow up. At this point, what is a parent to do? It would be cruel to just throw her out there are let her fend for herself. Sean is the worst case scenario of what happens to kids who are coddled too hard. But how do you fix this when it has gone past the point of no return? @aliya I totally agree with your take on the dad in that we will never know the truth, but I will bet $1 that he was just a traditional dad of the 1990s and expected his son to step up and become a man (and not be a whiny baby--I bet he even said phrases like "don't cry like a girl") and his mom was having none of that. I would also bet $1 that this was the main catalyst of their divorce. Someone also mentioned that Sean's mom never thought she wouldn't outlive him and I totally agree with this too. What a freaking shame. One more thought....it astounds me that Sean is still alive and L.B. is dead...
  4. notyrmomma

    S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18

    I was somewhat disappointed when Dr. Now was blaming the size of Brittney's legs on her diet. Lets say it was because she was eating like crap, what bad foods is she eating to make her look anorexic waist up and obese waist down? I was hoping he would address the reality of lipedema, which is a very misunderstood, but relatively common, disorder (here's one site that discusses it: http://advancedlipedematreatment.com/understanding-lipedema/). What she needs is water jet assisted liposuction and it's expensive and not covered by insurance. I am in the same boat as Brittney - I got WLS 4 years ago (starting weight 318) and now I am size 4 above the waist and you can see my whole ribcage, but I am a size 10 below the waist and I look like a freak in shorts (as an aside, I got a mammogram yesterday (hadn't been in 3 yrs, oops) and they told me that I had absolutely no fat left in my breasts, as compared to my last mamo, it's all just dense tissue). I'm just so stinking sick and tired of people telling me to diet and work my legs out more because it just doesn't work - losing more weight just makes my upper half look more anorexic.
  5. notyrmomma

    S06.E19 Nicole & Ashley D. 2018.07.11

    When she was at her heaviest, her face reminded me of the underbelly of a sting ray. Especially when she frowned.
  6. notyrmomma

    S05.E02: Ghosted

    probably, but he can "wow" women by how smart he is. I saw his picture, he's only marginally good looking.
  7. notyrmomma

    S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    Yes, but mostly with the gastric bypass (I can't remember if that's what he had). That's why after bariatric surgery its all about protein protein protein and vitamin supplements (and NOT salad/lettuce, even from Panera). You are at most risk of iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 deficiencies which can have a huge range of symptoms from hair falling out to neuropathy. The feeding tube person was Angel and that was just idiotic though. I was on Dr. Now's side with that one. Why the fuck would you let a doctor do SURGERY to input a tube in your stomach without contacting the doctor who did the original bariatric surgery??? They could have given her some IV fluids and vitamins and sent her back to Dr. Now. Also, remember Angel was the one who lost like 100 pounds in a month (or some ungodly short time) before her surgery because she was starving herself, so she was probably in terrible shape before going in for her surgery.
  8. notyrmomma

    S05.E02: Ghosted

    He does it to get chicks. Come on, I think we all know or know of guys exactly like Avi...you know, man whores.
  9. notyrmomma

    Family By The Ton

    If that vat of boiling oil were to tip over, the whole house could go up in flames (this is gross, but between her fat, the bedding, POOF). Marla (who she almost looks like) from M600L did the same thing, only they used a rickety card table with only two legs in use and the other two folded up and the table rested on her fat. Not only that, cooking in oil STINKS! My sister made some fried things for Christmas Eve and her outdoor fryer broke so she did it in her kitchen. My hair STUNK so bad that when I got home I had to wash it and two days later, you could still smell it in the kitchen. She vowed never to fry in the house again. That McDonalds million dollar suit for hot coffee that everyone laughs about was really no joke and that woman was seriously injured (that TrueTV show Adam Ruins Everything explains it well).
  10. notyrmomma

    S05.E03: Big Fat Ambush

    wander 592 miles twice a week into Greensboro. Remember that? She said she saw him twice a week (i.e. he "didn't have time to cheat")
  11. Her weight loss reminds me of the way I lose weight...all from the top (face and chest) and still larger bottom (hips and thighs). If I had to choose, that's the way to go because people look at your face first anyway.
  12. notyrmomma

    S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    They were eating takeout from Panera on that sad little picnic (simply eating outside does not a picnic make, but whatever). I didn't see any pastries (but does Panera has fantastic bear claws!). I was more distracted by the "You Pick Two" that that duo was eating. Again, I am shocked at the amounts and types of food that these two are eating! Salad is the worst thing you could eat less than a year out from surgery. Also, it looks like Lee had a whole Panini! At that stage after my surgery (and even now), I was only able to eat a cup of soup - not even a bowl. I just can't with these two. (as an aside, I ended up leaving a weight loss surgery support Facebook Page because someone made this list of restaurants that they "will never go to again" and Panera was on that list. I commented that you are kidding yourself if you think you will never eat at somewhere like Panera again, especially because they do have a lot of healthy good things (their french onion soup was a lifesaver to me after my surgery) and THEY JUMPED ALL OVER ME! I think this attitude is just as unhealthy as Lee's attitude toward food. In order to be truly successful, you have to learn how to eat normally and in moderation in regular society once you hit your goal.) ETA: now I'm going to have to get Panera for lunch (french onion soup). Thanks a lot M600L
  13. notyrmomma

    S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    black screen of judgement Funny we should have this discussion now, LB Bonner, who will be a participant this season said about an hour ago on Facebook "those numbers aren't correct, well at least not for everyone, but No they don't cover medical expenses and what not, what ever my insurance didn't cover I'm on the hook for" He further implied that the show pays $2500 for moving expenses and $1500 for the rights to their story. Past participants have stated that the reason why they go on this show is to cut to the front of the line for Dr Now, otherwise it could take years to get an appointment with him.
  14. notyrmomma

    S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    I dunno about that. I have heard that the show doesn't even pay for the surgery, the person's insurance does. Skin surgery is thousands and thousands of dollars and generally isn't covered by insurance, the rare exception is the surgery to remove the apron (there's a name for it) because that extra skin can cause infections. Removing lymphedema tumors also doesn't technically count as elective plastic surgery.
  15. notyrmomma

    S06.E01: Rena and Lee's Story

    love you @dahling He's probably the type to do a murder suicide. I hope he doesn't have any access to firearms.