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  1. God yes. I'd managed to forget this show was still technically "on the air," but the butthurt in some corners of fandom over this spoiler is giving me life. And the once upon a time Brittana shipper in me is a little nostalgic. Maybe I'll Hulu these eps.
  2. I've stopped watching, but I'll continue to drop in here to see what I would be bitter about if I were watching. I relate to your priorities. And can't understand why someone wouldn't want that on their show anymore. sniff.
  3. Oh my God, they actually buried her in a fridge? What a bunch of dicks. tbh I'm a snob and tend mostly to watch "prestige" tv, so my forays into network and basic cable fare are occasional at best, and I'm not accustomed to being treated like shit by tv writers. The only other example I know firsthand of viewers being trolled hardcore by writers is Glee. Maybe the Arrow folk should ask them how that worked out for them. Ha.
  4. Actually if you're not a Neilsen household your DVR is going to give them more props than live viewing would. But if you really want to fuck with them, DVR it, find some other method of watching it if you must, and then delete it unwatched after a week. Heh. [They track all that data and I know from a friend who works in network tv that the deleted unwatched show is the ultimate black mark.]
  5. Besides finding that insulting, it's also just so difficult for me to fathom. I just think of Michael Bluth in re: George Michael's girlfriend Ann. "Her?"
  6. She's a way better person than me. What a team player. I respect that about her, even though it just kind of inadvertently stokes the fires of my discontent. Godspeed, Caity. I hope she lands another super hero or action role on tv. Seems such a waste that she has that very rare skill set and also a sort of warm charm to carry a show and the producers of this one just aggressively uninterested in what she had to offer.
  7. A week or so later, with most of the edge off my disappointment with this show I used to watch, I'm still just kind of stymied that they had an actress who could do a fucking salmon ladder and they decided they didn't want her on their super hero show anymore. Just...like...what? Priorities, people. Jesus.
  8. Well I didn't consult the dictionary first. I was using 'nebbish' more in a self-effacing Woody Allen sort of manifestation as I've always understood it. I just don't really relate or respond to self-effacing humor, which seems to me to be a staple of Felicity humor? Also was not looking to start a flame war over it. Was just stating my myriad legitimate reasons in the bitterness thread for being bitter, and how I don't really relate to any of the characters left now that they've killed off a couple strong women I preferred.
  9. David Fincher says the best characters are on TV, citing Piper and Orange is the New Black as examples: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/11158075/David-Fincher-The-most-interesting-characters-are-on-TV.html
  10. The episode's probably produced the most disparate reaction in me of any tv episode ever. I can't recall ever watching an episode for 42 minutes before that I pretty much thoroughly enjoyed and then decided at the end of the 44th minute that I was likely never going to watch again.
  11. Reading this thread for the first time, because my bitterness is new, and resolute, and endgame now, I was thinking about the difference in my reactions to Moira's death and Sara's death, because they were two of my favorite characters. I was really gutted at the end of Moira, but I think it was simply a matter of economics--I suffered the loss but I still had some other investments keeping me around. But with Moira gone and now Sara gone, and Thea AWOL and seemingly tied to Merlyn [who I don't care about], I guess I'm really dunzo. I like Stephen, but not enough to watch a show telling stories about characters I don't care about. Felicity has some funny lines and I don't dislike her, but I don't really relate to nebbishy characters like that. I kind of prefer straightforward ass-kickers. So I think it turns out that a show can't actually eliminate all the characters you're interested in and still be interesting. What a revelation.
  12. Nailed it. That pretty succinctly sums up my issues with this whole character arc.
  13. Bi = queer. Queer means "not straight." It remains to be seen if they will bring back another queer female character to take her place as it were on the show, though it clearly is unlikely to satisfy me. I liked that character. She wasn't just a placeholder. I take it you're unfamiliar with the social media clusterfuck that is the Glee fandom. Just as well.
  14. I'm sorry to be argumentative, but what you say here about Darla isn't true. She died in the Angel episode "Lullaby" and that was pretty much it for her. I think she appeared once after that as a ghost. I also always thought Shado and that entire flashback storyline is boring as fuck, so having my favorite character killed and relegated to one or two meaningless flashback appearances when she has no place in the current timeline is IMO a narrative dead end. I also found Sara's death particularly annoying because it came in such a fan-service heavy episode with all the Olicity stuff. So it was like, "Oh, I see. You decided to blow one group of fans while you were giving the other the Heisman because you did the math and figure you can get by ratings-wise without the latter. Got it." ETA: Laurel Lance's fan club. Least compelling mystery ever.
  15. Because they wanted her fans to understand precisely how few fucks they give. Oh, well, bully for us. Flashbacks for a dead character. How meaningful and gripping that will be.
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